Sokenmedical Co., Ltd. of Toshima-Ku, Tokyo at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Sokenmedical Co., Ltd.

Takada 1-36-20, 171-0033 Toshima-Ku, Tokyo
Telephone +81 3 53961811
Fax +81 3 53961888


Hiromi Ishiwatari


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology
  • 04.14  Training equipment

Our products

Product category: Training equipment

Winnerlights - Innovation of Sports

Glowing bibs and markers can change the way you play soccer!
Train your brain to reach the top of the world with street soccer in the 21st century!

In football and in every other sports, there are 4 phases of every action.
Perception, Procession, Decision & Execution.
But what we see everywhere in the world is, that we almost only train the Execution without the other phases.
Passes, crosses and shots.
That is bad, because we know that we have to train everything together.
That’s why we invented Winnerlights.
Winnerlights is a tool to train cognitive skills in real-time on the pitch. It consists of markers which enlightens the goals and also shirts which enlighten the players.
By that, the coach can switch constellations within the game in real-time by the smartphone.
So he can program a game on the smartphone and can than transfer this into the real world onside the pitch.
By the colors, we are able to give new impulses into the game.
So for example one team is red and one team is blue.
The blue team plays with the blue players and the other way around.
In this game, also the goals switch which means the blue team has to defend the blue goals, attack the red and the other way around.
By that, we can change the game in real-time and force the players to object their surroundings all the time.

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Product category: Training equipment

Sokenrelax (Ver. 220V)

An electro-magnetic therapy device that
improves blood circulation from the depths of the body

Top athletes also pay attention. Portable type that is convenient to carry

It is an exclusive unit to use it abroad (Ver.220V).
Classification: Mechanical Equipment 81
Common Name: Electromagnetic Treatment Device(JMDN Code: 71015000)
Medical Device Type: Controlled medical device
Japan Medical Device Authorization: 22000BZX00235000Surface Inductive Flux: 38mT
Power Source/Capacity: AC220V50Hz / 0.22A/48.4VA±15%
Safety Device: Thermostat 80℃, Temperature fuse 115℃
Timer: Max. 60 min. (Auto OFF)
Main Unit Dimensions: H 355xW 540xD 32(mm)
Weight: 2.65kg (Including accessories)
Hope retail price: Open

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Product category: Training equipment

Soken (Ver. 220V)

An electro-magnetic therapy device that
improves blood circulation from the depths of the body

A long-selling magnetic shower by the trusted brand

It is an exclusive unit to use it abroad (Ver.220V).

Model: Ⅵ type(Ver.220V)
General name: Electric magnetic therapy device for household use
Device class: Controlled medical device
Authorizatio No.: 15500BZZ01533000
Flux density on the surface: 80 mT (Bmax) 50 Hz
66 mT (Bmax) 60 Hz
Power supply: 220V  50Hz / 60Hz
Nominal capacity: 110 VA for 50 Hz, 92 VA for 60 Hz
Safety system: Thermostat (60oC) and fuse (76oC)
Detentions/Weight (main unit): 270 (W) x 73 (H) x 113 (D) mm/2.53 kg
Supplied timer: Max. 60 min (auto-OFF), 255g
Hope retail price: Open

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About us

Company portrait

We reached the foundation 38th anniversary on April 8, 2020.

I sent an electric magnetic treatment device more than 434,000 off the other day in the life. The most are from an inquiry from word of mouth; a thing is our secret pride.

The words of thanks that a person having you use it gives to me are big pleasure. Good influence of the interchange magnetism that many theses are put to the society every year. The treatise what kind of mechanism raise an effect by is right a stage in the middle of a study.

The electricity magnetism treatment device that I developed while Kozo Ishiwatari who was father prayed for the health of a family and own 40 years or more ago. I pray for this effect that many people realize it now, and pays attention to descent, doctor opening more heartily.

All the employees are users more than 20 years. "Not to be left to another person, and to become healthy by oneself"…I find our health, and the trip to keep has just begun more.

Hiromi Ishiwatari