GESIM Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH of Radeberg at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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GESIM Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH

Bautzner Landstr. 45, 01454 Radeberg


Hendrik Fiehn

Marketing Manager



Jian He

Asian Sales Manager



Steffen Howitz




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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.05  Implants and protheses
  • 01.05.04  Other implants and protheses
  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.17  Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

Our products

Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

Micropipetting System Nano-Plotter NP2.1

The GeSiM Nano-Plotter comes with special piezoelectric pipet tips and has been proven for all pipetting jobs from the Picolitre to the Nano-/ Microlitre range. Almost all typical biomolecules (DNA, proteins) can be tethered to appropriated solid surfaces. The instruments aspirate from 96-well plate and 384-well plates, respectively. The Nano-Plotter than dispenses either single spots or lines or arrays onto the bottom of 96-well plates, NC membranes, glass slides or in microfluidic systems. Automatic dispensing on tiny geometric features is supported by intelligent camera systems.

The GeSiM Nano-Plotter is in use for many years for development and production of diagnostic kits. There are several versions available, all are modular, they can grow with your application:

1. Nano-Plotter 2.1: Up to six SBS well plates, 44 glass slides or equivalent objects
2. Nano-Plotter 2.1/E: Up to twelve SBS plates, 96 glass slides or equivalent objects

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Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment

Production Line Nano-Plotter NP7 for Mass Production of Biochips

GeSiM have developed a new noncontact microarray spotting system, Nano-Plotter NP7-HV ‘High Volume’ (HV), that matches the needs for 24/7 production of microarray slides, biosensors or other biochips.

  • In-line, expandable, free-standing, modular production system for various substrates (slides, micro-well plates, membranes, microfluidic cartridges etc.)
  • The production line consists of one or more NP7-HV units with linear motors and one or two rotating substrate tray stackers for empty and printed objects, connected by a conveyor belt
  • Each NP7-HV can be equipped with GeSiM piezoelectric pipettes, solenoid valve dispensers, displacement pipettes or other tools (up to eight per print head)
  • Up to two 384 well SBS microtitre plates (MTPs) for samples
  • Further tools (e.g. Z-sensor, cameras, cartridge piezo dispenser, UV lamp, disposable tips and many others used in the other GeSiM Robotics systems) can be mounted on additional Z-drives
  • Stacker for up to 10 substrate trays for long unattended runs
  • Tray capacity: 2×3 MTPs, 3×18 slides or an equivalent area of other (custom) chips → 60 MTPs or 540 slides per stacker
  • Image processing can be added for better spot positioning using e.g. fiducials
  • Available second half 2021.

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Product category: Other implants and protheses

3D Bioprinters for artificial tissue and implants

“Living” artificial tissue arises from the combination of appropriated bioinks with cell cultures. The use of adult stem paves new ways in many fields of medicine, and regulatory issues make tissue engineering attractive for cosmetics industry.

3D printing is a usual approach to generate artificial tissues. Often several materials with different properties have to be arranged within one 3D object; an obstacle for the well-known cheap filament printers.

Superb printable bone replacement materials are available for the GeSiM bioprinters, 3D printed coatings are attractive to functionalize implants and add new features.

GeSiM 3D bioprinters are always modular, user configurable with a variety of different extrusion tools. E.g. finest gauzes are available from the Melt-Electro-Spinning Module, attractive option for wound healing research.

GeSiM offers three different product lines:

  • BS3.3 Prime: The entry 3D bioprinter with three tool-axes, pneumatic and mechanical syringe extruders, UV-LED lamp. The complete package at attractive price already matches many tissue engineering applications.
  • BS3.3: The GeSiM standard bioprinter with four tool axes requires individual configuration and is amenable for post-sales upgrades. The number of available tools extends the number of Z-axes, thus this instrument fits to almost all applications.
  • BS5.1: Our largest bioprinters are designed for 24/7 operation, particularly BS5.1/E offers the largest building space of 3D bioprinters. It is a production scale instrument.
All GeSiM bioprinters come with the same user software, including a CAD interface for different formats and numerous settings to adapt to different printing materials.

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Product category: Other implants and protheses

Biopolymers for 3D-Prints

The term „Bioinks“ covers biocompatible and bioresorbable polymers, appropriated for processing by 3D printers. Further, these materials allow to print suspended living cells or they support subsequent seeding with living cells. Therefore bioinks need to combine competing properties, aqueous media usually do not reach sufficient stiffness for 3D prints.

Therefore 3D bioprinting a sterile environment and mostly combines different materials within one 3D structure.

GeSiM sells bioinks of the Korean manufacturer InnoRegen, Inc. for research purposes: Functionalized Hydrogels support the regeneration of bones, skin and cartilage. Please contact us for price quotations and further technical information.

GeSiM contributed to the development of bone replacement materials during the European funded research project „FAST“. These materials are well appropriated for seeding with osteoblasts and and can be printed perfectly with GeSiM bioprinters.

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Product category: Other laboratory equipment

Microcontact Printers

GeSiM Microcontact Printers (called „µCPx.x“) combine always two methods on one instrument: „Microcontact Printing“ covers the transfer of liquid „inks“ to planar surfaces by means of a patterned stamp. Printed Fibronectin patterns on glass slides can control cell adhesion – just one example. Microcontact Printing works well even in the submicrometer range.

Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) is based on stamps with 3-dimensional structures to make 3D imprints. This method is popular to make microfluidic devices with structures << 1 mm. Substrates are usually topped with resist layers for subsequent UV- or thermal hardening. Manufacturing of Microneedle-Arrays is currently a popular application.

GeSiM instruments work with up to five stamps, ensuring a superb design variability. The product range starts with the affordable µCP Core with a single stamp, the automatic µCP4.1 synchronizes several stamps by camera alignment. µCP6.1 extends microcontact printing towards photo lithography. This instrument comes with an optical collimator underneath the substrate tray.

All GeSiM microcontact printers come with a casting station. The user can make copies of the sensitive stamps in his/her own lab.

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Product category: Pipetting devices, pipetting equipment, Other laboratory equipment

Pipetting Robot with Synthesis Feature

Liquid handling from the Picolitre up to the Millilitre range is just the starting point for the GeSiM BSyS desktop robot. This system allows much more: The piezoelectric dispensers mix up tiny droplets at high speed, the system dispenses powder, vials and other reaction vessels travel across or move into a reaction unit. Interface points of the racks on the workplate get connected by purification columns; titration pipets, paste dispensers and cameras as well as image processing software are just a selection of tools GeSiM offers.

From single step to a work flow: GeSiM BSyS systems will be always configured to a particular application. The software allows to define and execute very complex procedures. Customer projects already done cover the synthesis of Peptides, Hydrogels, or radiopharmaceutical tracers. Please contact us with your application idea!

If requested the system comes either with a transparent cover lid, or it is prepared for placement in a biosafety cabinet for sterile working.

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Product category: Other laboratory equipment

Microfluidics for your Diagnostics R&D

Your R&D activities on the way to cutting edge diagnostics or new (cell-)biological products could be boost by 25 years of experiences at GeSiM with microfluidic flow-through cells! We design and manufacture flow-through cells from glass, polymers and silicon, mainly focusing on low-scale and mid-scale production. Our service portfolio reaches from simple layouts up to complex MEMS-designs with embedded electrode arrays, heaters and optical elements.

The combination of Micro- and Macroworld has highest priority for GeSiM:
  • A so called „Fluidprocessor“ combines pumps, selector valves, tubes and fittings in an application specific manner. Finally everything connects to your microfluidic system. The Fluidprocessor comes with a software supporting also measurement- and camera systems.
  • When your microfluidic flow-through system goes on a GeSiM robot like a Nano-Plotter, the batch-oriented sample transfer from standard well plates into the microfludic chip just requires one mouse click.
GeSiM offers several degrees of vertical integration for microfluidic flow-through systems: Beside of the complete service we offer a product called „MicCell“: It is kind of a toolkit for manufacturing and  operation of microfluidic chips from transparent polymers or foils. The sensitive liquid-leading structures can be replicated by the user.

Examples of successful customer projects:
  • Waste water monitoring of chemical/ biological pollutants
  • Investigation of cell adhesion and cell proliferation on biofilms,
  • Multi-Organ Chips for pharmaceutical research,
  • Manipulation of cells by dielectrophoretic fields,
  • Identification of cancer cells/ stem cells by „optical tweezers“,
  • Many more…

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Product category: Other laboratory equipment

Piezoelectric Microdispensers and Pipets

The „multi-dos“ system is an universal solution from GeSiM for the jetting of tiny doplets starting from 60 Picolitre. The acoustic dispense heads work in accordance to the drop-on-demand-principle and emit exactly the pre-defined number of drops per burst. The compact micro dispensers consists of silicon/ glass chips, made from wafers by micromachining methods.

We offer microdipsensers for droplet volumes from 60 to 600 Picolitre, a dosage frequency of up to 1000 drops per second allows dispense volumes up to the Microliter range. Several types of tubes and reservoirs connect to our dispensers, please consult the product brochure for more details.

As for all piezoelectric microdispensers, a viscosity limit of about 10 mPa*s applies for the GeSiM products as well. When the sample liquid lowers viscosity at elevated temperature, optionally heatable versions of the dispensers are available. Please see the product brochure for a range of already dispensed substances.

The control unit „multi-dos“ can be equipped with drivers for multiple dispense heads. An optional available swivel allows to arrange two dispensers at defined angle. With the correct alignment the trajectories of both drops will meet at a defined position. For the integration of GeSiM microdispensers in a customer setup multi-dos comes with a programming interface. Stroboscopic cameras and motor driven syringes for priming and rinsing are available on request.

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About us

Company portrait

GeSiM was founded 1995 as a spin-off from the Rossendorf Research Center. The company is a non-public and privately held entity.

Building upon a broad expertise in micromachining technologies, GeSiM has evolved into a bioinstrumentation company focusing on submicroliter liquid handling instruments and microfluidics.

GeSiM is specialized in liquid handling automation, microfluidics and micro contact printing. As a leading supplier of submicroliter dispensers GeSiM developed a unique design for piezoelectric pipetting tips, based on silicon-glass chips. The benchtop pipetting system Nano-Plotter runs up to 16 of these accurate dispensers and is mainly used as non-contact arrayer for microarrays, biochips and biosensors. The Nano-Plotter line follows a strictly modular concept and “grows” with the applications of their owners. Post sales upgrade and a variety of accessories help to bridge the gap from research to production. The Nano-Plotter is successfully used for the production of (FDA) certified diagnostic products.

Liquid handling by contact printing is available with the GeSiM micro-contact printers. These instruments transfer sample into tiny 2-dimensional patterns or generate 3-dimensional structures by Nano-Imprint-Lithography (NIL). A patented stamping technology features PDMS stamps for accurate image transfer.

Recent developments are focused on instrumentation for 3D printing of biocompatible materials, e.g. Hydrogels, Alginate, thermoplastic biopolymers. Common 3D printers are usually not capable of processing biocompatible materials.

In addition, GeSiM has devoted itself to the development of microfluidic flowthrough systems. Micro structuring methods are used to manufacture miniaturized fluidic components from silicon, glass, ceramics and PDMS to create products which cannot be made by conventional methods.

GeSiM’s specialty is the ability to offer complete tailor-made solutions to customers, including not only microfluidics, but also packaging, mechanics, macrofluidic engineering, and specialized control software (World-Chip Interface). Heading a small organization, the GeSiM management is committed to quick decisions and maintaining close and direct contact to our customers and distributors. During the past decade we accompanied several customers on their way from research into well established businesses.

As a supplier of specialized tools, we are used to contributing to funded research projects, mainly in Germany and Western Europe. The GeSiM staff developed a deep understanding of technological processes in (Nano-)Biotechnology.

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