Lituo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Lituo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

No. 35, Yongan Three Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District, 519000 Zhuhai
Telephone +86 756 8639521


Wei Yong

General Sales Director
International Sales Department


+86 756 8639521
+86 134 2775 0263


Rex Ye

Regional Sales Manager


+86 13809809053


Emily Jiang

Regional Sales Manager (Europe & south asia)


+ 86 158 0756 9612


Caleb Shek

Regional Sales Manager (Europe & pacific)




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16 Nov 2020



Christmas promotion

Dear Values Customer:

In order to thank you our valued customer, we will have Christmas promotion during the Medica exhibition. Contact with your sale people for more detail information. 

Best regards,
Jade Yong | General Sales Director
Mobile: +86158 0756 3139/+86 134 2775 0263
Lituo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
No.35,Yongan three road, Hongqi Town,  Jinwan District, Zhuhai 519000, China
Lituo Biotech is dedicated to IVD market over 20 years, focus on liquid based cytology, microbiological diagnosis, vaginitis detection, stool routine examination, blood culture.

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Our products

Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Detection Kit(Colloidal Gold)

1. Working Principle:
This kit uses immunochromatographic method to qualitatively detect 2019-nCOV (COVID-19) IgG / IgM in human serum, plasma and whole blood.

2. Specification:
25 test/box, box size: L16*W12*H7cm; keep stable at room temperature.
1 tests/box

3. Test Item:
IgG and IgM antibodies in human serum, plasma and whole blood.

4. Product Features:
Sensitive & specific results
Simple operation without machine
Good for rapid on-site screening
Rapid results within 10-15 minutes

5. Test samples: serum, plasma and whole blood

6. Sensivity & specificity:
sensitivity: 94% to 97%
specificity: 96% to 100%

7. Storage & shelf life:
Keep stable at room temperature;
12 months.

8. Certificate:
ISO, CE, White list from China.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Disposable Virus Sampling Kit


(1) Individual package:
25 tests/box, box size: 220*170*90mm;
30 boxes/carton, carton size: 700x470x400mm;
(2) Bulk package:
50 tests/box, box size: 220*110*140mm
20 boxes/carton: carton size: 580*460*302mm

2.Shelf life & storage:
One year & stable under room temperature

3. Features:
(1) Safe: medical materials to prevent leakage and ensure biosafety
(2) Stable:BSA to form protective film of the virus to ensure its integrity
(3) Effective: antibiotics are used to maintain the preservation of the specimen
(4) Convenient: independent package, transport at room temperature

4. Flocked swab advantages:
Non-toxic to cells an virus, RNase-free, enhance diagnostic sensitivity
Complete and fast release of samples (up to 90%)

5. Production capacities:
Three million per month

6. Certificates: 
ISO, CE, NMPA, FDA approved

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit(Colloidal Gold)

1. Working Principle:
The kit is used for qualitative detection of COVID-2019 new coronavirus antigen in human nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab specimens.

2. Specification:
25 test/box, 1000 tests/carton
1 tests/box, 500 tests/carton
Each Test Contains – 1 x detection card, 1 x extraction bottle, 1 x sampling swab.

3. Storage & shelf life:
The original packaging is stored in a dark place at 4-30℃, valid for 12 months; the test card should be used within 1 hour after opening the aluminum foil bag.

4. Product Features:
On-site inspection,results in 10-15 minutes;
No equipment required, easy to operate
Double antibody sandwich method, high accuracy rate
Fast rapid test Screening

5. Test samples: human nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab specimens

6. Sensivity & specificity:
sensitivity: 92.31%
specificity: 100%

7. Storage & shelf life:
Keep stable at room temperature;
12 months.

8. Certificate:
ISO, CE, White list from China, FDA under application.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit(Immunofluorescence Assay)

1. Working Principle:
The kit is used for qualitative detection of COVID-2019 new coronavirus antigen in human nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab specimens.
This kit uses the principle of double antibody sandwich immunochromatography (immunofluorescences) method to qualitatively detect the COVID-2019 novel coronavirus antigen in human nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab specimens.

2. Specification:
25 test/box, 1000 tests/carton
1 tests/box, 500 tests/carton
Each Test Contains – 1 x detection card, 1 x extraction bottle, 1 x sampling swab.

3. Storage & shelf life:
The original packaging is stored in a dark place at 4-30℃, valid for 12 months; the test card should be used within 1 hour after opening the aluminum foil bag.

4. Product Features:
POCT in-time detection results in 15 minutes;
Pathogenic detection earlier than antibody test;
Immunofluorescence method with higher sensitivity;
Rapid test Early Screening.

5. Test samples: human nasopharyngeal swab and oropharyngeal swab specimens

6. Sensivity & specificity:
sensitivity: 94.29%
specificity: 100%

7. Storage & shelf life:
Keep stable at room temperature;
12 months.

8. Certificate:
ISO, CE, White list from China.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

DNA Extractor

1. Product description:
LTS-RE40 series DNA Extractor are in vitro diagnostic devices that are used with relative reagents to extract and purify nucleic acid from samples for nucleic acid detection.

2. Extraion technology:
Membrane adsorption is a brand-new method to extract nucleic acid. 
Without the traditional magnetic bead method of magnetic absorption, demagnetization and multi-step cleaning steps, the rapid lysis and adsorption of nucleic acid, cleaning to elution, the whole process of extraction is completed in 5 minutes. For whole blood mode needs 10 minutes. 

2. Features:
(1) Short extraction time
It takes 5 minutes only from loading specimen to completing the extraction. 
(2) POCT
Suitable for various medical environment places, and finish the extraction process at anytime and anywhere. 
(3) Close system
Extraction process are completed in a closed environment, and disinfected by ultraviolet lamp to avoid pollution. 

3. Specifications:
Method: Membrane adsorption technology
Specimen type: Serum, plasma, whole blood, swab, sputum
Extraction time: 5-10 minutes
Channel: 4 channels
Temperature: Constant temperature 55℃
Disinfection: Ultraviolet lamp disinfection and pollution free
Dimension: 190W*244D*252H(mm)
Weight: 4.7kg
Voltage/power: 100v-240v, ≤70W

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

LTS-3000A Full-automated Smear Processing System

1. Product Descriptiong: 
LTS-3000A Full-automated Smear Processing System is an automated slide preparation system for Pap test adoptingSedimentation Method. Liquid-based cytology is a method used to prepare Pap test with higher accuracy and easy operation.

Our instrument combines density-gradient centrifugation, natural sedimentation and charge capture techniques to complete the automation of specimen process, transfer, sedimentation, staining in one operation.

2. Automated vial handling enables operator to simply load and leave. 

3. Complete walk-away automation

(1) Full automation.
Specimen process, transfer, sedimentation and staining are done automatically.
No manual operation is needed, which avoid wrong operations and cross contamination. 

(2) Efficiency.
1-24 specimens can be processed randomly. (LTS-3000B)
1-8 specimens can be processed randomly. (LTS-3000A) 
It makes specimen process much conveniently and timely. 
Batch processing time is less than 60 minutes.
The clearance techniques ensure no cross contamination and occlusion.

(3) Charge Capture.
The silicified slide is coated with charges to capture more cells.

(4)High detection rate.
The twice density-gradient centrifugation, sedimentation and charge capture techniques improve the collection and detection of lesion cells. 
The diagnostic material is available with clear background and a thin layer of even cells.

(1) Density-gradient Centrifugation.
When the specimens are centrifuged in the instrument, the first centrifugation separates the diagnostic material from non-diagnosis debris like cell fragments, impurity, mucus; the second centrifugation enriches diagnostic material.

(2) Sedimentation and Separation.
The process & staining system employs cell diluent for natural sedimentation, since the gravity of lesion cells is higher than that of normal cell.
As the settling rate of the former is faster, it will settle on slide in priory and combines with charges on slide.
This feature is useful to collect the lesion cells at most extent and improve the positive detection ratio.

(3) Charge Capture.
The special polymer materials are used for slide process, which endows the slide surface with positive charges.
The coat can capture cells with negative charges quickly and form the stable bonds; the captured cell quantity reaches to 5,000 - 50,000 per slide in case of white slide and cells dropping. 

(4) Automated Staining.
The process & staining system performs full automated dripping staining with mechanical arm;
Each waste liquid from staining is discharged on time;
After each staining is finished the mechanical arm flushes immediately in case of the cross contamination, the Pap and HE staining can be done quickly.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

LT-YJ2000 Liquid-based Cytology Smear Processor

1. Product description:
LT-YJ2000 Automated Smear Processing System is an automated LBC slide preparation system adopting Membrane Filtration Method. 

With its unique exterior design and multi-point sensor control, the LT-YJ2000 provides excellent one-step cytological smear processing from cell collection, cell transfer to smear preparation.

It enables cytological smear preparation of gynecological & non-gynecological specimen with sufficient diagnostic materials and clearly-stained cell configuration, preventing overlapping, blur or blank smear. 

Disposable ancillary reagents including cell preservative solution, buffer solution, membrane tube and cytobrush are also available. 

1. Features
LT-TJ2000 precisely operates through the whole process of smear preparation and processing from specimen dispersion, collection to diagnostic materials transfer.
(1) Dispersion:
Sample dispersion breaks up non-diagnostic information.
(2) Collection:
Specially designed membrane helps to filter non-diagnostic debris and enriches diagnostic materials.
(3) Transfer:
Computerized control system facilitates cell transfer to glass slide. The positive charges on slide capture negative lesion cells perfectly, leading to evenly-distributed one-layer cell smear.

2. Ancillary Reagents: 
(1) Cell Preservative Solution: 
Special recipe helps to maintain cells configuration and decompose non-diagnostic materials. 
(2) Membrane tube:
Small bore with specific diameters enables separation of non-diagnostic debris and diagnostic information. 
(3) Cytobrush:
Small soft bristles prevent invasive painful specimen collection and ensure enough sampling. 
(4) Glass slide: 
With positive charges to capture negative lesion cells. 

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

LTS-IF10 Immunofluorescence Analyzer

1. Product description:
Adopting double-sandwich antibody immunoassay, LTS–IF10 immunofluorescence analyzer is a semi-auto specific protein analyzer which enables analysis of 10 markers cover from cardiac, kidney function, inflammation to immune system.

2.Product Features:
(1) Convenience
Portable and compact size enables convenient bedside POC test.  
(2) Easy-to-operate
Bar code for loading of reagent information. No need for card swipe or insertion.
(3) Automation 
Full automation for whole testing operation from adding sample to print final results.
(4) Informalization
1000 results storage

3. Configuration: 
(1) Applicable Department
Endocrinology, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, emergency, respiratory, digestive, urology department, CCU, ICU, etc.
(2) Screen
touchable screen
(3) Printer
Thermal printer, able to connect with outer printer
(4) Informalization
LIS connectivity. Bar code scanning to load reagent information

4. Test Items: 
(1) Cardiac Marker
cTnI           0.1ng/ml-50ng/ml       Plasma/serum/whole blood   Myocardial infarction (MI)
D-Dimer   0.1μg/ml-10μg/ml      Plasma/serum/whole blood   Thromboembolism
Lp-PLA2   10ng/ml-1000ng/ml   Plasma/serum/whole blood    Atherosclerosis
FABP          1ng/ml-100ng/ml        Plasma/serum/whole blood    Acute myocardial infarction
MPO           10-1500ng/ml                Plasma/serum/whole blood    Coronary heart disease 
NT-proBNP  100pg/ml-35000pg/ml    Plasma/serum/whole blood   Heart failure, ventricular dysfunction, acute coronary syndrome
Kidney Function
NGAL    10ng/ml-1500ng/ml   Plasma/serum/whole blood   Acute renal injury, early diabetic nephropathy
CysC   0.1μg/ml-10μg/ml     Plasma/serum/whole blood    Acute or chronic nephropathy
PCT   0.1ng/ml-100ng/ml   Plasma/serum/whole blood   Bacterial infection, Sepsis and multiple organ failure
CRP   0.5μg/ml-200μg/ml   Plasma/serum/whole blood     Inflammation

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

LTS-YJ1000 Cytocentrifuge Smear Processor

1. Product description:
LTS-YJ1000 takes advantage of cell preservation, proportion centrifugation and scattered filtering technology, which filters non-diagnostic ingredients and forms a well-proportioned thin layer of diagnostic cell in a fixed slide zone. 
The slides prepared by LTS-YJ1000 automatically are with well-proportion thin layer and rich in diagnostic ingredients.

2. Features
(1) Convenient.
1-12 slides can be prepared in a time. The same sample can be prepared repeatedly.
(2) Quick.
Batch processing time is less than 5 minutes. The standard fixed slide zone is 13mm.
(3) Intelligent.
Simple interface and all the parameters can be adjusted easily.
(4) Multi-functional.
Specimen type, quantity, centrifugation time and speed can be adjusted as demand.
(5) Stable.
The BLDC motor ensures the accuracy and stability of rotating speed. The use of shock absorber guarantees the stable operation in specimen preparation.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Fecal Occult Blood Test Kit (Colloidal Gold)

1. Product description:
This reagent is a qualitative double-antibody sandwich immunoassay for detection of Tf and Hb. 

2. Features:
(1) High specificity.
(2) High sensitivity.
(3) Accurate result.
(4) One step detection of transferrin (Tf) and hemoglobin (Hb). 
(5) Rapid detection of both upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding. 
(6) Applicable to operation by instruments and manual.

2. Clinical Significance:
When the gastrointestinal tract is bleeding slightly, the erythrocytes are damaged by digestion and unable to be discerned by microscopes.
The detection of fecal occult blood is very important for diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding.
This reagent kit can be used separately without need of any other instruments and is applicable to qualitative detection of trace transferrin and hemoglobin in stool specimens.
The results are not impacted by the digested food and drugs. It has high specificity, sensitivity and can avoid the false positive.
It can also be used with LTS-E100 Feces Analysis Instrument produced by us.

3. Operation Procedures:
(1) Sampling.
(2) Adding Diluent.
(3) Shaking up. 
(4) Adding 2-3 drops sample on testing board.
(5) Results in 10 minutes.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Helicobacter Pylori Test Kit (Urease)

1. Product Principle:
The H.pylori resides in gastric mucosal layer and produces the enzyme urease that breaks down urea into ammonium salts to buffer gastric acidity.
The Lituo H.pylori rapid test quickly detects the presence of the urease enzyme in gastric mucosal biopsy specimens in order to diagnose an active Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection.
This simple one-step test enables more accurate, rapid and convenient diagnosis than histology or gastric tissue culture.
It is the gold standard testing method by detecting gastric mucosal biopsy specimens.

2. Feature
(1) One-step procedure
Easy to use, fewer procedural errors.
(2) Results in 3 minutes or less
Fast and convenient test.
(3) Two-color result
Simple color change from yellow to cherry.
Easy to read and interpret
(4) Pictorial procedure package
Clear and simple picture illustration to instruct H.pylori test.
(5) Room temperature storage
No need to wait for reagents to warm up. Rapid H.pylori tests can be run immediately as needed. 

3. Product Specifications
(1) Principles
Biopsy test
(2) Sample Type
Gastric mucosal biopsy specimen
(3) Time to results
3 minutes or less
(4) Storage conditions
Room temperature. No need to wait for reagents to warm up.
(5) Sensitivity
Gold standard test method to detect H.pylori infection. Great sensitivity.
(6) Form
Test card

4. Interpretation of the Results:
Strong: the test paper around the edge of gastric mucosa tissue from yellow to cherry red within 1 minute. 
Weak: the test papre around the edge of gastrict mucosa tissue changes from yellow to cherry red after 3 minutes. 
Negative: no color change. 

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Liquid-based Cytology Reagents

1. Product Description
Lituo pap smearing comsumable kit applys density-gradient centrifugation techniques and natural sedimentation method to prepare perfect cytological smear for microscopic examination. 
Density-gradient centrifugation techniques helps to separate diagnostic materials and non-diagnostic debris more effectively, since non-diagnositc materials are heavier and then remain in the bottom of centrifuge tubes.
Natural sedimentation method:
Large molecular weight lesion cells are heavier and will settle down at frist. 
Kit Components:
Cytobrush, Glass Slides, Centrifuge Tube, Perservative Solution, Plastic Piette, Diluent, Density Separation Solution

2. Reagents components: 
(1) Cell Preservative Solution:
With specially designed formula, the solution can decompose mucus and maintain original morphology of exfoliated cells.
(2) Cytobrush:
Easy to collect specimen without hurting patients; ensure colleting cells quantity (no less than 50,000).
(3) Slide:
Carry on positive charge by special processing; capture negative lesion cells more strongly; enable even and  mono-layer smear.
(4) Path or HE Stain:

3. Manually Operation Procedures:

                                                       Collect Specimen by Cytobrush
                     Disperse specimen in preservative solution by droping brush head in solution bottle
                                        Add 3-4ml density separation solution to plastic pipette
                                         Add 7ml perservative solution (with sample cells inside)
                                  Centrifuge 10 mins at 2000rpm twice; Dispose upper layer liquid
                                               Drop 0.8ml solution on slide, settle for 6 mins
                                                        Fix cells morphology in 95% ethanol
                                                                  Path or HE Staining


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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Automated Blood Culture System(Type:LTS-BMC60/LTS-BMC 80/LTS-BMC 90)

1. Product description: 
The LTS-BMC60 devices is a state-of-the-art, full-automated blood microbial detection system. Its accommodate extension modular design optimize space saving and helps to re-configure every size laboratory.

2. Application:
Applicable to blood microbial detection testing

3. Principles:
Blood culture bottles with blood sample inside are incubated in the blood culture system at 35℃. The growth of microorganism produces carbon dioxide which leads to color change of sensor in bottom of culture bottles. An optical sensor continuously monitor color change and a monitoring system judge “Negatives” and “Positives” results. Results will be shown in different color on touchable LCD screen.

4. Features:
(1) Intelligent
Continuous swinging vibration optimizes detection rate.
LIS (Laboratory Information System) connectivity. Convenient for results storage and printing.
LCD touch screen. Convenient for operation.
Bottles can be taken out and inserted for checking. Automatic alarm for misplaced bottles to avoid possible mistakes.
Accommodates 60 (LTS-BMC60)/80(LTS-BMC80)/90(LTS-BMC90) bottles. Up to 5 LTS-BMC90/80 System instruments can be networked together.

(2) Sensitive
Colorimetry and carbon dioxide sensor.
Advanced algorithms are applied for testing results detection. The color change procedure and the growth of microorganism will be depicted automatically and reflected on the growth curve.
Continuous monitoring every 10 minutes allows for fully-automated and walk-away testing. 24-hour real-time monitoring conserves time for the laboratory staff.
Integrated sound, light, color alarm applied for earlier detection of “Positives”.

(3) Safe
Shatterproof polymeric fiber bottle guarantees the safety of laboratory staff.
Quick barcode scanning for ease-of-use of laboratory staff.

5. Detection Method:
(1) Minimum 10ml blood is taken through venipuncture and sucked up naturally by negative pressure in blood culture bottle.
(2) Collect blood with aseptic technique. Both culture bottles tops and puncture site require to be sterilized by 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Mycoplasma ID/AST Test Kit (Microbiology Assay)


1.One-step detection

Infectious mycoplasma type(Mh or UU or Both).
Mycoplasma infectiosity.
Mycoplasma susceptibility to antibiotics.


Researched and developed with international advanced technology.

Culture,interpretation and succeptibility are completed asynchronously.

Simple operation,distinct coloration,accurate results.

Small Inter batch deviation, preservable over one year in 2-8℃

Ancillary software system enabls convenient record saving, data statitic and results printing.

3.Assay principles
Antibiotic are added in the media to inhibit other microorganism growth and nutrients are added to boost m ycopIasma growth.
Ureaplasma Urealyticums and Mycoplasma Humenis utilize sL which leads color change from yellow to red of indicator.
 Because Ureaplasma Urealyticums and Mycoplasma Humenis have different growth peaks (18 to 24 hours and 36 to 48 hours respectively ), time of color change can specificy indicate microorgianism growth of each type.
Color change of antibiotics hole also indicate microorganism resistance to antibiotocs.

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About us

Company portrait

Lituo Biotech is a leading manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and distribution of in-vitro diagnosis reagent and devices. Focusing on women and children’s health, Lituo Biotech has been continuously developing, producing and selling in vitro diagnostic reagents and medical instruments for 20 years. 

Now Lituo Biotech has 2 basements in Zhuhai and Hunan Changsha. With 20 years development, Lituo biotech has developed 6 series products including liquid-based cytology, immunofluorescence, specific protein analyzer, microbiology test, blood culture system, feces analysis, vaginitis detection etc.

Company data

Sales volume < 1 Mio US $
Number of employees 500-999
Area of business Diagnostics

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