Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc. of Pipersville, PA at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc.

P.O. Box 270, 18947 Pipersville, PA
Telephone +1 215 7952838
Fax +1 215 7950237

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Gregory F. Krug




Lee Kandt

Vice President Business Development



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Our products

Product category: Immuno assay testing

Bovine Serum Albumin (Lyophilized & Liquid)

Our BSA with the highest level of consistency, traceability, and quality. These BSA line of products include material that is protease-free, IgG-free, and virtually free of contaminants that can result in background interference. Contains no detectable IgG, endotoxin, enzyme or protease activity, ensuring assay integrity, component stability and cell culture suitability. The Reagent Grade products are free of lipids and fatty acids. The manufacturing system used for BSA ensures that the total process, from raw material collection to finished packaging, results in a highly purified product that is virtually contaminant free, with superior solubility and filterability characteristics. Available in multiple package sizes. All products listed below are lyophilized. Inquire about our liquid product offerings and customizable concentration levels.

• Diagnostics:
• Protein stabilizer
• Coating agent to prevent non-specific binding of
• Control/Calibrator matrix for diagnostic tests
• Biotechnology/Pharma Cell Culture:
• Production of vaccines and antibodies
• Therapeutic proteins
• Nutrient
• Detoxifier
• Antioxidant
• Carrier protein
• Life Science Research:
• Cell culture
• Immunochemistry
• Protein chemistry
• Veterinary Vaccine Manufacturer:
• Leptospira
• Mycoplasma
• Lyme Disease

Features & Benefits
• High purity, low interference, low background
• Low SPC bioburden minimizes introduction of bacterial enzymatic or endotoxin contamination
• Low IgG – must be absent from both pharmaceutical end products and diagnostic assays
• Protease Free – no damage to proteins, diagnostics or cells
• Excellent clarity & filterability – reduces processing problems and cost
• Low endotoxin – can be toxic to cells, critical for pharmaceutical end-products
• Traceable to source animals, easing regulatory approval and export documentation
• TSE Certificate of Suitability/Validation Study
• Virus (9CFR) and mycoplasma testing available upon request

Storage Recommendations
Store sealed in a cool, dry environment for 3 years, and up
to 5 years with re-qualification

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Viral Transport Media

Lampire Viral Transport Media formulations support viral research and diagnostics in a wide range of capacities. This includes viral collection and transport, as well as the maintenance and culturing of cells. Our LAMPIRE VTM is manufactured using the standards provided by the CDC. Applications for this product line include rapid antigen testing, molecular assays and direct fluorescent antibody testing. We offer research and bulk lot sizes, competitive pricing and fast delivery timelines to meet your needs. Contact one of our LAMPIRE specialists today to find out how this exciting new product line can support your research.

• Viral Collection
• Viral Transport
• Maintenance
• Long Term Freezer Storage
• Rapid Antigen Testing
• Direct Fluorescent Antibody (DFA)
• Viral Culture
• Molecular Assays

• Liquid Amies Media
• Veal Infusion
• CDC Viral Transport Media
• Customization Available

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Mouse IgG Protein A Purified

Mouse IgG is purified by trained technicians in Lampire's Pennsylvania based state-of-the-art bioprocessing facility. The finest raw materials are purified and then extensively tested to ensure the highest quality end product. In house manufacturing and testing ensures lot-to-lot consistency at an affordable price. Batches are available in both research and bulk volumes. LAMPIRE products ship to the EU and around the world.

* Passive heterophilic blocker controlling false positives
* HAMA (human anti-mouse antibody) blocker in assays with mouse derived antibodies
* Prepare conjugates for immunoassays
* Immunogen to prepare anti-mouse IgG secondary antibodies and secondary antibody conjugates
* Negative control for flow cytometry, Western blotting, IHC, and immunoprecipitation applications
* Standard in assays to quantitate monoclonal production by ELISA
* Bead coatings to sort and separate cells
* Mouse IgG subclass IgG1, 2a, 2b, and 3 are prepared for use in making isotype controls
* Many more...

Description:  Serum was collected from normal healthy donor animals.
                            Antibody was prepared using Protein A affinity chromatography.
Preservative:  0.09% Sodium Azide
Purity:  ≥ 95 % (SDS PAGE and HPLC)
Buffer:  0.01M Sodium Phosphate, 0.15M NaCl (PBS), pH 7.4
Concentration:  10 mg/mL
Storage:  2-8°C (Extended: -10°C or colder)
Package Sizes:  100 mg, 500 mg, 1 gram, 10 gram, Custom Volumes

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Secondary Antibodies

Lampire Biological Laboratories has been developing and manufacturing a diverse line of high-quality secondary antibodies for more than 40 years. Since we manufacture in-house, using our product specific donor animals, our experienced technicians can provide custom specifications to fit your needs, at an affordable price. Our secondaries are high in purity and specificity, whether you need small research sizes or bulk production. Our QMS ensures reproducible results with each lot. Extensive experience shipping across the country and around the world, trust Lampire with your next purchase.

• Immunoassays
• Flow cytometry
• Assay controls
• Western blot

Features & Benefits:

• High purity
• Low cross-reactivity
• Customizable
• Manufactured in the USA
• Consistent quality standards
• Wide range of species
• Designated donor animals
• Lot-to-lot consistency
• Custom conjugates & fragments
• Research & bulk packaging

• Antisera
• Affinity Purified

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom Monoclonal Antibodies: Mouse, Hamster, Other

LAMPIRE offers a comprehensive line of monoclonal antibody services from research to bulk scale production. Our services include: hybridoma development, cell line optimization, serum free adaptation, supernatant concentration, antibody purification and characterization and cell bank production, testing and storage. LAMPIRE's Biotechnology Research and Resource Center in Pipersville, PA, offers a wide array of services for the research, development and production of monoclonal antibodies, in a variety of animal models, using both in-vivo and in-vitro culture methods.

Antibody production services are conducted under cGMP guidelines. LAMPIRE is FDA Registered, USDA Licensed and AAALAC accredited. All services are kept completely confidential. Our trained staff are a valuable resource available to you throughout the process to help refine the details, scope and design of your project. To begin discussion about your project, email or call 215-795-2838.

Hybridoma Development:
• FREE Antigen Review and Animal Model Selection
• Phase I: Project Design and Immunization
• Phase II: Cell Fusion
• Phase III: Cloning

Antibody Support Services:
• Cell Line Optimization
• Serum-Free Adaptation
• Cell Bank Production & Storage
• Sterility and Mycoplasma Testing

One of the biggest challenges in preclinical research is procuring high quality animal services to support your drug development mission. With a flexible and responsive approach to meeting your needs, LAMPIRE offers our clients the highest quality services backed by AAALAC accreditation, OLAW assurance and licensure by the USDA. Projects are managed by industry experts with years of experience in animal care and experimental design.

LAMPIRE's Vivarium Services Team is ready to support your in vivo R&D from housing and husbandry to high level implementation of preclinical drug development. Our experienced team can execute your experiments or assist you in performing your own. We offer a variety of animal models for drug administration, exploratory toxicology and cancer xenograft models. With a cGMP compliant Quality System, projects are completed on-time, with outstanding quality, and in conformance with your requirements, specifications, and standards.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies: Rabbit

Let our experienced team help you with your next project. Without cost or obligation, LAMPIRE will schedule a technical call with our scientific staff to discuss your research goals and specific starting material. If a custom protocol is recommended, we provide you with timelines and a custom quote. To begin your discussion, please contact us today by email at or call 215-795-2838.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies: Llama

LAMPIRE has been producing high-quality custom antibodies since 1977, offering a variety of polyclonal antibody services and animal models to fit your research and production needs. 

Llamas are chosen for large volume polyclonal and/or recombinant monoclonal production. They have unique heavy chain only antibody structure (VHH antibodies or nanobodies) that bind to epitopes that are inaccessible to traditional antibodies, making them more likely to penetrate difficult to access tissues. Llama antibodies also have proven to have a longer shelf life and have shown higher tolerance to extreme conditions and have a higher pH. Finally, research has shown that recombinant nanobodies, or antigen binding single domain proteins, are easily engineered from llama antibody genes. LAMPIRE consistently provides high quality buffy coats (PBMCs) and/or RNA Isolations from our llama animal models.

Why Llamas:
• Unique heavy chain only antibodies
• Antibodies bind to epitopes that are inaccessible to traditional antibodies
• Longer shelf life, higher tolerance to extreme conditions and higher pH
• Recombinant 'nanobodies', or antigen-binging single domain proteins are
easily engineered from llama antibody genes
• AAALAC Accredited
• LAMPIRE can provide high-quality buffy coats and/or RNA isolation

Llama Services:
• Polyclonal Antibody Projects
• Standard Protocols
• Custom Protocols
• Buffy Coats (PBMCs)
• RNA Isolation
• For Use in Downstream Antibody Production
Technologies (B-Cell Sorting, Phage Display, etc...)

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies: Chicken

LAMPIRE has been producing high-quality custom antibodies since 1977, offering a variety of polyclonal antibody services and animal models to fit your research and production needs.

Chickens are used for polyclonal and/or recombinant monoclonal production. Large volumes of IgY can be non-invasively isolated from egg yolks. Chickens are excellent for highly conserved mammalian and human protein antigens. Chickens often have shorter protocols and show quick response times to immunizations, making them a cost effective animal model. LAMPIRE offers a unique injection technique as well as a range of IgY separation services. Customize how you want your material: direct shipment of eggs, yolks preserved in buffer (so you can do your own purification) or have LAMPIRE provide crude IgY or affinity purify your material for you. LAMPIRE offers cost-effective standard programs, as well as custom protocols to meet your specific needs. 

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies: Goat & Sheep

LAMPIRE has been producing high-quality custom antibodies since 1977, offering a variety of polyclonal antibody services and animal models to fit your research and production needs. 

Goats and sheep are used for polyclonal projects requiring large volumes and often used as the host species for the generation of secondary antibodies. These more traditional animal models respond well to a broad range of antigens and have a high affinity and sensitivity. The resulting antibodies are particularly adapted to small antigens or small epitopes.

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About us

Company portrait

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories specializes in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, cell culture devices and services, and a wide variety of biological products. Founded in 1977, the Pennsylvania-based company offers an extensive line of secondary antibodies, purified IgGs, human and animal blood products, plus a comprehensive line of animal tissues and organs. The latest product and technology releases include cDNA antibody library construction, custom rabbit monoclonals, genetic immunizations, llama polyclonal antibody development, teratogenicity screening using zebrafish and rat whole embryo culture, the Omni C3(tm) cell culture bag and high-quality BSA from Proliant Health & Biologicals. Support services include peptide synthesis, antigen design, antibody purification, custom conjugation, and immunoassay development. In addition, Lampire has earned primary vendor status with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device manufacturers worldwide. Our web site offers you a more convenient way to find and order LAMPIRE products and services. As always, our first priority is your satisfaction. Every order goes directly to one of our experienced staff of customer service representatives. Upon receipt, you will be contacted with an order confirming email, phone call or fax (whichever you have requested).Thanks to you, the scientific professionals of industry, academia, and government agencies worldwide, LAMPIRE has grown steadily since its inception in 1977. We now manage two expansive animal facilities, totaling over 450 acres in some of the finest agricultural country in North America. These sites house large domestic farm animals and small laboratory animals for custom antisera, bulk sera, plasma, and red blood cell production programs. In addition, we now offer quality raw materials from New Zealand. With the addition of a 18,000 sq. ft. laboratory in Everett, PA, we now have three separate facilities for the processing and finishing of products. This new facility increases our capacity for contract control manufacturing, hybridoma development, cell culture services, protein purification, bulk filtration, and antibody processing. Furthermore, our new facility enhances our ability to produce custom rabbit antibodies and allows us to offer high quality antibodies at excellent values and with quick turnaround times. I am especially proud of our expert personnel: Staff Veterinarians, Ph.D. Scientists, Technicians, Quality Assurance Staff, plus Facility and Production Managers. Working together, they help operate our farm and laboratory facilities under current Good Manufacturing Practices. Our Customer Support and Project Management staff are on call to answer your questions promptly and accurately. If you have any questions regarding the contents of this site, feel free to contact them via email or at 215-795-2838. 

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