SPC 'Doza', O.O.O of Moscow, Zelenograd at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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SPC 'Doza', O.O.O

Georgievskiy Prospekt 5, 124498 Moscow, Zelenograd
Russian Federation
Telephone +7 495 7778485
Fax +7 495 7425084

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This company is co-exhibitor of
Moscow Export Center ANPO


Aleksei Kuznetsov

Deputy Head of
Medical equipment department

+7 (495) 777 8485, ex. 372


Dmitry Petrukhin

Medical equipment specialist

+7 495 777 84 85 ext. 356


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.02  Imaging supplies
  • 01.02.03  X-ray devices and accessories
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.06  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.06.03  Patient monitoring systems
  • 07  Medical services and publications
  • 07.16  Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Our products

Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


The device is intended for determination of
patient doses received during diagnostic
radiology procedures.
EC 60601-2-54
IEC 60601-2-43
21 CFR 1020.32
IEC 60580

• Measurement of kerma (absorbed dose) in air per the
cross-sectional area of the X-ray beam
• NMeasurement of kerma power in air per area
for R/F & MAM & DSA X-Ray machines
Physical characteristics
Measurement range of the kerma (absorbed dose)
in air per area:
• 0.1 ÷ 10⁹ μGy·m²
Measurement range of the kerma power in air per
• 0.6 ÷ 6·10⁴ μGy·m²/s
The working range of the anode voltage of the
x-ray emitter:
• 20 – 200 kV
Transparency of ionization chambers for visible
light in accordance with IEC 60580:
• 70%
• Takes measurements with allowance of area and
filtration of X-ray radiation
• The measurement mode is automatically switched
on when X-ray machine reaches operating mode
• Easy installation without specialists involvement and
without interference in the X-ray machine design
• Can be used with different ion chambers including
cooperation with two chambers at the same time
• Self-test mode
• Control panel for DRK
Can be used for remote
indication of the measured
• DRK - Bluetooth


DRK-1M-CT is used in computed tomography for
measure kerma in air per length at the exit of the
X-ray machine with calculation of tomography
dose index CTDI (with use of CTDI phantom) in
accordance with IEC 60601-2-44 to calculate the
effective dose received by the patient and calculate
the dose rate of a CT in accordance with IEC
Physical characteristics
Measurement range:
• 0.5 ÷ 10⁹ μGy•m
The measurement uncertainty of kerma in air
per area:
• In the range from 0.5 to 10 μGy·m²
• In the range from 10 to 10⁹ μGy·m²

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories, Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance


Measurement the dose index for computed
tomography systems (CTDI).
Main competitive advantages:
• Reliability.
• Price.
• Convenient wheeled case is always included.


Control of geometric distortions of images of
general-purpose X-Ray diagnostic machines.
Controlled parameters:
• coincidence of x-ray and light fields;
• perpendicularity of the x-ray beam;
• field size;
• image distortion;
• contrast sensitivity.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


Area Monitor “Fregat” is designed for creating
relatively simple and inexpensive radiation monitoring
systems at such facilities as radionuclide sources
storage areas, isotope products warehouses, nuclear
medicine departments, PET centers, calibration
laboratories where sources of ionizing radiation
are used, etc.
Small scale automated radiation monitoring systems
built with “Fregat” components, featuring audible and
visual alarms, are idially suitable to meet the regulatory
radiation safety requirements.
Area monitor “Fregat” requires virtually no adjustment;
it is simple and convenient for installation and operation.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


• High sensitivity: background measurement time
with an error of 30 % – 5 seconds
• Color display
• Search mode
• PC connection via USB cable
• Recording of measurement parameters
• Two sound alarm modes
Physical characteristics
• Scintillation with SiPM
• Measurement range:
• Dose-rate: 0.1 μSv/h ÷ 5 mSv/h
• Dose: 0.1 μSv ÷ 1 Sv
Energy range:
• 0.05 ÷ 3 MeV
• ±15%
Response time when dose-rate changes
10 times:
• 5 sec
• Up to 9999 results
Mechanical characteristics
Protection index:
• IP65
• 0.2 kg
• 62×33×123 mm
Electrical characteristics
Power supply:
• 3 pcs of AAA batteries
Environmental characteristics
Operation temperature range:
• −40 ÷ +50 ºC

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


Measurement of X-ray and gamma radiation
personal dose equivalent Hp(10)
• stand-alone dosimeter or composed
of dosimetry system one
• dosimetry of pulsed fields of ionizing radiation
• audible and visual alarm
• large memory dose accumulation histories
• exclusion of unauthorized intervention
in dosimetry operation
• “smart charging” feature extends battery life time
Physical characteristics
• Compliant with IEC 61526 Ed.3
Detectors: silicon
Measurement range:
• dose Hp(10): 1 μSv ÷ 15 Sv
• dose rate Hp(10): 0.5 μSv/h ÷ 10 Sv/h
• X and gamma energy range: 0,015 ÷ 7,0 MeV
Electrical characteristics
Power supply:
• rechargeable battery AAA-size
Operation time till recharging:
• not less than 1500 hours
Dosimeter-Reader interface: IR
Reader-PC interface: USB/Ethernet
Environmental characteristics
• IP67
Temperature range: minus 20 °C ÷ +45 °C
Humidity: up to 95 % at 35 °C
• Shock, vibration and drop resistant
• Excess of alarm thresholds;
• Warnings of self-test failure and battery
Audible alarm: 80 dB at 30 cm
Visual alarm: blinking LED
Relative equipment
• Single charge unit or cassette charger
for 12/28/56 dosimeters
• Reader for dosimeter
Reference standards
Nuclear: IEC 61526 Ed.3
Mechanical characteristics
Overall dimensions, weight:
• 47×26×87 mm (with clip), 0,07 kg

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


The newest universal dosimeter-radiometer with
the possibility of wireless connection to a PC and
detection units.
• Measurement of the ambient dose equivalent and
ambient dose equivalent of photon radiation
• Operational and periodic monitoring of the radiation
• Measurement of surface contamination by gamma-
active substances
• Search and localization of ionizing radiation sources
• Monitoring of radioactive contamination of scrap
• Radiation-ecological studies on construction sites
• Inspection of vehicles and goods during customs
• Highly sensitive scintillation detector
• Fast-charge Li-Po battery
• Bright, contrast display with a graphical interface
• Indication of exceeding the established threshold
• Threshold levels can be set in the entire range of
measurement using the software «DoseAssistant»
• Radio or wired interface between a detection unit
and a remote control unit
• Communication with the PC via radio
• Radiation survey of the terrain with reference to
geographic coordinates based on GLONASS/GPS
• Possibility of headphones connection
Physical characteristics
Energy range:
• 0.05 ÷ 3 MeV
Measurement range:
• Dose-rate: 0.05 μSv/h ÷ 3 Sv/h
• Dose: 0.1 μSv ÷ 10 Sv
• ± 13 %
Operation mode setup time:
• 1 min
Non-volatile memory:
• Not less than 900 results
Electrical characteristics
Power supply:
• 3,7 V
Environmental characteristics
Operation temperature range:
• −20 ÷ +50 ºC
Mechanical characteristics
Protection index:
• IP65

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


High sensitivity monitor RZBA-07D is designed
for measurement of contamination level by alpha
and beta-active materials of personnel’s hands,
feet/shoes and clothing and alarming when
the thresholds are exceeded. The monitor
is recommended for monitoring personnel
contamination at NPPs, nuclear fuel cycle
facilities, radiologic laboratories and other
enterprises that use radioactive substances.
• advanced and intuitive interface, easy at operation;
• availability of a version with a remote beta detector
unit, BDZB-09D, or alpha detector unit, BDZA-07D;
• smooth adjustment of alarm thresholds within full
measurement range;
• voice instructional support while measuring;
• determination of hand/foot position in the detected
area; voice and visual support for correct positioning;
• simultaneous colour and sound indication
of measurement results;
• automatic compensation of external gamma
background after every measurement;
• alarm if detector units are defective
and/or contaminated.
Physical characteristics
• Type of detectors: plastic scintillation
Energy range:
• beta radiation: 0.1 ÷ 2.5 MeV
• alpha radiation: 4.16 ÷ 5.6 MeV
• gamma radiation: 0.05 ÷ 1.5 MeV
Measurement range of flux density:
• beta radiation: 1 ÷ 25 000 minˉ¹cmˉ²
• alpha radiation: 0.1 ÷ 10 000 minˉ¹ cmˉ²
Time of one exposure: 10 s
Continuous operation time: ≥ 24 h
Operating temperature range: 0 ÷ +50 °С
Electrical characteristics
Power supply:
• 220 V, 50 Hz
• Power consumption ≤ 150 W
Mechanical characteristics
Overall dimensions, weight:
• RZBA-07D monitor 809×614×1444 mm, 85 kg
• BDZB-09D detector unit 168×176×70 mm, 1.4 kg
• BDZA-07D detector unit 168×176×70 mm, 1.4 kg
Detectors overall dimensions:
• Hand: 288 cm²
• Foot: 465 cm²
• Alpha detector unit: 144 cm²

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems


UIM-D area monitor provides solutions for different
radiation protection problems depending of
the chosen detector units: continuous control of
gamma- and neutron adiation, control of alpha-,
beta- and gamma- contamination including
continuous area and process monitoring using
gamma and/or neutron measurement channels,
monitoring of alpha and/or beta contamination.
• Individual threshold setting for each
measurement channel
• Continuous area and process monitoring
• Collects & displays data from two measurement
channels (units with RS-485 or analog pulses)
• Audible and visual alarms on exceeding preset
thresholds or status of connected devices
• Individual threshold setting for each
measurement channel
Activation of the external alarm or executive devices
when any threshold is exceeded.
The wide panel displays the following information:
• Values of measured parameters as min-1·cm-2,
s-1·cm-2, μSv/h
• Diagnostic information about the status of
connected devices
• Current date and time
• Position of measured values relative to the
thresholds in the form of scales with green, yellow
and red zones
• Time history (trend) for each measured value

• Collects & displays data from two measurement
channels, generates audible and visual alarms
• Displays data in CPM or in units per user’s choice
(μSv/h, min-1·cm-2, etc.)
• Wireless connection to PC
• Can be mounted on a wall or on a table
• Shows measurement trends
Physical characteristics
Measurement range
• Count rate: up to 0.1 to 200,000 cps.
Operating temperature range
• −20 ÷ +50 ºC
Electrical characteristics
• Power supply: 220 V , 50 Hz
Mechanical characteristics
• Protection index: IP65
• Overall dimensions, weight: 221×172×85 mm,
3.9 kg

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About us

Company portrait

SPC "Doza", Ltd – the manufacturer of radiation monitoring equipment: patients and staff dosimetry, QA equipment for X-Ray machines, phantoms and test-objects.

For almost 30 years SPC "Doza", Ltd has been a leader in the development and production of modern high-precision equipment in accordance with the latest international radiation safety requirements.
Our equipment is used in all areas related to radiation including medicine: X-ray diagnostics and therapy, radioisotope diagnostics, radiotherapy and radiosurgery. We design and manufacture equipment for quality assurance of medical devices and for safe work in these areas: personal dosimetry instruments and systems, X-ray equipment control instruments, radiation monitoring systems used in radiology, laboratory equipment and much more.
Our specialists are experts of many state and interdepartmental commissions such as the Commission of the Ministry of Health on X-ray Technology and the Commission on Radiology, the Technical Committee of the Gosstandart of Russia, the Laboratory Council of the Federal Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and others.
All equipment undergoes state tests and is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. The equipment we supply is type-approved and licensed to manufacture or sell.
Our devices and systems operate in more than 50 countries around the whole world.
We are open for cooperation!

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Area of business Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices

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