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Holger Tröndle

Key Account Manager Healthcare & Laboratory

+49 7703930295


Axel Winterhalter

Key Account Manager Healthcare & Laboratory

+49 7703930538


Thomas Weishaar

Head of Segment Sales Healthcare & Laboratory

+49 7703 930103


Mauro Garantola

MAE Europe Sales & Marketing Director
Sales MAE

+39 02 946931


Jean-Philippe Gillot

Head of Sales Dunkermotoren France

+33 (472) 292294


Janina Dietsche

Live Communication & PR

+49 7703930546


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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Electrical motors, Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Motor solutions for Imaging Analysis - CT Scan/ MI Scan/ Mammography/ X-Ray

Imaging analysis refers to all applications that provide image data for diagnosis and targeted therapy. In addition to high and low adjustments, rotary movements and mobile applications must also be electrically driven.

Dunkermotoren's motors offer customer-specific solutions for high torques in a small installation space, positioning accuracy and maximum flexibility.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Motor solutions for patient care/ rehab and therapy/ operating room/ patient lift

Patient handling systems mobilize patients safely and reliably. The electrically driven solutions relievethe hospital staff enormously. The requirements for reliability, self-locking and low-noise operation are reliably met by Dunkermotoren motor solutions.

Rehabilitation is a decisive milestone in the recovery of patients. Rehab is often supported by technical equipment. Some devices use an electric motor to support the movement sequences. The motors are exposed to radial and axial forces due to disturbed
movement sequences of the patient. These must be absorbed by the drive. In order not to disturb the patient during training, low noise is an absolute must.

A modern operating table must be very mobile in order to give the surgeon the best possible access to the patient. The motors for the various axes in the operating tables must therefore deliver high torques in the smallest possible installation space. In addition, the drives must work absolutely reliably in order to avoid failure during an operation or downtimes in the operating room. Smooth and low-noise operation are also common market requirements.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Motor solutions for dialysis - Medical Pumps

Pumps often assume an important function and are used in medical technology, for example in dialysis.
The reliable and maintenance-free operation of the pumps is of great importance here. Due to the proximity to the patient, noise behavior is also extremely important.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Motor solutions for Laboratory and Diagnostics

In chemical analysis and the analysis of tissue and substances (e.g. blood), speed is required in addition to absolute precision. Dunkermotoren offers rotary motors (DC, BLDC) as well as linear motors with high dynamics and precision. This makes more
efficient analysis possible.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

BGA 22 – Ironless BLDC motor available with gearboxes and integrated controller

The BGA 22x22 dCore from Dunkermotoren is available with a suitable gearbox, encoder and controller. The innovative, ironless, axial flow design of the BGA 22 provides definite advantages such as zero-cogging torque, low vibration, and very low audible noise.

In addition to this new motor, there is a four-quadrant controller, BGE 6005 with CANopen interface which can supply currents up to 5A…also available now. Furthermore, the RE22 encoder is offered with 256 ppr or 360 ppr, matches the BGA 22’s diameter, and can be mounted to the motor. For simple applications, Dunkermotoren can offer the BGA 22 dGo version with integrated commutation electronics and functions such as change of direction, start/stop, speed set input and speed output signal.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

The PLG 22 - Dunkermotoren's smallest planetary gearbox is a big hit

With the PLG 22, Dunkermotoren is launching its own 22mm gearbox.

Not only in diameter, but also with regard to torque, this gear optimally matches to the ironless BLDC motor BGA 22, which operates according to the axial flow principle.
In order to increase the robustness of the gearbox, it is made of metal. The relatively low noise level is astonishing. The PLG 22 can transmit a high torque of up to 3.5 Nm measured at the outer diameter.
The planetary gearhead is manufactured using state-of-the-art, resource-conserving manufacturing techniques.  Special assembly processes enable a hermetically sealed and smooth housing. This means that the gears do not collect any dirt and are easy to clean. Both the shaft and the housing are protected against corrosion, further optimizing cleanliness.

Due to the small diameter, only small reduction ratios can be realized per stage. However, since the input speeds are relatively high in order to make optimum use of the motor, gears with a number of stages of up to 5 are also possible. Theoretically, total reductions of up to 4685:1 are possible. Normally, Dunkermotoren gearboxes are designed for speeds of up to 6.000 rpm. With the PLG 22, the input speeds are set at up to 10.000 rpm to match the BGA 22.

Such gearboxes are typically used in grippers for robotics, automatic electronic assembly machines, in professional camera systems as well as in the two medical technology sectors of analysis and therapy.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

BL 42 blower - the solution for medical applications

With the BL 42 blower, MAE presents a new solution for medical applications. Medical applications such as the ventilation of patients require the highest standards in dynamics, smooth operation, reliability, low noise and compactness. This applies to the treatment of corona patients as well as sleep apnoea, which, if left untreated, can lead to further complications such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or insufficiency. A radial blower, such as the BL 42 from MAE, is required for this purpose. The small blower is designed for battery operation and is therefore also suitable for mobile applications. In addition to medical applications, the blower can also be used for industrial applications.

AMETEK, MAE's parent company, has many years of experience in the manufacture of blowers in the medical and aerospace sectors. Reliability is a top priority here. For the BL 42 small blower, this experience and the best technologies have been brought together. The dynamic behavior of the blower, which is driven by a BLDC external rotor motor, in combination with an appropriate motor controller, allows the generated air flow and pressure to be regulated so that it can follow the breathing rhythm of the patient. 

The BL 42 is available in the voltage variants 12, 24 and 36 VDC. A special winding design and in combination with an appropriate electronic system allows the blower to be operated directly at 230 VAC. 

The power consumption varies depending on the application and can be up to max. 60 W. The nominal speed of 35000 rpm thus enables a high-power output. The use of special ball bearings ensures trouble-free long operating life.

The brushless DC blower is available in the versions sensorless, with three hall sensors or in combination with an external 4Q motor control. An integrated motor control is planned. 

As already mentioned, the BLDC blower is not only suitable for medical applications due to its flexibility and compact design. The BLDC blower can also be used in industrial applications like fuel cells, packaging machines or smoke detectors.  

AMETEK MAE is a sister company of AMETEK Dunkermotoren. For more technical information and quotations on stepper motors, please contact your Dunkermotoren sales representative.


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Product category: Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Compact linear motor with double peak force - Linear motor SA/SC 38xx

Dunkermotoren with modular linear motor concept on the market

With the SA / SC 38 series, Dunkermotoren presents a completely new modular concept for tubular linear direct drives. The highly dynamic three-phase linear motors deliver up to 3690 N and accelerate at over 200 m/s². The modular design is currently available as actuator version SA (with maintenance-free plain bearing system) and component version SC (for modules). If the linear motor should sweat during its efforts, the standard water connection ensures cooling and doubling of the continuous force. In addition to the integrated SIN/COS linear encoder, further motor feedback variants (SSI, BISS & TTL) will be available next year. Due to the encoder system (patent pending), commercially available servo controllers (up to 800 VDC link voltage) can position the compact linear motor quickly, precisely and reliably.
One of the main applications of the SA / SC 3806, 3810 or 3814 will be high-speed applications in the food and packaging industry. Since Dunkermotoren has been a system supplier in drive technology for decades, it will not remain just a solo motor. Pick & Place modules, complete linear axes and a version designed for the food industry will soon follow to facilitate system integration at the customer's site.

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Product category: Electrical motors, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Product overview brushless DC motors / BLDC Motor/ Servomotor/ EC Motor - 20 - 3900 W

Brushless DC motors (also BLDC motor, Servomotor or EC motor) - low-wear, maintenance-free and robust

Highly dynamic, overload capability and high power density, efficiencies of over 90% - these are the characteristics of our BLDC motors. We are the leader of BLDC motors with integrated controls. Whether as sinusoidal commutated servo version or with Industrial Ethernet interfaces - our motors provide flexibility to be combined with gearboxes, brakes and encoders - all from one source.

  • Compact & efficient
  • Modular
  • Durable
  • Integrated
  • Adjustable
  • Connected
  • Dynamic

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Product category: Electrical motors, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Produkt overview Brushed DC motors/ DC drives - 3,65 - 817 W

Combine our brushed DC motors (GR/G series) with gearboxes, brakes and encoders to create the perfect motor solution.

  • Harmonious
  • Durable
  • Competence 
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Modular
  • Constant
  • Scaled

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Product category: Linear technology, Other components, modules, OEM equipment, Other electrical / electronical components

Product overview Linearmotors/ Linear series - 6N to 3690N

Fast, precise, maintenance and wear-free – Linear motors. Our linear systems can replace pneumatic and hydraulic solutions for extended life and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable
  • Dynamic
  • Compact & Efficient
  • Modular
  • Precise
  • Better than.. 
    Pneumatic systems (ST / CASM)
    Belt drives (ST-Module)
    Hydraulic systems (CASM)

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Company news



04 Nov 2020

Linear motors - the perfect motor solution for the diagnostics market

In the medical diagnostics market, electric motors are used in a variety of applications - from simple material handling to complex pick & place applications. The type of medium can vary, from liquids of varying viscosity to solids such as human or animal tissue. This also results in the enormous range of product variations of electric motors for controlling medical devices. Integrated in various applications, electric motors facilitate the daily work in the medical field.

Each individual application brings with it a multitude of requirements that must be taken into account in the specifications for the design of a diagnostic machine. For example, smooth running, good controllability, high accuracy and service life, freedom from wear and maintenance are indispensable criteria for manufacturers of diagnostic machines. Particularly in the medical/ diagnostics sector, it is of enormous importance to always be at the cutting edge of technology in order to present the most innovative solutions to doctors and patients. This causes designers to always be on the lookout for new solutions that will bring about an improvement in the above-mentioned criteria. With each subsequent generation of equipment, the reliability of the overall system is improved and the machine performance is increased. Especially the increasing number of tests, for example blood counts, inevitably leads to an automation of the test equipment. Large laboratories are already looking for compact, modular test cells that can be expanded with little effort even if demand continues to grow. Another important criterion is fast diagnosis and transmission of test results to the doctor and patient.

Dunkermotoren presents a unique solution for sample handling. With the electric linear motors (ServoTubes), Dunkermotoren offers the market a solution that is very flexible in its application. From single axes to multi-axis systems, highly dynamic and flexible linear modules are developed especially for the customer's machine. The linear motors of the ServoTube series impress with their high acceleration and speed, which clearly sets them apart from other linear module technologies, such as spindle or belt systems. These characteristics combined with a high-resolution linear encoder result in positioning accuracies of less than 0.01 mm. However, if the accuracy requirements are in the 0.1 mm range, this can be achieved with the standard integrated SIN/ COS encoder, without an additional linear encoder. 

A linear motor of the ServoTube series is available in various configurations: as actuator, pick & place actuator or as a module.

Each individual ServoTube design offers a high degree of precision and a long service life - depending on the application, mileages of more than 50,000 km can be achieved. With very little maintenance and extreme reliability the ServoTubes convince all along the line.

The 3-phase motor with the integrated 1 Vss SIN/ COS feedback can be connected to numerous servo controllers from various well-known manufacturers. The connection principle of the ServoTubes is comparable to that of a standard rotary servo motor with encoder system. Therefore, integration into the control concept of the machine manufacturer is also simple and less time-consuming. We have created a suitable how-to video for this purpose, which you can watch on our homepage or our Dunkermotoren social media channels.

Dunkermotoren offers a perfectly matched linear motor package for the ServoTubes 25 and 38 with the DME 230x4 servo controller series. The controller's hardware and settings are matched to the linear motors and make commissioning even easier. The customer's control takes place in two ways. Either via one of the widely used bus systems (Profinet, Ethercat or CANopen) or digital signals (24 V inputs or outputs). If the latter is the case, the customer has the option of storing a sequence program in the controller. With a maximum of 500 programming lines, complex motion profiles can be implemented without a higher-level bus system.   

Even the use of a single linear motor for fast applications offers the customer enormous advantages - especially in comparison to the pneumatic solution, since the initial costs are amortized within a short time due to the increased machine performance and the lower operating costs.

However, if the rod-guided direct motors are used within a multi-axis system, two linear motors can also perform highly complex movements independently of each other. A gantry is usually constructed as an XYY, or XYYZ variant. With Dunkermotoren's linear motor multi-axis systems, several motors can be moved differently from each other on one axis. With this type of multi-axis system, higher machine performance is achieved than with typical Pick & Place robots.

By using a programmed S-ramp it is possible for the ServoTube motors to evenly move even very sensitive products without causing the slightest damage to the samples or components. Not even if these movements are simultaneous and under highest dynamics. If the linear motors are used as a Z-axis, the question often arises how they react in a currentless state. In most cases, the magnetic rod is not held and falls down, so to speak. For these applications, ServoTubes from Dunkermotoren have integrated a holding brake for the 25 size. The wrap spring brake on the STA25 or XTR25 holds loads up to 20 kg. For larger loads, there is the option of using another linear product (CASM cylinder) from Dunkermotoren. The CASM series (electric lifting cylinders) is also suitable as a perfect 1:1 replacement for pneumatic cylinders in sizes 32 - 63.

In conclusion, ServoTube series motors, regardless of their design, increase the machine performance of a diagnostic machine without sacrificing the flexibility and function of previously used technologies. In the future, fully automatic Pick & Place portals will increasingly find their way into large laboratories, if only because of the increased demand for examinations. The topic of security in companies worldwide is of great importance and should therefore not be neglected. Particularly in the case of hazardous media for laboratory personnel, consideration should be given to having the handling and analysis tasks carried out by a multi-axis system. 

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04 Nov 2020

Award-winning design meets highest functionality

University Hospital Emergency Room 7:35 p.m.: Traffic accident with an injured person. After the drive with the ambulance, it goes directly into the operating room. Blessing in disguise applies to the patient, who is admitted to hospital with only a few complicated bone fractures instead of life-threatening injuries. Due to his body mass index over 30, the patient is transferred to bariatric surgery. This is aimed at the treatment of overweight patients. In order to meet the increased requirements in this area, the operating rooms in bariatric surgery are specially equipped. Particular importance is attached to the robustness of the devices and the relief of personnel during manual activities. The company Getinge offers requirements-oriented solutions. 175 years of experience in the development of operating tables are reflected in these products. One of these newly developed products is the Maquet Meera operating table. It is a mobile operating table as a further development of the already established products Maquet Alphastar PRO and Maquet Betastar . During the development, Getinge incorporated the advantages of the predecessor models into the Maquet Meera product. Maquet Meera combines highest patient comfort, user friendliness and economy.

The mobile operating table doesn’t only convinces by its stability and extreme mobility, but also by its design. The Maquet Meera is one of the winners of the famous iF label. It won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 In the category Medicine / Healthcare. For 60 years, the iF Design Award has been considered one of the world's most influential industrial design awards.
With a maximum patient weight of 250 kg and a total load capacity of 454 kg, the operating table offers full stability and mobility. Getinge is focusing on an integrated travel drive for the implementation of mobility. To move the table, it is raised electrically. The four double castors allow the operating table maximum mobility in every direction. In combination with the Sensor Drive, the table with integrated travel drive can be moved precisely and steplessly - forwards and backwards. In the narrow corridors and corridors of an operating wing, Maquet Meera offers users ergonomic and safe patient transport. Sensor Drive creates safety in the operating theatre and relieves the hospital staff, because the table no longer has to be moved manually. By retracting the castors, the electrical detection sets the operating table foot completely on the ground.

The central component of the sensor drive is a motor solution from Dunkermotoren. As a manufacturer of electrical drive technology, Dunkermotoren distinguishes itself by its modular construction system. In a specification, the customer defines the requirements with regard to installation space, speed and torque for the application. With the modular system, Dunkermotoren has the option of implementing a customer-specific and economically attractive motor solution when selecting the right motor, gearbox, encoder and brake.
At Getinge and the mobile drive unit, Dunkermotoren is going one step further now. Dunkermotoren becomes a system supplier who has optimized and further developed the complete drive unit together with Getinge.

In addition to the drive combinatorics of the GR 63, a brush type DC motor and the SG 80 a worm gearbox as the basis, the scope of supplying the complete system also includes the assembly of the roller, springs, cylinders and other mechanical components. Nevertheless, the design authority of the entire assembly is still at Getinge.

The challenge in this drive unit project was to meet the increased requirements of the medical market. Such a project can only be realized with a partnership-based and cross-company cooperation with regard to qualification and validation within the various areas of responsibility. The requirement for supplier optimization in the medical market can be implemented with the expansion to a system supplier. For Getinge, the motivation is reducing the supplier base and shortening the supply chain. This significantly reduces the involved effort in supplier management for the OEM. In order to evolve from a component supplier to a system supplier, some organizational, process and production-related adjustments are necessary. Dunkermotoren has gladly accepted and implemented this challenge.

The development of Dunkermotoren to a system supplier is a completely new practical experience and knowledge. To date, the motor manufacturer has only had an insight into the technical requirements of the application. By expanding the scope of supply, Dunkermotoren can now incorporate the design and selection of the drive into the overall system at an early stage. In addition, the interface between the drive and the application can be optimized. Another positive aspect is also direct communication between the individual departments and the customer and supplier. This allows the development a reduced time of new and product optimizations to be implemented more quickly.

First positive experiences with the implementation of a project as a system supplier could be gained with the operating table Maquet Meera. Further projects are currently being implemented with well-known customers in the medical technology sector. Previously, the supplier's focus was more on the selection of the drive in relation to the application. This has now changed with the stronger integration into the customer's overall system. The additional information on the Maquet Meera product has led to a wider perspective and thus a better understanding of the needs of users and patients.

The accident patient from obesity surgery was optimally treated with the product Maquet Meera. The flexible travel drive was an important support. As a system supplier, Dunkermotoren was also able to make a small contribution to the patient's recovery.

In the field of medical technology, Dunkermotoren has established itself in numerous fields of applications. With its existing product portfolio of brushless and brush DC motors, AC motors and linear systems that can be combined with gearboxes, brakes and encoders, the motor manufacturer offers customer specific solutions. In addition to operating tables, MRT/CT applications, laboratory applications, pumps, X-ray applications and rehabilitation equipment are among the main applications.

 Dunkermotoren as system supplier:

With its modular system, Dunkermotoren offers its customers maximum flexibility. From brushed and brushless DC motors through linear systems and AC motors to attachments such as gearboxes, encoders and brakes, the motor specialist offers the possibility of obtaining the complete motor solution from a single source. This is also the case with the Maquet Meera operating table, which is equipped with a traction drive from Dunkermotoren.

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02 Nov 2020

Dunkermotoren's Healthcare Applications


  • High service life and cycle numbers
  • Zero-error tolerance
  • High resolution and good controllability
  • Low-noise motors and gearboxes
  • Optional integrated control electronics and bus interfaces

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About us

Company portrait

Dunkermotoren – global partner for your individual motor solution

 As an innovative and quality-conscious company with about 1200 employees developing and producing sophisticated linear and rotary motor systems. With 70 years of experience in motor systems, Dunkermotoren knows the requirements of the customer and offers with their product variety high flexibility.

Due to our modular system with motor parts with up to 4000 Watts output power and the integration of logic and power electronics, it is possible to create an individual motor solution for the customer's application. All components of our various innovative motor solutions are designed and produced by us at Dunkermotoren.

There are not only brushless and brushed motors belonging to the product portfolio of Dunkermotoren but also linear drives, gearboxes, encoders and brakes. The variety of components makes it possible to realize countless combinations within our modular system. With production and logistic locations in Germany, Serbia, China and USA, Dunkermotoren presents themselves as a global operating partner for solutions in electrical motor systems.

Dunkermotoren – World leader for drives with integrated electronic

In the factory of tomorrow, the boundaries between the technologies and systems of industrial production blur and beyond this, from the field to the enterprise level and out to the end user. Intelligent motors with appropriate Ethernet interface from Dunkermotoren are part of this development which is based on the Internet of things (IoT). The increased networking, the use of cloud-based platforms and the decentralization of computer performance create completely new possibilities for the analysis and utilization of the data provided by the motor and also for the use of the motor itself for autonomously executed tasks. For more than 10 years, we have been a pioneer in intelligent motors with field bus interfaces and have therefore long been implementing the approaches discussed in the context of industry 4.0 with our customers.

Company data

Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1950
Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Electrical and electronic components