BioMed Jena GmbH Biomedizinische Technik of Jena at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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BioMed Jena GmbH Biomedizinische Technik

Am Egelsee 1, 07743 Jena
Telephone +49 3641 356900
Fax +49 3641 356909

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Our products

Product category: Equipment for audiological diagnostics

eTYMP USB - Middle Ear Analyser

The eTYMP USB is a computer based middle ear analyzer for practical routine and clinical applications.
The eTYMP USB- offers the possibility to create user-defined test protocols by combining different tests from the test battery into one test flow. For instance you can create a simple screening procedure and a more in-depth evaluation.
The device is characterized by its compact, functional and attractive design.

»» Tympanometry with 226 Hz (standard), 678 Hz and 1000 Hz
»» Pressure range - +400dPa - -600dPa
»» Compliance range - 0,2ml - 6ml
»» Acoustiv reflex - ipsilateral, contralateral* und free field*
»» Acoustiv reflex - 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz
»» Reflexdecay - ipsilateral and contralateral*
»» Eustachian tube function (ETF) testing with intact and perforated tymp. membran
»» Small and lightweight probe, easy to clean, for standard ear plugs
»» Various trigger functionality over decoupled input and output.
»» Full automatic or manuel measurement
»» USB 2.0

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Product category: Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT), Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments

eHIT+ USB - Combi system VNG + vHIT + many more

The universal system for balance diagnostics

eHIT+ USB combines the strengths of the two systems eVNG USB and eHIT USB
One mask for all examinations!

Our combi mask is a true all-rounder.

By means of the 2 high-resolution high-speed cameras and the best eye-tracking algorithms, the eye movements can be measured in free view or also fixation-free. The installed 9-axis interial motion sensor allows the precise detection of the position in 3D space. The following examinations are possible with the combi-mask:

vKIT (video head impulse test) with HINTS test
Caloric testing (VNG)
Position/positioning test (VNG)
Optomotor tests (VNG)
MPT (Manual Rotary Pendulum Test)
Fully Automatic Swivel Test (VNG)
Subjective Visual Vertical (SVV)
Posturopraphy with mask (or mobile sensor)
Our mask is the only one worldwide that can realize all these functions. The modules can be combined individually.

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Product category: Equipment for audiological diagnostics, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eABR USB - auditory evoked potentials

eABR USB - the preamplifier as a complete unit. Integrated into an ergonomic housing, the eABR USB offers the functionality of a large AEP measuring station. Genuine 2-channel technology, battery-powered measurement, state-of-the-art signal processing and easy-to-use software complete the entire package.

»» Automated assistend functions:
- Automatic electrode impedance control
- Automatic gain control (AGC)
- Automatic artefact rejection
- Automatic stop function
»» 24 Bit conversation
»» Free definable profiles e.g. Treshhold-BERA
»» easy to use curve handling
»» automated coupler detection
»» Automatic PDF Export
»» Lifetime free online software update

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Product category: Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT), Equipment for audiological diagnostics

eAUIO USB - computer audiometer

eAUDIO USB - modern computer Audiometer
The eAudio USB - is a modern two-channel pure-tone and speech audiometry.
Thanks of using the latest technologies in electronics, it sets new standards in the field of PC audiometry.
The eAudio USB has 3 integrated power amplifier for direct connection of passive speakers. This makes measurement of Intelligibility Level Difference (ILD) and Binaural Intelligibility Level Difference (BILD) possible.

»» Test signals: Manual, continuous and pulsing
»» Masking signals: Narrow band noise, white noise
»» Threshold exceeding tests:
- SISI test
- Langenbeck test
- Stenger test
- Fowler test
»» Automatic audiometry modul (Hughson-Westlake)

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Product category: Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eVNG USB - Video Nystagmography

The VNG is a diagnostic method that is used by recording eye movements of the differential diagnosis of balance disorders. For an intact sense of balance, the sensorimotor system (sensory perception and movement) is responsible, whose core component is the vestibulookuläre reflex (VOR). By transmitting information from the labyrinth through the vestibular nerve (vestibulocochlear nerve) to core areas in the brain stem and ultimately the eye muscles this reflex enables postural regulation, gaze stabilization and orientation in space. In case of malfunction of the system can cause impairment of balance and dizziness (vertigo). Whit patients ataxia, vegetative symptoms (nausea) or disturbance of gaze stabilization (Nystagmus) can be seen. This Nystagmus is registered using the VNG. Depending on the direction or type of nystagmus is obtained information about the cause and location of the damage to the equilibrium system.

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Product category: Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT), Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments

eHIT USB - Video Head Impulse Test

The beginning of the 20th century clinically introduced by Bárány the bithermal examination has long been the main method of side depended evaluation of the function of the horizontal semicircular canals. In 1988 Halmagyi and Curthoys first time described the so called head impulse test. The development this method to video head impulse test now enables the visualization of vestibuloocular reflex (VOR) and thus an objectification of disorders of all three semicircular canals each side.Now, vHIT become the golden standard for testing the 6 semicircular canals.

» improved signal to noise ratio
» advanced image processing
» image adjustment
» real 100 Hz video recording
» slow motion view of each impulse
» 800 Hz position measurement
» anti slipping mask
» easy to use
» foot switch controlable
» only one USB connector
» one mask for all tests (vHIT,VNG,SVV,Posturography)

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Product category: Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT), Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments

ePOSTURO - computer based Posturography

Posturography is a general term that covers all the techniques used to quantify postural control in upright stance in either static or dynamic conditions. Among them, Computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), also called test of balance (TOB), is a non-invasive specialized clinical assessment technique used to quantify the central nervous system adaptive mechanisms (sensory, motor and central) involved in the control of posture and balance, both in normal (such as in physical education and sports training) and abnormal conditions (particularly in the diagnosis of balance disorders and in physical therapy and postural re-education). Due to the complex interactions among sensory, motor, and central processes involved in posture and balance, CDP requires different protocols in order to differentiate among the many defects and impairments which may affect the patient's posture control system. Thus, CDP challenges it by using several combinations of visual and support surface stimuli and parameters.

The ePOSTURO system allows the static and dynamic posturography (Romberg-quotient, CoG) and an automatic Unterbergs stepping test to be carried out. It can be done with the eVNG/eHIT mask or with a mobile sensor with bluetooth interface.

» Posturography with the mask or mobile bluetooth sensor
» complett wireless mobile bluetooth sensor
» easy to use
» free position of the mobile sensor
» Calculation of "Risk of fall" by Prof. Walther
» Creation of individual traning plans
» Playback function of data
» Wireless charging of the mobile sensor
» GDT interface

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Product category: Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eVEMP USB - Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials

The cVEMP test measures and analyzes the vestibular evoked myogenic potentials produced by a loud stimulus in the ipsilateral ear. During the derivation, the patient must contribute to the contraction of the sternocleidomastoid, e.g. by pressing the head against the palm. The cVEMP ratio (difference left to right derivative) is calculated automatically. The cVEMP test is a functional test of the otolithic organ and is used for testing the operation of the saccule. It also provides an indication of the function of the nervous equilibrium (N. saccularis).
The eVEMP USB is now included in the eABR USB device.

» small device with USB interface only (no power supply)
» air conducted cVEMP measurement as well as oVEMP
» calculation of all relevant parameters
» detection of VEMP threshold
» full isolated digital interface
» innovative biofeedback device eVibrationUSB
» selectable VEMP partner
» Stimulation via toneburst (5.1/s)
» probe frequencies 250, 500, 750 and 1000 Hz
» detailed results printout
» no other computer hardware required
» network ready
» free software update

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Product category: Neurological diagnosis, apparatus and instruments, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eSUV USB - Subjective visual verticale (SVV)

The determination of the subjective visual vertical is a test of the utricle function in the differential diagnosis of the otolithic organ in the balance system. If a healthy person is asked to adjust a light line in the dark so that it is perpendicular to the ground then very reproducible results are obtained that correspond to the actual vertical in the room. The result of this measurement is called "Subjective Visual Vertical" and is made possible by the correctly transmitted information of the otolithic organs (especially the utricle).
Thus the estimation of the SVV provides a useful clinical test of the orticulus function and is a necessary complement to the examination of the saccular function by cVEMP measurements as well as to the examination of the semicircular canals by caloric irrigation and / or the head pulse test. Since the systematic introduction of the SVV in the Clinic, meanwhile different SVV findings could be determined as an indicator of an isolated urticulus deficiency in numerous patients with normal caloric and cVEMP response.

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Product category: Equipment for audiological diagnostics, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eOAE - Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE+DPOAE)

When an acoustic signal hits the auditory system, the inner ear sends back a very quiet sound, the otoacoustic emissions. A distinction is made between transitory otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) and distorsively produced otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE).
Both TEOAE and DPOAE can be measured with the eOAE device. A special screening mode is implemented for performing screening examinations on newborns.
     - User defineable stop criteria
     - 4 adjustable profiles
     - Display as time graph or frequency diagram
     - All parameters at a glance
     - 4 adjustable profiles
     - Display as DP-Gramm and Table
»» Screening
    - Method TEOAE
    - Clear result presentation
»» Easy charging via docking station
»» Easy cleaning of the probe parts
»» Good disinfectability through touch screen
»» Optional printer available
»» Clear measurement data management also on the device
»» Qwerz keyboard for convenient data entry on the device
»» GDT-Interface
»» Full integration into the eDM Diagnostic Manager

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Product category: Equipment for audiological diagnostics, Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

eDM - Diagnostic Manager

The eDM makes the daily work more efficient and easy at the same time.
The eDM is the optimal solution for measuring, visualizing, managing and storing ENT
data, acquired by BioMed Jena devices.
All different tests can be easily accessed. To optimize the workflow a measurement
schedule for each patient can be ceated. Also the eDM is able to import PDF documents
from other sources.

● Only one patient database
● Easy and quick data preview
● Configurable overview for all measurements
● Easy data administration (one for all)
● External PDF import / Automatic PDF export
● User profiles with independent settings for each user

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About us

Company portrait

The BioMed Jena GmbH was founded in March 1997 for the realization of new product ideas in the field of ENT diagnostic. In cooperation with many research institutions we develop new medical measurement methods and systems for our customers.
All products will constantly improved and expanded. The updates are free for our customers and can be easily installed via the software.

Company data

Foundation 1997
Area of business Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices