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Hrvoje Ulakovic

Area Sales Manager Germany/Turkey/Netherlands




Klaus Sindel

Area Sales Manager Germany and Austria


+49 175 7394153


Claude-Alain Brandt

Sales Manager (CH)


+41 32 925 62 09


Guillaume Virely

Area Sales Manager Northern Europe


+41 (0) 79 879 20 89


Laurent Cargnelli

Key Account Manager France

+ 33 6 40 89 38 75


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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Electrical motors

Precision Motors for Medical Infusion Systems

Portescap has been providing breakthrough motion solutions that have fueled Infusion Systems innovations for over 40 years. Portescap can reduce pump size with high power density motors down to 8mm diameter, improve battery life with Coreless DC Brushed motors up to 90% efficient, and lower cost of care with price-to-performance optimized platforms and cost saving customizations. From the first ambulatory insulin pumps to today’s smart pumps, Portescap's high quality and reliability have been proven through countless life improving therapies worldwide.

Early engagement with Portescap’s dedicated Infusion Systems Design Engineers accelerates your design process and opens the door for unique motion concepts. Our Engineers are available for on-site consultations as early as the ideation stage, when they can be the most impactful to the success of the final design. These committed resources start from day 1 to help designers achieve the optimal design with reduced time to market.
Typical Motor Requirements
Power density for compact size
High efficiency
Low noise Accuracy & Precision
Value optimized motor designs

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Product category: Electrical motors

Surgical Power Tools - Surgical Motor Solutions

Custom Engineered for Critical Performance.

Powered surgical hand tools rely on high performance mini motors for optimal surgical outcomes. Portescap has over 20 years of experience designing and developing high-quality sterilizable motor solutions for your most performance-critical surgical power tools.

From a standard offering to a fully customized solution, you have a wide variety of choices. Our design engineers will work with you hand in hand to help you find and design the perfect reliable solution that fits your needs, be it long life or shorter surgery time.

Our success stems from the highly collaborative environment we create between customers and engineering team. Working with us in your initial design concept can help avoid trial & error experiments and circumvent project cost and time overruns. With prototypes available to ship in as little as 10 days, call us today to speak with a surgical motor design engineer. Read more about our solutions for surgical motors.

  • Typical Motor Requirements:
  • Sterilization
  • Reliability
  • High power and performance
  • High motor efficiency
  • Precise control
  • Low vibration

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Product category: Other electrical / electronical components, Electrical motors

Controller Motors Surgical Hand Tools

Portescap’s CNT1530 sterilizable motor controller is designed to drive battery powered surgical hand tools, allowing for simplified system integration that increases customer speed to market. The design utilizes Portescap's validated autoclavable technology platform: electronics and software are encapsulated in a single enclosure which can be located in line with our motor or in the pistol grip of a hand tool.

Product Highlights

  • Magnetic control of speed and direction
  • Compatible with typical NiMH & LiOn battery voltages
  • Designed and tested to 1,000+ sterilization cycles
  • In-handle form factor for easy tool integration
  • 75 A current limiting capability for protection
  • 20 A continuous current allows for use with Portescap BLDC surgical motors

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Product category: Electrical motors

Respiratory and Ventilation Motors

With the increasing need for patients to be mobile, both in the hospital and in a home setting, the need for highly capable, efficient and portable ventilators has increased.

Portescap’s highly efficient slotless brushless DC ventilation motors have helped reduce the size of motor-blower assemblies while providing higher pressure and flow. Portescap's low inertia brushless design achieves rapid step response to maximize patient acceptance in bi-level and volume-controlled operating modes. Quiet, reliable and efficient, Portescap medical motors can effectively power ventilator blowers on battery at night, during inter-hospital transport, in emergency vehicles or comfortably in a stationary home or hospital setting.

  • Over 90% efficiency to allow for increased device battery life and battery operation
  • Optimized high speed operation up to 70,000 rpm
  • Powerful – able to provide up to 180W power at 50,000 rpm
  • Smooth rotational motion thanks to slotless design for reduced operational noise

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Product category: Electrical motors

Miniature Motors for Miniature Pumps

Miniature pump applications, both in liquid and gas mediums, require a variety of motion options to accommodate end user needs. Portescap offers multiple solutions, each providing advantages for the specific application. Our coreless brush DC motors offer simple control, long battery life, and a compact package, while our brushless DC motors provide longer life and high-speed capability with a feedback option.


  • High efficiency for longer battery life
  • High count encoder for accuracy of fluid delivery
  • Precious metal commutation for increased reliability and reduced noise level
  • Compactness for ambulatory devices
  • Low noise for quiet operational needs

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Product category: Electrical motors

Medical Motors

When you need to put the most power and precision in the smallest of spaces, you can depend on the engineering experience, application support and manufacturing excellence of Portescap. Originated in Switzerland, Portescap, with a line up including sterilizable brushless DC slotted motors, is a recognized leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for the medical market. Our success stems from the highly collaborative environment we create between customers and our sales and engineering teams. Our medical motors power surgical hand tools, medical pumps, lab automation and ventilation equipment and several other medical devices.

Count on low vibration and noise levels and reduced EMI/RFI emissions, while at the same time you can expect consistency and repeatability in motors designed to deliver more power in a smaller space. Need a custom fit? Complete customizable assemblies can include encoders, gearheads, intricate shafts and modified design configurations to reduce assembly costs while providing a precise, high-powered component. Whatever your next design challenge, Portescap can deliver your exact performance needs in a small, ergonomic miniature medical motor package.

Typical Motor Requirements:

  • Superior miniaturization
  • High motor efficiency
  • Precise control
  • Low vibration
  • High power and performance
  • Reliability
  • Sterilization

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Product category: Electrical motors

Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics machines typically have multiple motion axes that work independently or in tandem to accomplish various tasks. These axes require multiple and different motion solutions to maximize system throughput. From X-Y-Z movement to precise fluid handling and dispensing using motorized pipettes or miniature pumps, Portescap offers the required breadth of motor technology to optimize each axis and to meet your application needs.

Typical Motor Requirements:

  • High motor efficiency
  • Long life and rugged design
  • High motor power density
  • Gearhead and encoder options
  • Multiple motor technology options

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Product category: Electrical motors

Mini Motors for Robotic Applications

Robotics is among the fastest growing technologies today, transforming a multitude of segments in consumer, industrial and commercial applications. Portescap continues to drive improvements in the performance, efficiency and precision of these robotic applications while lowering the overall footprint of the motion system. The innovation from Portescap helps power the robots of today and beyond.

Portescap's motor solutions provide the high speed you need without compromising on precision and accuracy, and all in a compact package. Additional accessories such as gearheads, to help adapt the motor speed and increase the torque output, and encoders for precise control and feedback, can help fine tune the motor solution to your specific requirements.

Portescap miniature brush dc, brushless dc, and stepper motors can be found in the most challenging robotic applications, including collaborative robots, grippers, service robots, prosthetics, exoskeletons, and rehabilitation devices all the way to life critical tools such as surgical robots. Our motors are optimized to your most challenging requirements, whether you require a specific torque and speed or a delicate balance of both. Portescap also offers various customization capabilities to help optimize a complete and robust solution, including temperature probes for thermal management, special materials, connectors, different coil impedance, shaft lengths, and various mechanical integration options.

Typical Motor Requirements:

  • Compact and lightweight motors for a decreased footprint with increased production
  • High efficiency with low power consumption
  • Maximum power density
  • Robust designs for all environmental situations
  • Low inertia and high speed reduces cycle time

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Product category: Electrical motors

Stepper Motors

Can Stack Motors:

Our Can Stack Motors are long life, high performance stepper motors with open loop control solutions, converting electrical pulses into mechanical movements using the simplest techniques making them suitable for many applications

Linear Stepper Motor

Linear stepper actuators create translational motion, coupling directly to the load to achieve incremental linear displacement without position feedback while delivering high linear force in a small design

Disc Magnet Motors

Disc Magnet Motors are advanced micro stepper motors which supply exceptional dynamic motor performance, finer step resolutions and higher acceleration unparalleled by any other stepper motor on today's market

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Product category: Electrical motors

Brush DC Motors

Brush DC Motors are small but with high power density to provide the advantages of low friction, low starting voltages, minimal iron losses and superb speed-to-torque performance

A brushed DC motor from Portescap is ideal for portable and small devices. Brush DC motor technology offers the distinct advantages of low friction, low starting voltages, absence of iron losses, high efficiency, good thermal dissipation and linear torque-speed function. These ultra-compact small DC motors are designed to deliver superb speed-to-torque performance with lower joule heating. We also offer a variety of gearheads and encoders. Portescap small DC motors can deliver a torque range from 0.36 mNm up to 160 mNm continuously and from 2.5 mNm up to 1,487 mNm in intermittent operation. In addition, Portescap proudly offers our special line of high power density DC motors, the Athlonix series! Our brushed DC motors are designed for quick and easy modification, so you can get exactly what you need with the pricing and delivery you expect from an off-the shelf solution. We can customize standard brush motor features to meet specific application requests, including performance specifications, mounting configuration, thermal and ambient condition requirements, and other operational needs.

Portescap's small brush DC motors are ideal for your portable and small devices. Our continuous innovation in coreless motor technology enables us to offer:

  • Frame sizes from 8 to 35 mm
  • Speeds from 5,000 to 14,000 rpm
  • Continuous motor torque - 0.36 to 160 mNm
  • Coreless rotor design
  • Low rotor inertia
  • REE coil
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Neodymium magnet available in some brush DC motor models
  • Sleeve and ball bearing versions
  • High motion efficiency, that allows you to build a more compact, precise and energy-efficient solution

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Product category: Electrical motors

Brushless DC Motors

A Brushless DC Motor offers a great combination of durability, efficiency, torque and speed in a compact package suitable for your application.

Portescap BLDC Motor technology continues to push the curve of high performance in both slotted and slotless DC brushless motors. With exceptional torque and speed, higher efficiency and package sizes suited to meet your needs, brushless DC motors meet even the most stringent requirements. A brushless DC motor offers excellent speed and position control, long life, and high torque density. Slotless electric brushless DC motors use a cylindrical ironless coil made in the same winding technique as ironless DC motors, while the slotted DC brushless motors are built with stators consisting of the latest technology in lamination and windings. Both are electronically commutated and have 3 winding phases. Our slotted brushless DC motors are manufactured in the USA and targeted towards performance-critical surgical power devices and also offer sterilization capabilities.

The latest developments include a new compact brushless DC motor that is only 24mm long for a 16mm diameter. This motor offers up to 30% higher torque over similar motors on the market and can also include an integrated electronic driver without even adding to the motor length.
Portescap also offers larger motors such as a new 40mm diameter 4 pole motor, offering both high speed and high peak torque capability without compromising on the smooth operation thanks to its slotless stator design.

We also offer an optimized line of brushless DC motors / miniature brushless motors, Ultra EC, designed in Switzerland. This family of small dc motors helps you address a wide range of specific requirements for torque and speed while providing decreased iron losses, improved efficiency and cooler operation.

Our DC brushless motors perform exceptionally well in environments requiring both precision and durability. The unique design of a BLDC motor allows for several key benefits:

  • Diameters as small as 12.7 mm
  • Speeds up to 100,000 rpm
  • High motion efficiency
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Increased motor life
  • High acceleration
  • High power/weight ratios
  • Sterilization (available in slotted designs)

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Product category: Electrical motors

Ultra EC Motors

The three families of Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors not only meet a high range of requirements, but include our proprietary U coil for excellent performance, minimal iron losses and maximum efficiency
The Ultra ECTM platform offers 3 families of motors to help you address a wide range of requirements, whether it be traditional BLDC features, very high torque or very high speed. The proprietary U coil provides outstanding performance, including minimal iron losses, better efficiency and cooler operation.

One design definitely does not fit all. Not when your application has specific performance requirements for high speed, high torque or a delicate balance of both. And not when you need to deliver ultra performance at an optimized cost. That's why we created the Ultra EC platform of mini brushless motors. These electric brushless DC motors are crafted around our proprietary U coil technology. This new coil design, designed in Portescap in Switzerland, is the key to the outstanding performance of these brushless mini motors, including minimal iron losses, better efficiency and cooler operation. This unique coil design allows two-pole motors, for example, to deliver 30 % more torque compared to the same size electric brushless dc motor using a conventional coil design, plus it offers substantially lower iron losses.

Looking for Ultra high speed and maximum responsiveness? ECS brushless mini motors are tailored for high speed, direct drive applications.

  • High power and efficiency at high speeds
  • Designs can reach mechanical powers such as 180W continuously at 50,000 rpm
  • Damping system resulting in silent /low noise - vibration
Looking for Ultra highest torque in the smallest package? ECT multipolar motors approach torque capabilities of much bigger motors.

  • Extreme torque at low speed
  • High torque density
  • Lower speed drop under load
Looking for Ultra cost optimized motor without compromising on premium performance? ECP 2 pole motors provide the right balance of speed and torque capability.

  • Cost efficient and fit most applications
  • Can provide 30% additional continuous torque over competitive motors
  • Can provide 100% additional power over competitive motors

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Product category: Electrical motors


Encoders provide feedback for your accurate control of motor speed and positioning.

Three varieties of encoders are offered: Optical, magnetic, and magnetoresistance. Their robust design makes them suitable for severe environments. Resolutions from 4 to 528 lines per revolution are available, with up to 3 channels

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Product category: Electrical motors


Gearheads provide a means of gearing between the motor and the load to provide either speed reduction or to increase the torque capability of the composite.

Two types of gearheads are available - planetary and spur. Planetary gearheads are compact and deliver high motor torque. Spur gearheads have good efficiency and low friction torque.

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Product category: Electrical motors

Motion Innovations

The Portescap R&D team is working on a number of innovative ideas and concepts to further satisfy our customer's needs.
Here are some of the concepts that are already designed and can be offered as prototypes.

  • Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator Solution: Rotary and Linear Motion in One Compact Solution

Some applications require rotary motion, such as ventilators. Others require linear motion, such as medical pipettes or syringes. When it comes to combining a rotary and a linear motion in the same application, designers often need to integrate two motorized solutions so they can control both degrees of freedom (rotation and linear) at the same time.

Portescap’s innovative Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator solution offers both rotary and linear motion inside a compact package. Designed as a stack of two permanent magnet Can Stack stepper motors, the innovative Dual Motion motor makes it possible to provide any of the following motion scenarios:
Pure linear motion in any direction (no shaft rotation)
Pure rotation, clockwise or anti-clockwise (no shaft translation along its axis)
Combined linear motion and rotation simultaneously in any direction (for example like a screw entering a threaded hole

  • Quick Response Digital Linear Actuator

Certain applications, irrespective of their industry, require linear movements with quick forward and backward motions. This will help them save a lot of process time. Portescap's newest innovative concept combines its unique Disc Magnet technology with Linear Actuator technology to enable quick linear acceleration and deceleration within the same compact package

The Disc Magnet Motor (DMM) technology provides a very high dynamic acceleration due to very low inertia. Portecap's unique low inertia Disc Magnet motion technology integrated with Linear Actuators has made it possible to achieve high acceleration/deceleration in linear actuation mode providing a unique solution for various complex application challenges.

  • SMART Coreless Brush DC Motors
High power density motors with speed-to-torque performance and SMART feature capabilities
Imagine coreless brush DC motors that can monitor reliability by triggering electrical signals that not only notifies you of the battery life but also provide you with timely feedback to operate safely and reduce downtimes.

Critical applications need a mechanism to warn users about any abrupt external factors that cause performance and reliability issues with the motor that could lead to downtime. 

Portescap’s new concept of SMART brush DC (patent pending) motors brings a unique system that continuously monitors the motor’s life. Real-time warnings trigger the device controller,  shortly after electrical signals are uploaded into the cloud application for monitoring. Portescap provides support to monitor warnings via software services.

  • High-Speed Coreless Brush DC Motors
Brush DC miniature motors that can reach speeds up to 40k rpm
Typically, high speeds are associated with brushless DC motors because of the absence of the mechanical brushes that can wear at high speeds.

It has been a challenge for applications to find a solution that requires high speeds but is also cost-sensitive. For example, disposable medical tools require both speed and low-cost options, since the operation happens only for a few minutes, after which they dispose of the tools.

BLDC motors are a solution from a speed perspective, but not from a cost perspective. Portescap’s new proprietary high-speed coreless brush DC motors deliver high-speed and are priced economically for applications where there is a short-cycle, cost efficiency, and performance is critical. Portescap’s coreless brush DC can achieve such top speeds, which is an enormous challenge while optimizing the electromechanical design & architecture of the motor.

These new concepts are available in 22mm & 24mm diameters.

Visit our website to discover a video of the Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator in action, and contact a Portescap engineer to define what Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator or Quick Response Digital Linear Actuator would best fit your application!

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About us

Company portrait

Originated in Switzerland and driven by a passion for precision, customer-centric innovation, technical excellence and best-quality service, Portescap has become a recognized leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions. From medical devices to various industrial applications that save, improve, and enhance lives, Portescap offers miniature motor technologies to solve the motion needs of a spectrum of end markets. We serve our customers through breadth of innovative product technologies encompassing brushless DC, brush DC, can stack motors, disc magnet motors and stepper linear actuators to optimize application performance. Our products deliver motion in a compact package with high efficiency and low power consumption.

Building upon a tradition of manufacturing excellence, and driven by passion for innovation, we leverage over 70 years of experience in motion solutions to put precise power in the smallest places. We partner with our customers across the globe in every phase of their product design - from selecting an optimal motion solution to customizing products to meet their application needs. Our global manufacturing footprint and application centers worldwide allow us to respond quickly to customer needs and to provide local support and collaboration.

Company data

Sales volume 100-199 Mio US $
Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1931
Area of business Electrical and electronic components

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