EchoNous, Inc. of Redmond, WA at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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EchoNous, Inc.

8310 154th Avenue NE Bldg. B, Suite 200, 98052 Redmond, WA
Telephone +1 425 4953-908

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment


Kosmos technology creates a new clinical world, providing high-level imaging, ECG and digital auscultation with advanced AI capabilities, CW and PW Doppler to help physicians make critical decisions at the point of care.

Your choice of probes
The ultimate POCUS tool. Choice of three probes:

- Torso: Three critical signals in one probe, Torso offers integrated ECG and auscultation capabilities with diagnostic-quality CW and PW Doppler.

- Torso-One: Same optimized diagnostic imaging without ECG or auscultation, smaller footprint provides easier access for tight anatomical spaces.

- Lexsa: A 128-channel linear probe with high-level imaging for vascular structures, nerves and MSK.
High-performance ultrasound compared to cart-based devices at a fraction of the cost
CW and PW Doppler in the palm of your hand
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Cosmos Bridge
Capture, store and export exams in high-definition.
State-of-the-art AI computing tool
HIPAA compliant and secured data
JPEG or MPEG-4 AVC exports
DICOM support for archiving exams in PACS

Algorithmic platform
An evolving AI platform based on novel deep learning techniques to solve everyday healthcare problems.

Our AI platform guides scanners to the best possible view and determines EF, SV, and CO in seconds, giving all physicians the confidence they need to make clinical and diagnostic decisions at the bedside.

Drives systolic heart function assessment (EF, SV, CO)
AI TRIO of algorithms performs cardiac scans, assesses image quality, labels anatomy
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Note: The TRIO and AI-assisted EF workflow are intended for use by qualified medical professionals. Individuals not trained in sonography should only use these features under the supervision or personal guidance of a trained or licensed medical professional. These features have not been cleared by the FDA.

Our comprehensive and affordable learning solution with Kosmos hardware, software and AI package brings the latest technology to top medical schools.
Secure, easy-to-use online portal for remote ultrasound exam review
Cloud-hosted solution to meet ongoing usage demand and growth
Dedicated staff for seamless deployment support, onboarding, training, and maintenance
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Connect with your Android tablet
Kosmos connects to your QC Snapdragon hardware Android tablet (required to run on Edge AI calculations) and you can now experience the high quality imaging of a 64/128 channel system and deep learning AI capabilities on your own device. Either purchase a fully loaded Kosmos from us or download the app from the Google App Store and start scanning.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Vein EchoNous vein - ultrasound guidance for peripheral IV placement

When an adult is fidgeting anxiously, remembering multiple sticks, or a baby is crying and wiggling, it can be difficult to find the right vein. EchoNous Vein is specifically designed to quickly find and assess veins to help you place an IV.


Locate and evaluate

Quickly capture clear images of veins at depths of 1 to 5 centimeters and assess diameter to determine proper catheter length and gauge size.

Real-time guidance

Use on-screen tools such as depth markers or rulers to guide the needle into the vessel.

Optimized presets

Find and evaluate veins in both pediatric and adult patients with optimized gain and depth presets.


Either roll EchoNous Vein on the AI Station or carry it by hand in the new EchoNous Carrying Bag

EchoNous AI Station

EchoNous Carrying Case

Effortless Warranty

Industry's lowest cost of ownership, including a 5-year product warranty, ensures the highest value for health systems.
Evaluate vascular quality prior to peripheral IV placement to reduce risk of complications during insertion.

Quickly measure vessel size to determine the appropriate catheter needed with an intuitive drag-and-drop caliper tool.

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Product category: Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Bladder - A highly reliable, all-electronic, non-mechanical bladder tool designed to improve durability

EchoNous Bladder combines data-rich fanning, a state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) AI algorithm, and a robust probe design to help nurses quickly determine bladder volume in patients, even pregnant and postpartum patients.

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Rugged and reliable

The highly reliable, all-electronic, non-mechanical bubble scanning probe has no moving parts, providing a new level of reliability and durability.

Slim and ergonomic

Gently fan from hip to hip with the EchoNous bladder probe, which is lightweight and comfortable to hold

Activate on-screen navigation

On-screen prompts are designed to help you capture bladder volume easily and quickly


EchoNous is focused on providing tools that offer the best accuracy and reliability when used on live patients, so the AI algorithm is designed to learn and improve over time as more data is collected


Either roll the EchoNous Bladder on the AI Station or carry it by hand in the new EchoNous Carrying Bag

EchoNous AI Station

EchoNous Carrying Bag

Effortless Warranty

With its 5-year product warranty, EchoNous Bladder has one of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry

The fanning technology allows for more data to be collected, and more data supports a more accurate 3D representation of the bladder, allowing for greater accuracy in catheterization decision making.

Reduce the number of tools you need to search for as the EchoNous Bladder pairs with the EchoNous Vein, so the tools you need for bladder scanning and vascular access are on a single platform.



EchoNous goes upscale with the release of a highly reliable, all-electronic bladder scanning tool with state-of-the-art deep learning algorithm

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About us

Company portrait


Sound Intelligence

The EchoNous (ek-koh-nohs) story begins in Redmond, Washington, with its founding in 2016 by point-of-care ultrasound pioneer Kevin Goodwin and Dr. Niko Pagoulatos, a recognized innovator in cutting-edge ultrasound and biotechnology.

The name EchoNous not only honors Dr. Pagoulatos' Greek heritage, which translates into English as intelligent sound - with "echo" meaning sound and "nous" meaning intelligence - but it also embodies the team's vision to complement the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the extreme miniaturization of ultrasound to help solve everyday healthcare problems.

When healthcare professionals have the smart tools they need to do their jobs, great things become possible.

Uscan: The Beginnings

To bring this vision to life, EchoNous began developing a smart device that could more accurately scan a bladder and measure its volume. Today, more than 25% of health systems in the United States have switched to Uscan*.

Designed with passion

This fundamental belief continues to guide EchoNous' growing team of boundary-pushing innovators from diverse backgrounds including healthcare, artificial intelligence, industrial design, manufacturing, and software development.From holding a probe to maneuvering a tool station through hospital hallways, our team takes a passionate, humanistic approach to medical technology that considers every patient and caregiver in product design. This ethos ensures that our accessible, AI-driven imaging devices excel in their functions and empower caregivers and physicians to succeed.
We are proud and excited to create a vibrant and evolving ecosystem of thoughtful tools for the most pressing needs of healthcare and its patients.