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mHealth: smartphone solution for diagnostic testing in remote rural areas
Zhendong Cao is hoping to help women in rural areas access information about their reproductive health using a common tool in their pockets: a smartphone. He has developed a unique way to take advantage of a smartphone's camera so that it could help perform non-clinical diagnostic testing, with initial applications that can help women with family planning and reproductive health monitoring.
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AI could be 'game changer' in detecting and managing Alzheimer's disease
Worldwide, about 44 million people are living with Alzheimer's disease (AD) or a related form of dementia. Although 82 percent of seniors in the United States say it's important to have their thinking or memory checked, only 16 percent say they receive regular cognitive assessments.
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Implants: remote-controlled drug delivery system for chronic disease management
People with chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease may one day forego the daily regimen of pills and, instead, receive a scheduled dosage of medication through a grape-sized implant that is remotely controlled.
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mHealth: portable device can be used to diagnose eye disease remotely
A portable device connected to a smartphone makes precise images of the retina to detect back-of-the-eye (fundus) disease at a far lower cost than conventional methods. Created by Phelcom Technologies, a startup based at São Carlos in São Paulo State, Brazil, the Eyer can be used for remote diagnosis by an ophthalmologist via telemedicine.
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Telemedicine: telephone-based coaching as an impetus for more exercise
Sports scientists from the University of Basel found that providing telephone-based coaching over the phone is an effective method for getting people in Switzerland to adopt a physically active lifestyle.
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Imaging: non-invasive view into the heart
The non-invasive measurement of blood flow to the heart using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is on par with cardiac catheterization. This was the result of an international study published in the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine and headed by researchers from Goethe University.
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Optical method: compact device for rapid tissue analysis during surgery
A team of researchers from Jena is presenting a groundbreaking new method for the rapid, gentle and reliable detection of tumors with laser light. For the first time, the Leibniz IPHT will present a compact device for rapid cancer diagnosis during surgery. The optical method will help surgeons to remove tumors more precisely and could make cancer operations possible without a scalpel.
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Open data: making science more verifiable
The unrestricted availability of original data – so-called open data – on scientific publications is an important prerequisite for ensuring research results are verifiable and able to be used in the best possible way. Moreover, the reproducibility of results is crucial for the transfer of research findings into commercial or social application – which is the main concern of the BIH.
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Tiny lung probe sheds light on disease
A hair-sized probe that can measure key indicators of tissue damage deep in the lung has been developed by scientists. The new technology could pave the way for accurate monitoring of tissue in areas where existing technologies cannot reach.
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Sensory nanoparticles to detect disease
Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital are taking advantage of a unique phenomenon of nanoparticles to develop a test for early detection of different types of diseases, including cancer.
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A new line of unique knee-highs in microfibre, cotton or wool for him and for her. Elegant, with soft band and comfortable toe that do not constrict. Manufactured with high quality yarns to ensure a...
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Validated ID, awarded Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Provider in Europe
Validated ID’s efforts to improve the doctor-patient relationship through the electronic signature service VIDsigner have been recognized with the award Top 10 Patient Engagement...
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