Optics Balzers AG of Balzers at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Optics Balzers AG

Neugrüt 35, 9496 Balzers

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Martin Nern

Sales Manager

+49 6196 999 41 44


Armin Rupp

Sales Manager

+49 6196 999 41 45


Christian Katzer

Manager Product Management

+49 3641 3529 314


Rainer Trittenbach

Head of Product Management & Customer Service

+423 388 9217


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.05  Surface treatment
  • 01.05.03  Surface coating
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.08  Optical components

Optical components

  • 07  Microtechnology
  • 07.06  Microoptics


Our products

Product category: Microoptics

Micro Optics

Micro Optics – Coating Service – The segment Micro Optics handles the coating of lenses and rod lenses with diameters from 0.8 - 12.0 mm as well as small prisms, used for example in endoscopes. The main service from Optics Balzers is the coating of substrates provided by the customer.
Our coatings in the field of microoptics and coating service are:
  • Iralin™: an antireflection coating to minimize reflection loss
  • Broadband-AR: for example Supertriolin™
  • Laser-AR: for example Laser Transmax™, Duolin™
  • Black-Chrome: absorbing layer for the visible range
  • Gelot™: a solderable gold coating, either patterned or on the whole substrate
  • Patterning: all the various coatings can be patterned as well
Our strengths:
  • Fast turnaround
  • Very extensive know-how in the field of substrate cleaning and application of advanced cleaning processes
  • Continuous monitoring of reliable coating processes by experienced coating engineers
  • In-house tool design and specialized tool manufacture using CNC-controlled equipment
  • State-of-the-art systems engineering and advanced measurement processes

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Product category: Surface coating

Anti-Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings are used to increase optical transmission performance and minimize ghost effects

Optics Balzers' AR coatings are extremely precise and stable. The spectral width can be chosen from narrow up to ultra-broadband in the UV, visible and NIR spectral range. Optics Balzers offers a variety of broadband anti-reflection coatings to cover a large field of applications: For example Iralin™, a multilayer AR-coating designed for maximum efficiency in the visible range. The Iralin™ family can be shifted either into the UV range down to 350 nm or into the near infrared up to 1100 nm.

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Product category: Surface coating

Coatings on Plastics

Optics Balzers offers customized coating solutions and components using all the major optical plastics

Depending on the requirements, Optics Balzers applies state-of-the-art coating technologies such as IAD evaporation or sputtering on customer supplied substrates, as well as on full turnkey components.

Plastic enables new optical design methods, including:
  • Cost savings due to reduced part counts and lower assembly time
  • Aberration correction using aspheric lenses
  • Integration of mechanical features with color correction surfaces (e.g. snap-in mounting features with Kinoforms)
  • Diffractive surfaces for beam shaping of laser applications
  • Significant cost economies over glass for high volume production.

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Product category: Surface coating


Conductive and Transparent Coating – Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) is a widely used material for thin-film coatings with electrically conductive and optically transparent properties

The Optics Balzers ITO based on a dedicated sputtering process features:
  • High environmental and temperature stability
  • Very low resistivity
  • Extremely low pinhole density (Low Defect Coatings)
  • Can be electrically contacted by Gelot™ busbars
  • Very high transmission
  • High-temperature and low-temperature processing available
  • Low temperature: suitable for coating on plastic substrates, very low roughness as measured with AFM <<1 nm RMS
  • Coatings with high resistivity for heating applications etc. are available as well
ITO Coatings on Glass and Plastic Substrates

Premium quality, full-surface, and patterned ITO (indium-tin-oxide) coatings are available as electrically conductive and optically transmissive thin films on glass or plastic substrates. The ITO layer may be supplemented with dielectric layers for index matching or for obtaining anti-reflective properties of the coating.

Applications include:
  • Radiation dose measurement and electron microscopy, where current induced by irradiation is measured, or charge is drained to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge on the surface.
  • Surface heated cover glasses to prevent condensation or EMI shielding to improve the quality of the sensor.

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Company news



04 Nov 2020

Linear Variable Filters

Adaptable filters for fluorescence analysis
One filter to rule them all – a versatile solution fitting numerous fluorophores

High-End fluorescence microscopes as well as fluorescence spectrometers require optical filters in order to separate the fluorescence signal from the excitation light. Unfortunately, different applications call for different fluorophores and thus numerous optical filter sets. This often results in unnecessary costs. Optics Balzers is now offering linear variable filters (LVF) which allow to address all kinds of fluorophores with just one filter set. Sliding the filters in respect to each other allows creating a bandpass filter with arbitrary center wavelength and half-width. At the same time, exceptionally steep spectral edges ensure optimal separation between excitation and emission signals.
In contrast to off-the-shelf filters the LVF provided by Optics Balzers set new standards in spectral performance. Transmissions of more than 95% while blocking the out-of-band signal with OD5 allow driving the image quality as well as analyzing sensitivity to the maximum.
Due to the unique manufacturing concept used, the LVF show minimal auto-fluorescence and an undisputed long-term stability.

  • Addressing various fluorophores with one the same filter
  • Full range, deep blocking and high passband-transmission for best-in-class image quality
  • Steep spectral edges to avoid optical bleed-through

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04 Nov 2020

PCR Filters

Dielectric filter solutions for PCR analyzers
Enabling SARS-CoV-2 detection with high-performance fluorescence filters by Optics Balzers

Standard off-the-shelf optical filters often struggle to fulfill the challenges set by SARS-CoV-2 detection in High-End PCR analyzers. Optics Balzers now offers next generation filter solutions able to meet the different requirements set by markers like Cy5. In contrast to filters produced with conventional deposition techniques, the coating process is pushed to the limits in order to address typical effects like bleed-through and low transmission values. This allows for best-in-class sensitivity in High-End PCR analyzers.
The precise cut-on and cut-off wavelengths of the next generation filters are customized in order to maximize the performance of PCR setups, while exceptionally steep spectral edges ensure optimal separation between excitation and emission signals. The superb out-of-band blocking is achieved by using fully dielectric thin-films, ensuring highest passband-transmission and excellent stability. Environmental resistance and long-term performance have been rigorously tested in accordance to MIL-STD-810F, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-C-675C, as well as DIN ISO 9022.

  • Exceptionally high passband transmittance allows for highest sensitivity
  • Deep blocking for best in class signal-to-noise ratio
  • Steep spectral edges to avoid optical bleed-through

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About us

Company portrait

Optics Balzers is the innovative and independent industry partner for the development and production of coated optical components and subassemblies.
The company possesses a broad and in-depth know-how in optical thin-film coating processes, complemented by sophisticated patterning, glass bonding and sealing, and further processing capabilities necessary for producing optical thin-film coated components up to optical subassemblies. Highly experienced and skilled development and engineering teams closely collaborate with customers to develop innovative solutions meeting their specific and unique requirements. The combination of these capabilities and skills places Optics Balzers at the forefront of markets in the photonics industry such as Life Science, Industry, Consumer, Lighting, Space and Automotive.