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Volmerstr. 7 B, 12489 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 63921700
Fax +49 30 63921701

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Our range of products

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  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.01  Analyser systems / equipment

Analyser systems / equipment

  • 03  Diagnostic tests
  • 03.07  Other diagnostics

Other diagnostics

Our products

Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

sciFLEXARRAYER: Ultra-low volume precision dispensing systems

The sciFLEXARRAYER product line represents the perfect tool for automated ultra-low volume liquid handling of various types of samples (i.e. biological, organic, nanoparticle and dyes) in diagnostics, genomics, proteomics and technical applications. In addition, due to the inert nature of the glass capillaries, it is an ideal tool for miniaturized chemistry applications, such as in polymer and materials research. Within seconds, liquid volumes between 10 picoliters and 100 microliters can be dispensed onto almost any target substrate.

We currently offer four models of sciFLEXARRAYERs, from entry-level to high-throughput manufacturing. As the same core technology is used in all our models, our sciFLEXARRAYER technology enables easy scale-up to help you accelerate your ideas from early research to production.

An economical entry unit for academia and R&D labs suitable for the production of DNA, protein and glycan arrays, cell transfection arrays, and for loading MALDI-MS targets or biosensor surfaces.

Compact all-in-one design and sliding door to reduce particle contamination and turbulence. The sciFLEXARRAYER S12 is designed and optimized for medium scale batch production, especially for precise 12" wafer loading.

For high-throughput production of multiplex tests for diagnostics and life science. Thanks to its precise axis system and increased dispensed area, the SX delivers outstanding reproducibility between batches, enabling a printing capacity of 140 slides or 27 MTPs per batch.

The S100 is the ultimate in-line high-throughput production system from SCIENION. Each S100 is tailored to the customer's application, and as a modular system, additional portals can be added to meet the required production volumes. The S100 is suitable for the high-throughput production requirements of most bioarray formats such as microplates, slides, wafers and a variety of biosensors.

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Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

sciREADERs: High-quality imaging and multiplex sample analysis

Our sciREADERs enable high-quality digital imaging of various support formats including 96 well plates, slides, membranes and custom biosensor formats up to SBS plate format. The software is powerful, user-friendly, and provides flexible imaging and data interpretation. There is no need for external software - the whole process until the final customer-specific report is handled automatically.

The grid alignment and spot finding algorithms enable automation of the analysis process and various options for data normalization and quantification allow for a customized data interpretation.

sciREADER CL2: High Quality Imaging for Colorimetric Assays

  • Detection of multiplex arrays with the highest sensitivity
  • Scanning and analysis of one-well standard immunoassays
  • Top and bottom lighting for opaque and transparent plates
  • Cost and time reduction by miniaturized, multiplexed assays in array format and efficient data Analysis
  • Allows cost-efficient alternative to fluorescent detection
  • Compatible with various assay staining technologies, e.g. HRP-based detection using TMB substrates
sciREADER FL2: High Quality Imaging for Fluorescent Assays with up to 3 Colors
  • Up to 3 fluorescent channels for all commonly used red, green, and blue fluorescent dyes (default Cy5, Cy3, and FITC)
  • Customizable filter sets for specific fluorophores
  • Bottom white lighting for bar / QR code reading

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Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

Assay Development & Contract Manufacturing Services

With 20 years of experience in diagnostics and life sciences as well as an in-house R&D department, we also offer services for multiplex assay development and diagnostic test manufacturing.

Assay Development
Customers can rely on our longstanding in-depth experience in all aspects of successful multiplex assay development, covering the whole range from surface functionalization, printing and immobilization, optimization of incubation protocols, detection and data analysis.

Due to our unique sciFLEXARRAYER technology – the best choice for precise ultra-low volume liquid dispensing – customers benefit from developed cost-saving miniaturized assays. We also offer the transfer of already existing assays to the SCIENION platform – including multiplexing and miniaturization.

Contract Manufacturing
At SCIENION, experienced and specialized professionals handle diagnostic test manufacturing on a daily basis. Using our state-of-the-art sciFLEXARRAYER technology, we achieve the highest quality and consistency for diagnostic test production. Quality control of 100% of the tests produced is guaranteed and we are certified ISO 9001:2015.

We offer the best price/performance ratio and short production cycles from purchase order to shipment. In addition, we also perform fast transfers from multiple single assays to tests into one multiplex diagnostic solution.

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Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

cellenONE Single Cell Isolation & Nanoliter Dispenser

cellenONE, an automated single cell dispensing system based on patented piezo-acoustic technology, allows precise cell deposition on a wide range of microplates (96, 384, 1536) and microwell substrates. 

Most dispensing and microfluidic technologies follow Poisson distribution, which leads to multiple cells per position and low efficiency. cellenONE uses software-integrated visual feedback to ensure only single cells are deposited in every position.

cellenONE only dispenses drops containing single cells to your preferred substrate. All remaining drops will be dispensed into a recovery tube, resulting in no sample wastage. Additionally, the cellenONE isolates cells utilizing an acoustic technology which has been shown to be gentler than the high stress of FACS and results in excellent cell viability.

cellenONE® is a low volume, high viability and accuracy single cells isolation technology for both sequencing and cell line development applications.

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Company news



19 Aug 2020

CELLINK has entered into an agreement to acquire precision dispensing company Scienion AG

CELLINK AB (publ) ("CELLINK") has entered into an agreement with the owners of Scienion AG ("Scienion"), a German life science company focusing on precision dispensing technologies, to acquire all shares for a purchase price on cash- and debt-free basis of 80 M euros (the "Acquisition"). 40 M euros will be paid in 2,814,032 newly issued shares of series B in CELLINK (the “Consideration Shares”) and the reminder in cash. CELLINK’s Board of Directors will resolve to issue the Consideration Shares in accordance with the authorization from the Annual General Meeting held on December 18, 2019.
CELLINK also contemplates to explore the conditions for raising additional equity through one directed share issue within the limit of CELLINK’s existing authorization to issue shares from the Extraordinary General Meeting held on July 16, 2020.

The transaction in brief
  • Scienion is a life science company focusing on precision dispensing technologies. Scienion was founded in 2001 and has since become a leading actor in the pico and nano liter dispensing market including single cell dispensing.
  • The total purchase price for 100 percent of Scienion’s shares on cash- and debt-free basis amounts to 80M euros, 40M euros will be paid in cash and 40M euros will be paid by newly issued CELLINK shares of series B at a price of 146.6 SEK per share, translating to 2,814,032 shares and corresponding to approximately 4.9 percent of the votes and approximately 6.5 percent of the share capital in CELLINK.
  • Through Scienion’s complementary technology offering, CELLINK sees great synergies that will support future growth. Scienion’s revenue reached 21.5M euros during 2019 with an EBITDA margin of 23.6 percent and a 3-year revenue CAGR of 34 percent. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while pro-forma revenue growth is expected for 2020, Scienion’s growth rate is likely to be temporarily and negatively impacted compared to 2019. However, a large portion of the existing common customer base is directly or indirectly government backed (universities, research groups), mitigating the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The Acquisition is in line with CELLINK’s commercial strategy, strengthening CELLINK’s product offering and brings the group closer to the patient through products used in diagnostics on humans. The Acquisition will support future growth into industrial and clinical applications.
  • The Acquisition’s completion and the transfer of Scienion’s shares is expected to take place by the end of August 2020, provided that all conditions for completion are met.
  • Scienion will remain under current entity and management post-transaction.
  • Scienion will be consolidated in CELLINK's financial statements for approximately 3 days during CELLINK’s fourth quarter 2019/2020.
  • CELLINK’s Board of Directors will resolve on an issue in kind of the Consideration Shares in accordance with the authorization from the annual general meeting held on December 18, 2019.

“We are excited to welcome Scienion to the CELLINK family of life science companies with this strategic and synergistic acquisition. With this acquisition, we are further realizing CELLINK’s vision to create the future of medicine by taking one step closer to the clinic and improving health around the world. Scienion has diligently built a globally leading position in the field of precision dispensing, creating a product portfolio with industrial systems that are capable of extremely precise dispensing of reagents and human cells. Many of these systems are today being used for the manufacturing of clinically approved devices used by patients around the globe. We are furthering CELLINK' s global commercial strategy by focusing on the patient by providing the most innovative solutions to our customers. With Scienion’s revolutionary technology platforms we will streamline workflows for our present and future customers, and enhance our presence in the clinical field, a strategy that is well aligned with our long term vision. Together with Dispendix, cytena, and Scienion, we will be well positioned to offer comprehensive solutions for academic, pharmaceutical, and clinical customers worldwide."
Erik Gatenholm, CEO, CELLINK

“We are thrilled about the unique opportunities this combination will create for our customers worldwide, as well as our employees and business partners. Together, the CELLINK group and Scienion will be able to achieve rapid expansion while delivering the quality, brands and products that our customers love. Together we will have some of the most respected, recognized and storied brands in the global life science industry, and together we will create an even brighter future."
Dr. Holger Eickhoff, CEO, Scienion

About Scienion
Scienion is a life science company focusing on precision dispensing technologies. Scienion was founded in 2001 and has since become a leading actor in the pico and nano liter dispensing market, including single cell dispensing. Scienion develops and manufactures technologies enabling precision dispensing for applications such as Biosensors POC used for diabetes monitoring, Micro and Nano arrays, Diagnostics, compound handling and high throughput single cell genomics. Its instruments, consumables, and contract manufacturing services are produced and offered in Germany and are marketed and delivered worldwide. Read more at: and

Background and motivation for the Acquisition
Through this strategic Acquisition, CELLINK expands its technology portfolio, supporting further expansion into the pharmaceutical industry and therapeutic field. With this Acquisition CELLINK will be able to cater for processes from early R&D to standardized high throughput production. The complimentary product portfolio will together with the current offering position CELLINK as a market leader in precision dispensing, single cell handling and Bioprinting. Scienion’s business model resembles CELLINK with a consumable focus driven by innovative instrumentation. Scienion’s products are most suitable for diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, an area and market which CELLINK is exp anding further into. With this Acquisition, CELLINK aims to increase market penetration in the pharmaceutical field and meeting the diagnostics field.

Scienion's product range offers picoliter dispensing and enables complete manufacturing workflows, being an ideal partner to scale from R&D to manufacturing. The companies’ synergies enable greater market opportunities for CELLINK’s and Scienion’s product portfolio and global sales forces. The products are well suited to be sold together with CELLINK's existing customer base. Scienion will remain under current entity and management post transaction.

Purchase price and financing of the acquisition and lock up period
The total purchase price of 100 percent of Scienion’s shares on cash and debt free basis amounts to 80M euros, 40M euros will be paid in cash and 40M euros will be paid by the issue of the 2,814,032 Consideration Shares at closing The Consideration Shares will be covered by lock up agreements with partial release every 6 months after an initial 12 month period. The total lock up period for the sellers is between 30 and 36 months.

Issue of Consideration Shares
CELLINK’s Board of Directors will resolve to issue the Consideration Shares in accordance with the authorization from the annual general meeting held on Decem ber 18 2019. The Consideration Shares represent approximately 4,9 percent and approximately 6.5 percent of the total number of shares and votes in CELLINK respectively, on a fully diluted basis. By issuing the Consideration
Shares, the number of shares and votes increase by 2,814,032 (divided among 1,500,000 shares of series A and 44,188,808 shares of series B The share capital increases by approximately SEK 70,350.8 from approximately SEK 1,071,896.4 to approximately SEK 1,142,220.2

The Consideration Shares are issued at a price of SEK 146.6 per share which equals the 90 day volume weighted average price of CELLINK shares of series B on Nasdaq Stockholm up to and including August 18, 2020 and using the FX rate EUR /SEK of 10,31 per August 18, 2020.

The Acquisition’s completion and the transfer of Scienion's shares is expected to take place by the end of August 2020 provided that all conditions for completion are met.

Hengeler Mueller and Advokatfirman Vinge act as legal advisors to CELLINK in connection with the Acquisition.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Gatenholm, CEO
Phone (Sweden): +46 73 267 00 00
Phone (US): +1 (650) 515 5566

Gusten Danielsson, CFO
Phone (Sweden): +46 70 991 86 04
Phone (US): +1 (857) 332 2138

This is information that CELLINK AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, on August 19, 2020 at 17:30 CEST.

CELLINK is a global life science company providing technologies, products, and services to create, understand, and master cell and molecular biology, with a focus on three main application areas: bioprinting, analysis, and liquid handling & bioprocessing. The company develops and markets innovative cell culture technologies, enabling researchers in the life sciences to print human organs and tissues for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Founded in 2016, CELLINK’s products have been adopted by re searchers and scientists in more than 1,000 laboratories with more than 100 publication citations, the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies and has been delivered to more than 55 countries around the world. The company’s vision is to create the future of medicine.

Visit to learn more. CELLINK is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market under CLNK B.

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09 Jun 2020

SCIENION and Randox expand collaboration to transform high throughput biochip manufacturing

Multiyear alliance underpins Randox commitment to increase biochip manufacturing to transform rapid diagnostic testing
  • SCIENION AG to integrate its precision dispensing technology to enable Randox to scale-up Biochip manufacturing across the business
  • Joint activities will include co-working at Randox, Crumlin (Northern Ireland), Randox, Dungloe (Republic of Ireland), and at SCIENION AG headquarters in Berlin (Germany) – including massive scaling-up of SARS CoV2 test manufacturing
Berlin, Germany, and Crumlin, Northern Ireland, June 9, 2020: Randox today announced an important step in scaling-up biochip manufacturing by selecting SCIENION AG as its technology provider and science partner for this effort. The SCIENION engineering team has developed another full custom-made solution of the S100 in-line system to fulfill Randox’s manufacturing needs. SCIENION S100 manufacturing technology will significantly bolster Randox capabilities from research through commercialization and help accelerate the discovery and development of transformative diagnostics for patients worldwide.

Building on the well-established partnership between both companies, Randox and SCIENION have committed to immediately employ the new technology at manufacturing sites. This strategic alliance will focus on one core objective: to increase Randox manufacturing capacity for biochips significantly and immediately.

SCIENION and Randox will also collaborate to develop and apply next-generation diagnostics platforms and processes that support future key programs. The overall investment will include project funding, subject-matter experts, technology, and tools.

Mr John Lamont – Director of R&D at Randox Laboratories, said, “As Randox continues evolving into a focused diagnostics company powered by advanced multiplexed tests and data science, alliances like this will help us deliver on our goal to improve healthcare worldwide. Pairing our deep understanding of diagnostics with SCIENION’s leading expertise in high throughput microarray manufacturing, this could transform the way we discover and develop diagnostic tests for the world.”

SCIENION UK Ltd Managing Director, Dr. Andrew Sweet, added, “Our strategic alliance will combine Randox Diagnostics expertise with the power of SCIENION precision liquid handling and sciFLEXARRAYER S100 technology. Together, we aim to address some of the biggest challenges facing the life sciences industry today. This would quickly bring reliable rapid diagnostic testing technology to the frontline for widespread use in all affected regions during a pandemic such as SARS-CoV2.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact either or
About Randox
Randox is a global leader in healthcare diagnostics; today more than 5% of the world’s population – in excess of 370 million people across 145 countries – receives medical diagnosis using Randox products each year. Randox is the largest diagnostic company from the UK and exports over 95% of products worldwide. Our products and services are used in hospitals, clinical, research and molecular laboratories, food testing, forensic toxicology, life sciences, and veterinary laboratories.
With more than 1500 employees of 44 nationalities, including 430 research scientists and engineers, we have offices and distribution in over 145 countries. There are four key manufacturing and research and development sites, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland; Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland; Bangalore, India; and one in development in the Greater Washington DC area, USA. Our Randox Health Clinics are currently located in London and Belfast, with ambitious plans to roll out a number of new clinics in the coming months and years. A mobile service enabling certified Randox Health staff to visit clients at their convenience has also been launched. 
With a major focus in R&D, Randox scientists work in pioneering research into a range of common illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. With around 25% of turnover reinvested in R&D, Randox has more new tests in development than any other diagnostic company.
Our scientists have spent over £305 million researching the thousands of biomarkers present in our bodies and have identified the gold standard in testing. Our patented Biochip Array Technology is the world’s only diagnostic grade biochip. This state-of-the-art technology has revolutionised the diagnostics industry by offering a unique testing platform which allows multiple tests to be carried out from a single patient sample at our Randox Health Clinics.

SCIENION offers complete solutions for precise liquid dispensing applications enabling high throughput production of multiparameter assays in diagnostics, and life and material sciences. Addressing the dynamically increasing needs for miniaturization and multiplex analyses, SCIENION offers a unique technology portfolio that has been continuously expanded for almost 20 years. SCIENION provides flexible solutions for research and development, wherein solutions for production purposes are customized. Systems and software are characterized by their versatility, precision and robustness. The company is a renowned specialist for ultra-low volume liquid handling, particularly for the handling of precious and sensitive compounds of biological or chemical origin. SCIENION’s dispensers allow for contact-free and precise drop spotting in the pico- to micro-liter range and are optimally suited for microarray-based analytics – such as for tests with DNA, oligonucleotides, peptides, proteins, antibodies, glycans or for dispensing cells onto various substrates. The company operates from two sites in Germany, Dortmund and Berlin, and has subsidiaries in Arizona, USA; Lyon, France; and Chichester, UK.

Volmerstraße 7b
D-12489 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 - 6392 1700

PR Contact
Almut Gebhard
Strategische Kommunikation
Phone +49 (0)30 - 6120 1081
Mobile +49 (0)174 3017754

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About us

Company portrait

SCIENION is a global market leader in ultra-low volume precision dispensing and microarrays as well as biosensor technologies.

Our customers in the entire life science sector benefit from an integrated product portfolio and services advancing cost-efficient multiplex assays, analysis, miniaturization and automation – from early research to high throughput production.

We offer complete solutions.

Based on our proprietary platform technologies, sciDROP PICO and cellenONE, our longstanding expertise and continuous inspiration by our customer’s needs, SCIENION provides a unique product portfolio comprising hardware, consumables and services.

Our worldwide customers in academia and industry – from small and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations – rely on our products and services for almost any application in human and veterinary diagnostics as well as in bioanalysis in the food and environmental sector.

As a proud member of the CELLINK family since August 2020, we share CELLINK's vision of creating the future of medicine by providing technologies, products and services to create, understand, and master biology.

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 2001
Area of business
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Diagnostics

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