Baisheng Medical Co., Ltd. of Jiangmen, Guangdong at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Baisheng Medical Co., Ltd.

No. 11 Fusheng Road, Xinhui District, 529100 Jiangmen, Guangdong
Telephone +86 750 6691112
Fax +86 750 6616122

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Kim Zhu Jinsong

Sales Director



Kathy Chen Heshun

Sales Manager



Sam Fu Zhuomin

Sales Manager



Leon Luo Xiaotian

Sales Manager



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.12  Other surgical instruments and products

Other surgical instruments and products

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.08  Operating technology and operating equipment
  • 01.08.01  Surgery room equipment

Surgery room equipment

Our products

Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Electrosurgical pads (grounding pad)/Diathermy/Cautery

GreenPad Electrosurgical Pads
Used with Electrosurgical Generator to dispersive high frequency current.


A. Special“Full Cover” and “Hydrogel Over Edge”design

B. Minimized “Corner and Edge Effect(CAFÉ)”CAFÉ is a potential cause for themal burns. Greepad can eliminate CAFÉ effectively and prevent from burns.

C. Even current distribution. Special design on “Full Cover” and “Hydrogel Over Edge”allows for even distribution of the current, protects the edge of aluminum foil and cuts the direct contact between the foil and the user.

D. Universal stick orientation. More flexible than the traditional pad on stick orientation, making it possible to stick with no concern for the orientation.

E. Smaller stick site. Identical with the traditional pad on thermal performance, the Greenpad is smaller in size allowing for more options on the stick site.

F. Low heat. Lower heat generating than the traditional pad.


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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Electrosurgical Generators / Electrosurgical Units/Diathermy/Cautery

Intelligent Versatile
Electrosurgical Generator(Vessel Sealing)
Max Power:350W
➢Excellent compatibility
➢Available in vessel sealing
➢Suitable for general surgery, vascular surgery, hepatobilary and pancreatic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, gastroenterology, TURP and TUVP
➢Compatible with cystoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy

Monopolar Electrosurgical Unit
Max Power: 100W
➢Portable and affordable
➢Suitable for general surgery and veterinary

Cold Bipolar Coagulator
Max Power:80W
➢Low voltage output
➢Sparkless in work
➢Superb non-stick effect
➢Suitable for neurosurgery,ophthalmology, gynecology, and plastic surgery

OBS-1 00C(I)
Intelligent Electrosurgical Unit
Max Power:100W ;
➢Portable in size
➢Available in both monopolar and bipolar modes
Convenient handle power Control and mermory fundion.
➢Suitable for micro surgery,gynecology and arthroscopy

OBS-1 00C(II)
Cold RF Unit
Max Power:140W
➢ Radio frequency
➢Precise in output and low temperature in work
➢No thermal tissue damage
➢Minimal collateral tissue damage
➢Suitable for gynecology,dermatology; ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry and podiatry

Dual cold RF Electrosurgical Unit
Max Power:120W
➢ Unique dual radio frequency design.
➢Combine 4Mhz monopolar and 1.7Mhz bipolar output into one unit.
➢Suitable for Plastic surgery, Dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, stomatology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, sports medicine, etc

High Frequency Coagulator
Max Power:30W
➢Convenient handle power control
➢Precise coagulation
➢Suitable for dermatology.plastic surgery, proctology,gynecology,ophthalmology,urology,ENT,and dentistry

SS-1 00
Smoke Evacuation System
➢moke evacuation system offers the effective way to smoke removal and protect operating room staff and patient from hazard .

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Electrosurgical Pencils/Diathermy/Cautery

Electorsurgical Pencils
Used with Eelctrosurgical Generator for Cutting and Coagulation

A. Cable with 10pcs copper cord ensure no overheating and short circuit happened during surgery, protect the safety of patient and doctor.
B.Handle consist of band new light material, PCB is sealed, pass water-proof test.
C.Produced in 100,000 grade clean working room strictly according to GMP, ensure every piece can withstand voltage 10800vp-p.
D. The coagulator with irrigation device can lower heat in surgery site so as to prevent unintended tissue damage and reduce intra-operative blood loss.
F. The pencil with self-destroy device design ensure the real single use, prevent cross infection
G. The pencil with smoke evacuation design can protect the patient and doctor from hazards of smoke.
H.The pencil with illumination design ensures doctor's view more clear and move more correct.
I. The pencil with flexible tip design can reach the surgical site easily and quickly, no need to change electrode tip frequently.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

ELectrosurgical Electrodes/Diathermy/Cautery

ELectrosurgical Electrodes.

Various Electrosurgical Electrodes which are available in loop tungsten,blade ,needle ,ball and spatula tip. Suitable for different surgery. And are available in stainless steel and Teflon coating tip and different length.


a. Consist of high quality 304SS and Non-stick coating, better conductivity, better surgery effect.

c. LOOP electrode consists of high quality tungsten can withstand continuous cut.

c.Standard shaft diameter (2.4mm), can be compatible with most brands of electrosurgical pencil.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Reusable Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps & Artery Forceps & cables/Diathermy/Cautery

Bipolar Forceps & Artery Forceps

Bipolar forceps are suitable for neurosurgery,Brain surgery, ENT and plastic surgery etc.
Artery Forceps are designed for sealing vessel with diameter below 7mm.


Produced by high quality material, good dielectric strength can prevent leakage of current, protect the safety of both patient and doctor.

Various shapes are available and suitable various fine surgeries.

Forceps tip has good uniformity, more exact operation

Forceps tip consist of special non-stick alloy material which can prevent undesirable tissue sticking during coagulation, keep the forceps clean and reduce the need for cleaning.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Dispsoable Bipolar Forceps assembled with cable & Irrigation Forceps/Diathermy/Cautery

Dispsoable Bipolar Forceps assembled with cable & Irrigation Forceps

1 Straight and bayonet forceps with streamlined design and a moderate closing pressure for ease of use.
2 High Quality green insulation withstands high temperature, the colour also eases visual fatigue and tension
3 Connected Cable and irrigation tube make for easy use and reliability
4 Continuous irrigation cools the surgical site and prevents adhesion and charring of tissue during dissection minimising tissue damage
5 Sterile single use design avoids cross contamination.

Application scope:
I would leave out the mention of Neurosurgery as this implies your forceps are a class III Product, which they are not, perhaps add Orthopaedic Surgery to the list.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Electrosurgical accessories/Diathermy/Cautery

We produce various accessoires of electrosurgical generator for different brand. Such as connecting cables, footswitches , Tip clean sponge and so on. Please check the link for production information details.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Disposable Skin Stapler & Remover

Disposable Skin Staplers & Remover

Used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds. It has the application in abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic , thoracic surgery and variety of skin closure .

1. Concise and reasonable design, which is easy and convenient to operate.
2. Safe and efficient for surgery, needle can be withdrawn fluently and accurately.
3. Smooth and beautiful suture, small and micro healing scar.
4. Good compatibility with tissue, less inflammatory response.
5. Easy and convenient to take out staple, promote wound healing
6. Reduce patients' pain and improves the operation efficiency.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

ECG Monitoring Electrode

ECG Monitoring Electrodes
Used for Ordinary Monitoring, Anaesthesia & ICU

Design concept orient from customer, in order to meet different monitoring needs, we produce the products with different specifications; There are 2 different kinds of raw material, one material is foam, another material is non-woven fabric. The advantage of foam is its strong adhesion, the advantage of non-woven fabric is close adhesiveness, air permeable and comfortable.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Defibrillation Electrode

OBS Defibrillation Electrodes are produce by high quality of hydrogel with excellent adhesivity through our automatical production line. Its' hydrogel is overlapping design wihch can avoid the exposure of conductive film and provide homogeneous and uniform distribution of current on the surface to avoid burn happen.

OBS Defibrillation Electrodes are equipped with diffferent connectors which are compatible with different brand of defibrillators.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Disposable Medical Face Mask

Specification of the device

Model: OBS-K1
Type IIR


1.Operation condition
An ambient temperature range of-10℃~+40 ℃
A relative humidity ≤80%
An atmospheric pressure range of 700hpa~1060hpa

2.Shelf life
2 years.

3.Appearance, structure and dimension
Device contracture:
Outside filtered layer (blue), middle filtered layer (white), inner filtered layer (white), nose piece, ear-loop
Dimension of each component: 175mm*9mm (±5mm)

4. Sterility

5.1 It complies with the requirement of Type II medical face mask in EN 14683:2019 clause 5.2.7 Table 1.
5.2 Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)≥98%
5.3 Differential pressure<29.4
5.4 Microbial cleanliness≤30 cfu/g
5.5 Splash resistance pressure (N/A)

Biological response
Tested as per EN ISO10993-5 and EN ISO10993-10. The test result refers to Annex-M-01 for details.

7. Intended population
General person, patient and medical staff for isolating the microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Electrotherapy Electrodes

Electrotherapy Electrodes
Suitable for the use of TENS/EMS unit and other low or medium
frequency stimulator.

Applied in neck,waist,legs and other parts of the body for the treatment of
cervical syndrome,lumbar syndrome,bodybuilding and other physiotherapy.

Available in two main series:electrode with stud and with lead wire.

Highly conductive flim ensures low impedance and full dispersion of electrical current.
Large selection of shapes and sizes maximizes the adaptability to multiple
application location.

Non-woven fabric backing provides ultimate flexibility and enhances patient comfort.

High quality hydro gel proves to be totally biocompatible and not irritating.

Durable material ensures its multiple-time uses without losing self-adhesive quality.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Disposable Trocars

Disposable Trocars


This device is applied in all kinds of laparoscopic surgery, for entering abdominal cavity, supplying gas to create pneumoperitoneum, and establishing access passage for endoscopes and surgical devices during laparoscopic surgery.


Product feature

●Consist of biocompatible PC material.

●Handle comply to ergonomics design, let surgeon experiences more comfortable operation,

●Bladeless puncture head design can avoid damage of abdominal wall and vessel.

●Cannula with thread design can increase the force of fixation between device and abdominal wall so as to avoid unexpected fall off.

●Double sealing design can avoid gas leakage so as to secure the operation proceed successfully.

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

Illumination Pencil (Electrosurgical Pencil with LED light)

Illumination Pencil

New Generation-Non-Battery design


The pencil with illumination design ensures doctor's view more clear and move more precise.

Fully compatible with existing electrosurgical generators.

Non-battery design eliminates the potential explosion risk and ensures continuous high brightness output.



φ5mm LED light

Independently LED light is positioned below the electrode fitting giving you light directly onto the area you are operating on.


Ergonomic handle

Follow ergonomic principle, we adopt arc shape design on handle which helps reduce muscle fatigue caused by long operations and improve surgical effectiveness.


Light switch

One button switch convenient for manipulation


The buttons can withstand prolonged press

Cut button

Coag button


USB plug-connect to power source to obtain long-term energy supply


Universal three-prong connector to fit existing electrosurgical generators.

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About us

Company portrait

OBS commits to R&D and manufacture of clinical medical equipment, and has a wide product range including electrosurgical generators, electrosurgical pencil, electrosurgical pad, bipolar forceps, skin stapler, medical connecting cable, ECG electrode, physical treatment electrode and disposable trocars etc..

As an advanced R&D manufacturer of high tech medical equipment in China, OBS always focus on R&D and manufacture of clinical medical equipment. The series of OBS product cover electrosurgical devices, ECG devices, physical therapy instruments etc.. OBS R&D Center employs a team of first-class technical staff. Led by Prof. Peixin Xu who is one of the most famous academic leaders and Doctor Advisors in the field of Biomedical Engineering, the team has been engaged in research and innovation on the area of electrosurgical and medical sensor for many years. To ensure safety and reliability, all products are designed and manufactured according to CE, FDA standards and R&D process management of ISO system and relevant international standards. OBS possess multiple core proprietary technology on the area of electrosurgical and medical sensor. OBS insists on the quality core value “quality is the operation’s life”, the quality awareness of all staffs has been applied throughout the every manufacturing process; from every detail of materials classification, production, packaging and shipment, OBS apply the strictest quality management process, and carry them out efficiently. OBS owns air-proof workshops from 100 to 100,000 grades, several automatic production lines and professional inspection equipment.

OBS is expanding into the global market, having sold products to more than 80 countries and territories. All products have been widely accepted by medical institutions.

Company data

Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 2001
Area of business
  • Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices
  • Disposables and consumables

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