Newster System Srl of Cerasolo di Coriano (RN) at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Newster System Srl

Via Pascoli 26, 47853 Cerasolo di Coriano (RN)
Telephone +39 0541 759160
Fax +39 0541 759163

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Barbara Ann Calisesi

Sales & Marketing

Enrico Catapano

Technical department

0541 759160


Tatiana Larina

Area Manager

+39 0541 759160


Gianluca Magrini

R&D Manager

+39 0541 759160


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.01  Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves
  • 02  Laboratory technology
  • 02.12  Laboratory water purification systems

Laboratory water purification systems

  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
  • 05.16  Waste Management
  • 05.16.02  Waste management devices for disposable products

Waste management devices for disposable products

  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
  • 05.16  Waste Management
  • 05.16.03  Other equipment and systems for waste management

Other equipment and systems for waste management

Our products

Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

Newster NW sterilizers for treatment of solid HCW

In order to positively treat potentially infectious solid waste such as syringes and catheters, Newster Group developed the NW Series, a range of sterilizers that have their core in Frictional Heat Treatment, a patented technology included in the book “Safe management of waste from healthcare activities” by the World Health Organization (commonly known as “Blue Book”), the most reliable source of this sector. Each sterilizer combines the work of a two rotor blades system, which takes care of grinding the material, with the proper temperature-time curve needed to sterilize it, that reaches 150 Celsius degrees. The result is a user friendly sterilizer that, without the use of any chemical agent, converts the waste in harmless material reduced in its size up to 75%. This means that for 10 kilograms of potentially dangerous materials, like needles and bandages, that enters the system, what comes out after about 30 minutes are 2,5 kilogram of dry, non-recognizable and innocuous small-sized granules. No truck moves, no engine runs, no incinerator works. No additional staff members are hired, no human resources needed. The entire process takes place on-site under the control of a person that is specifically trained to do so and guarantees the maximum efficiency for the hospital and the community that surrounds it.
Our range of treatment capacity per cycle goes from 15kg/hr to 110 kg/hr. With our NEW NW50 Twin we reach 220kg/hr.
In order To provide quick solutions for the needs arising from the COVID 19 epidemic emergency, Newster has developed innovative solutions for the sanitation of environments and improved the efficiency of sterilization of potentially infected waste that is on the rise.  Specific cycles have been designed for the treatment of PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) .Please check pdf files below for specific info.

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves


Safe Water Treatment  SWT ,allows infectious sewage water to be disinfected. It is based on a process that uses a special grinder to dispel the organic material and remove the sludge from the water by collecting it in a separate container. The remaining liquids, which are close to 85% of the total material, are then chemically treated and can consequentially be released outside the healthcare facility, with no risk of bacterial contamination. Due to these characteristics, it is ideal for small hospitals and facilities located far from urban areas that lack a proper connection to sewage systems and urban water treatment plants. The process can be monitored on digital devices thanks to a dedicated software and can handle up to 10 cube meters of water per hour.
In case of emergency conditions, such as the global COVID-19 epidemic that we are experiencing at the moment,  the first goal is, at least, to guarantee the efficacy of the disinfection process and reduce as much as possible the biological risk connected to the outbreak. This means that on-site installations for the disinfection of wastewater, such as Newster SWT Safe Water Treatment, would be the best solution in order to allow the achievement of the main target of efficacy, but also in order to improve the infection prevention and control avoiding the spread of infections through hospital waste water, especially during epidemic emergencies.
 Your next step is to contact us. From that moment on, we will go ahead together towards a more sustainable future.

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Product category: Other equipment and systems for waste management, Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

Emergency Relief

The management of HCW requires a careful analysis of the type, dimension, and organization of the healthcare facility. Established the priority to minimize the infectious waste produced, in emergency conditions the two most important goals are to guarantee the efficacy of the sterilization process and reduce as much as possible the storage time and transport.
It means that on-site installations of sterilization units such as Newster machines, allow to reach both targets: Considering the low resistance of coronavirus against temperature, Frictional Heat Treatment process reaching 150 °C is a useful solution in order to improve  infection prevention and control through HCW, with the respect of Stockholm convention standards.
Healthcare waste treated on-site by Newster NW sterilizers when terminated the sterilization cycle can be stored for up to 28 days, cutting down on handling and transport and carbon imprint besides cutting down opportunity to spread  infection/contamination, aspects that are having a major impact for the safety of populations around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemia. 
Newster  SANIFYCO-19 solution aims  to provide a plug-and-run solution in container to be installed for solid HCW or waste water disinfection inside a hospital or on hospital grounds or in other areas during epidemic emergencies, in order to eliminate the possible spread of pathogens through the solid and liquid waste and help  infection prevention and control . The container is shipped from Italy pre-assembled (or can be out-sourced in loco for cost reductions), all the required connections will be ready inside the container, so that installation and start-up will take no more than one working day. Once the emergency is over it can be moved to be used somewhere else as it does not need permanent building works. The hospital will only have to supply electricity and water supply and water discharge.
Newster Green Go provides a ready-to-use device for the military and emergency relief situations for infection and prevention control during  epidemic emergencies thanks to the installation of NW5 sterilizer on a mobile trolley for the onsite treatment of healthcare waste (HCW).
It is equipped with all the devices to support the demands of air and naval military transport.The mobile sterilization unit can be installed very quickly, it is equipped with a connection to a field electric generator and has an outlet for cooling water. It can use non potable water for technical use. The treatment capacity is that of an NW5, or approximately 15 - 20 kg / hour, therefore it is adequate for a field hospital up to 100 beds.

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Product category: Waste management devices for disposable products

Global COVID-19 pandemic treatment of PPEs

The on-going global COVID-19 epidemic has caused a great increase in the use of PPEs (personal protection equipment).
Covid infected patients and hospital staff have generated huge amounts of contaminated waste that must be quickly and safely treated to avoid the spread of contagion.
Newster's on-site frictional heat technology dramatically cuts down the opportunity for contagion as medical waste does not leave hospital before treatment thus cutting out transportation on road of infectious waste that may accidently come in contact with the local population and add to the spread of infection.
The Newster sterilization cycle reaches a peak temperature of 150°C, effectively eliminating all bacteria present in the waste, including coronavirus. The guaranteed minimum sterilization level is 6Log10 (99.9999%) according to STAAT Level IV thanks to the temperature reached in all the material equal to 150 ° C. The treated waste downloaded is sterile, finely ground and unrecognizable, an advantage in countries where scavengers frequent landfills as we eliminate risk of infection.
The 75% reduction of the volume of the waste cuts down dramatically on the need to pick up waste frequently. Newster's treated waste has been tested to maintain its sterile state 28 days from treatment so it can be safely stored. Infrequent trips to the landfill cut down on carbon imprint.
By adopting Newster's on-site frictional heat technology that follows the Stockholm Convention reccomendation for the elimination of POPs ( Persistant Organic Pollutants) besides rendering your healthcare facility safer against spread of infection you are also giving a hand to protect people and the surrounding environment.

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Product category: Sterilisation equipment, disinfection equipment and accessories, autoclaves

E-learning and post-sales

Special focus is given to training/ after-sales / assistance / e-learning.
Technicians are given extensive "hands-on training" directly at our production facility in Italy, or at distributors' facilities when required. Timely supply of spare parts, diagnoses and repair are accurately targeted. Asistance is carried out on the spot by our authorized technicians or by remote directly with our technical department in Italy.  
With travel bans poping up around the world caused by the COVID-19 health emergency NEWSTER worked hard to improve its already excellant after-sales services and increase its e-learning platform options in order to overcome difficulties arising from working at a distance. Newster is confident in providing the most efficient and reliable  assistance available on the market.

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Company news



17 Nov 2020

New Newster Web Site Now On-Line

We have designed a new digital space in order to close the gap and have a work instrument to share with our customers.
We want to become a source of inspiration for those, like us, that design new solutions for sustainability.

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04 Nov 2020

Newster installs in Ghana

Newster System is terminating the installation of five units in Ghana this week. The cities involved are Tolon,Swala,Buipe, Somanya and  Wheta.

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19 Oct 2020


Newster proud to announce Dasri Sterile located in El Krib Tunisie has been awarded funds from USAID for a NW50 unit to increase it's treatment capacity to meet the large increase in COVID-19 generated waste.

En réponse à la crise du COVID-19 en Tunisie, l'Agence des États-Unis pour le développement international (USAID), à travers son programme Tunisia Jobs, Opportunities & Business Success (JOBS), fournit une assistance aux entreprises privées en première ligne de la lutte contre la pandémie. Tunisia JOBS accompagne également la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) pour déployer rapidement des financements auprès des entreprises impactées par la crise économique.

La première subvention approuvée est attribuée à Dasri Sterile, une société spécialisée dans le traitement et l'élimination des déchets médicaux dangereux. L'entreprise est située à El Krib dans le gouvernorat de Siliana. Dans le cadre de l'effort national de lutte contre le COVID-19, l'entreprise doit augmenter considérablement sa capacité de traitement. Elle utilisera les fonds de subvention pour acquérir rapidement de l'équipement pour traiter et stériliser plus de déchets. La subvention est évaluée à 650 000 TND.

A travers son programme Tunisia JOBS, l'USAID assiste la CDC dans la conception et la mise en place d'un fonds de 700 millions de TND pour soutenir les entreprises touchées par la pandémie. Tunisia JOBS apporte un soutien dans la structuration du fonds, la révision des réglementations et des procédures et l'identification des mécanismes permettant un transfert rapide des fonds aux entreprises.

Dans le cadre de cette action, Tunisia JOBS collabore avec la CDC et le secteur du capital-investissement afin d’établir une plate-forme digitale pour identifier les entreprises à la recherche de titres de créance, de capitaux propres et de quasi-fonds propres.

« L’USAID est heureuse de fournir cette assistance d'urgence dans le cadre de notre réponse globale à la crise COVID-19. La pandémie a porté un coup dur à l'économie en Tunisie, comme dans tous les autres pays. Nous comptons, à travers Tunisia JOBS et d'autres programmes de l'USAID, faire face à la crise actuelle, et contribuer à la reprise qui suivra, grâce au soutien du gouvernement et à l'esprit d'entreprise tunisien », a déclaré M. Peter Riley, Directeur de la Mission USAID Tunisia.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis in Tunisia, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Tunisia Jobs, Opportunities & Business Success (JOBS) program, provides assistance to private companies first line of the fight against the pandemic. Tunisia JOBS also supports the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) to rapidly deploy financing to companies affected by the economic crisis.


The first approved grant is awarded to Dasri Sterile, a company specializing in the treatment and disposal of hazardous medical waste. The company is located in El Krib in the governorate of Siliana. As part of the national effort to combat COVID-19, the company must considerably increase its processing capacity. It will use the grant funds to quickly acquire equipment to process and sterilize more waste. The subsidy is evaluated at 650,000 TND.


Through its Tunisia JOBS program, USAID assists the CDC in the design and implementation of a fund of TND 700 million to support businesses affected by the pandemic. Tunisia JOBS provides support in the structuring of the fund, the revision of regulations and procedures and the identification of mechanisms allowing a rapid transfer of funds to companies.


As part of this action, Tunisia JOBS is collaborating with the CDC and the private equity sector to establish a digital platform to identify companies looking for debt securities, equity and quasi-equity .

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About us

Company portrait

Worldwide countries are becoming more involved with protecting the environment and many are searching for alternatives to incinerators and autoclaves. According to UNEP United Nations Environment Program BATs (Best alternative technology) are emerging and NEWSTER's Frictional Heat Treatment is one of them. Adopting Newster frictional heat treatment which finely grinds healthcare waste reaching a peak temperature of 150°C leaving the flock dry, unrecognizable,odorless and sterile with no emissions into the athmosphere and all sharps and scapels destroyed, eliminating danger for scavengers and the spread of infectious diseases and pollution, can be a solution.
Newster avoids the wet, smelly, heavy waste of autoclaves and the u-POPs (persistant organic pollutants) ash, dust, smell and smoke of incinerators. Newster provides a clean, green , eco-sustainable technology working towards a circular economy.
Newster has thrived and become one of the few companies in the world to offer a complete range of products for sustainable solutions for the treatment of healthcare waste with SWT Safe Water Treatment and PURA. Training of hospital staff and operators are at the top of the list of priorities associated with installation projects together with a solid after-sales department offering quick and reliable access to our technical office for trouble shooting. The actual COVID-19 pandemic has shifted Newster priorities towards emerengy relief solutions such as SANIFYCO which offers NW sterilizer and SWT in container for a quick installation.

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Export content > 75%
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1996