MolGen of Veenendaal at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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P.O. Box 3014, 3502 GA Veenendaal
Traverse 2, 3905 NL Veenendaal
Telephone +31 85 2007431
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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 1): stand B50

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory equipment
  • 02.09  Laboratory equipment

Our products

Product category: Laboratory equipment

PurePrep 96

PurePrep 96 is an automated DNA and RNA purification system, suitable for high throughput workflows with up to 96 samples per run and process samples up to 1ml. The device uses magnetic separation technology for different matrices like blood, cultured cells, bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids, and plant samples. The small-footprint system enables high-speed, high-quality processing with magnetic rods used to transfer magnetic beads through the various purification phases of mixing, binding, washing and elution resulting in purified DNA and RNA.

The PurePrep 96 is compatible with a diverse range of other automated systems for a complete workflow.

The system is optimized for use in combination with our PurePrep extraction kits.

  • 96 wells/wide volume range: 50 – 1000 μL
  • High-speed extraction protocol: 15-40 minutes (dependent on sample type and method);
  • Accurate temperature control system (±1°C) ensuring stability purification performance;
  • Very user-friendly: easy to install, operate and maintain without a computer;
  • UV sterilization program;
  • Open and multiple functions design to provide more methods for reagent optimization;
  • 8-plate identification design guarantees the target position;
  • Automatic detection of the consumable presence;
  • QR code identification for reagent recognition, without program selection.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

PurePrep TTR

The PurePrep TTR is a high throughput automated liquid handling device that transfers liquid fast, accurately, and consistently from tubes to Deep Well microtiter plates. Both the tubes and plates are equipped with barcodes read by scanners to track and trace samples throughout the complete workflow. This system is developed to decrease the hands-on time, increase the lab’s accuracy, reduce contamination risks by decapping and capping tubes, and transfer samples from the tubes to plates. It is optimized for processing PurePrep TL+ samples.

The PurePrep TTR is recommended for large-scale laboratories with high-throughput processes.

The TTR is part of a complete workflow.

  • 96 wells/ 500 μL
  • High-throughput process speed of up to 320 tubes per hour;
  • Pipetting by air displacement;
  • Fully automated processing;
  • Sensors monitor every step in the process to ensure safe and accurate processing;
  • The run can be resumed after any interruption (door open, emergency stop, or power failure).
  • Optimized dual-arm design with an accurate and consistent and liquid transfer;
  • Lack of system liquid further prevents potential contamination;
  • Barcode scanning ensures full track-and-trace of samples and plate positions throughout the workflow;
  • Can process tubes with swabs;
  • Air displacement enables unlimited volume control;

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

PurePrep FR

PurePrep FR is an automated liquid handler for filling plates with high precision and decreasing hands-on time. It is ideal for downstream processing setups, like the PCR and LAMP setup. This system is easy to adjust to different procedures and provides insight into the results.

  • 96 wells/wide volume range: 10 – 1000 μL
  • 12 positions on the deck (SBS format);
  • Compatible with both PCR and LAMP setup;
  • Customizable protocols, racks, containers, and more. New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user;
  • Optional tip reusability;
  • Control of integrated devices (heater/shaker etc.).
  • Historical logs of executed programs;
  • The program keeps track of activities and keeps historical logs of executed programs;
  • The system has build-in tip detection and liquid level detection to ensure correct processing;
  • The system allows multiple dispensing, mixing, and creating serial dilutions;

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

MolGen Plate Sealer

The MolGen Sealer is a semi-automatic thermal sealer which is ideal for low to medium throughput laboratories that requires uniform and consistent sealing of micro-plates. Unlike manual plate sealing, the MolGen Sealer produces consistent plate seals. With flexible temperature, time and pressure settings, the sealing conditions are easily optimized to guarantee consistent results, produce 100% tight seals, and eliminate sample loss or evaporation. Offering complete versatility, the MolGen Sealer is compatible with a full range of plates for PCR, assay or storage applications, and can be used with plates ranging from standard height to deep well.

  • Precise temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing
  • User-friendly control system;
  • Large OLED display, high light intensity and visible from all angles;
  • Security switches gives safety to the operator;
  • Easy and safe cleaning of the interior due to the detachable drawer design;
  • Rapid heating element enables fast start-up, saving time;
  • Minimal bench space;
  • Accepts a wide range of microplates and heat seals.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


The InVivo Flite microscope is an easy-to-use microscope that can visualize your fluorescent C. elegans samples. The microscope comes with two fluorescent systems: the “Gecko” for green detection and the “Chameleon” for green and red detection. Both systems include brightfield and FREE InVivo biosystem reagents for imaging. The magnification power of the InVivo Flite is 10x-140x with a pixel size of 1280 x 960.

  • Reduce COVID-19 risk by having no contact with shared eyepieces;
  • Simple to set up and use;
  • Free InVivo Biosystems elegans reagents included in the kit;
  • Easy to generate and save images and videos of your elegans;
  • Not dependent on Core facility;
  • PC and Mac friendly.

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Our trade marks


About us

Company portrait

MolGen is the global total solution provider of innovative extraction DNA / RNA isolation technology, systems, products and kits for human diagnostics, animal diagnostics, agricultural research, aquaculture, pharma and the biotech industry.

From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform-agnostic stand-alone systems and consumables. Highly customizable, MolGen’s portfolio offers the perfect laboratory workflow for our customers’ specific needs.

MolGen enables scaling up diagnostics by combining multiple systems into complete diagnostical flows that are high-quality, adaptable and safe.

We offer integrated state-of-the-art customizable solutions that automate the molecular diagnosis pipeline, reduce laboratory handling time, and achieve high yields and reproducibility.

At the core of MolGen’s philosophy is to create connections between people, specialists in all areas of the life science industry and suppliers, closely working together with our customers to help solve their challenges, whether it comes to offering customized innovative automation solutions to scaling up in a short timeline.

MolGen provides service beyond traditional ways, partnering and going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ success. MolGen’s systems and consumables are versatile, efficient and universally applicable making MolGen the perfect provider when scaling-up, professionalizing or handling a crisis.

MolGen is able to colour outside of the lines, tackling new problems in new ways, and developing solutions that pave the way of the future.

Eurofins and Synlab are among some of its loyal customers, using MolGen’s Diagnostics – Molecular automation line to scale up their COVID-19 test capacity and COVID-19 monitoring successfully.

With offices in The Netherlands, USA, UK and more to follow soon, MolGen delivers service and support globally.