VARTA Microbattery GmbH of Ellwangen at COMPAMED 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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VARTA Microbattery GmbH

Varta-Platz 1, 73479 Ellwangen

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Hall map

COMPAMED 2021 hall map (Hall 13): stand E36

Fairground map

COMPAMED 2021 fairground map: Hall 13

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Hall 13 / E36

15 Nov 2021


11:50 - 12:05

LIVE PRESENTATION: Empowering Independence in Medical Health

MEDICA 9th Connected Healthcare Forum, Hall 12 E35

Session: "Internet of Medical Things - Technologies fueling the healthcares future"
11:50-12:05 Speech VARTA: Empowering Independence in Medical Health

David Richardson, Distribution Manager Microbatteries
Leon Wanless, Head of Sales Europe Li-Ion CoinPower

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18 Nov 2021


11:30 - 12:00

LIVE PRESENTATION: Empowering Independence in Medical Health

Compamed Suppliers Forum, Hall 14 F22

Session: "Energy solutions for innovations in medical health"
11:30-12:00 Speech VARTA: Empowering Independence in Medical Health

David Richardson, Distribution Manager Microbatteries
Leon Wanless, Head of Sales Europe Li-Ion CoinPower

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Our products

Product category: Batteries

VARTA CoinPower - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Coin Cells

There is hardly any other area where absolute reliability is as important as in medical applications. Itis no wonder that more and more customers are relying on our products: insulin pumps, medical dosing systems and health monitoring – these are all areas where our innovations from fully automated production are used. We have therefore become important partners in many areas of medical and are also setting new standards in this field.

For all these applications the VARTA CoinPower series offers dedicated energy solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications. 

  • Several cell types and technologies (NMC, LCO, LFP) in different capacities 
  • Low internal resistance for discharge currents up to 5 CA
  • No memory effect
  • Patented innovations
  • Excellent charge & discharge characteristics
  • 0 % lead, 0 % mercury and 0 % cadmium
  • Safe & reliable (UL recognition)
  • Battery designs in various assemblies or direct contacting

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Product category: Batteries

Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride Cells

From V 6 HR to V 600 HRT, from 6 mAh to 600 mAh – VARTA offers a full range of rechargeable button cells with high capacity. Two product families, optimized for high current applications or high overload-resistance in back-up applications, also available with extended temperature range. VARTA has provided solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications as power sources for medical equipment and many more.

Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices, VARTA offers high-tech rechargeable NiMH button cells:

  • High capacities
  • No memory effect
  • Long life expectancy
  • Excellent charge & discharge characteristics
  • Patented GCE electrode
  • 0 % lead, 0 % mercury and 0 % cadmium
  • Safe & reliable (UL recognition)

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Product category: Batteries

Silver Oxide Button Cells

VARTA provides over 30 years experience in the development and production of silver oxide button cells. Modern, fully-automated production lines help to make VARTA's Silver Oxide button cells one of the most reliable, low voltage power sources in the world. Thanks to the high-level quality process, these ''Made in Germany'' cells are designed using a unique innovative sealing technology which guarantees their high resistance to leakage.

VARTA's mercury-free Silver Oxide cells are used in a variety of electronic applications (watches, calculators, toys and remote controls...). Their reliability and performance make them the preferred power supply for different miniature medical devices and the choice of many other OEM's. Their extensive experience enables the experts of VARTA to offer a variety of tailor-made battery solutions.

Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices VARTA offers high performance and reliable Silver Oxide button cells:

  • Highest leakage resistance
  • Constant voltage level
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Long running time
  • Comprehensive assortment
  • Innovative sealing technology
  • Fully automatic production lines
  • Highly precise production
  • Highest quality raw materials
  • Different cell types in low- and high-drain version

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Product category: Batteries

Alkaline Industrial Pro

Most modern mobile equipment utilise primary alkaline batteries. Each of these devices depends on a high quality powerful energy source for optimum performance. For all these device types, we offer the complete VARTA Industrial Pro Alkaline range with LR03/AAA, LR 6/AA, LR14/C, LR20/D and 9V-Block type. Packaging is available in various forms designed both for OEM production and aftermarket supply all over the world. Outstanding performance, long run time, safety and reliability are the key considerations for your application. VARTA offers all of these benefits through long and extensive global experience.

Being focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices VARTA offers high-tech Alkaline batteries with the following features:

  • Long running times, at application specific discharge profiles
  • Safe & reliable
  • Low self-discharge
  • Developed for stand-by & pulse applications with high discharge currents
  • Complete type range
  • Market-oriented packaging versions for OEM

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Product category: Batteries

Lithium Button & Cylindrical Cells

Lithium Button Cells
Nearly all electronics applications need safe and reliable Memory Back Up (MBU) or Real Time Clock (RTC) batteries. But also for long-term applications, e.g. for clocks, car key applications or remote controls where long running time, a slim design and low weight for a battery are important.

For all these needs VARTA offers a wide range of primary Lithium button cell types with a voltage of 3.0 V and capacities from 27 mAh up to 560 mAh. Various other battery assemblies with higher voltage or capacities are possible. For each CR Type we have a wide range of already existing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) designs. In addition VARTA offers a huge number of wire and connector assembly versions. With a flexible and fast make to order supply we can make customized batteries to your individual design / printing circuit board (PCB) requirements and supply though our worldwide network.

Focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices VARTA offers high-tech primary Lithium button battery assemblies: 

  • Various PCB, SMT and wire & connector versions (e.g. with laser welding tags 0.1 mm)
  • Low internal resistance for high pulse load
  • High Capacity for longer running time
  • Low self-discharge for long storage and operating time
  • Wide temperature range (-20 °C up to 70 °C)
  • UL Recognition
  • Safe & reliable

Lithium Cylindrical Batteries
Modern metering and security automotive applications like energy meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators, medical pipets, sensors and alert systems, home security sensors and sensor networks, automotive car alarm backup, road toll and e-call systems require a highly reliable energy source for optimum performance. For all of these applications VARTA offers a complete range of Lithium primary round cells and battery packs in two families. The CR 1/2 AA, CR 2/3 AA, CR AA and CR 2/3 A mass series with highest capacity for all kinds of backup applications and the CR 2 NP, CR 2/3 AH, CR 123 A and CR 2 coiled high energy series for high discharge currents in communication and wireless sensor applications.

Focused on the requirements of backup of safety critical electronic data in the metering and security market, VARTA offers a complete range of highly reliable primary Lithium round cells and batteries:

  • Low self discharge (less than 1 % per year at RT)
  • Superior shelf life and operational life (up to 10 years and more - after 15 years of experience with laser welded sealing)
  • High capacity or high rate cell construction
  • No memory effect
  • No need for expensive safety electronics
  • Operation over a wide temperature range
  • 0 % lead, 0 % mercury and 0 % cadmium
  • All cells are UL recognized under file BBCVL MH 13654
  • Product support worldwide is available for the design engineer
  • Battery designs in various assembles with wire connector
  • In plastic housing with high-tech materials

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Product category: Batteries

Hydrogen Gas Generating Cells

For displacement of any kind of liquids, gels, pastes and granules or for analytics or sensing with ultrapure H2, VARTA's Hydrogen Gas Generating cells are the right choice. Easy to use and portable, as without any energy source, you get 150 ml, 300 ml or more ultrapure H2 at high back pressure.

For innovative application design of various portable and energy independent applications - VARTA offers Hydrogen Gas Generating cells with the following features:

  • Mechanical energy reservoir and gas pressure source
  • Rate of H2 gas volume generated is proportional to discharge current  (inversely proportional to discharge resistor)
  • Gas pressure can be used to transport liquids, gels, pastes or granules
  • High output of Hydrogen (for dosing, displacement)
  • Ultrapure Hydrogen
  • (for analytics, sensing, leakage detection, ...)
  • Operation over a wide temperature range
  • Various assemblies possible
  • Leading provider in this special electrochemical cell segment
  • Over 25 years approved and reliable high quality GGCell production
  • Made in Germany
  • Mercury-free

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Company news



11 Nov 2021

VARTA Press Release

The Ellwangen-based technology company will present its broad microbattery product portfolio for the medical sector at this year's Compamed – including the latest CoinPower F-Version.

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About us

Company portrait

VARTA AG produces and markets a comprehensive battery portfolio from micro batteries, household batteries, energy storage systems to customer-specific battery solutions for a variety of applications and, as a technology leader, sets industry standards in important areas. As the parent company of the group, it operates in the business segments "Lithium-Ion Solutions & Microbatteries" and "Household Batteries".

The "Lithium-Ion Solutions & Microbatteries" segment focuses on microbatteries, lithium-ion coin power, lithium-ion round cells (lithium-ion large cells) and the lithium-ion battery pack business. Through intensive research and development, VARTA sets global standards in many areas of lithium-ion technology and microbatteries, making it a recognized innovation leader in the important growth markets of lithium-ion technology and in primary hearing aid batteries.

The “Household Batteries” segment comprises the battery business for end customers, including household batteries, accumulators, chargers, portable power (power banks) and lights as well as energy storage devices. The VARTA AG Group currently employs almost 4,800 people. With five production and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia as well as sales centers in Asia, Europe and the USA, the operating subsidiaries of VARTA AG are currently active in over 75 countries around the world.

Company data

Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1887