Grizzly s.r.o. of Šaľa at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Grizzly s.r.o.

P.O. Box n/a, 92701 Šaľa
Grizzly S.r.o., Kraľovská 34, 92701 Šaľa
Telephone +421 905 457810, +421 915 496372

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 15): stand H33

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MEDICA 2021 fairground map: Hall 15

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.01  Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

  • 01  Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.06  Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

  • 01  Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.08  Ultraviolet disinfection equipment

Ultraviolet disinfection equipment

Our products

Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

UVC and Ozone disinfection system SPECTRA INFINITY

The most advanced disinfection system on the market, designed for hospitals, the military and other professional applications.

The uniqueness of the device lies in the 3 most effective ways of non-chemical disinfection of surfaces, whole rooms and air.
1.Open UVC disinfection - 1760 W of UVC (360 degree radiation)

2. Air flow UVC disinfection - 440 W of UVC with fan air flow power 1 320 m3/h
3. Ozone generator - 80 000 mg / h with fan air flow power 1 320 m3/h

The powerful core can produce up to 80,000 mg of ozone per hour and, with the help of a built-in fan with a capacity of 1,320 m3 / h, ensures that the ozone penetrates all parts of the room, even where normal germicidal radiation cannot reach.

This combination of germicidal radiation and ozone is the only true disinfection method that can be called shadowless disinfection.

The unit is designed for very fast and efficient disinfection of the entire room, which is ensured by UVC lamps with a high output of 1,760 W.

These UVC lamps are arranged around the entire circumference of the device, ensuring disinfection in all directions at a 360° angle.

SPECTRA infinity is equipped with safety sensors that switch off the external UVC tubes for the required time when motion is detected.

During the presence of people, the unit can be switched on in Air  flow germicidal mode.
SPECTRA infinity provides health protection in the workplace even during the presence of people, allowing the unit to be used throughout the work process.
The powerful core has a UVC power of 440W and a fan with a capacity of 1,320 m3 / h

The entire unit is easily transferred from room to room thanks to a mobile chassis with wheels.

The  construction of the device is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304

SPECTRA infinity is controlled by the included tablet, which allows you to start any disinfection mode for the desired time with simple steps. The device is able to calculate the neccessary time for disinfection process based on the size of the room ( open UVC) or concentration of Ozone in air (ppm).

Color signaling of active disinfection mode.

Safety siren noise: 98dB / siren deactivation option.

Material: Stainless steel AISI 304

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

Sterilization BOX - OZONEminibox

The disinfection box is used for quick disinfection of various items, especially respirators, gloves, overalls, money, documents, food, textiles and the like.

The device disinfects items with the help of generated ozone and internal ventilation.

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves


It is a professional high-performance hybrid device that combines the high performance of a closed germicidal radiator with that of an ozone generator.

The SPECTRA hybrid is an improved version of the SPECTRA 220 thanks to the addition of the ozone generator.

It is designed to sterilize the air in the presence of people, with the function of manual activation of the ozone generator to disinfect the entire room with the generated ozone.

The device can also be made in AURORA design with golden edges and a design stand.

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Product category: Ultraviolet disinfection equipment

Open UVC disinfection system Spectra Antimagnetic

Highlights of SPECTRA 360°Antimagnetic:

Device suitable for the space with strong magnetic field such as margetic resonance examination rooms. Resistance up to 3 tesla

The GRIZZLY SPECTRA ANTIMAGNETIC device is completely manufactured without the use of ferromagnetic metals. The fine electronics of electronic ballasts may contain a small amount of ferromagnetic metal and therefore it is necessary to ensure a minimum distance of 3m from the magnetic resonance device.

Power supply: SPECTRA Antimagnetic device power supply is to 230V / 50Hz mains, using the supplied el. cable.

Optical singalisation of functions: The device lights up in diferent colors signalizing diferent functions. Green around the perimeter means that the device is ready to start.Red color sigmalising thet the motion has been detected in the disinfected area. When the disinfection process is ongoing, the LED strip around the perimeter is blue.

Spectra 360°Antimagnetic is controled by fully programable remote control. It can be pre-programmed to function on certain times, or can be switchen ON/OFF with the  button on the remote control. (Active channel UNIT -1)

Delayed start: When the ON button is turned on, the device signal by red light around the perimeter that it will schitch on the  fluorescent lamps after 15 seconds, which allows the personnel to leave the room.

After 15 seconds, the UVC lamps will light up automatically and the device will light blue.

PIR motion senzors: If motion is detected around the device, all fluorescent lamps are switched off for a 2 minutes and the perimeter will light up to red coulour.

If no movement is detected after 2 minutes time, the UVC lamps are switched on again and will finish the pre-programed disinfection period.
Operating hours counter:The device is equiped with the counted of operating hours.

Wheels with brakes.

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About us

Company portrait

About us

We are a team of experts engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of equipment designed for disinfection and sterilization of air, objects or whole spaces. The company head office as well as the production premises are based in Slovakia in central Europe. Company established as family business in 2012, quickly expanded and became well known for its quality products and services. Since the pandemic situation with COVID-19, we have become a supplier for various industries, however, medical industry plays the main role.  We are taking pride in our products and we believe, our devices can help to prevent and save lives around the world.


Our portfolio includes:

Air flow UV-C germicidal lamps
Open UV-C germicidal lamps
Ozone generators
UVC robots and towers
Special equipment

Our mission

We are upmost concentrated on helping to fight the current pandemic situation in the world. Our mission is to develop and supply the high quality, high efficiency devices, which will help our customers with the daily challenges of the need to disinfect the air and premises. We will keep focused and sensitive on the market needs and we will continue to develop and improve our devises accordingly to customer needs.


Our vission

We help to win the war against invisible enemies - enywhere needed.

Company data

Sales volume < 1 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Number of employees 20-49
Area of business Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices