Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd of Xiamen at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd

3f, No.218 Houxiang Road, Xinyang Industrial Zone, Haicang District, 361026 Xiamen
Telephone +86 592 6587078
Fax +86 592 6880677

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Anna Luo

+86 18649689431


Pinky Lu

+86 18094155682


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Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Trocar Kits

Bladeless disposable laparoscopic trocar in China is used to deliver CO2 to abdominal cavity after abdominal paracentesis during thoracic laparoscopic surgery, and used in making channel for entry of endoscope and instruments from outside to abdominal cavity.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

3mm/5mm Disposable Pediatric Trocar

3mm/5mm Disposable Pediatric Trocar is extensively applied in various laparoscopic surgery including general minimally-Invasive surgerygynecologycal minimally-Invasive surgery, thoracic or urological endoscopic surgery, and more.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Smoke Filter

Disposable Surgical Smoke Evacuate Equipment enables safe, simple and effective removal of surgical smoke. Diathermy and laser technologies extensively used in laparoscopic surgery result in smoke plume generation.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Single-Incision Port

Disposable Single Access Endoscopic Surgery 3 holesis aminimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon operates almost exclusively through a single entry point, typically the patient's navel. Unlike a traditional multi-port laparoscopic approach, SPL leaves only a single small scar.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Single-incision Port(Flat Type)

The disposable multi-channel single-hole laparoscopic trocar is a new product developed for smaller and more concealed wounds for medical institutions to use as endoscopes and instrument channels in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. It can be widely used in various abdominal cavities. Endoscopic surgery, especially transumbilical surgery such as general surgery, gynecology and urology.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Single Use Circumcision Stapler

Disposable Surgical Circular Circumcision Stapler develops to meet today's clinical needs. It shortens the operative time of the procedure, reduces the pain of patients, has fewer complications, and is much easier to operate for surgeons. With the price lowering gradually, it is safe to conclude that Disposable Circumcision Stapler with safety indicaor is the future for circumcision procedures.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Anorectal Stapler

Disposable Circular PPH Surgical Staplers
Product Description: pph stapler hemorrhoids (PPH) is intended for use in the anal canal to perform surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal diseases, rectal prolapsed and rectocele by lifting and removing prolapsed tissue. Available for covidien pph stapler,pph stapled hemorrhoidopexy

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Disposable Intraluminal Stapler

Available sizes of intraluminal staplers is used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, surgical treatment of obesity and in colo-rectal surgery, to perform end-to-end, side-toend, and side-to-side anastomoses.

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Product category: Disposable articles for hospitals

Peanut-shape Retractors

• Cost-effective
• Easy to use
• Provides unobstructed visualization and access
• Effectively manages the surgical site, simplifying the procedure
• Easy to store, stock and pick
• Provides retraction to free up staff

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Company news



09 Nov 2020

Double Medical Won The Xiamen Top Ten New Economic Influential Enterprises

On September 8, 2020, under the guidance of the Organization Department of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, the Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Management Committee, the Municipal High-level Talent Development Center, and the Xiamen Daily News jointly organized the selection of Xiamen Talent Enterprise Rankings. The award ceremony was held at the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company was successfully selected as "Xiamen's Top Ten New Economic Influential Enterprises".

This year's "Xiamen Talent Enterprise List" selection focuses on the new economy, focusing on mining companies and young talents that lead the development of the industry, and tapping new kinetic energy of "three highs" enterprises to promote the release of innovation driving force in the new economy industry and play its exemplary and leading role. As a leading enterprise in the domestic medical device field, Double Medical is also one of the “three highs” enterprises supported by Xiamen City. This award once again proves the company's outstanding innovation and industry's outstanding influence. 

With this honor, Double Medical will continue to accelerate the pace of enterprise development in the future and provide strong support for the development of the new economy in Xiamen. Strive to build a national brand that can compete with multinational giants, and contribute to the realization of import substitution, reducing the national medical burden, and revitalizing the national medical device industry.

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About us

Company portrait

Our History

Surgaid Medical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd has been committed to surgical product development ,production and marketing for 10 more years . In particular, minimally invasive surgical products. Minimally invasive surgery is a surgical direction of development. Such as Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar, Linear Cutter Stapler, Circular Stapler, PPH, and...

Manufacturing our own Surgical products allows us to have complete control over the design and evolution of our products. We are able to adapt quickly to the constantly evolving healthcare market and offer high quality, single-use, cost-effective solutions that directly compete with global market-leaders.

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Area of business Disposables and consumables

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