Amcor Europe Group Management Amcor Central Services Bristol of Bristol at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Amcor Europe Group Management Amcor Central Services Bristol

83, Tower Road North Warmley, BS30 8XP Bristol
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Neil Hawkesford

Senior Product Manager Healthcare

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Charlotte Mavor

Product Manager Healthcare

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The journey to sustainable Medical packaging in partnership with HPRC

Sustainability Manager at Amcor Flexibles Europe Middle East and Africa, Isabelle JENNY holds an engineer degree in polymer chemistry from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry.
She has been with Amcor since 2003 as a packaging development engineer and then as sustainability manager.
Isabelle has more than 15 years’ experience in life cycle assessment and design for recycling study in the food, pharmaceutical and medical flexible packaging market.
She has also an expertise in sustainable sourcing, on biodegradable and compostable packaging and on flexible packaging recyclability.

Steven Meun, managing consultant with Antea Group, is currently leading the HPRC Europe initiative. As a sustainability consultant with a background in chemical engineering, plastics and technical fibers, he is able to link the business value of sustainability with technical and organisational solutions. Steven has international working experience, worked and lived in the USA for 3 years and has managed various sustainability projects all over the world. He currently is living in the Netherlands and leading the sustainability consulting team within Antea Netherlands.

Neil Hawkesford, senior product manager Healthcare at Amcor, first stepped into the world of medical packaging back in 1993, joining DRG Medical Packaging which was later to become part of the Amcor Group. Working closely with a range of medical device companies Neil was involved in the development of new packaging materials for applications ranging from injection systems through to Medical fluids. After 10 years Neil transferred into Product Management, using his experience to connect the differing needs and end-user requirements as seen from a range of stakeholder viewpoints. Today, pressure to further improve packaging performance while addressing sustainability goals is becoming a focus for medical device manufacturers.

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Our products

Product category: Packaging materials, Packaging design, packaging development

AMCOR Advanced Cast Extrusion Technology | Safe, durable and cost-efficient medical device packaging

Through thinner but more robust films, our Advanced Cast Extrusion Technology supports our medical device customers to meet ever-increasing regulatory demands, make important material cost savings and continue to ensure the sterility of their devices at the point of use.

Amcor has invested over €10 million in our Winterbourne Centre of Excellence for cast films in Bristol, UK, with a state-of-the-art 11-layer cast extrusion line, along with integrated slitting and packing machinery capable of processing a range of different polymer types.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

DS-X Innovation in Surface Nylon, High transit resistance for hard products

DS-X utilises multilayer coextrusion technology to achieve high levels of transit resistance. Multiple nylon layers provide resistance to tear, puncture and abrasion, offering increased confidence in the integrity of the sterile barrier system.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development

Dessiflex laminates enhance the protection of moisture sensitive products to extend shelf life

The desiccant incorporated in the sealant PE absorbs the water from headspace and prevents edge moisture penetration (cross-diffusion).

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Intravenous packaging solution

Medium and high barrier packaging films to ensure the shelf life, efficacy and usability of intravenous fluids. Our range of barrier films ensure the shelf life of medical fluids from dialysis, nutritional and pharmaceutical solutions to blood collection systems and derivatives.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

In-hospital barrier packaging solutions

Extensive range of versatile sterile barrier packaging solutions for all clinical needs.

ULTRA pouch system
A tough puncture resistant pouch, suitable for sterilization of reusable medical devices by steam and vaporized hydrogen peroxide

ULTRA is uniquely designed for packaging applications within hospital sterile service departments, from single instruments and procedure trays to sensitive endoscopic components. Ultra pouches feature a tough and puncture resistant porous web combined with a clear top film. Ultra is designed to withstand the stresses of transportation and handling to ensure confidence in device sterility at the point of use.

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Product category: Packaging design, packaging development, Packaging materials

Rayopeel® R Laminates

Rayopeel® R Laminates are high performance peelable webs for the packaging of medical devices. 
Those peelable laminates can be combinec with a wide range of base webs. Rayopeel® technology exists in a range of laminate structures.

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Amcor has a unique focus on healthcare, with a global network of experienced pharmaceutical and medical packaging professionals.

First priority is the patient, and Amcor never compromises on quality and patient safety. Amcor selects the optimum products, processes and raw materials to ensure your products are delivered in sterile condition to their destination.

Supply chain security is critical to keep your business running. By utilising the network of 35 manufacturing sites and a global team of Healthcare Packaging specialists, Amcor is able to ensure you can be supplied with the right product anywhere in the world.

All of this means that Amcor has a unique focus on healthcare, with a global network of experienced pharmaceutical and medical packaging professionals, who are used to collaborating across regions to give our customers peace of mind with their packaging choices.

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