OKUMAN MEDIKAL SISTEMLER A.S. of Iskitler/Ankara at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Kazim Karabekir Cad. Koyunlu Han No: 95/95, 06060 Iskitler/Ankara
Telephone +90 312 3840520
Fax +90 312 3841975

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 11): stand D47

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MEDICA 2021 fairground map: Hall 11



Medical Engineer - Overseas Sales Representative & Actg. Export Co-Ordinator


Foreign Trade Specialist


Clinical Specialist, Foreign Trade


Export Specialist


Biomed Engr. - Overseas Sales & Support




Business Development Manager







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Our range of products

Product categories

Our products

Product category: Neonatal care equipment


BC 050 000 Mobile Phototherapy
Winner of 2017 Good Design Award
  • 3,5” LCD TFT Colour Touch Screen
  • Blue LED Technology for Neonatal Jaundice Treatment
  • Meet AAP Guidelines for Intensive Phototherapy
  • Skin Temperature Measurement
  • Adjustable Irradiance Level
  • Effective Surface Area Illumination
  • Adjustable Stand and Lamp Head Position
BiliCare Intensive Phototherapy
• 360° Blue Fluoroscent tube Technology for Neonatal Jaundice Treatment
• LED Display for Therapy Timer and Downcounter
• LED Display for Skin and Air Temperature
•• Adjustable preset Irradiance Level
• Audible and Visual Skin and Air Temperature Alarms
• Manual Height Adjustment for Upper Section

BC 250 LED
BiliCare Intensive Phototherapy
• 360° Blue LED Technology for Neonatal Jaundice Treatment
• LED Display for Therapy Timer and Downcounter
• LED Display for Skin and Air Temperature
• Infrared Remote Control
• Adjustable Irradiance Level
• Audible and Visual Skin and Air Temperature Alarms
• Manual Height Adjustment for Upper Section

BC 250 LCD
BiliCare Intensive Phototherapy
• 5’’ LCD TFT Colour Touch Screen
• Air and Skin Temperature Measurement
• Adaptive Height and Temperature Control
• Adjustable Irradiance Level
• 360° Blue LED Technology for Neonatal Jaundice Treatment
• Meet AAP Guidelines for Intensive Phototherapy
• Selectable Upper and/or Lower Therapy Section

BiliCare Intensive Phototherapy
• 7’’ LCD TFT Colour Touch Screen
• Air and Skin Temperature Measurement
• Adaptive Height and Temperature Control
• Adjustable Irradiance Level
• 360° Blue LED Technology for Neonatal Jaundice Treatment
• Meet AAP Guidelines for Intensive Phototherapy
• Selectable Upper and/or Lower Therapy Section

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Product category: Neonatal care equipment


  • Baby Scale with LCD Color Display, Optional 10 inches color TFT with Nellcor Oximax SpO2 monitoring
  • Electrical Tilt Adjustment with Zeroing Tilt Function
  • Manual, Pre-warm (Eco) and Baby Modes
  • CPR and APGAR Timer
  • T-Piece Resuscitation Unit
  • Electrical in-built Suction Unit with Jar
  • Dual LED Phototherapy
  • Integrated X-Ray Tray
  • Optional OKM730 MOBILE version is available without a mounted bassinet with other above functions. 
Newly launched warming bed with 3.5 inches color TFT control panel

  • 8.4 inches color Touch TFT with graphic trending and optional 10 inches slave display with Nellcor Oximax SpO2 monitoring
  • Air & Skin temperature modes
  • Heated Servo humidification
  • Manual & Servo oxygen options
  • Autoclavable water tank
  • In-built weighing scale
  • Electronic  or Mechanical Trendelenburg
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Dual wall and air curtain
  • Optional inbuilt Battery
  • Monitoring & ventilation solutions
  • Air & Skin controlled modes
  • O2 monitoring
  • In-built Nellcor Spo2
  • In hospital and ambulance trollies
  • Transport ventilator option
  • Min. 4 hours inbuilt battery backup

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Product category: Neonatal care equipment


2.1” LCD TFT Colour Screen, LED backlight, optional Touch screen
Suitable for Adult and Pediatric and Neonatal Patients
Standard Parameters: ECG (3- or 5 or 12-lead), RESP, Dual Channel Temp, SpO2, NIBP, PR,
Optional Parameters: Nellcor, Masimo or Okuman SpO2, Dual IBP, Palconn or Nmed or Respironics or Masimo EtCO2, CO2
Waveform monitoring up to 8 channels
3-Channels Thermal Array Recorder
ST Segment and Pacemaker Detection
Detailed Arrhythmia Analysis
Trend time of 160 hours with 48 hours Full Disclosure
HL7 Protocol Support and Connection to Dedicated Central Monitoring System
Extensive communication ports: Nurse call, USB, RC 45 and network ports
Battery Back-up for 2 or 4-hours continuous operation

Dedicated to Neonatal and Pediatric Patients
• 8.4” Colour TFT LCD Touch Screen
• Light weight (3.5 kg) and Compact Design
• Li-ion battery with 4 hours of Running Time
• Extensive Alarm Setting for Measured Parameters
• Standard Parameters: ECG, RESP, TEMP, Nellcor or Masimo SpO2, NIBP and OxyCRG
• Optional Parameters: Apnea Monitoring, O2 Concentration Inside the Canopy and Hood
• Apnea Sensor to Prevent Suffocation Symptom
• USB port for Saving Patient Data & Loading S/W Upgrades.
• Wired or Wireless Network Connectivity
• Mountable on IV Poles or Monitor Shelves
• State-of-the-Art Technologies:
• ExNeo® Neonate ECG Technology
• Adap-DSP® NIBP Measurement Technology
• OxiMax® Neonatal SpO2 Measurement Technology
• SatSeconds 2 Intellectual Alarm System

Suitable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Patients
12.1” Colour TFT LCD Touch Screen
Standard Parameters: ECG, RESP, TEMP, SpO2, NIBP, OxyCRG
Optional Parameters: Nellcor or Masimo SpO2, IBP, ICG, BIS, Multi Gas/O2 Masimo, Respironics or Okuman EtCO2, C.O.
Waveform monitoring of up to 9 channels
Display of 3, 7 or 12-lead ECG waveforms with 3-, 5- or 10- lead ECG cable
Extended arrhythmia and ST segment analysis
Drug Dose Calculation program for 15 different drugs
Monitoring the patients with or without pacemaker.
Recall Function (Wave recall & Trend recall)
Trend Function (Trend graphics & Trend Tables)
Power-off data & waveform storage capability
Synchronisation output for defibrillators
3-level extensive audible and visual alarms
Built-in 3-channel thermal array printer with 50 mm ECG paper width
HL7 Protocol support and Connection to dedicated Central Monitoring System
Internal battery back-up for 2 or 4 -hours continuous operation

Dual 21” colour TFT displays
Maximum 32 beds monitoring
Parameters: ECG, HR, ST segment, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, TEMP, IBP, ETCO2, AG, ICG
720 hours of full disclosure waveform review
Review of 100 alarm recordings
Historical data storage of 50,000 patients
2400 hours of trend graphics review
Intelligent 3-level audible and visiual alarms
Connection to dedicated central monitoring system with TCP/IP protocol
Unique bi-directional communication function
Full vital signs data monitoring of the patient
Large storage capacity of full monitoring information
Easy review, analysis and statistics
LAN or/and Wireless LAN Networking
Compatible with OKUMAN multi-parameter patient monitors, maternal/fetal and fetal monitors

Precision and hermetic design
6 or 8” LED back-light LCD display
Paramaters: NIBP, Okuman SpO2 (standard), Nellcor Sp02(Optional), TEMP and HR
Optional Masimo SP02 with PI (Perfusion Index) figure
Infrared Tympanic (Ear) Temperature Measurement in 2-3 s.
1.2 meters Drop Test Approval
>12 hours of continuous monitoring with super li-ion battery
Rapid NIBP measurement technology
Light weight: 1.25 kg
Wi-fi Connection between Tympanic (ear) Thermometer and VS3
Use of PC-ABS alloy material:
Antioxidant and abbrasion resistant, anti-shock features
Thermostability and solidity
Mounting Options: Wall mount and Rolling Stand

8’’ Colour TFT LCD Screen
• Energy Selection: 1-360 joule 
• Setting defibrillator energy via paddles or on front panel
• Colour-Coded Impedance Indicator on the screen
• Data Management S/W to review patient data
• ECG waveforms & events on a PC
• Modes of Operation: MONITOR, AED, Manual Defibrillation, PACE, OFF
• Manual Defibrillation Modes: Asyncronous defibrillation and Synchronised cardioversion
• Standard Features; EGC (3-lead or 5-lead ECG, optional 12 lead ECG), RESP,
   Pediatric and Adult External Paddles, Built-in3-channel thermal array recorder
• Optional Features:
• Non-Invasive Pacing, IBP, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2
• Neonatal/Child and Adult Internal Paddles
• Rolling Stand for mobile use (optional)

iBS Neonatal & Infant Ventilator
Suitable for Prematures, Neonates & Children under 30 kg
• 8’’ TFT LCD Touch Screen Display, Largest Display of Its Kind in the Field
• Ventilation Modes: NCPAP, NIPPV, SNIPPV, HFNC, Manual Ventilation
• Supports Low Volume Ventilation: 0.5 l/min
• Integrated Electronic Air/Oxygen Blender
• Automatic Leakage Compensation
• Asphyxia Monitoring and Asphyxia Awakening
• Comes standard with trolley, heated humidifer and patient circuit holder arm
• Disposable patient circuit with a dedicated generator at the distal end.
• Apnea (Back-up) Ventilation
• Medical Air compressor (Optional)
• TR/ENG User Interface
• Internal battery support (240 minutes)
• Abdominal Respiration Sensor

OXI4PLUS ventilator with inbuilt Air turbine
For Neonatal, Pediatric & Adult use
•       High performance transport ventilator.
•       Approved for ambulances, hospital, aircraft and hospital ships.
•       More than 9 hours of battery operating time
•       Noninvasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy
•       Adult, pediatric and optional neonatal kit

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Product category: Neonatal care equipment


EMT 500
Electro Mechanical Operating Table
• Slim base and column design for a better C-arm access
• Flexibility for full-body fluoroscopic imaging with sliding table-top
• Built-in cassette tunnel beneath the table-top for X-ray cassettes
• Resistance to cleaning chemicals and surface disinfectants
• Manually adjustable, attachable abd removable head section
• Manually attachable or removable leg plates
• Tethered remote control & integrated control panel for increased safety
• Seat section with standard perineal opening
• Floor Lock with the help of a foot pedal
• Standard Accessories
• Anestesia Screen (1 piece), Arm Support (1 pair), Shoulder support (1 pair)
• Leg Support (1 pair), Stainless steel basin for gynecologic/urologic surgery (1piece)
• Built-in back up battery
• Patient Positioning:
• Table top height adjustment (Electrically powered)
• Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg (Electrically powered)
• Lateral tilt (left & right) (Electrically powered)
• Back section adjustment (Electrically powered)
• Longitudinal slide (Electrically powered)
• Leg section adjustment (By means of gas spring)
• Adjustable head section (Manual)
• Optional Features and Accessories:
• Sliding table top

Professional LED Light System
LED 540 model
• Max.120,000 lux light intensity
• Highest Level of CRI (Ra=95)
• Red Color Rendering capability (R9=90)
• Excellent Depth of Light Volume (L1+L2=125cm)
• Adjustable Focus Diameter:20-30 cm
• Optional 3-step Color Temperature Adjustment (3,800°K / 4,300°K / 4,800°K)
• Excellent Dilution Effect with 54 LED units (50-100%)
• No UV emission & Lowest heat irradiation
• Intuitive control with built-in touch screen panel
• Optional HD Camera (Internal or External)
LED 960 model
• Max. 160,000 lux light intensity
• Color Temperature selectable in 3 steps (3,800°K /4,300°K /4,800°K)
• Highest Level CRI (Ra=95)
• Red Color Rendering capability (R9=90)
• Adjustable focus diameter (20-30 cm)
• Excellent Dilution Effect with 96 LED units (75-100%)
• Intuitive control through touch screen panel
• No UV emission & lowest level of heat irradiation
• Optional HD Camera (Internal & External)

SP 600 Syringe Pump (oem)
• Infusion Modes: Flow Rate, Time-Based, Body Weight
• Applicable Syringes: 10, 20, 30, 50 & 60 ml
• Additional Features:
• Compatible with syringes of any standard
• Extensive alarm settings
• 3-level occlusion sensitivity: High-Medium-Low
• Purge & Bolus Functions
• Automatic Anti-Bolus
• Automatic Syringe Identification
• Auto Power-Off
• Real-time Infused Volume, Mute button
• Drug library & System memory
• Built-in battery

IP800 Infusion pump (oem)
• Pumping Mechanism: Curvilinear peristaltic
• Infusion Modes: ml/h, drop/min & time-based
• Additional Features:
• Compatible with IV sets of any standard
• Real-time infused volume, bolus rate
• Bolus volume, KVO rate
• Auto Power-Off, mute button
• Purge, Bolus
• System Memory, Key Locker
• Possible to change flow rate while the pump is running
• Built-in battery

Hospital Pendant Solutions
Special Modular pendant systems can be offered as per request

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Product category: Neonatal care equipment


OKUMAN is globally recognized as the major manufacturer of Infant warmers, Infant Incubators, Phototherapies, monitoring systems, etc.

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Company news



06 Nov 2021

OKUMAN Healthcare Inc.

In 2010, OKUMAN Medikal Sistemler A.S. launched a commercial operation for sleep and respiratory disorders in Ankara. With its constantly developing, educated, and experienced sales, marketing, clinical support, and technical service staff, it became the home-care company recognized as the fastest-growing company in the sector. In addition to home care products, OKUMAN is now among the biggest companies in Turkey in the field of Neonatal, Intensive Care, Cardiology, Operating Theatre, Sleep Diagnostics, and Therapy Devices.

OKUMAN has been producing complying ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE standards Our factory is located in İvedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, which is now recognised as the centre for innovation for design and production of many medical devices in Turkey, and qualified as a TUBITAK sponsored Research and Development centre.

OKUMAN has completed many hospitals projects in Turkey and abroad. OKUMAN Medikal Sistemler is the world leader in the field and that’s one of the most respected brands in Turkey bringing affordable technology at home and abroad.

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About us

Company portrait

OKUMAN is the manufacturing division of the group of companies. It's established in 2010. OKUMAN is mainly focusing on manufacturing neonatal care equipment and also do OEM productions for other manufacturers. The current factory is in Ankara, and a new production facility with 18000 sq. metre is near completion at Ankara, and also established a liaison office in UK, through Mieka Ltd. (www.mieka.co.uk) 

GMS was established in Ankara in 1995 to build residential and commercial construction. Today, GMS is an enterprise controlled by an independent audit firm, and having international quality standards.  The company was founded as, AMS Tıbbi Cihaz Ltd. which was the first Turkish company to design and manufacture the first Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Neonatal Devices in our country since 1990. GMS is also promoting Spacelabs Healthcare products in Turkey and certain CIS countries. For more information, please write to info@gms.com.tr.

In 2007, AMS, which was the market leader of our country and that exported its products to approximately 55 countries, signed Due Diligence with GE Healthcare and was acquired in 2008. The legal personality and other assets of AMS were acquired by GMS in 2010 and thus our company has started to offer professional solutions again on medical products.

In 2009, SUDOKU SCHOOLS was established and Sudoku Kindergarten has been serving as an education centre of excellence. The institution is audited by an independent auditing firm and is the first nursery and kindergarten to receive ISO 9001 quality certification from TÜV in Ankara.

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Area of business
  • Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Disposables and consumables