Metisafe Cleanroom and Biosafety Co, Ltd. of Ankara at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Metisafe Cleanroom and Biosafety Co, Ltd.

Saray Mah. 185. Cad. No: 4 Kazan, 06980 Ankara
Telephone +90 312 3976499
Fax +90 312 3953077

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Efe Mete

+90552 363 93 94


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.09  Hospital equipment, care equipment
  • 01.09.13  Construction containment, modular units, system units

Construction containment, modular units, system units

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.06  Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.09  Laboratory equipment

Our products

Product category: Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

Portable Hygenic Air Cleaning

High capacity and efficient removal & HEPA filtration of airborne particles
Fast and easy installation at home, office or hospital
Practical solution for obtaining clean area in laboratory or Industry
Suitable for patient isolation at the indoor environment
Robust and compact design
High-Performance low noise operation
Increased filter life, low energy cost
Simple filter replacement for non-professionals, easy maintenance

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Biological Safety Cabinet

Genuine design and improvement of BSCs performed for biohazard studies goes back to the early 90s by Metisafe. BSC instruments provide primary barrier protection against air-born dangerous agents and are classified according to the protection needs of personnel, environment, product/material.

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Product category: Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

Ceiling Type HEPA Fan System

Metisafe® Ceiling Type HEPA Fan System makes the air cleaning process very economical and it also shares other advantages such as reliable and efficient particle cleaning, spacious and comfortable usage area, easy control and maintenance as well as maximum savings.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Laminar Airflow Cabinet

Metisafe® LAF cabinets provide the function of “High Cleanliness Class” which primarily works as an environmental barrier to protect working material, sample or product from airborne particle, dust and microorganisms. 

By misuse, The term “sterile-bench” has been commonly used instead of “clean-bench” for LAF cabinets in the past. LAF cabinets are workstations that provide an ISO-5/Class 100 level cleanroom environment.

LAF cabinets have foundthemselves an indispensable place in vast applicationswhere particle-free workstations are critically necessary across the industries such as electronic, optic, food, seed and seedling industries.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


Metisafe® isolators are contamination-proof and particle-free workstations for aseptic applications in the pharma industry. Material transferring into work chamber is accomplished by leakproof gloves assembled at front panel ports through interlocked mechanism dynamic pass-box. Metisafe isolators are equipped with full automatic decontamination system which provides pre or post-operation sterility of air contact surfaces. The controlled aseptic environment is achieved by all of those physical and air barrier mechanisms and automatic decontamination to be used in sterility tests. Depending on the hazard level of work materials isolators are classified as positive or negative pressured cabinets.

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Product category: Construction containment, modular units, system units

Metisafe Concept Modular Cleanroom

Instrument Concept Critical Clean Facility

Pre-engineered Full Steel Composition - Advanced Automation
Sophisticated Air Dynamics Design - Efficient Particle Removal
Conforms GMP & ISO14644 Standards - Have DQ, IQ, PQ 
Negative Plenum Technology - Zero Leakage HEPA Filter System
Amortization in 3-5 years - Lower Energy & Maintenance Cost
Validation Guarantee up to 10 years - Reinstallable & Revalidable

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Company news



17 Nov 2020

Room Pressurization with Efficient Particle Reduction Performance

Metisafe has been applying airflow dynamics that create positive or negative pressure room through Portable HEPA filtration devices in its production designs for more than 10 years. Pressurization is performed without the need for an additional device by establishing a connection between the ventilation duct opened on the window or wall and the air cleaning device through simple connection apparatus. Filtered air recirculation and controlled room pressurization are automatically carried out in Metisafe devices, depending on the leakage situation of the room or by adjusting the desired amount of air exchange. Both recirculation and, positive or negative room pressurization can work integrated by using H13 / H14 HEPA filters in Metisafe's AC-1500, AC-750, and AC-500 models.

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04 Nov 2020

Biosafety and Contamination Prevention Equipment for Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Metisafe provides particle-free air dynamics solutions for cleanroom facilities to prevent contamination from airborne dust particles and bacteria.

The company designs innovative air barrier instrumentation that maintain controlled environments for the protection of cleanroom personnel and pharmaceutical products.

Metisafe implements advanced airflow dynamics to improve air fluidity. It performs comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and prevents unwanted airflow activities through precise temperature protection.

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14 May 2019

Metisafe Concept Cleanroom Systems

Turkey's Metisafe, the air dynamics and air filtration company headquartered in Ankara, has been transferring its knowledge and expertise on primary air barrier design and production to conceptual modular cleanrooms since the beginning of the 2000s. A team of Metisafe experts will be on hand at the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2019 to describe the benefits and advantages of the company's unique approach to building modular cleanrooms.

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About us

Company portrait

Metisafe® is an air dynamics and air filtration expert with its unique designs in protecting personnel, product/material and environment which have critical importance that may be affected by airborne dust, particles, and contamination. The modular designs also cover increased biosafety needs against hazardous biological and toxic substances.

With continuing R&D investments and research contributed by, our mechanical engineers and microbiology specialists, Metisafe® has hundreds of facilities in service. In the field of clean air & biosafety, Metisafe®, as a pioneer, takes the lead in developing the latest technology. 

Metisafe® products have superior features including sustainable service and maintenance guarantee. We also ensure that we provide the best service of air safety of containment, active noise control, and improved ergonomic design. With its vision of reaching a greener environment, the highest energy savings is being applied with updated technologies, renewed standards and changing regulators.