Kishimoto Industry co,.Ltd of Tokyo at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Kishimoto Industry co,.Ltd

4-18-8, Nishirokugo, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, 1440056 Tokyo
Telephone +81 3 57038171
Fax +81 3 57038173

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.05  Plastics processing full service
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.03  Toolmaking, mold making
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.09  Other component manufacturing

Our products

Product category: Plastics processing full service

Machining of Visualized Parts

Reproduces both the transparency of visible contents and the dimensional accuracy of being usable as mechanical parts. Since there is no grinding, the fit and dimensional accuracy are reliable. Available in single to medium lots for internal observation.

Acrylic visualization is one of our strongest technologies. Visualization machining is a technology that responds to the demands for visualization of internal flow and movement, such as fluid confirmation, and observation of the inside of machines and equipment with a camera. Kishimoto Industry has the technology to machine the inside of the hole with high transparency and to reproduce the fit with metal parts. Another important feature is that the surface is not deformed and the printing process can be applied in an accurate manner. We have a wealth of experience in fluid observation and internal visualization, especially at the request of research and development organizations and equipment manufacturers.

〇Why to Choose us

Acrylic is used in a wide range of applications because of its transparency, which is its greatest feature. Normally, after grinding to the desired shape, the surface can be polished to reproduce transparency, but dimensional accuracy is lost. Our visualization machining is not just about planing in a clean cut manner, but also about accurately reproducing the dimensions and being able to use it as a mechanical part. Visualization machining is one of the reasons why many designers and researchers choose us.

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Product category: Other component manufacturing

Precision Sheet Machining Technology - Full Flat Machining

〇Full Flat Machining

This is a high-precision plate thickness machining technique for plastics using our own special techniques. Full Flat Machining enables uniform machining over a large area and excellent surface accuracy can be achieved. All types of plastics can be machined.

Effects include:
・Maintaining stable dimensional tolerances in the next process.
・Minimizing cumulative errors during assembly
・Improving work efficiency

〇Advantages of Full Flat Machining

・High accuracy (thickness tolerance can be specified)
   Full Flat Machining allows for uniform thicknesses in a wide range of areas, and thickness tolerances can be freely specified.
・High surface accuracy and clean cut finish
   Transparent materials such as acrylics are also finished in a clean cut manner without compromising transparency.
・Reduced machining time/improved productivity 
   The number of man-hours for primary machining is greatly reduced.
・Reducing emissions and eco-friendly procurement
   The amount of waste such as chips and scraps can also be reduced.
・Material conversion is possible
   High precision makes it possible to switch materials from metal.
   You can expect lighter, rust-free and higher precision machining than ever before.

〇Full Flat Machining Specifications

・Plate thickness tolerance
   ±0.03 mm of the specified dimension
・Machining range
   Plate thickness: Starting from t1.0
   Maximum: 350mm x 1,200mm
   *You can specify any number in the above range.

〇Usage Examples and Applied Fields

- Soldering tank flow/reflow palette
- Trays and pallets for substrate transfer
- Checkerboards, pinboards
- IC-related parts, various precision machine work
- Jig production and fine machining
- Semiconductor, aircraft and automotive parts
- Pallets, trays, and other parts for various production lines
- Components for measuring instruments
- Research and development of new materials
- Test specimen production
- Other

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Product category: Other component manufacturing

Plastic precision plate machining and sales

We provide high-precision plastic plates on demand and in the size and quantity required. This contributes to improved machining and assembly accuracy, reduced man-hours, and reduced waste emissions.

Two- and six-side precision milling plates made through Full Flat Machining are supplied to metal and plastic machining manufacturers throughout Japan as production goods that excel in flatness and surface accuracy and are ideal for the high-precision plastic machining demanded in recent years.

We can accommodate the customer's desired size and quantity from small sizes to mass production.

〇Solutions for These Problems

・When you want a plate with uniform thickness.
・I need a plastic plate with an excellent surface roughness.
・When you want a plate with flatness and parallelism.
・When you want a thin plate that is not within the scope of the manufacturer's standards.
・When you want a specified thickness with the materials you supply.
・When you want plate thickness machining to increase transparency.

〇Why to Choose us

・Full Flat Machining (patented)
  Based on our founder's assembly and adjustment experience, we have developed a method of machining plastic plates with excellent flatness and parallelism, which has been widely used for jigs and tools mainly for semiconductors, electronics and communications equipment. The uniform thickness over a wide range and excellent flatness and parallelism of the plate reduce the time and effort required for primary machining, greatly contributing to improved productivity and reduced man-hours for machining and assembly manufacturers.

・Thin plates machined to your specified thickness
   With our Full Flat Machining, we can produce thin plates from 0.1 mm (*) to 1.0 m (*) in increments of 0.1 mm to meet your requirements. * Less than 1mm is possible depending on the material and size.

・Improved productivity, reduced man-hours and space saving benefits
   Our services are available when necessary, in the quantities you need, to improve productivity, reduce man-hours, save space, and eliminate the need for inventory management.

・Reproducing transparency
   Ideal for demands that do not require lapping, but require visual transparency and thickness accuracy.

・Surface roughness
   A smooth surface which is particularly useful for parts that are sensitive to leakage or require a smooth plate surface, such as pressure and vacuum components.

〇Customer feedback

・Using Full Flat Machined materials increased the accuracy of the jig, improved post-process assembly, and shortened the time required for jig production. (Semiconductor component manufacturer / Production control representative / 6-sided milling)

・We were having a hard time getting a small amount of plastic, but the 6-sided milling has been very helpful in enabling us to meet deadlines. (Metal and plastic machining manufacturer/manufacturing manager/6-sided milling)

・Our in-house machining was limited to ±0.05/100, but with Full Flat Machining, the thickness accuracy is ±0.02 and the processing dimensions are more than 300, so we were able to reduce costs. (Plastic processing manufacturer/sales representative /2-sided and 6-sided milling)

・We order two-sided milling for inspection jigs of electronic components and secondary machining is performed at the user's site. We had to refuse to supply precision parts with transparency in the past, so the two-sided acrylic milling with full flat processing has been very popular. (Plastic material trading company/sales representative / 2-sided milling)

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Product category: Plastics processing full service

Precision Plastic Machining Technology

We excel at machining single items to a wide variety of products in small lots that require an especially high level of accuracy, in areas such as automotive, medical, measuring instruments and semiconductors. Dimensional accuracy of ±0.03 is our standard. We have a lot of experience in the machining of high-performance materials such as super engineering plastics and plastic composites.

We machine plastic parts by cutting. We accept many machining requests that have been rejected by other companies in the past, such as precision projects that could not be done by other companies due to dimensional tolerances and mismatches, and projects with difficult configurations.

〇Why to Choose us

・Our Own Original technology Full Flat Machining
Using a base of Full Flat Machining with excellent thickness accuracy, flatness and parallelism, it is easy to achieve dimensional accuracy from secondary machining and minimize post-assembly adjustments.

・Understanding How Parts Fit Together
We have a good understanding of the degree of fit and application required by the designer, and carry out machining on the product with delicate control.

・Expertise in Making Jigs for Machining
At Kishimoto Industry, we devise a jig for each workpiece we manufacture every day based on the judgment of each individual engineer and machine the parts. Accumulating machining expertise through our daily efforts has enabled us to respond to difficult requests.

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Product category: Toolmaking, mold making

Design and Manufacturing of Various Jigs

We design and assemble equipment and jigs required in the production and R&D processes, with a focus on substrate inspection and assembly jigs. We offer products that are easy to work with, mainly made of plastic, after consulting with customers on purpose of manufacturing and usage. We can manufacture and support from one to several hundred units in any field.

〇Production examples

・Tube cutting jig
・Jig for parts assembly
・Positioning jig for additional work to be done on the molded products
・Continuity testing jig

〇Why to Choose us

・Support even without drawings

Kishimoto Industry offers mechanisms suitable for your application based on our manufacturing expertise of machining jigs for machining in-house. We specialize mainly in insulating, anti-rust, and lightweight plastic-based jigs. Our insight is one step ahead to avoid danger and slipping.

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About us

Company portrait

We frequently handle processed products with severe dimensional accuracy requirements, using our proprietary “full flat processing” high precision board thickness processing technology serving as the core of our work.

Primarily using plastic, we manufacture parts and units for clients looking to switch materials from metal to plastics, parts for visualization mechanisms which require both transparency and dimensional precision, and jigs and tools needed in production plants and research and development departments.

■Our Strengths
・Technology to reproduce dimensional accuracy, fit and geometric tolerances at a level similar to metalworking without
・Problem-solving ability based on our unique machining expertise, including machining jigs

■Our Own Original technology  ”Full Flat Machining”
Kishimoto Industry's Full Flat Machining technology, which allows us to stably process plastic sheet thicknesses to within ±30μ, enables us to machine plastic to the same level of dimensional accuracy as metal.

Company data

Number of employees 1-19
Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Raw materials and adhesives
  • Manufacturing Services

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