Periso SA of Pazzallo at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Periso SA

Via Senago 42D, 6912 Pazzallo
Telephone +41 91 9359400
Fax +41 91 9462421

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 9): stand C31

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Thomas Graus

+41 91935 9400


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.07  Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems
  • 04  Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology
  • 04.06  Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems, Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment

MGPV - New technology for life.

Further hints
Graphical user interface (tablet)
First of all we have to say that MGPV is a C-PAP device that can be used with tracheal tube or with mask, MGPV is a multifunctional device that can be used from mobile primary care to intensive care . It is also possible that the patient continues to use the MGPV at home with a breathing mask as a respiratory support after hospitalization.

The main features of the device are:

Time volume constant cycling
Microprocessor controlled flow
Automatic loss compensation (max. 60 l/min) MGPV is a medical device for mechanical ventilation or artificial respiration , it allows respiratory support for patients who cannot breathe spontaneously due to special critical conditions.

The MGPV device is therefore a life-saving medical support that can replace spontaneous breathing in unconscious and intubated patients in the intensive care unit.

The MGPV medical device is an extremely innovative system , different from traditional lung ventilation. In fact, it does not use mechanical systems to close and open the valves, but patented dynamic flow valves. Inside the medical device there is no movement of mechanical parts, except for the solenoid valves.

The MGPV medical device has a simple and intuitive user interface , which allows you to define the optimal parameters for each patient, but in serious emergency and urgent situations, the medical device can work without the user interface, thanks to the default values defined by the software, which allow to optimally replace the patient's breathing.

The graphical user interface is not a critical part of the device, but an additional aspect useful for the medical staff, as you can modulate the different ventilation parameters as needed.
The ventilator is equipped with a mucus drainage system if the patient is in a very critical state of health.

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Product category: Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems, Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment

Diamagnetic pump - New technology for life.

Diamagnetic therapy
Mechanisms of actions
Applications Fields
The diamagnetic pump represents the most important instrumental development in the field of non-invasive rehabilitation medicine . It is used to perform DIAMAGNETIC THERAPY treatments using the selective interaction of high intensity super pulsed magnetic fields (2 Tesla) and low frequency magnetic fields (7 Hz) generated by the diamagnetic pump on the different biological tissues.

Avvertenze CTU MEGA 20 - ITA

MOD07-2-5 CTU Mega 20 - GER
Diamagnetism is a type of magnetism in which materials oppose the direction of their molecular components to the applied magnetic fields and obtain a repulsive force. Diamagnetism is naturally a property of body fluids, cell structures and substructures, and many pharmacological molecules. This property enables very fast, effective and selective biological effects, that is, non-invasive and painless applications .

Each pathology develops in a specific way and must be adapted to the therapy in order for it to be immediately and permanently effective. Diamagnetic therapy makes it possible to follow an adaptation process of its mechanisms of action to the anatomical and pathological phase of cellular damage. It also allows real-time inspection of the tissue response to stimulation processes.

Diamagnetic therapy, also called MDA (Molecular Diamagnetic Acceleration):

a non-invasive and completely painless therapy
a therapy adaptable to the evolving complexity of the pathology
an intervention technique applicable immediately after trauma or in the pre- and/or post-operative phase
a technique that allows intervention on damaged skin (decubitus ulcers, diabetic foot, postoperative wounds) without the need for direct skin contact
a technique that makes it possible to intervene during prolonged immobilisation (directly on bandages, braces, plaster casts) without the need for direct contact with the skin
a technique that allows the implantation of drugs without needles or electric current, with great advantages for the patient in terms of comfort and repeatability of the procedure.

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Product category: Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems, Orthopaedic shock wave therapy equipment

CTU S-Wave - New Technology for Life.

Diamagnetic technology
Technical characteristics
Applications Fields

The acoustic pressure field generated by the shock waves is a divergent field, which tends to be naturally,
generate specific spatial gradients .

In CTU S Wave, the operator can use a simple and intuitive software interface to control the temporal and
spatial gradient of the emitted shock wave as a function of the impedance, elasticity and
Absorption properties of the various damaged biological tissues.The technological innovation of CTU S Wave is a
more effective approach to the pathology being treated.

In addition, CTU S Wave combines the effects of the induced energetic component of the
pressure field associated with the shock wave with the effects of diamagnetic repulsion, creating a biostimulatory
Effect with a drainage effect, which makes it possible to shorten the treatment time by optimizing the healing time.

The CTU S Wave shock wave generator is a patented device and is the only one to offer the possibility to
, to modulate the following values according to context:

- spatial/temporal gradient of the wave
- power (namely the pressure gradient)
- waveform (defined "envelope of the generated wave")
- total energy that influences the desired effect on the tissue
- three-dimensional holographic focus on the tissue to be treated.

CTU S Wave has an electromagnetic generator, which is a significant advancement of the
Transduction process.
When the shock wave is developed, the magnetic energy is converted into mechanical energy and
to the tissue through special focal lenses that behave like Fresnel lenses. Fresnel lenses are
practical because they allow a flat contact surface with a very reduced volume, which makes their positioning
and application facilitated. The lenses can be divided into a series of annular concentric sections to be
different focal lengths, but also different focal geometries by readjusting to obtain the pressure wave on the
the anatomical area and the pathology.

The flat lens reduces the painful component that results from contact, addressing the
of more superficial pain nerve receptors.
The residual magnetic energy, which terminates the transduction effect into the tissue, is used to produce an analgesic
and anti-inflammatory effect, which increases the effectiveness of shock wave treatment.

By using the exclusive diamagnetic effect of the CTU S Wave, the interaction of the magnetic field on the tissue can
intensified and extended over time, even during therapy, and further effects may be obtained,
which go beyond the usual shock waves, are obtained:

- analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;
- acceleration of the process of soft tissue repair (ulcers, hard-to-heal wounds, burns);
- drainage by DIAMAGNETIC EFFECT of edematous tissues and of accumulations of slag that have been formed during the
Degradation have arisen, and by the inflammatory state of the tissue to be treated;
- complete absence of pain during application due to the effect of cell wall hyperpolarization.

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About us

Company portrait

Conflict Minerals
Periso SA. Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 requires General Electric (GE) to exercise due diligence to determine the origin of any tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold (3TG) in GE's supply chains, and to report annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the results of that due diligence.
The ultimate aim of Section 1502 is to eliminate trade in 3TG that finances armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

PERISO SA requires all suppliers of products that contain 3TG to adopt policies and establish systems to procure 3TG from sources that have been verified as conflict free. We recognize that achieving a conflict free supply chain will take time and effort, but we expect you to take reasonable, good-faith steps towards that goal. By return e-mail, please confirm that your company has adopted such policies and established such systems.

Periso SA. Since July 2006, EU Member States have to ensure that new electrical and electronic items placed on the market do not contain any of the hazardous substances numerated in ROHS II.

At PERISO SA we pay special attention to the compliance of our products with the regulations and thus follow the obligatory requirements set up in the RoHS II Directive: Draw up technical documentation and conduct a strict control of production; PERISO SA designers, besides following the regulation changes, are constantly reducing our products environmental footprint with the aim of completely eliminating the use of the above listed substances.

Periso SA. REACH (EC 1907/2006) aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. This is done by the four processes of REACH, namely the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. REACH also aims to enhance innovation and competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.

The Regulation also calls for the progressive substitution of the most dangerous chemicals (referred to as "substances of very high concern") when suitable alternatives have been identified.

At PERISO SA we pay special attention to the compliance of our products with the regulations and thus follow the obligatory requirements set up in the REACH Directive