Tegra Medical of Franklin, MA at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Tegra Medical

9 Forge Park, 02038 Franklin, MA

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.09  Other component manufacturing
  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.18  Other finished products
  • 03  Services
  • 03.04  Design and development
  • 03.04.01  Product design, product development

Product design, product development

Our products

Product category: Other component manufacturing

We won’t get bent out of shape making your complex components


Got a complex component or device to manufacture? Bring it on! Tegra Medical thrives on challenges that create knots in the stomachs of other manufacturers.

Sometimes the best way to make a particular component or device is by combining non-traditional and common manufacturing technologies. But this can be too much of a challenge for some suppliers. For example, we combine laser cutting with CNC grinding and metal forming to make precise hand pieces for a surgical device used in head and neck procedures.

Some medical devices need precise anatomical bends. The metal or plastic must be manufactured to mimic the exact curve of a human body part so it can serve its purpose. A femur implant device might look simple, but it’s actually highly precise — much to the appreciation of the patient whose broken femur will be repaired and the surgeon fastening the implant into place.  We make many components and devices that include precise bends to assist in accessing hard-to-reach anatomy.

For manufacturing components or complete devices, the technologies we use include CNC milling and turning, Swiss machining, wire and sinker EDM, laser processing, CNC grinding, injection molding, metal forming, electrochemical cutting and grinding, nitinol shape setting, and gundrilling.

Types of Products

We make devices, assemblies, and components for a wide range of medical specialties. These include, but certainly are not limited to orthopaedics, cardiac care, women’s health, neurology, ophthalmology, radiology, pain management and diabetes, among others.

The types of procedures in which our customers’ products are used includes arthroscopy, endoscopy, joint reconstruction, biopsies, and drug delivery.

We make a vast array of finished devices, assemblies, and complex components according to our OEM customers’ designs. For example, we make components and devices for soft tissue removal; implants; retractors and spreaders;  needles, cannulae, and catheters; and suturing devices.

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Product category: Other component manufacturing

Wire and hypotubing

Tegra Medical’s Quick Wire & Tubing store offers off-the-shelf and custom metal wire and hypotubing for quick shipment. Products include stainless steel, coated, and nitinol wire, as well as tubing. We also offer custom finishing work such as abrasive, electrochemical and precision shear cutting, grit blasting, centerless grinding, end treatments, custom mandrels, coating and other finishing treatments.

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Product category: Other finished products

True end-to-end contract manufacturing for finished devices

All the processes of making your device

From the “business end” to the handle and everything in between, we can manufacture your whole device.  Tegra Medical offers TRUE end-to-end services. Partner with us and you can work with a single manufacturing partner that handles the entire process from development to full production and packaging. And if you don’t need us to make your finished device, we’ll make your complex components and assemblies.

Many medical device manufacturers that specialize in either metal or plastic claim to offer end-to-end services, but just manage the supply chain. Tegra Medical has the expertise for intricate work with both metal and plastic that many other suppliers cannot handle.  This means that one trusted manufacturer can support your needs all the way through the process of making your devices.

The Sharp Benefit

Many medical devices absolutely must have the sharpest edges possible. Tegra Medical’s end-to-end philosophy enables processes that ensure a medical device’s sharp tip does not lose its edge during the manufacturing process.

Many people think of metal as being very hard, but actually the metal “business end” of a precise medical device can be delicate. The soft metal is good for one or two very precise cuts. So, the device must still be extremely sharp by the time it gets into the hands of the medical professional who needs to use it.

Naturally, manufacturing a sharp edge in the first place is a requirement. But the more difficult part is keeping it sharp through all the myriad other manufacturing, molding, assembly, and packaging steps that take place before the device leaves the factory. This is where Tegra Medical stands out from the crowd, having developed several proprietary processes that keep a device from losing its edge.

For example, one customer hired Tegra Medical to create the sharp metal tip of their device but was already using another supplier for molding and assembly. When the other supplier shipped the final devices to the customer, they were no longer as sharp.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get their other supplier to maintain the sharp edges the customer realized that only Tegra Medical was going to keep the devices sharp enough for their high standards, so they asked Tegra Medical to handle all the steps of making the device, from the sharp “business end” to the molded handle and everything in between.

Keeping devices sharp is a discipline instilled in everything Tegra Medical does.

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Product category: Product design, product development

GENESIS Tech Center® product development services

Tegra Medical’s GENESIS Tech Center® services include prototyping, development, and pilot production, so you can focus on designing and selling your medical devices.

These product-launching services are the first step of our true end-to-end manufacturing solutions, working in concert with production, assembly and packaging. From the “business end” to the handle and everything in between we tackle your entire project.

Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) reduces cost, increases quality and shortens the development cycle of your medical device. Together, we can explore alternatives in processes and materials, and immediately see the cost impact.

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Company news



26 Oct 2020

Tegra Medical Announces Expansion in Europe and Asia

End-to-end contract manufacturing of medical devices to be extended to nine locations.

Tegra Medical, a leading contract manufacturer of medical devices and a member of SFS, which is headquartered in Heerbrugg Switzerland, today announced it is expanding operations into Europe and Asia. With this global expansion, Tegra Medical’s manufacturing expertise will be extended to encompass nine locations on three continents:  Altstätten, Hallau, and Heerbrugg, Switzerland; Johor Bahru, Malaysia; and Nantong, China, with the Asia central office located in Singapore.

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16 Jul 2020

Tegra Medical Announces Major Expansions in Massachusetts and Mississippi

Continuing a steady path of growth in the medical device manufacturing industry, Tegra Medical announced  the purchase of an additional building across the street from its Franklin, MA headquarters and an expansion of its space in Hernando, MS. Together they will increase the company’s worldwide square footage by more than 53 percent to 356,000 square feet.

With 120,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space, the new Franklin, MA building at 16 Forge Park requires minimal renovation, thereby shortening the timeline for occupancy.  The company’s Quick Wire and Tubing business, which provides in-stock and custom-finished metal wire and hypotubing, will gain its own dedicated space as it becomes the building’s first occupant later in 2020. Other manufacturing operations will be phased into the building soon after that.

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About us

Company portrait

Tegra Medical provides true end-to-end contract manufacturing solutions, handling all the steps of creating your complete device or component from prototyping to full production. Our customers look to us to manufacture everything from complex components to finished devices – from the sharp “business end” to the molded plastic handle – including assembly, sterilization and packaging. Our manufacturing locations are ISO 13485 and FDA registered, QSR compliant. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

Tegra Medical has the expertise to manufacture complete, finished medical devices, particularly those with intricate tolerances or that require combining non-traditional with common technologies. We are renowned for keeping devices sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our vast range of manufacturing technologies includes CNC milling/turning, Swiss machining, wire and sinker EDM, laser processing, CNC grinding, injection molding of various materials, metal forming, Nitinol shape setting, and gundrilling, as well as cleanroom molding and assembly.

Product Development

Our dedicated GENESIS Tech Center® resources are focused 100-percent on prototyping, development and pilot production to help launch your products smoothly and cost-effectively.

Quick Wire and Tubing Store

We stock over two million feet of wire and hypotubing inventory available for shipping within 24 hours. Secondary processes are also available.

Tegra Medical is a member of SFS.

Company data

Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 2007
Area of business Manufacturing Services