OKW Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH of Buchen at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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OKW Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH

Friedrich-List-Str. 3, 74722 Buchen
Telephone +49 6281 40400
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.02  Electromechanical components
  • 06.02.03  Enclosures
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.02  Electromechanical components
  • 06.02.04  Switches

Our products

Product category: Enclosures


OKW’s BODY-CASE is the new fully "wearable" standard plastic enclosure. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an article of clothing.

  • special plastic enclosures for components and sensors that are worn on the body or close to the body, available in three sizes
  • fulfils its function in the simplest way, without restricting the user in his or her activities and without being conspicuous
  • modern appearance with highly polished surfaces and a matt TPV sealing ring
  • easy differentiation through the use of individual, exclusive watch straps (18 mm wide)
  • easy operation with the help of pushbuttons or touchscreens, at the press of a button and with the help of voice commands or gestures
  • wireless networking
  • high protection class IP 65
  • moulded in ASA plastic with a high UV protection
  • internal power supply with round or button cells which are mounted directly on the PCB – alternatively, the use of a rechargeable battery with receiving charging coils for charging the device inductively
  • top part with / without recessed surface for the protection of a decor foil or membrane keyboard
  • enclosure assembly with four high-quality stainless steel screws with Torx drive; two spring bars for mounting accessories included in the supply of the enclosure
  • optional accessories, suitable for sizes L and M: wrist strap, eyelet/pocket clip kit, station etc.
  • optional accessories, suitable for size XL: wrist strap and eyelet/pocket clip kit

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Product category: Enclosures


OKW presents the STYLE-CASE which has a high gloss surface finish, thus creating another design highlight for modern handheld control units. These elegant eye-catching plastic enclosures fit snugly in the hand and are easy and reliable to operate. The highly polished surface has a very pleasant feel which imparts a high quality and modern user experience.  
  • high-quality ASA with high UV protection or in PMMA material permeable to infra-red light (Plexiglas)
  • glossy surface is easy to clean 
  • robust, offers protection up to IP 65, sealing kit available as accessory
  • assembled by Torx drive stainless steel screws
  • recessed operating panel for protecting the membrane keypad / product label
  • integrated battery compartment: 2 x 1.5 V AAA (S, M) and 2 x 1.5 V AA (L), set of battery clips supplied as accessories
  • attachment pillars for PCBs and components, self-tapping screws for mounting the boards are available as accessories

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Product category: Enclosures


CARRYTEC plastic enclosures are unique in offering a functional handle for many different tasks and situations, indoors and outdoors.  
  • integrated handle with soft insert for perfect, non-slip grip
  • CARRYTEC M in a slim enclosure version for mounting tablets etc.
  • handle located above the centre of gravity for balanced carrying
  • rear can be installed on a tripod or support arm systems for fast positioning and alignment of the viewing and operating panels, and orderly cable management
  • especially large surface area that is ideal for user interfaces (S: 8,4"/21 cm; M: 10,4"/26 cm; L: 13,4"/34 cm)
  • ample installation depth and plenty of room for interfaces, yet slim appearance
  • interfaces are protected by inset areas on the underside
  • secure storage on table stand and/or wall suspension element; easy transmission of data and charging current, contacts as accessories (except slim enclosure version)
  • holding clamp for round tubes and rails according to DIN EN ISO 19054
  • available moulded in impact resistant plastic material, and darker colours, for tough/dirty conditions indoor or outdoor
  • protection class IP 54 with sealing (accessory)
  • recessed operating area for protecting the membrane keypad
  • the enclosures are easy to clean
  • a battery compartment for 5 x AA cells can be fitted (machining required)
  • optional protection bags for carrying probes, sensors, cables etc. (sizes S and M)
  • internal fastening pillars for PCBs

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Product category: Enclosures


SOFT-CASE plastic enclosures convince design engineers, because they correspond with today’s design and technology needs.  
  • handy design with soft contours for a pleasant touch sensation
  • unique “wide format” offers a generous interface area as well as sufficient room for larger displays, while also ensuring user comfort
  • raised connector mounting panel on the wide edge to accommodate more connections
  • universal use for handheld, desktop and wall mount applications
  • four sizes
  • optional intermediate rings provide more installation height. Different versions: ABS rings in case colour or chromated, soft TPE ring
  • with soft TPE ring protection class IP 54 possible (enclosure versions without battery compartment in ABS or PMMA) 
  • two materials: ABS (UL 94 HB) or PMMA infra-red light-permeable (UL 94 HB)
  • without/with battery compartment for 2 x AAA, 2 x AA, 4 x AA or 1 x 9 V;
  • clip-on battery compartment lid can be screw fixed
  • recessed operating area for protecting the membrane keypad or decorative foil/label
  • combi-clip serves as a belt clip and/or wall suspension element (accessory)
  • tilt foot bar for ergonomic canting on a desk  
  • internal fastening pillars for PCBs

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Product category: Enclosures


SMART-CONTROL is our first standard enclosure for easy installation in room corners. In addition, this enclosures range can be used both on an wall and on a desk at an ergonomically inclined angle.

  • 2 sizes, M and S
  • convex version or version with recessed operating area for membrane keypads
  • high-quality ASA+PC-FR material with high UV protection in the standard colour off-white (RAL 9002)
  • screwed together on the rear of the enclosure using Torx stainless steel screws
  • optional seal (accessory) for IP 55
  • special wall suspension element (accessory) for mounting the enclosure in 90° inside corners or on flat surfaces
  • desktop stand set (accessory) ensures reliable desktop positioning and an ergonomic reading angle of 45° when the enclosure is set up horizontally
  • PCB mounting positions in the top and bottom parts

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Product category: Enclosures


CONNECT plastic enclosures are ideal for wired applications.

  • two enclosure shells, convex and flattened with a recessed panel
  • the two shells snap into each other, no screws required, this saves time during assembly, and you can also choose the front side of the device
  • cutouts at both ends; to complete the enclosure, end parts and/or cable glands can be fitted
  • three enclosure lengths
  • the enclosure shells and the end parts are made of UV-stabilised V-0 material
  • protection class IP 40 (with end parts)
  • integrated strain relief with the cable gland kit
  • enough room for the installation of compact displays, LEDs and USB connectors
  • recessed surface to protect the membrane keyboard, decor foil or label 
  • attachment pillars for PCBs and components in the flat enclosure shell 
  • holding clamps for round tubes up to ø 32 mm available as accessories (for enclosure lengths 116 and 156 mm)
  • holder for secure storage on the wall or similar as an accessory

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Product category: Enclosures


PROTEC enclosures have a modern and highly attractive square design with soft contours. As a result, these wall-mount and desktop housings are ideal for modern electronics applications, both indoors and outdoors.

  • three sizes 140 / 180 / 220, each in the 3 versions
  • Version I - With a deep recessed interface area at the rear of the enclosure for the installation and protection of connectors, interfaces, switches and cables.
  • Version II - As version I, but also with a snap-on cover for flush covering of the recessed interface area.
  • Version III - As version I, but with a deep cover for the recessed interface area which is fitted by screws. The deep cover provides additional internal space for the electronics, cabling and connections.
  • front operating panel ergonomically inclined by 20°
  • recessed operating area for protecting a membrane keypad
  • plenty of space for touch screens (PROTEC 140: 5.7"/14.5 cm, PROTEC 180: 7"/17.8 cm, PROTEC 220: 8.4"/21.3 cm)
  • no visible fixings screws, all fixings hidden on the underside 
  • high-quality V-0 material in off-white (RAL 9002) and optional IP 65 protection class (sealing as an accessory) for tough applications
  • sealed electronics compartment with 3 board levels; plenty of space for the components and assemblies
  • concealed, flush wall mounting with removal prevention feature (accessory wall suspension element)
  • corrosion-free stainless steel screws with reliable Torx heads
  • non-slip rubber feet ensure that desktop devices do not skid

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Product category: Enclosures


With its robust construction and attractive design the EVOTEC enclosures range is ideal for tough working environments. Different operating faces offer enormous scope for your design.

  • soft contours provide an elegant appearance
  • choose between two versions: with a flat top part and desktop versions with the operating area ergonomically inclined by 12°
  • large operating area in the top panel for switches, pushbuttons and touch displays
  • desktop version with smooth top or with a recessed area for protecting a membrane keypad or decor foil
  • Evotec sizes
  • with flat top part: sizes 80, 100, 150, 200 and 250
  • desktop versions: sizes 200 and 250
  • screw pillars provided in the top and bottom parts for fitting PCBs
  • moulded in high-quality UV-stable ASA+PC-FR plastic in off-white (RAL 9002) as standard
  • tough design with a high degree of stability
  • seal for protection class IP 65 available as an accessory
  • rubber feet ensure stable positioning on desktops and flat surfaces
  • cases assembled with Torx drive stainless steel screws

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Product category: Enclosures


MEDITEC plastic enclosures are characterised by a modern, stylish and functional design which is ideal for housing contemporary high-quality electronics equipment.

  • stylish and functional design
  • versatile design for desktop, wall mount and portable applications
  • robust construction with strengthening ribs
  • easy assembly technique
  • four plan sizes in accordance with eurocard-size PCBs, double and extended
  • two standard heights, increased by adding side panels
  • ergonomic sloping control panel; if also using a side panel, order the infill panel to close the open gap under the sloping control panel
  • plastic front and rear panels for identical surface finishes, easy to machine
  • clip-in side trims with/without ventilation slots, in case colour or lagoon green, hide the case fixing screws, other colours on request
  • four screw-on non-slip feet included
  • optional wall mounting with wall mounting brackets
  • versions with handle; for portable applications, if necessary, the adjustment mechanism allows the user to set a practical angle, in increments of 30°
  • internal screw pillars for PCBs and components

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Product category: Switches


Our TOP-KNOBS are unique in design and are thus the ideal solution for users looking for that special something. Individual marking element define the function of the tuning knob and give your equipment a modern, contemporary appearance.

  • aesthetically pleasing knob design *** iF product design award ***
  • lateral fixing screw  for axis corresponding to DIN 41591 or for flattened ends 
  • individual, functional marking elements, e.g. for fine calibration, clip into the sides and hide the lateral fixing screw
  • the fixing technique rules out any possibility of contact with live parts
  • recessed underside to allow for external potentiometer fixing nuts
  • modern colour combinations

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Product category: Switches


Aesthetic design, a modern selection of pastel colours, and a secure collet fixing system are the main features of our COM-KNOBS range. These very attractive tuning knobs will give your application a high-quality appearance.

  • modern and innovative control knobs
  • cover with a matt chrome finish for a classy metallic look (sizes 23-40) 
  • reliable operation with the tried and tested collet fixing system
  • convenient assembly from the front with tight fitting on the axis
  • with/without slot for arrow marking elements
  • clip-on covers with or without a finger recess for finer control and adjustment
  • also suitable for fitting accessory disks, dials, stator and nut covers
  • the design is similar to our innovative TOP-KNOBS series; this guarantees you a uniform appearance when using the two knob technologies
  • modern colour combinations

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Product category: Switches


Our STAR-KNOBS are designed for menu driven interfaces, click rotation and click push-in for ‘OK’. This reduces the number of knobs and controls required on the front panel. The illumination is a visual highlight and enhances user operation of the equipment.

  • innovative design for flush fitting or surface mounting
  • the flush-fitting version represents an attractive transition between the knob and the front of the device; the knob can be illuminated, that is, a ring lights up between the recess and the knob cover
  • with the surface-mounted version, the knob design makes a great impression thanks to the slight inclination of the body towards the inner axis, thus allowing ergonomically comfortable operation; the knob is mounted on an approx. 3 mm high ring, which can be illuminated if required
  • illumination possible with modern, energy-saving SMD LED technology for power supply units with 5 V: either white backlight for the colours diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire or RGB backlight for individual colours as accessory
  • knob with or without knurls
  • cover with or without finger recess for fine adjustments
  • tried and tested collet fixture system with secure fit on the axle
  • max. torques: assembly = 1.5 Nm, function = 1.2 Nm

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Product category: Enclosures


The new SYNERGY combines the advantages of plastic and aluminium in one single enclosure concept:

  • a modern range of enclosures in 4 basic geometrical shapes – square, rectangular, circular and oval *** iF product design award ***
  • 36 enclosure sizes, with plenty of room for the electronics and operating elements
  • screw connection with stainless steel screws and Torx drive
  • colour combination:  Aluminium, anodised in silver / plastic parts black
  • plenty of space for interfaces, no inclined surfaces, easy assembly
  • recessed surface in the top part for decor foils or membrane keyboards
  • bottom part with opening and screw-down cover: practical for the use of a battery compartment or for access to the interior, e.g. for a memory card or batteries that are mounted directly on the PCB; battery compartment kit, battery clips for mounting on PCBs and button cell holder as accessories
  • cable outlet in the bottom part (extra-flat network cable, round cable up to ø 4 mm)
  • battery compartment kit, wall suspension element and extender (for increasing the height of the domes) as accessories
  • individual enclosure solutions on request

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Product category: Enclosures


Our new SMART-TERMINAL aluminium profile enclosures feature a highly quality matt anodised finish. These robust, elegant and highly attractive cases offer plenty of space for large-volume electronic assemblies, for example touch screens, display modules, PCBs etc. A variety of technical advantages, individual profile lengths on request, and creative designer options make the SMART-TERMINAL the last word in excellence for tough industrial display enclosures.

  • 3 basic enclosures in the profile lengths 160 mm, 200 mm and 240 mm (overall enclosure length with end covers + 42 mm or with end plates + 4 mm), width 170 mm, height 50 mm
  • covers in lava (similar to anthracite) moulded in high-quality ASA+PC-FR plastic
  • designer seals made of TPV material in volcano or green
  • optionally available with a simple aluminium plate as a lateral end plate 
  • highly versatile design can be used as table-top, sloping front and wall-mounted enclosures
  • recessed area in top for the installation and protection of displays, membrane keypads and operating elements
  • (SMART-TERMINAL 160: 5.7"/14 cm; SMART-TERMINAL 200 & 240: 7"/17.8 cm)
  • horizontal PCB guides and screw channels inside the enclosure
  • two-part aluminium profile facilitates the assembly of the enclosure and installation of the components, with no visible fixing screws
  • flat areas for easy installation of the interfaces
  • side covers with recessed area to protect the cables and connectors
  • optional accessories: wall suspension element, case canting kit for an ergonomic reading angle of 12°, set of square-head nuts for PCB mounting
  • Special sizes and versions individual profile lengths to customer specification, minimum order quantity 100 pcs on request, designer seals and covers in other colours as creative/visual features, minimum order quantity 200 pcs

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Product category: Enclosures


SMART-PANEL is specifically designed for today's intelligent building control and monitoring technology. The elegant appearance fits seamlessly into modern residential, commercial and industrial environments.

  • slim enclosure design in 2 sizes: square 84 x 84 mm and rectangular 155 x 84 mm
  • bottom part prepared for installation on standard flush-mounted/cavity wall boxes with max. installation opening 61 mm / double flush-mounted boxes as well as larger, international installation boxes up to a max. height of 150 mm / width 61 mm
  • great looking – bottom part highly polished, top part with fine surface structure 
  • high-quality V0 ASA+PC-FR material in traffic white (RAL 9016)
  • rational, screwless enclosure assembly with snap-in function – this is a major advantage for subsequent servicing activities on site
  • flat, recessed area in one end for USB and Mini-USB connectors etc. as well as for opening the enclosure by means of a separate opening tool (in pairs as accessories)
  • recessed control panel protects membrane keypads, display/control elements, touch displays and much more
  • The electronic components are mounted in the top part. A snap-in phenolic resin hardboard plate (accessory) protects the underlying electronics from damage during installation/service, if required
  • accessory glass panel fits to top part and is designed for premium applications, e.g. for use with touch-screens, displays etc. Rear printing possible on request 

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Company news



12 Oct 2020

SMART-PANEL - Elegant wall-mounted enclosure for modern control consoles

OKW Gehäusesysteme presents the new SMART-PANEL range of wall-mounted enclosures. The elegant square or rectangular design fits seamlessly into modern residential/commercial and industrial environments. The enclosures are ideal for the convenient control and monitoring of the entire building technology.

Thanks to their attractive design, SMART-PANELS adapt themselves optimally to their surroundings. Wired control/operating centres or radio-connected devices in the smart home, applications in the IIoT, access controls, monitoring devices, data acquisition systems, medical technology and much more are conceivable. The SMART-PANEL is available from stock in 2 sizes (height x width):

Square shape with 84 x 84 mm. This version is prepared for concealed installation on standard flush-mounted/cavity wall boxes (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria with a max. installation opening of 61 mm).
Rectangular shape with 155 x 84 mm. This version is prepared for concealed installation on simple flush-mounted boxes (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria up to a max. installation opening of 61 mm), double flush-mounted boxes as well as larger installation boxes (e.g. in Italy, Great Britain and USA) up to a max. height of 145 mm and width of 74 mm.
Both versions are manufactured from high-quality ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) in the colour traffic white (RAL 9016). The bottom part of the enclosure is highly polished, and the top part has a fine surface structure with a recessed control area for membrane keyboards, display/operating elements and touch displays. Assembly is effected by means of a snap-in function without screws. The enclosure ranges have an IP 40 protection class, sufficient for indoor applications. The range of accessories includes an opening tool for opening the enclosures, hardboard plates to protect the electronic components as well as a glass pane, e.g. for display applications. The SMART-PANEL has a flat, recessed surface for USB or Mini-USB connectors.

A variety of modifications can be implemented on request according to individual customer requirements. These include cutouts for operating/display elements and interfaces, printing, labelling, EMC aluminium vapour plating, special colours/materials, decor foils and assembly work.

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07 Oct 2020

PROTEC - square control centre

OKW’s new PROTEC enclosures have a modern and highly attractive square design with soft contours. As a result, these wall-mount and table-top housings are ideal for modern electronics applications, both indoors and outdoors. The enclosures have an inclination angle of 20° which considered ergonomically ideal for operating terminals and for reading off data.

PROTEC can be ordered from stock in 3 sizes with 140 x 140 x 76 mm, 180 x 180 x 92 mm, 220 x 220 x 108 mm (W x D x H) and is also available in 3 different versions:
  • Version I  - With a deep recessed interface area at the rear of the enclosure for the installation and protection of connectors, interfaces, switches and cables.
  • Version II - As version I, but also with a snap-on cover for flush covering of the recessed interface area.
  • Version III - As version I, but with a deep cover for the recessed interface area which is fitted by screws. The deep cover provides additional internal space for the electronics, cabling and connections.
A recessed operating area for integrating membrane keyboards, operating elements and touch systems has been provided in the square top cover. The top cover is screwed to the bottom part at the back with stainless steel Torx screws, and the entire screwed connection is thus hidden from view. The range of accessories for the enclosure series includes matching sheet aluminium holders, which allows hidden, secure wall mounting.

As can be expected from OKW, the PROTEC enclosures can also be modified according to the individual requirements of the customer, for example with printing, mechanical machining for interfaces/displays, painting, EMC coating on the inner side of the enclosure and much more.

The PROTEC-series is made of high-quality V0 material in off-white (RAL 9002). The electronics compartment can be sealed up to protection class IP 65 by means of an accessory sealing kit – this is particularly useful for tough applications, for example in the smart factory / IIoT, central control units, surveillance systems and access and security controls in industrial environments or outdoors. However, the PROTEC can also be used in many other sectors: for data acquisition systems, data systems engineering, measuring and control engineering as well as medical technology and in health care.

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07 Oct 2020

STYLE-CASE enclosure for mobile electronics applications

The STYLE-CASE range of hand-held enclosures by OKW Gehäusesysteme has been extended by a new variant. Up to now, all enclosures were only available with a battery compartment fitted. In addition to the sizes S and M, the size L is now also available without a battery compartment. This offers even more space for the internal electronics.

The ergonomic STYLE-CASE is particularly suitable for design-oriented remote controls of all kinds, especially for medical technology and social applications, as well as in the office, at home and in industry. The enclosures are a special highlight for modern terminals thanks to their highly polished finish. The recess in the top part provides perfect protection for decor foils or membrane keypads. To improve its protection class (IP65), a sealing kit is available for the enclosure and the battery compartment (as an optional accessory). Assembly is effected using Torx stainless steel screws at the back. PCBs and components can be mounted inside using the existing fastening pillars. 

The standard STYLE-CASE comes in three sizes - S (123 x 48 x 24 mm), M (147 x 56 x 27 mm) and L (166 x 64 x 31 mm). You can choose between the two plastics ASA in traffic white (RAL 9016) and the infrared-permeable material PMMA (Perspex) in black. Both materials have UL 94 HB rating for flammability. Each housing consists of an upper part, a lower part including the battery compartment lid and an integrated battery compartment for 2 x AA round cells. The new size L version is only available in traffic white ASA. It is the first enclosure in this series that does not have a battery compartment. Thanks to suitable accessories such as strain relief and a flexible anti-kink sleeve (Ø 5.3 mm), this version is ideal for wired applications. An optional wall suspension element allows for secure storage of the enclosures. In order not to damage the mounting surface, the accessory can also be fitted using a suitable adhesive foil instead of drilling holes.

The standard enclosures can be customised. Options include CNC processing, painting, decor foils, EMC shielding, printing / laser marking, packaging and assembly.

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About us

Company portrait

OKW offers elegant, ergonomically favorable standard enclosures and tuning knobs for the medical and laboratory technologies. As one of the leading manufacturers of standard enclosures made of plastic an aluminium, we sell our solutions worldwide.

We can process and modify our enclosures and tuning knobs according according to individual customer needs, e.g. with CNC processing, painting and printing, EMC coating, assembly activities and much more.

Company data

Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1984
Area of business Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers

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