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MEDICA, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, invites you to Düsseldorf / Germany from 12 - 15 November 2018. Be part of the number 1!

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Study offers new hope for the fight against genetically determined obesity
Around two to six per cent of all people with obesity develop obesity already in early childhood; it's in their genetic cards. Obesity-causal mutations in one of their "appetite genes" gives them a strong genetic predisposition for developing obesity, also called monogenic obesity. Their experience of hunger is overruling and their feeling of satiety limited.
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UA study links sleep loss with nighttime snacking
The study found poor sleep quality was associated with nighttime snacking and a high likelihood of craving junk food. The study also found that junk food cravings were associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and other health problems.
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Why do some sleep-deprived people experience worse cognitive functioning than others?
Penn study reveals that microRNAs predict differences in cognitive impairment in memory and attention after sleep deprivation.
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Immunoglobulin E as a promising new form of anti-cancer immunotherapy
If immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies are directed against harmless antigens such as pollen, the result can be an allergic reaction. However the original purpose of these IgE antibodies is to repel harmful exogenous substances rather than to trigger allergies.
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Wait for it: Serotonin and confidence at the root of patience
Serotonin keeps mice hanging on if they are sure of getting rewards, but not sure when.
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Münster researchers have discovered a possible new treatment for regulating inflammation
Researchers at the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence have decoded a mechanism found at the beginning of almost every inflammatory response. Their study provides a new approach to develop novel treatment options for many inflammatory disorders with many fewer side effects compared to current drugs.
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New pharmacological treatment against diabetic eye diseases is tested
The so called "diabetic retinopathy" and the "diabetic macular edema" are two of the most frequent ocular diseases in patients with diabetes, and both feature pathologic changes of blood vessel functions in the retina. Experimental data and measurements in patients suggest that these changes in blood vessel functions may originate from a lack of vasoinhibin hormones in the retina.
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Tuberculosis: clinical trials on a newly developed drug initiated
The first antibiotic against tuberculosis that has been developed in Germany is now ready for clinical testing. BTZ043, as the newly developed drug substance is called, is also effective against multidrug-resistant pathogens which are increasingly challenging successful treatment worldwide.
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The long and the short of DNA replication
An unexpectedtwo-step mechanism occurs when cells copy DNA.
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Nature's defence mechanisms can reduce the use of antibiotics
Researchers at DTU have identified natural peptides that fight bacteria, thereby reducing the need for antibiotics.
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