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Dr.-Karl-Storz-Str. 34, 78532 Tuttlingen
Telephone +49 7461 708-0
Fax +49 7461 708-105

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Mark Schmelzer

Marketing Anaesthesiology & Emergency Medicine

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


Julia Herzog

Marketing Global OR1™

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


Stefanie Schmidt

Product Development and Innovation Group

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


Carina Bach

Information Desk

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


Clarissa Wurst

Product Management Platforms (Imaging / Units)

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


Oliver Heiß

Global Marketing

78532 Tuttlingen, Germany


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.06  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.06.01  Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems

Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems

  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.01  IT infrastructure / computer hardware
  • 06.01.01  Archiving and documentation

Our products

Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

VITOM® 3D – 3D Visualization for Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

The VITOM® 3D system provides a solution for the visualization of microsurgical and open surgical interventions. Application possibilities are similar to that of the operating microscope*. The system is controlled via the IMAGE1 PILOT which is mounted on the OR table in close proximity to the surgeon.

- Smaller, lighter and more compact than an operating microscope**

- Lower acquisition costs and creates synergistic effects with endoscopy by using the same video tower – thus combining the benefits of endoscopy and microscopy*

- Ergonomic work – the user is not confined to the eyepiece*

- Improved workflow – the OR team can view the procedure in the same image quality as the surgeon*

* Oertel: Vitom-3D for Exoscopic Neurosurgery: Initial Experience in Cranial and Spinal Procedures, World Neurosurgery (105), September 2017, p. 161
** Siller: A high-definition 3-dimensional exoscope as an alternative to the operating microscope in spinal microsurgery

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

ALL-IN-ONE Sialendoscopes, ERLANGEN Model

Special Features:
- Semiflexible miniature endoscopes for exploring the salivary ducts and removing salivary stones
- cm-marking at the distal working end for reading the penetration depth
- Semiflexible thanks to the nitinol outer sheath
- ALL-IN-ONE sialendoscopes with integrated irrigation and working channels
- Enables the minimally invasive removal of obstructions in the salivary ducts
- Autoclavable sialendoscopes

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

Flexible ENT diagnosis with the HD Video-Rhino-Laryngoscope

The new HD video-rhino-laryngoscope from KARL STORZ allows visualization in HD image quality for ENT diagnosis. Moreover, the flexible videoendoscope offers user-friendly handling for performing the planned examination. Depending on the system configuration, both enhanced imaging, thanks to IMAGE1 S™ visualization modes, and stroboscopy are feasible. This makes the endoscope suitable for a wide range of applications.

- HD image quality
- Flexibility due to the connectivity to the IMAGE1 S™ camera system or TELE PACK+
- Stroboscopy in HD image quality (in conjunction with TELE PACK+)
- Diameter of 3.7 mm
- Deflection 140°/140°

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories, Anesthesiology equipment, anesthesiology systems

The C-MAC® System

The C-MAC® System is a universal, mobile and holistic Airway Management system. No matter if single- or multi-use, adult or pediatric patient, normal or unexpected difficult airway, we offer you the solution that is best for your patient.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

Ambulatory Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of intrauterine disorders is now standard procedure in clinics and, to an increasing extent, in outpatient settings and private practices. Thanks to the miniaturization of the hysteroscopes, many procedures can now be performed with a minimum of trauma and without general anesthesia outside the OR. KARL STORZ has played a major role in this development and offers a number of "office" hysteroscopes with very small diameters.

Hysteroscopy allows accurate diagnosis of any abnormalities in the uterine cavity while 5 Fr. instruments often make immediate treatment possible. Narrow-lumen hysteroscopes enable procedures to be performed outside the OR without anesthesia or dilation of the cervix. Furthermore, hysteroscopy can be used to rule out any obstacles to implantation prior to IVF treatment.

- The CAMPO TROPHYSCOPE® with a diameter of only 2.9 mm allows an atraumatic primary approach to the uterine cavity under visualization

- The irrigation function of the ENDOMAT® SELECT provides an optimal overview thanks to the constant maintenance of intracavitary pressure

- Outsourcing diagnostic services and minor hysteroscopic procedures to the clinical outpatient setting extends the capacity of the OR

6 mm Intrauterine BIGATTI Shaver (IBS®)
With an optical system that features an outer diameter of only 6 mm, the Intrauterine BIGATTI Shaver (IBS®) is inserted into the minimally dilated cervix with the help of a tapered obturator. The 4 mm shaver blade allows the immediate removal of intrauterine pathologies outside the OR. The IBS® is an effective, precise and safe alternative to a conventional resectoscope.*

- No thermal damage to tissue thanks to the purely mechanical removal of polyps, myomas or placental remnants

- Resected tissue is immediately aspirated via the ENDOMAT® SELECT and collected in a tissue trap

- Minimal outer diameter
- Optimized procedure time**
- Enhanced safety, accessibility and patient satisfaction**

- The only fully reusable hysteroscopic shaver system

* https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6658200/
** http://www.fvvo.be/assets/725/FVVinObGyn-10-115.pdf

Bipolar 5 mm Office Resectoscope
In addition to bipolar resectoscopes with diameters of 7 mm and 9 mm, KARL STORZ now offers a 5 mm resectoscope. Due to its small diameter, this resectoscope offers the possibility to perform resection outside the OR. Infertility patients or those suffering from abnormal bleeding can thus be treated in the doctor’s office or clinical outpatient setting, even without anesthesia. Together with the AUTOCON® III 400 HF generator, effective resection, coagulation or vaporization is achieved.

- Minimal outer diameter
- Optimized procedure time*
- Enhanced safety, accessibility and patient satisfaction*
- Possible to perform resection in the doctor’s office or clinical outpatient setting, even without anesthesia
- Little or even no dilation required

- Optional use as a diagnostic hysteroscope in conjunction with semirigid 5 Fr. instruments

- Real bipolar system with current not returned via the sheath

* http://www.fvvo.be/assets/725/FVVinObGyn-10-115.pdf

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories

The New Flexible Video-Cystoscope C-VIEW®

From outpatient settings to the intensive care unit through to the endourological operating room, the new flexible C-VIEW® cystoscope covers various application scenarios in flexible cystoscopy. Additionally, the C-VIEW® in combination with the C-MAC® monitor, provides a mobile solution for cystoscopy.

- No separate light source, no light cable and no camera head required: Digital complete system with CMOS-chip technology and integrated LED illumination.

- Easier insertion in the urethra due to atraumatically shaped tip

- Expanded configuration and documentation possibilities: For connection to C-HUB® II, C-MAC® or TELE PACK+ for documentation and data management

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories


The RICHTER POWERFIX® Set contains of inert implant material in combination with sophisticated instruments. This Set is primarily used for the treatment of both anterior and posterior cruciate ligament ruptures. Furthermore, POWERFIX® PEEK interference screws are used for refixation in numerous cruciate ligament reconstruction procedures. The RICHTER POWERFIX® Set is intended to provide both novice and experienced surgeons with instruments and implants that are straightforward, reproducible and mechanically impressive. Consequently, the selection of instruments and implants for the set was carefully planned and implemented.

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Product category: Archiving and documentation

ARTIP® BASE – Simply stable

Ergonomics and efficiency are gaining increasing significance in the daily OR routine. As a result, assistance systems such as holding arms are becoming more and more important. With the ARTIP® BASE, KARL STORZ addresses these very needs. A battery-operated holding system with autoclavable holding arm elements and the possibility of single-hand positioning.

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Product category: Archiving and documentation


Compact Endoscopy

TELE PACK+ is an ALL-IN-ONE system that combines a monitor, LED light source, FULL HD camera control unit and documentation with integrated network function in a portable and compact unit. A very strong feature is its compatibility with a wide range of rigid, flexible and single-use endoscopes. TELE PACK+ is suitable for universal use in doctors’ offices, day clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care units and outpatient settings.

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Product category: Archiving and documentation


Created for Rigid, Flexible and Single-Use Endoscopy

The TELECAM C3 is a FULL HD camera control unit for positioning on a basic endoscopy tower/system. Due to the possibility of connecting a variety of different rigid, flexible and single-use endoscopes from KARL STORZ, this camera control unit can be used in almost all fields of expertise. The TELECAM C3 can be used both in private practice and in the surgical environment.

- FULL HD camera control unit

- High number of compatible rigid, flexible and single-use endoscopes from KARL STORZ

- Possibility to enter patient data

- Data storage on internal memory (up to 50 GB) or external storage medium

- Improved* menu navigation through newly developed interface

*in comparison to the previous mode

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Product category: Surgery room equipment


Your solution for a smoke-free OR

The S-PILOT® from KARL STORZ offers a modular solution for smoke evacuation management. Its modular design offers a smooth, cost-efficient and customizable integration into existing systems. Customers can therefore easily upgrade their OR with the S-PILOT® according to the latest guidelines and to their budget. An automatic activation of suction is possible with KARL STORZ high-frequency surgical units but also with third-party equipment. Individual control via footswitch is possible at any time. Moreover, its tubing set allows parallel suction of smoke and fluids.

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Product category: Endoscopes and accessories, Archiving and documentation

IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™ – mORe to discover

The new IMAGE1 S™ RUBINA™ imaging technology from KARL STORZ combines 3D and 4K technology with NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging to support surgeons’ work by supplying high quality information. The RUBINA™ components offer users various new modes for visualizing the NIR/ICG signal. This includes the overlay of NIR/ICG data onto the standard white light image or alternatively the monochromatic visualization of the infrared signal alone.

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Product category: Archiving and documentation

AIDA® – Exceptional documentation

AIDA® offers the possibility to capture and store still images and video sequences in FULL HD, 4K and 3D quality. This standalone solution enables the comprehensive implementation of all documentation requirements arising in surgical procedures.

- AIDA® seamlessly fits into existing organizational structures – onto equipment carts, into integrated ORs and existing IT infrastructures (DICOM, HL7)

- AIDA® offers the possibility to record two image sources simultaneously

- AIDA® offers an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist

- AIDA® reduces turnover time due to the Intelligent Export Manager with automated data storage in the background

- AIDA® in combination with SCENARA® provides a complete solution for image and video management inside and outside the OR

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

OR Integration Simply Done – OR1™ AIR

A/V Management, Documentation & Communication

OR1™ AIR is a modern, compact, and interconnecting integration solution comprising the modules AIDA® + OR1™ .avm.

Special Features:
- Best image chain in its class, in brilliant 4K UHD, 3D, and FULL HD, from the endoscope to the monitor
- Live video streaming and audio talkback with bidirectional telestration
- Combined with the proven AIDA® documentation system
- Compact and service-friendly design
- Particularly well suited for a variety of communications applications – symposia, teaching, and consultation

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

LEDVISION® 101 – OR Light with Gesture Control

Touchless work for the highest hygiene demands

- Gesture control for maximum hygienic safety offered by the latest OR light: LEDVISION® 101

- Documentation of the surgical procedure under sterile conditions via a centrally integrated and cordless HD camera

- Abundant light for large or small surgical fields, for critical cases and even deep body cavities

- True-color light for an accurate display of even the tiniest nerve and vessel structures

- Cool light that is gentle on the patient during longer procedures and provides the surgeon with a comfortable work environment

- Shadow-free lighting with sharp contours thanks to multiple LED light sources

- Integrated in the KARL STORZ OR1™ system – with convenient control, even from the sterile field

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

ORbiter® – The basis of the OR ceiling pendant systems from KARL STORZ

- Ceiling-supported solutions for any task – whether you need to position a single device or lift and position a heavyweight anesthesia machine

- Optimal space utilization: Up to six height-adjustable shelves can be attached to the ORBITER® media column

- Rigid and motorized extension arms and media columns

- The electromagnetic passive brake system (MOVE + STOP) allows smooth maneuvering and secure positioning of the equipment

- ENVILED – indirect and dimmable LED light strips in the support arm or the media column for perfect lighting conditions during endoscopic procedures

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

OR1 NEO® – Maximum flexibility for the best possible integration solution

- Video management and documentation in up to 4K UHD resolution and 3D

- Medical device control through seamless integration of the KARL STORZ-SCB system and optional control of general room functions

- Integration of commercial video conferencing systems to meet even the highest demands regarding transmission quality

- Control of all functions via the surgical monitors with touchscreen function, either directly from the sterile field or from the nurse workstation

- Modular system facilitating customization based on individual needs

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Product category: Archiving and documentation

SCENARA® – The modular application platform to support your OR processes

As a modular and expandable application platform, SCENARA® offers numerous functions to optimize processes in various areas in and around the operating room.

- SCENARA® Content Management ensures easy and intuitive administration, editing, and storage of content generated along the patient care pathway.

- Convenient real-time audio and video transmission using SCENARA® Communication Management allows coordination between operating rooms and different hospital departments as well as virtual education and training.

- Images, videos, and reports can be accessed from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, making the necessary data available anytime, anywhere, for maximum flexibility.

- Standardized interfaces such as HL7 and DICOM guarantee compatibility with common hospital information and archiving systems, and current security guidelines ensure data protection and data security.

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About us

Company portrait

KARL STORZ – Partner to medicine for 75 years
Shaping the Future of Endoscopy with you.

As a solution provider and partner in the healthcare sector, our medical products and services offer decisive added value for patient safety. Our committed employees have been in dialogue with medical professionals for 75 years and together we are shaping progress. Innovation, precision and creativity characterize our actions, in which we combine stability with flexibility as well as tradition with future-oriented thinking.

KARL STORZ is one of the world's leading manufacturers of endoscopes, endoscopic instruments and devices for more than 15 human medical specialties. The range of endoscopic instruments now includes more than 15,000 products. From its headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany, KARL STORZ has developed from a former two-man operation into a globally operating company, which is now represented by over 50 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. More than 8,500 employees contribute daily to the treatment of people through the development, production and marketing of innovative and high-quality medical products.

Company data

Sales volume > 500 Mio US $
Number of employees > 5000
Foundation 1945
Area of business Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices