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Sniezna 3, 03-750 Warszawa
Telephone +48 22 785436707

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


Pro-PLUS provides ready to use system for continuous and safe monitoring of patients infected with COVID-19. The system for patients in isolation room consists of devices enabling the following measurements: ECG, blood oxygen saturation SpO2, heart rate and body temperature.
The system consists of certified medical devices and necessary equipment such as:
  • tele-ECG EHO-MINI Event Holter device
  • pulse-oximeter (TaiDoc TD-8201)
  • thermometer (Warmie WM-1020)
  • BT-HUB 4.0 device- router for data transmission
  • CardioPortal Telemedical Platform 
The collected data are uploaded directly to the Pro-PLUS telemedical platform via the GSM network and can be displayed e.g. in the nurses' office.

Benefits of using the comprehensive system provided by Pro-PLUS:
  • Reducing the need of direct contact with infected patient - no need to enter the isolation room for parameters check
  • Ensuring constant remote monitoring of the patient - 24 hours a day
  • More efficient use of medical staff working time
  • Direct voice contact of the patient with the duty nurse
  • Alarm notifications in case of exceeding the set measurement thresholds
  • Supervision of all patients from one place
  • Saving personal protective equipment
  • Reduced frequency of personnel disinfection process

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


The EHO-MINI Rehabilitation device is a high-class medical device designed to register and wirelessly transmit 3-channel ECG records in the process of cardiac rehabilitation. The device is intended mainly for personal use (at patient's home), but it can also be used in outpatient settings. The device is simple to operate and it does not require additional medical training of the user. 

The device can be used as a part of the whole  Cardiac Rehabilitation System helping patients to undergo safe and effective cardiac rehabilitation in order to quickly resume normal everyday and professional activity after heart attack, heart failure or cardiac surgery. The system consists of:
  • EHO Mini Rehabilitation device 
  • blood pressure monitor
  • scales
  • BT-HUB (router for scales and blood pressure monitor)
  • CardioPortal Telemedical Platform
EHO-MINI Rehabilitation device can interchangeably register:
  • any 3 precordial leads (selected from V1-V6)
  • 6 limb leads and one freely selected precordial lead.
The physician, based on the individual assessment of the respective patient, has the ability to remotely alter the configuration of the measured leads (change limb leads to precordial ones), which is of additional diagnostic value. The ECG record is automatically transmitted through the built-in communication module that utilizes the GSM digital cellular telephone network. The ECG registration is executed continuously in a loop. The ECG record length is set up by the physician. There is also a possibility of set up intervals between individual records in the range of 60 seconds to 60 minutes.

The tele-rehabilitation session consists of the following activities repeated every day:
  • preliminary examinations, e.g. arterial blood pressure, body weight measurements,
  • performing an ECG before starting the exercise (qualifying test for the patient for the session),
  • picking up the phone from the Monitoring Center (medical center) and answering a questionnaire regarding the health condition and well-being of the patient by phone,
  • after being admitted to the session, the ECG registration beginning the session,
  • performance of several cycles of exercise, ECGs registration and rests, as instructed by the device.
During the session the device will notify the patient about the current task to perform (EXERCISE, ECG, REST). After completing the set of exercise cycles (intervals), the device automatically establishes a connection with the Monitoring Center, transmitting the recorded ECG data and optionally other measurements, e.g. arterial blood pressure, body weight and blood oxygen saturation level.

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


The EHO-MINI Event Holter is a high-quality medical device designed to record and transmit wireless ECGs from 2 or 3 channels. The device enables synchronous recording:
  • from 2 precordial leads (selected from V1-V6) or 6 limb leads - for 2-channel devices,
  • from 3 precordial leads (selected from V1-V6) or 6 limb leads and one precordial lead - for 3-channel devices.
EHO-MINI Event Holter is dedicated to the diagnosis of heart disorders and both long-term and short-term cardiac telemonitoring conducted by a physician through the CardioScp WEB System. The device allows the physician to adjust the operating parameters and lead configuration to the individual patient's needs. The recorded ECG is automatically transmitted digitally via the built-in communication module using the digital GSM cellular communication system. The
collected data is sent to the CardioScp WEB System Telemedicine Platform, which provides the physician with examination results, enabling the evaluation of biomedical parameters.

The device has a built-in GSM (or SIM chip) module and allows the transmission of ECGs from anywhere in the world. The device is designed to operate both in outpatient and home settings. The device is simple to operate and it does not require additional medical training of the user.

EHO-MINI Event Holter also works with external modules to measure body weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and oxygen saturation of RBCs (saturation). The device can be optionally equipped with:
  • built-in GPS module designed to geotag the examinations, locate the patient, and also for geofencing (determination of safe zones for the patient),
  • patient - physician voice communication module (VOICE).
ECG recording takes place in both manual (event-holter) and automatic (auto-holter) modes

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

EHO 12 (for 12- lead ECG examination)

The EHO12 medical device is a high-class professional device designed to perform 12-lead resting ECG examination, and simultaneously one of the elements of the remote patient monitoring system created by ProPLUS. The device operates in two modes: hours of live monitoring or recording of the selected ECG section. The device is used as a stationary cardiomonitor in medical facilities, or - after connecting it to a laptop computer with Internet access - as a mobile device for performing
examinations, e.g. at patient's home.

EHO12 used in a practice is an alternative to ECG stations and can be one of the elements used for remote consults with
a specialist doctor. The examination results are presented in a clear manner on the monitor screen and can be discussed in the practice, which improves the comfort of the staff and improves the diagnostic process. The EHO12 is equivalent to a standard ECG device that performs cardiogram recording, but does not use paper for this end. Examination results are presented on a computer screen or exported to a PDF file with a millimeter grid and the ECG signal characteristic, as for traditional electrocardiographs. The PDF file can be printed on paper with any computer printer.

The device is also suitable for general practitioners and community nurses, who provide home visits or permanent nursing care. EHO12 is so light and easy to use that the ECG examination can be performed at patient's home (after a short training) even by
unqualified medical personnel. ECG examination is performed after connecting the device with a USB cable to a computer equipped with the EHO12 Station application.

The results can be sent virtually in real time to the monitoring centre, where the physician will evaluate them and decide what actions to take on the patient. In this way, you can properly respond to a message about chest pains or shortness of breath. This eliminates unnecessary calls for an ambulance or the need to transport patients to the hospital, which can be troublesome for older people and non-movers. Examining personnel do not have to take paper for the ECG graph as well, because the entire ECG examination is performed and described with use of a computer.

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


The system for monitoring of patients with heart failure consists of:
  • Tele-ECG device (EHO Mini Event Holter)
  • Scales for monitoring body mass
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • BT-HUB router for data transmission
  • CardioPortal Telemedicine Platform - a tool for medical personnel who can remotely monitor patients’  health.
The use of Pro-PLUS patient monitoring system allows for:
  • controlling the effects of pharmacotherapy on an ongoing basis - patients with heart failure should systematically modify doses and types of drugs adjusted to their health condition
  • constant monitoring of patients
  • reduction of the number of hospitalized patients
  • reduction of visits to the clinic
  • reduction of the occurrence of disease exacerbations, quick reaction at the first symptoms of deteriorating health

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


Medical Smartwatch is a unique device dedicated to long-term monitoring of patients with the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). The technology supports the mobility of patients with LVAD and, at the same time, monitors the critical parameters of the patient and the pump. The device is used for the supervision of patients with LVAD to allow them to stay out of the hospital and resume normal activities while maintaining a high level of medical safety.

Device functionality:
  • live monitoring of LVAD heart pump parameters (RPM, current consumption, flow level)
  • prediction of possible blood viscosity problems based on embedded algorithms
  • detection of LVAD alerts and failures with direct notification for patient and medical center
  • remotely supervised, homebased cardiac rehabilitation
  • personalized pharma therapy with drug reaction monitoring
  • individual training process for patients
  • customized medical procedure with screen by screen patient guidance
  • multiparameter vital signs monitoring  (ECG, NIBP, SpO2, INR, weight)
  • enhanced drug calendar with reminder and drug influence monitoring
  • voice messages support the patient at every stage of rehabilitation and monitoring
  • integrated motion and hand position sensor allows to detect physical activity during training
  • both way communication via text and voice messages.
Benefits for the patient and medical personnel
The use of the device for monitoring patients with LVAD facilitates:
  • mobility of patients with LVAD
  • high level of safety
  • monitoring of pump parameters and other medical data
  • remote pump control without patient’s involvement
  • managing the cardiac rehabilitation process
  • optimizing work of the medical personnel
  • organizing remote assistance for patients with LVAD 

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About us

Company portrait

Pro-PLUS is a global leader in telemedicine solutions. For 28 years we have been successfully implementing solutions in the field of e-cardiology and telecare for hospitals, medical facilities and individual patients.
We are the creator of innovative systems for:
  • long-term monitoring of cardiac patients at home with over 80% efficiency in detecting rare arrhythmias
  • cardiac telerehabilitation at home for patients after heart attacks and cardiac surgery
  • monitoring of patients infected with COVID-19 and persons in quarantine
  • telecare of patients at home using a number of external devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters, thermometers, glucometers, etc.
Pro-PLUS has the broadest offer on the market including multiple telemedicine devices and the Telemedicine Platform enabling the management of devices and the provision of a number of services individually tailored to the needs of clients.

Pro-PLUS solutions are based on our own technology, which is developed based on many years of experience and cooperation with Key Opinion Leaders.

As an innovative technology company, we develop new products dedicated to patients: with heart failure (LVAD), after heart attacks (cardiac telerehabilitation), with cardiac arrhythmias (long-term monitoring), with COVID-19 (monitoring of patients infected and quarantined).

Pro-PLUS in numbers:
  • 50 000 devices sold
  • 1 238 546 unique ECG tests on the Platform
  • 12 586 patients registered on the Platform
  • over 400 active users on the CardioPortal Platform, of which 90% are doctors
  • over 600 ECG tests transferred daily from Pro-PLUS devices to the Platform
Pro-PLUS position has been confirmed by the gold medal at the Shanghai International Invention and Innovation Expo and numerous implementations around the world, including in Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.

Company data

Number of employees 1-19
Area of business Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices

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