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MediMark Scientific (A Byotrol PLC Company)

4 East Point, High Street, Seal, TN15 0EG Seal
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Managing Director - Professional Division Rick Hayman

01732 763555


Head of Business Development - Alastair Demick

01925 742000


Overseas Development Manager - Jeff Smith

01732 763555


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.10  Hand hygiene systems and equipment

Hand hygiene systems and equipment

  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
  • 05.06  Hand hygiene stations / supplies

Hand hygiene stations / supplies

Our products

Product category: Hand hygiene stations / supplies

INVIRTU Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser

INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser is a broad-spectrum, alcohol‑free solution.  Clinically developed to be as efficacious as Alcohol Hand Sanitisers whilst also remaining gentle on the skin.  It is clinically proven not to dry hands after repeated use and independent dermatological testing confirms that INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance without the need for additional moisturising products.

The INVIRTU formula is used in the UK throughout NHS Trusts including Acute, Mental Health and Community Care.  With the current Coronavirus pandemic shining a spotlight on Hand Hygiene, the increase in the global uptake of INVIRTU Hand Sanitiser is confirming the product as not only the alcohol-free hand sanitiser of choice for the UK but for many other countries.  INVIRTU is proven to be effective against bacteria, yeast and all enveloped viruses and, unlike alcohol hand sanitiser, it has residual efficacy claims against bacteria.

INVIRTU Hand Foam Sanitiser helps to minimise the risk of skin damage to users whilst helping healthcare facilities increase their compliance of essential hand hygiene regimes.  INVIRTU’s alcohol-free formulation also reduces the health and safety risks associated with alcohol hand sanitisers, protecting staff as well as vulnerable and dependent patients from risks of ingestion, harm to eyes and flammability risks.

Available in 100ml personal, 600ml pump, dispenser with cartridge and 5 litre bulk refill.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

CHEMGENE HLD4H Class IIa CE Surface Disinfectant

CHEMGENE 1L and 750ml RTU Trigger Spray are for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices.
Our HLD4 formula has been developed with the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) regulations in mind to ensure that as a user you are future proofed from the need to make changes to your product portfolio. Even under the strictest health and safety, occupational health and environmental risk assessments, the HLD4 requires minimal consideration.

The synergistic blend of active and inert ingredients enables CHEMGENE HLD4H to work quicker than standard disinfectant whilst being a less aggressive alternative to oxidising chemistries.

The 1L self-dosing bottle allows accurate dosing with each solution. 
The 750ml ready-to-use trigger spray is made up at a 1 in 10 dilution.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

CHEMGENE HLD4H Class IIa Surface Disinfectant Wipes

CHEMGENE HLD4H disinfectant wipes are manufactured with the latest innovation in non woven material, offering strength, absorbency and low lint properties at a very cost effective price. The wipes are impregnated with the multi-active HLD4 disinfectant solution, which is alcohol free and tested to EN standards as effective against a range of bacteria, yeast and viruses (including Coronavirus).
The controlled dosage of solution ensures effective disinfection with each wipe, with no requirement for pre-mixing, reducing wastage and risk of errors.

CHEMGENE Wipes are ideal for use on Radiological equipment where alcohol can be a concern.

CHEMGENE HLD4H wipes are manufactured in accordance with Quality Management System accredited to ISO 13485.
Available in 200 Wipe Tubs

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

CHEMGENE HLD4H Concentrate 5L Medical Surface Disinfectant

CHEMGENE HLD4H Concentrate combines a blend of actives with a surface active detergent allowing a product that will clean and disinfectant at the same time, whilst demonstrating efficacy in soiled conditions.

Our HLD4 formula is Article 95 compliant and has been developed with the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) in mind to ensure that as a user you are future proofed from the need to make changes to your product portfolio. Even under the strictest health and safety, occupational health and environmental risk assessments, the HLD4 requires minimal consideration.

The synergistic blend of active and inert ingredients enables CHEMGENE HLD4H to work quicker than many comparable Disinfectant products.

Effective against all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus at 1 in 50 dilution.

Recommended use:
1 in 100 dilution: General disinfection of floors and walls
1 in 50 dilution: High risk disinfection in dirty conditions
1 in 10 dilution: Bio-hazard contamination (blood spills, urine, vomit)

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Product category: Surface disinfectants


Byotrol 4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate is a fast acting and long lasting solution for both hard and soft surfaces.

Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including norovirus, coronavirus and Influenza A (H1N1).
With powerful stain removal properties, it also eliminates odours without masking.

Eliminates Odours
Removes Stains
Once dry it protects surfaces from bacteria for up to 24 hours.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

AIRGENE Aerosol Disinfectant

AIRGENE CE is a product for the airborne disinfection of surfaces of medical devices, for clinical and environmental use

Available in 50ml (40 cubic metres) and 300ml (150 cubic metres)
Total discharge through its “one-shot” valve, which permits aerosolisation of the content in a single application.
Elaborated from a synergistic blend of active ingredients, with next-generation quaternary ammonium compounds in combination with adjuvant agents and active extracts of essential oils.
Free of flammable and toxic ingredients, which permits its use in places where other products cannot be applied.
Broad spectrum biocide and rapid action against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses.
Eliminates odours caused by bacterial decomposition.
The aerosolisation allows the disinfecting formula to reach difficult or non accessible corners by other means and makes AIRGENE CE suitable for terminal disinfection
The product fulfils AMS 1452 specifications (SAE AMS 1452; Disinfectant Aircraft, General Purpose) for the use in Aircraft disinfection.
Product classified as Medical Device, Class IIa

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

NEOZYME Enzymatic Foam Spray

NEOZYME Enzymatic Foam Spray is supplied as a 750ml Ready To Use Trigger Spray. Its use prevents biofilm hardening on the surfaces of surgical instruments, and protects instruments during storage and transport.

NEOZYME is designed to keep soiling on used surgical instruments moist prior to the start of the decontamination process, reducing the re-wash rate. It is a ready to use blend of high foaming surfactants, an enzymatic agent and a preservative. By applying as soon as the operative procedure is completed,

NEOZYME keeps protein in soiling moist but does not remove it.

NEOZYME further protects instruments by stopping the chloride salts within the contaminate from damaging the stainless steel instruments thereby prolonging their life.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

REPROZYME CE Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

For the chemical reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices for use a manual soak or with Ultrasonic baths and other devices.

REPROZYME CE MANUAL Enzymatic Instrument and Equipment Cleaner is a multi-enzyme detergent concentrate which dissolves and removes proteinaceous and organic material (blood, saliva, mucus, etc) from the surfaces of instruments and equipment. REPROZYME CE MANUAL is non-foaming (designed as a pre-autoclave or automated system cleaner) and non-corrosive (safe on all metals, plastics, rubbers, etc). It is intended to be used on Instruments, Endoscopes, Aspirators, Ultrasonic Equipment, Blood and body fluid contact equipment and Re-processing machines.

The special multiple enzyme chemistry keeps environmental pollution to a low level, with waste product arising from the use of REPROZYME CE MANUAL emerging at close to neutral pH and is readily biodegradable REPROZYME CE MANUAL is not a classified as skin corrosive (please read SDSs before using product) Alcohol and preservatives make up the balance in demineralised water to ensure shelf life and free flowing of the complete formulation

Use in low temperature instrument washing machines (Dosages may vary and be subject to trial and manufacturer’s recommendation)

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

ULTRA P Instrument Cleanser

A patented solution to clean surgical instruments to molecular level, removing tissue residues, fluids and other pathogenic debris. Use as a pre-soak or for manual cleaning of surgical instruments.

ULTRA P is primarily used as a pre-soak for instruments prior to autoclaving. It is particularly effective on hard to clean instruments and safe to use on delicate devices, such as ophthalmic instruments.

ULTRA P is proven to remove biofilms and is ideal as an alternative to enzymatic solutions or for use on stainless steel instruments.

ULTRA P easily removes lubricating jelly and rapidly breaks down hardened deposits associated with surgery and examination. ULTRA P is supplied as a powder in 600gm with measuring scoop and comes with a pleasant fragrance.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

ULTRA SSC Surgical Steel Reconditioning Powder

Supplied as a 100gm powder shaker, ULTRA SSC Surgical Steel Reconditioning powder removes stains, ‘rust’ marks and dull shadow from the surface of surgical instruments and stainless steel.

ULTRA SSC powder is ideal for reconditioning the damaged surface of surgical steel and reforming the bright protective metal film.

ULTRA SSC removes stains and ‘rust’ marks as well as other oxide films that cause dulling, giving treated instruments an almost “as new” appearance.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

Trionic Wipes

TRIONIC™ Wipes have been developed for the decontamination of Medical Devices and Equipment, cleaning surfaces including the removal of bio-film and then disinfecting with broad spectrum biocidal efficacy.

TRIONIC™ Wipes contain a blend of actives including surfactants for cleaning, and quaternary ammonia compounds and a biguanide for disinfection, thereby meeting the two key requirements of decontamination; cleaning and disinfection.
Free from alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols and halogens.

The TRIONIC™ formula has been proven effective against Viruses (Including Coronavirus, Herpes Simplex and HIV), and Bacteria (including E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA and Listeria).

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Product category: Surface disinfectants


Byotrol Surface Sanitiser Concentrate provides exceptional antimicrobial control both in laboratory testing and factory environments. It has been used by some of the largest grocers and food manufacturing groups in the UK, having proven to be exceptionally effective in the ongoing fight to control Listeria in both wet and dry food processing sites, on a variety of surfaces. QUAT-free with no need to rinse after use.

Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, with expert Listeria control even at 4°C, making the product ideal for refrigerated use also

Non-taint, fragrance free.

Taint tested by Campden BRI up to 2%.

Available in 5 Litre, 20 Litre and 1000 Litre IBC formats

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About us

Company portrait

Medimark Scientific (part of the Byotrol PLC group) is an ISO9001:2015 and ISO EN13485:2016 accredited company with its medical devices registered under EC certification. Our company has been manufacturing class I,. IIa and IIb medical device registered surface disinfectants and wipes for many years, as well as independently tested and accredited surface disinfectants and Hand Sanitisers compliant with Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Directive. As an innovator in anti-viral and residual efficacy we seek to extend our overseas Distributor channels and technology partnerships.

Our companies operate in the Medical, community health, facilities management and consumer sectors and we look forward to discussing your interest in our company. Please review the selection of products below or visit our group website at:

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Area of business Disposables and consumables