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Unit 6 Parc Ty Glas Llanishen, CF14 5DU Cardiff
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 2920 314750
Fax +44 2920 314760

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Annette Thomas


+44 (0)2920 314750


David Ducroq

Deputy Director and Head of the Reference Laboratory

+44 (0)2920 314750


Samantha Jones

Operations Manager

+44 (0)2920 314750


Gareth Davies

Principal Biochemist

02920 314750


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Medical services and publications
  • 07.04  Education


  • 07  Medical services and publications
  • 07.16  Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance
  • 07  Medical services and publications
  • 07.17  Other medical services and publications

Other medical services and publications

Our products

Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

IQC (Internal Quality Control) Tailored Service

Our third Party controls provide accurate, independent, unbiased, quality tools for use as part of your quality assurance process.  CE marked Internal Quality Control (IQC) and Quality Control Reference Material (QCRM) can be assayed daily to provide confidence in your analytical testing.  Our products are clinically relevant, value-added QC, expertly designed by a team of Clinical and Biomedical Scientists with over 20 years experience in manufacturing.  Weqas also has the capability to produce bespoke IQC products tailored to your specific requirements.

We recommend Weqas Quality control for:
  • Patient Safety
  • Error Detection
  • Eliminating false rejection
  • Ensuring compliance with Regulatory Bodies
  • Ensuring analytical output is robust and in control

Examples of PoCT IQC
  • Lipid Control Norm is an assayed quality control material which includes Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglyceride and Glucose for use in Healthcheck programmes for monitoring the performance of PoCT analysers.  The material has been assayed using both laboratory and a range of PoCT methods.
  • Urine hCG Controls for PoCT Pregnancy Testing are available as a negative and positive control. Samples are also available near the limit of detection of the methods to aid your competency testing programme.
  • PoCT Glucose & Ketone Controls are available as liquid stable material at 6 concentrations to cover the analytical range.

Examples of Laboratory IQC
  • Cardiac Marker IQCs is a liquid IQC with Troponin values at or near 99th centile “diagnostic cut point”.
  • A number of Quality Control Reference Materials (QCRM) are available which provide traceability to a higher order method.
  • Chemistry QCRM linearity panel are available as a range of up to 8 samples and are suitable for ISO 15189 method verification.  These can be customised to your requirements.
  • Bile Acid QCRM is available with ID-GCMS target values and uncertainty of measurement for the individual Bile Acids.
  • Endocrine QCRM is provided with ID-LC-MS/MS Reference values and uncertainty of measurement for a number of steroids.
  • Ethylene Glycol Linearity Control – available at 5 linearly related concentrations.
  • Provide a positive and negative control for guaiac based Faecal Occult Blood tests (FOB).

Testosterone / Cortisol Standards
The use of Tandem Mass Spectrometry has increased significantly for steroid analysis and is now a routine procedure in some laboratories. Testosterone and Cortisol Tandem MS standards are used as an assayed quality control material for verification of “in house” prepared calibrators to assist laboratories with ISO 15189:2012 compliance. Weqas’ standards are prepared and value assigned by the Weqas Reference Measurement Laboratory using traceable material of the highest metrological order.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Reference Measurement Services

The Weqas Reference Measurement Laboratory is accredited to the recognised International Standard – General requirements
for competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) and in accordance with Laboratory medicine –
Requirements for the competence of calibration laboratories using reference measurement procedures (ISO/IEC 15195:2003).

The Reference Measurement Laboratory offers a range of reference measurement procedures utilising “gold standard” technology, using traceable material of the highest metrological order, with gravimetric preparation of all samples and calibrators. All uncertainty calculations are made according to the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).

The laboratory is listed as a Joint Committee on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM) reference measurement provider and regularly participates in the JCTLM RELA surveys for Reference Laboratories. The Deputy Director, responsible for the Reference Measurement Laboratory, is a member of the JCTLM Reference Measurement Method review teams for metabolites and nonpeptide hormones and is the team leader for electrolytes and blood gases.

Traceable reference measurement services underpin the global effort in the harmonisation of laboratory results. This ensures that patients receive the correct diagnosis and treatment independent of the country or hospital they are in. The services are available to all relevant healthcare professionals, including National Metrological Institutes, IVD Manufacturers and EQA organisers.

Traceability: Certified Reference Material
• Traceable material of the highest metrological order is used for all method calibration where available.
• Suitable matrix matched traceable control material of a higher order is used in all methods, where available, as a confirmation
of the traceability and accuracy of each method.

All reference methods are recognised as primary or secondary reference measurement procedures. Where available, methods
listed as JCTLM approved reference methods are used. Exact matching isotope dilution used for all Mass Spectrometry methods
provides the most accurate method for generating sample results. All samples and calibrators are prepared gravimetrically using
traceable weighing equipment as appropriate. Dilution of samples for atomic absorption/emission methods utilises automated
equipment, increasing the accuracy of sample preparation. The performance criteria used for all methods conform to currently
accepted international criteria for Reference Measurement Procedures.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Laboratory EQA services

Weqas is a UKAS ISO 17043 accredited proficiency testing provider (number 4301), offering a range of EQA Programmes for Laboratory Medicine. Weqas offers a visibly different, high quality, science-based service to support laboratories in maintaining ISO 15189, underpinned by commutable metrological traceable samples and informative reports. For a full list of the External Quality Assessment programmes offered, including analytes covered and material provided, please see the EQA Programme section below.

External Quality Assessment (EQA) in medical laboratories have evolved over the past 50 years to provide more sophisticated systems compared with the simple participant’s analytical performance evaluation of earlier years. There are clear distinctions between the proficiency testing programmes and the evolved External Quality Assurance Programs (EQAP). Not only do they provide participant performance evaluation including pre-analytical and post-analytical evaluation, but also method evaluation, and postmarketing vigilance. Education is pivotal in these programmes with training and help being provided. Programmes that do not include Quality Assurance as defined in EQAP will ultimately fail to improve quality, and laboratories should consider these elements in their choice of EQA provider. The key objective of EQA is continuous quality improvement within laboratory medicine, and EQA providers should therefore include quality improvement of programme design as an essential requirement of the service.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Point of Care Testing (POCT) EQA Services

Weqas is the leading provider of External Quality Assessment (EQA) services for the Point of Care Testing (POCT) market. Quality assurance is an essential component for delivery of a safe and reliable POCT services and includes all the measures taken to ensure investigations are accurate and evidence based. Delivering accredited POCT EQA programmes to Secondary Care, Primary Care, Company Occupational Health providers and retail pharmacies, both nationally and internationally.

Weqas is successfully supporting and strengthening the quality assurance framework in Point of Care Testing (POCT) as an alternative to laboratory-based diagnostic services, by working closely with policy makers to ensure robust regulatory frameworks are implemented and are evidence based, clinically effective and safe. Weqas is directed by a Consultant Clinical Biochemist with over 30 years experience in Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Lead for Cardiff &Vale UHB POCT for over 20 years. Annette Thomas director of Weqas also chairs the ‘All Wales’ POCT Coordinators Group and represents POCT in Welsh Government Advisory Committees. POCT EQA Programmes are accredited for conformity assessment-General requirements for proficiency testing (ISO/CASCO 17043:2010), please view our Schedule of Accreditation for Weqas Proficiency Testing.

Key benefits of Weqas POCT EQA services include:
  • Liquid clinical samples, ready to use
  • Tailored programmes
  • Managed service
  • Online support
  • Assist with ISO 22870 compliance
  • Network performance reports
  • Helpline and troubleshooting
  • Education and training

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About us

Company portrait

Weqas is one of the largest External Quality Assessment providers in the UK, with over 50 years of experience in delivering global Quality Assurance Programmes in Laboratory Medicine.
Weqas operates as an independent organisation, hosted by Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board, based at Unit 6, Parc Ty Glas, Cardiff.

Supplying to more than 35,000 sites per month, Weqas provides over 40 EQA Programmes, including external audit, performance analysis and an educational advisory service. We would like to become your provider of choice for Clinical Laboratory Quality Assurance Support, within four distinct services:

  • External Quality Assessment for Laboratory and Point of Care Services
  • Reference Laboratory
  • Quality Control Production
  • Education and Training
Weqas Programmes are underpinned by commutable metrological traceable samples and informative reports. Our range of Web based reporting options cater for the Laboratory Manager, the Laboratory Scientists and the PoCT end user. Our team of experienced Scientists and PoCT Co-ordinators provide a unique troubleshooting and problem solving service to our clients.

With changing technologies, techniques and patient care delivery models, there is a pressing need to ensure there is a focus within education and training programmes for standardisation of analyses, error reporting, poor performance and laboratory accreditation. Unique to Weqas is the education, workshops, e-learning and presentations which are available, that can be tailored to our clients needs.

Weqas is registered with United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) for conformity assessment. Weqas External Quality Assessment services are accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard – General requirements for proficiency testing (ISO/IEC 17043:2010). The Weqas Reference Laboratory is accredited to the recognised International Standard – General requirements for competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) and in accordance with Laboratory medicine – Requirements for the competence of calibration laboratories using reference measurement procedures (ISO/IEC 15195). Weqas scopes of accreditation are available to view and download.

The Weqas team are supported by a Steering Committee which advises the organisers on the overall operation of the Programme, including the frequency of distribution of materials, the types of materials to be distributed, methods of statistical analysis and data presentation, and the desirability of introducing new investigations to the Programme.

Company data

Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1968

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