S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd. of Bangkok at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd.

166, Soi Thiantalay 20, Bangkhunthian Chytalay Rd., Samaedum, Bangkhunthian, 10150 Bangkok
Telephone +66 2 8921092 up to 97

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 6): stand E42

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MEDICA 2021 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory equipment
  • 02.24  Other laboratory equipment

Other laboratory equipment

About us

Company portrait

S.K. Polymer is located in Bangkok, Thailand and manufactures with 500 employees moulded plastic and rubber parts for all branches of industry. We are a family-owned and run company and can look back on 30 years of successful development. Today, we are one of the leading rubber compounders and processors in South-East Asia, with customers on all continents. We fulfil both ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, TS16949 and REACH requirements and have received several national and international awards for best manufacturing and business practice.

 Our goal is not only to serve pharmaceutical industry growth in Asia, but also to play our part to improve the health and save the lives of people around the world in the most economical way. We continue to optimise our development and production processes to achieve ever higher standards and ensure the safety of our products while improving production efficiency.

 Our pharmaceutical plant operates in a controlled environment incorporating clean rooms to ensure adherence to hygiene and cleanliness standards. 

 Product category                                                            

1.       Pharmaceutical-Grade Polymer parts

Pharmaceutical-Grade Products such as rubber stoppers/closures for blood tubes are safe for a direct contact with blood and human medicine. They need to maintain their specified properties throughout their shelf life.

Rubber Stoppers are used as the sealing lids of vacuum blood collection tubes, serum collection kits, or other chemical containers. A needle can be punched through a rubber stopper, which is able to reseal again and prevent any leakage. Rubber stoppers are made from IR, NR or IIR, depending on customers' requirements and applications .

Rubber Closures are parts of pharmaceutical equipment such as I.V. sets and kidney dialysis equipment. The rubber closure can be punched through with a needle, and is able to reseal again to prevent any leakage. The materials used to produce rubber closures range from NR or IIR, depending on customers' requirements and applications.

2.       Medical-Grade polymer parts

Our Medical-Grade products are assembly parts in various devices oformedical treatment and analysis including infusion sets, vacuum blood collection tubes, etc. 

Rubber Stoppers are used as sealing lids for vacuum blood collection tubes, serum collection kits, or other chemical containers. A needle can be punched through the rubber stopper, which is able to reseal again and prevent any leakage. Rubber stoppers are made from NR or IIR, depending on customers' requirements and applications.
Penetration Tubes are NR or IR tube which connect the needle set and the infusion tubing. They need good resealing and anti-fragmentation properties. 

Penetration Plugs and Penetration Buttons are rubber parts inside the Y injection site of the infusion set. They can be made from silicone or IR. Penetration Plugs and Penetration Buttons have excellent resealing properties.

Our Sealing Rubber for rectal administration sets acts as a valve to retain and also let the solution pass through when ejected. The seal is made from silicone, NR or BIIR. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8LtkK2KLtI)

Our Rubber Tube is a part of the feeding tube set for patients who are unable to obtain nutrition orally. It acts as a linkage between the liquid food container and the conveying tube to the patients. The Rubber Tube can reseal after the needle's punch and has good fragmentation properties.

The Needle Head Lock made from IR is a cap for needles for medical use, for example, in vacuum blood collection tubes. It is formulated to have good elastic properties.

Rubber Bands made of IR, NR or IRR are formulated to be medical grade. They have good strength and high elastic properties and are suitable for binding medical equipment or other packing purposes. Sizes and dimensions also vary according to your applications.

Our Syringe set comprises a plunger which can be made of different types of materials according to customers' applications. The piston, which is generally TPE or IIR, has high flexibility and is inert to medicine and other medical solutions. We use a medical-grade IIR formulation to ensure the safety of the syringe set. (Production starts in 2016)

3.       Food-Grade Polymer Parts

3.1   Our food-grade products are most commonly seen as part of our customer’s products in contact with food and drinks. These products include droppers, nipples, rubber seals, silicone lips, etc.

Droppers, typically made from IR, NR or Silicone, are used in the medicine dropper kits for ear or eye and are also used for essential oils and other solutions. Each dropper is elastic and resistant to heat  and high-temperature vapors up to 70ºC (up to 100 ºC for silicone dropper.) We currently produce 3 standard sizes of the droppers: Large size (6.50x20.00x25.00 mm), medium size (4.29x12.02x22.99 mm) and small size( 8.10x15.80x17.00 mm).

Teats for children are tender but durable. We also produce teats for animal feeding (e.g. dogs). The teats are made from NR, IR or silicone, depending on the application.

Silicone Lips are used for lipstick molding. They withstand the hot and cold temperatures prevalent in the lipstick production process, and are therefore a vital component for making high-quality lipsticks. The silicone lip is made from silicone material which can withstand up to 220 °C.           
Rubber Seals or O-rings made from silicone are very suitable for sealing purposes in water bottles (both cold and hot applications). Silicone rubber seals can withstand up to 220 °C while those made from NR or IR can be used at up to 70°C. Our products are in plastic and metal vacuum bottles, and other bottles of different well-known brands.

3.2   Our kitchen & Household products are carefully designed for better life, comfort and safety. The applications range from construction silicone plates, coasters, hot plates to bathroom rubber mats, etc. 

Coasters, made of colourful rubber compounds, are valuable gifts suitable for your family and office use. Designed by experienced in-house designers, they can hold condense water well and also absorb noise. We also produce other rubber based pads including hot plates, rubber mats for plates and bowls, which are custom made according to customers' preferences.

We also offer a wide range of plates as a functional silicone product which can be used to connect with cement in building construction.   

 We also produce different silicone products in a wide variety of shapes and formulations for other applications. Each part is made based on our customers' individual requirements to high quality standards. 

To improve our competitiveness in this industry, we constructed a dedicated new pharmaceutical plant which consists of “clean room” facilities (molding and treatment process class 100,000 and packing unit class 10,000). 

 In addition, we are planning to achieve certification to ISO 13485 which shall enhance and sustain the best quality for pharmaceutical products.

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