Camozzi Automation S.p.A. of Brescia at COMPAMED 2021 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Camozzi Automation S.p.A.

Via Eritrea, 20/I, 25126 Brescia
Telephone +39 030 37921
Fax +39 030 37580

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COMPAMED 2021 hall map (Hall 14): stand F04

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Janos Hungar

Export Area Manager

+39 (335) 8480422


Håkan Tall

Business Development Life Science SE

+46 (70) 5222586


Sergey Arfikyan

Business Development Life Science RU

+7 (9197657590)


Hansgeorg Kolvenbach

Head of Application Center / Sales Team Lead

+49 (152) 22659644


Daniele Giorgi

Business Development Manager Life Science

+39 (335) 213277


Ralf Friedrich

Vertrieb / Life Science DE

+49 (171) 6281767


Steffen Döhring

Vertrieb / Systemlösungen DE

+49 (174) 6904261


Qian Luo

Product Manager CN

+86 136 61932657


Doug Lenihan

Business Development Manager Fluid Control USA

+1 2147273507


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.16  Laboratory technologies
  • 02.16.02  Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation

  • 04  Manufacturing equipment
  • 04.06  Automation, robotics
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.02  Pneumatic actuators
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.03  Linear technology
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.07  Filters
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.12  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.13  Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Our products

Product category: Mechatronics


The new proportional system module "Open Frame Controller" is a platform for controlling the pressure, flow rate
and closed loop position suitable for Industry 4.0 applications The system consists of two basic modules: Master and Slave, which can be individually combined with each other.
Basic functions:
Flow control by means of pressure sensors
- If only the master is used, a two-way closed loop flow controller can be produced
- The use of the master-slave combination enables the realization of a 3-way flow valve with the same characteristics
Pressure control by means of pressure sensors
- The use of the master-slave combination enables pressure control
Position control in closed loop for pneumatic cylinders
- The use of the master-slave combination enables position control by reading in the actual position value
System solutions
All basic functions can be combined according to the application requirements and communicate with each other via CANopen

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Product category: Dosing

2/2 Directional Control Valves, Media Separated, Series PDV

The PDV series direct operated solenoid valves are available in different nominal sizes and 3 different electrical connection types. The isolating diaphragm protects the fluid from thermal effects due to coil heating. To select the appropriate model, check the chemical compatibility of the fluid with the body and seal materials.

  • Suitable for neutral or aggressive fluids
  • Designed for use in medical and analytical applications
  • Compact design

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Product category: Valves

Direct operated proportional valves AP series

The direct operated proportional valves are mainly characterized by minimal friction. The volume flow at the outlet is proportional to the input signal. The valves can also be used in vacuum operation. A minimum operating pressure is not necessary. The proportional valves of the AP series are used for open volume flow control, e.g. for mixing gases, controlling free air volumes or blowing air. They are also used in vacuum applications.

  • 2/2-way, NC function
  • Nominal width: 0.8 - 2.4 mm
  • Construction width: 16 and 22 mm
  • Use with PWM signal
  • Volume control in open loop
  • Also suitable for vacuum applications
  • Body in PVDF (only width 16 mm)
  • Body with threaded connections
  • Rear flange (16 mm width only)
  • Flange bottom side
  • Suitable for oxygen
  • Seals FKM, NBR and EPDM

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Multi-channel distributor for liquids and for dental units DB series

The DB series is a modular and compact solution that combines pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical connections, thus reducing assembly time on the machine. By integrating solenoid and proportional valves of the smallest sizes, the multi-channel manifold allows maximum flexibility and is suitable for life science applications, such as dental units, but also for industrial applications.
Each manifold can be configured in different ways to suit the operating requirements of each handpiece in a dental unit. With the right configuration, turbines, micromotors, scalers and syringes can be connected. Modularity optimizes air and water line connections for instrument drives.

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Product category: Valves, Mechatronics

PRE Series Proportional Pressure Regulator with CoilVision® Technology

The PRE series proportional pressure regulator is equipped with the new COILVISION technology, which allows constant monitoring of the operation of the solenoid valves inside the regulator and prevention of any malfunctions. The acquired
Data are transmitted wirelessly to the cloud, summarized and then visualized with a dashboard for functional control of the regulator.
The PRE series is available in two widths and various configurations, including an IO-Link version. In addition to the standard options with and without display, the version with integrated venting is offered, with which it is possible to depressurize the entire system, even without power supply. The Manifold version guarantees the regulation of several
Outputs with a single input, while the version with external sensor connection is available for applications requiring monitoring of the pressure of aggressive liquids or gases.

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Product category: Microfluidics

Directional valves series KL - KLE

The directional control valves series KL and KLE, construction width 10 mm, have been further developed compared to the previous version and now offer a higher performance. The KLE version with longer spool allows a higher operating pressure than the KL version.

  • Direct operated poppet valves, electrically operated
  • 2/2-way, NC function
  • 3/2-way, NC, NO function
  • 3/2-way, universal function (UNI)
  • Compact design
  • High flow rate in relation to size
  • Extended version for higher operating pressures
  • Electrical connection M8 - 3-pole
  • Monostable and bistable manual override

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Product category: Microfluidics

Directional Control Valves, Media Separated Series K8DV

K8DV series meets exactly these requirements of controlling aggressive media of modern technologies. The separating diaphragm prevents the contact of all
Valve internal parts and a function-related heating, even if it is very small, by the pilot solenoid valve. To select the suitable model the
check the chemical compatibility of the fluid with the body and sealing materials.

  • 2/2-way function, NC
  • Extremely compact and light
  • High flow rate
  • Extremely small internal volume
  • Ideal for medical apparatus and analytical instruments

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Product category: Filters

Microregulators M series

The M series regulator is available with ports G1/8" and G1/4". The regulator is a diaphragm regulator and is available in versions with or without secondary exhaust, with fine adjustment or also with quick exhaust on the secondary side (mod. VS). The VS version is used when the regulator is located between the valve and the consumer.

  • Connections G1/8", G1/4
  • In-line installation, panel mounting
  • Regulators available with preset or fixed settings
  • Special, certified sealing materials are available for seals/diaphragms on request

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Product category: Valves

Direct operated proportional valves CP series

The CP series direct operated proportional valves are suitable for open loop flow control, for example when mixing gases or controlling volumetric flows. The very compact cartridge design allows them to be mounted very close to the point of use.
The proportional valves series CP are characterised by optimised dimensions, low friction and minimal stick-slip effect. The outgoing volume flow is proportional to the input signal. Apart from the pressure-compensated version, these valves can control vacuum and therefore do not require a minimum operating pressure.

  • 2/2-way, NC function
  • Construction width 16 and 20 mm
  • Pressure compensated versions
  • High flow and precision
  • Low hysteresis
  • Cartridge design
  • Pressure compensated version available
  • Suitable for oxygen

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Product category: Linear technology

Electric Cylinder Series 6E

Series 6E electric cylinders are linear actuators with piston rod. An integrated ball screw is driven by an electric motor and moves the piston rod. Available in 6 sizes, which also correspond in their dimensions to the ISO 15552 diameters 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100 mm. The mounting parts of the pneumatic cylinders are used for installation. A permanent magnet integrated in the cylinder enables reference runs through in the profile grooves
cSH series switching elements installed. 6E series has mounting kits for attaching the motor either in axis on the cover or parallel to the axis.
High accuracy and easy mounting allow use in a wide range of applications, especially for moving to many different positions.

  • ISO 15552 conformity
  • Many positions approachable with integrated recirculating ball screw
  • Motor can be mounted in axis or parallel
  • Wide range of motor adapters
  • Lifetime lubrication "maintenance free
  • High repeatability of positions
  • Low axial play
  • Position sensing via switching elements
  • Non-rotating piston rod
  • Protection class IP40 / IP65
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Compatible with linear guides Series 45

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Product category: Microfluidics

2/2-, 3/2-way valves series K8 - K8X

The special design allows the use for technical solutions where compactness and high performance are required. The control of actuators and components of small dimensions with low current consumption and low weight are at the heart of this concept. The UNI function allows the merging/splitting of gaseous fluids.
Merge/Input 1 and 3 = Output 2
Split/Input 2 = Output 1 and 3

  • Direct operated poppet valves, electrically operated, cartridge design
  • 2/2-, 3/2-way - NC, NO
  • 3/2-way - Universal (UNI)
  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Series mounting possible
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for oxygen

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment

Push-in fittings and accessories for applications with medical gases OX1

The OX1 fittings suitable for oxygen have been designed for the life science sector, in particular for medical and analytical applications.Equipment manufacturers of ventilators, anaesthesia machines, oxygen concentrators, mass spectrometry or biomedical analysis equipment have qualified the OX1 fittings as well as their accessories for many years. Cleaning class OX1: non-volatile residues not more than 550 mg/m²
Level OX1: ultrasonically cleaned, tested with UV light, lubricated with a specific grease suitable for oxygen

Series 6000 OX1 push-in fittings Superrapid: The collet of the push-in fittings Superrapid Series 6000 OX1 has been developed with the requirements to guarantee a homogeneous tightness on the whole surface of plastic hoses. This feature guarantees high reliability and long life, even after repeated assembly and disassembly of the hose.
Series VNR OX1 check valves: Series VNR OX1 check valves are equipped with integrated push-in connections and are therefore particularly suitable for direct line installation. Their design also allows them to be used in the low pressure range.
Series 2000 OX1 fittings for brass tubes: The wide range of this series includes elbows, T-connections, double nipples and ensures the necessary combination options in the design of medical and analytical systems.

  • Diameter: ø 4, 6, 8 mm
  • Connections: M5, G1/8", G1/4", R1/8", R1/4"
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • lubrication suitable for oxygen
  • proven collet technology
  • Long service life
  • suitable for hoses made of PA, PU, PE, fluoropolymer

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Product category: Dosing

2/2-, 3/2-way valves series CFB

CFB series solenoid valves are available in 2/2, 3/2-way, NO or NC function. In addition, special versions are available: e.g. with protection against pressure peaks or with specific surface protection against aggressive media. CFB series valves are available as direct operated poppet valves or as pilot/direct operated diaphragm valves. This allows a wide variety of applications to be implemented depending on the flow rate and working pressure.
This series is also available in a stainless steel version, suitable for the control of aggressive media or gases.

  • Direct operated, pilot operated poppet and diaphragm valves
  • NC, NO function
  • Solenoid valves for the control of compressed air or liquid media
  • High reliability even in the most demanding applications

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Product category: Filters

N series filter regulators

The filter regulators are available with G1/8" and G1/4" connection. The design includes a self-venting diaphragm. The transparent container allows a good view of the condensate level. The semi-automatic manual condensate drain facilitates the draining of the condensate when there is no pressure.
The version with metal bowl is particularly suitable for applications where aggressive media are used which could destroy the plastic.

  • Connections G1/8", G1/4
  • Available with: Transparent plastic tank or nickel-plated brass tank for version N1

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Product category: Valves

Valve terminal with CoilVision® technology Series D

Series D is a new valve terminal system that ensures maximum flexibility and productivity in numerous industrial automation systems. The series is available in multi-pin and fieldbus versions for the most common protocols. With the integrated CoilVision® technology, monitoring of the operating status and wear of each individual valve is possible. Possible deviations from the ideal operating conditions are indicated via the LED on the solenoid valve and sent to the PLC or to the cloud via an IoT gateway.

  • Flexible connection of different I/O modules
  • Diagnostics and prognosis integrated
  • Available protocols: PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, IO-Link
Series D - Overall width 1: The solution for all industrial applications requiring quick and easy installation of pneumatic controls in confined installation spaces.

Technical features:
  • Overall width 10.5 mm
  • Flow rate 250 Nl/min
  • Compact design
  • Individual, modular base plates made of plastic
  • Electrical and pneumatic functions flexibly expandable
Series D - Overall width 2: The valve terminal for applications requiring compact dimensions and high flow rates.

Technical features:
  • Construction width 16 mm
  • Flow rate 950 Nl/min
  • Compact design
  • Individual, modular base plates made of plastic
  • Electrical and pneumatic functions flexibly expandable
Series D - Overall width 4: This valve terminal is particularly suitable for all applications requiring high flow rates as well as solutions with a robust and compact design.

Technical features:
  • Overall width 25 mm
  • Flow rate 2000 Nl/min
  • High flow rates
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable
D Series - Width 5: Allows a mix of widths (10.5 and 16 mm) with only one multi-pin or fieldbus connection, while maintaining compact dimensions and modularity.

Technical features:
  • Construction width 10.5 + 16 mm
  • Flow rate 250 - 950 Nl/min
  • Only one connection (multipole or fieldbus)
  • Combination of two different sizes and flow rates
  • Compact dimensions
  • Same positioning in the machine

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Product category: Automation, robotics

Linear actuators vertical series 5V

These axes are suitable for applications requiring vertical movement, such as pick & place, dispensing, loading/unloading of machines (plastic injection, assembly, machining) or palletizing. Available in three diameters, this series can be used as the vertical axis of an x-y-z gantry or cantilever system. Long strokes can be achieved in a short time to optimize machine cycle times.
The 5V series linear axes are mechanical linear actuators with toothed belts, able to reduce energy consumption thanks to a system with idler rollers in omega arrangement. The use of one or more recirculating ball bearing guides and a self-supporting profile with a square section allows high rigidity and resistance to dynamic loads.

  • High dynamics
  • Easy integration into x-y-z systems
  • Strokes up to 1500 mm
  • Version with integrated shock absorbers
  • Lubrication nipples and centering rings for the slide included in delivery

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Product category: Pneumatic actuators

ISO Cylinder with End Position Lock Series 63

The cylinders are equipped with a mechanical end position lock, which ensures that the piston rod is held securely in both the fully retracted and extended positions. The lock is automatically activated and released without the need for external actuation. Series 63 with end position locking complies with ISO standard 15552.
The automatic mechanical locking makes the series ideal for applications where it is essential to lock the position of the cylinder to prevent the piston rod from moving, e.g. when the load is held for a long time or in situations where a pressure drop is possible. Suitable industries are e.g. transport, printing & paper industry or wood processing.
The cylinders with end position interlock can absorb higher external forces than the resulting force of conventional cylinders and are therefore particularly suitable for lifting equipment and presses.


Series 63 cylinders with end-position locking are available in different versions that allow their use even in harsh environments and difficult working conditions. These versions are mostly used in applications that require robustness and reliability, such as. in the transport sector for trucks or special vehicles exposed to strong vibrations, frequent temperature variations or humid and dusty working environments. Thanks to their automatic mechanical locking, the cylinders are very suitable for industrial sectors such as printing & paper or wood processing, where maximum safety is required due to lifting, stopping and pushing movements. The locking device integrated in the cylinder allows the 63 series to be used even in dusty working environments or confined spaces.


Robust, safe and efficient
  • Reliable and safe even in harsh environments: Robust design for high reliability
  • Improved machine performance: Force end position locking higher than thrust force cylinder (6 bar)
  • Reduced maintenance and set-up times: Reliable automatic locking and unlocking
  • Reduced installation time: Easy installation and use of the locking and unlocking system
  • Functional extension of the machine: ISO 15552 conformity. Standard cylinder can be replaced by cylinder with end position locking without machine modifications.

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Product category: Laboratory automation

Linear Actuators Series 5E

The linear actuators series 5E are linear axes with a carriage running on the aluminium profile. An integrated toothed belt is driven by an electric motor and moves the carriage. There are 3 sizes available, 50x50, 65x65 and 80x80 mm. All components are integrated into a lightweight, compact and self-supporting
Aluminium profile are integrated. The use of an integrated recirculating ball bearing guide allows high rigidity and high external power consumption.
In order to protect the internal parts from possible harmful environmental influences, the profile is equipped with a stainless steel sealing strip. A permanent magnet integrated in the axis enables the zero point end position to be set by CSH series switching elements installed in the profile grooves. In addition, inductive sensors can also be used. The 5E series has mounting kits for attaching the motor on all 4 sides. The high dynamics and the possibility of
Creation of multi-axis systems make this series particularly suitable for packaging and assembly tasks.

  • Many positions can be approached with integrated toothed belt drive
  • High dynamics
  • Motor can be mounted on 4 sides
  • Wide range of motor adapters
  • Zero point end position via switching elements integrated in slots and/or inductive
  • Protection class IP40
  • Up to 6000 mm travel
  • Adapter plates for multi-axis systems
  • Integrated connections for relubrication
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Available slides: standard, long, double slide

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About us

Company portrait

Camozzi Automation’s offering includes ever more IIoT products and solutions. We work on both the digitalisation of production processes and the creation of real cyber-physical systems, to enable the integration of mechanical, electronic and digital elements, constantly improving process performance and the management of the data chain.


  • 25 Subsidiaries and service centres
  • 50 Exclusive distributors
  • 7 Production sites
  • 1.700 Employees


Industrial automation
  • Packaging
  • Food & beverage
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Fluid Control
  • Automotive
  • Electronic System
  • Textile Machinery
  • Assembly & Robotics
  • Printing & Paper
  • Woodworking Machinery
Life science
  • Medical
  • Analytical
  • Rail
  • Off Road
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Passenger Car

Company data

Export content > 75%
Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1964
Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Tubings and tubing equipment
  • Filter
  • Valves

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