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Aug 28, 2020

Smocks for the healthcare sector – Tips and advice!

Smocks for the healthcare sector – Tips and advice!
When we think of a doctor, nurse or another health professional, we immediately think of someone wearing a white coat. The white colour allows you to better check if your smocks  is dirty, helping avoid infections. Therefore, the chances of a bloodstain going unnoticed and potentially infecting a patient are decreased.

In this article, Unifardas offers you some tips and advice that you can follow in order to pick the perfect healthcare smock for you.

1st Choose the most suitable size

Two of the main requirements when we think of clothing are comfort and wearability. Although we are talking about medical smocks, these should not be too loose when worn. Therefore, we advise that the size is adequate for each employee, and that the mistake of bulk-buying the same size gown for every employee is not made. So, to know which size is right for you, please go to the body measurements table that can be found in the Unifardas catalogue.

Just like all workwear garments produced by Unifardas, gowns for the healthcare sector may also be personalized, whether for identifying the smock owner, or for creating your own corporate image.

2nd Note the resistance of the smock

This type of workwear is always subject to a great degree of wear and tear. From frequent washing to exposure to chemical substances. Therefore, resistant fabrics with an adequate weight are very important factors in the production of smocks for the healthcare sector. By the same token, the use of this garment also has the function of offering extra safety to its wearer. Therefore, a good smock prevents the user from inadvertently ruining their clothing, as well as protecting them from harm.

3rd Personalize your smock

A white smock conveys an image of hygiene and purity. However, nowadays, healthcare professional smocks do not have to be completely white to ensure maximum cleanliness. Therefore, Unifardas enables you to personalize these workwear garments.

To impart a modern and unique touch you may opt, for example, for a bishop’s collar (as seen in the image above), in your chosen colour, in order to reinforce the corporate image of the organization where you work. Amongst numerous other solutions available at Unifardas, you can opt for a women’s smock with a round neckline finished with a contrasting border.

4th Bet on variety

More and more workwear users want tailor-made clothing. No one wants clothes that are too tight or too big. Comfort is a very important aspect for the workwear user.

One of Unifardas’ differentiating features is Customization. When we talk about customization, we are referring to the garment and its characteristics (prints and/or embroidery). Adequately choosing the sizes for each wearer is also a way of customizing workwear. Whatever the healthcare sector in question, smock customization is extremely important as it will fulfil the needs of whoever wears the garment. Similarly, it will produce a differentiation and identification both in terms of the healthcare sector in question, and in the professional.

One of the aspects reinforced by this customization is a feeling of affinity and closeness that the healthcare professional has to establish with their patients. For example, paediatricians use a different, fully customized smo, in order to evoke a feeling of closeness and security in children.

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UNIFARDAS® is a Portuguese company, equipped with substantial experience and a long tradition in the workwear sector.
With the constant evolution and growth of the workwear sectors, UNIFARDAS® felt the need to create and develop new and more comprehensive business strategies, in order to consolidate its position in the various markets where it already operates, and at the same time increase its presence in other markets.

Currently, UNIFARDAS® produces and sells all kinds of uniforms, work uniforms, smocks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and promotional clothing, adapting its products to the corporate image of your business, without ever neglecting the safety of employees or the external visibility of your company. The customization of this type of clothing is a matter in which UNIFARDAS® has become highly specialized, offering its customers a wide and varied range of customization options, always to the highest standards and with the highest professionalism.

In addition to the production of uniforms for the most diverse business sectors (hospitality and catering, school or hospital uniforms, industrial uniforms), UNIFARDAS® personalizes their garments through embroidery and/or prints, always focusing on the corporate image envisioned by and for each customer.

The company’s objective focuses on total customer satisfaction and on the observance and full compliance with delivery times, with an underlying ethos of quality and competitive prices.

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