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EME S.r.l.

Via Degli Abeti, 88/1, 61122 Pesaro
Telephone +39 0721 400791
Fax +39 0721 26385

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Magdalena Kadziolka

EXPORT MANAGER in charge of: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Balkans, Turkey, Canada, United States



Barbara Oliva

EXPORT MANAGER in charge of: European Nordic countries, Middle European Countries, Baltic countries, East Europe, Central Asia



Fabio Cappelli

EXPORT MANAGER in charge of: MENA, ASEAN, Oceania, South Asia



Claudio Sbrighi

EXPORT MANAGER in charge of: Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal


+39 3351982982

Roberto Reali




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19 Nov 2020



The Polyter Evo into medical & sports practiceorts practice

George Milner  is a practicing Podiatrist & sports rehabilitation & recovery specialist for elite athletes of multiple disciplines.

George is also CEO & Co-founder of Milner Biomedical Pty Ltd. An Australian medical practitioner owned & operated medical device company created for sporting franchises, medical practitioners, professional athletes & cosmetic professionals searching to optimize sports rehabilitation, recovery, performance & human aesthetics through innovative & revolutionary medical device technology

The Polyter Evo into medical & sports practice

The Polyter Evo

* What it is: The polyter evo is the worlds first, combined, modular, and portable sports medicine device holding 6 forms of technology

* Designed for sporting teams

* Optimal performance & recovery anywhere

* High power laser, tecar therapy, low power laser, ultrasound, magnetotherapy and electrotherapy 

* Pre loaded & free procedure protocols for fast user friendly operating

*  Who uses these technologies: physiotherapists, chiropractors, high performance staff, podiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, recovery specialists, S&C coaches, speed coaches

Laser Therapy
* What is laser therapy: Photobiomodulation
* Applications:

- Pain
- Inflammation
- Recovery
- NeuroMusculoskeletal conditions
- Reduce onset of fatigue
- Enhance athletic performance
* Practical applications of laser therapy

How to apply for;

- Injuries
- Warm up
- Recovery
- Performance

Tecar Therapy
* What is Tecar Therapy
* What can you treat with Tecar therapy

The benefits of TECAR therapy are mostly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and pain management: But also an amazing tool to optimize athletic warm ups prior to exercise for injury prevention

  • Bruises and sprains
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Sports traumas
  • Muscle and tendon disorders
  • Neuropathies
  • Scar tissue
  • Spine and peripheral joint disorders
  • Vascular and lymphatic system disorders
  • Orthopaedic disorders of the peripheral nervous system
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Acute and chronic pain
Practical applications of laser therapy

How to apply for;

 Warm up

What is ultrasound .

What can you treat with ultrasound. 
How to use ultrasound
Practical applications of ultrasound

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.06  Laser therapy equipment
  • 04  Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology
  • 04.12  Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Our products

Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Mo-Vit TL

Mo-Vit TL is the first product of the Motus Vitae line, dedicated to the rehabilitationof the lower limbs and is suitable for all phases of the recovery process.

Thanks to its completeness, it is particularly suitablefor people with reduced motor skills and to elderly subjects, but also to athletes and ordinary people. Mo-Vit TL allows the recovery of the quantitative elements of motor function, without which most of the qualitative functions are precluded.

A robotic system which guarantees a high precision in the administration of the exercises, enabling  a continuous and close monitoring of the patient and the evaluation of the progress, through the storage of all the performed activities.


  • C.P.M. Continuous Passive Motion: the machine generates the movement at a constant speed without the need for the subject to generate the movement. Used in the initial stages of rehabilitation to maintain and exercise joint mobility, for example after surgery, and in cases where the subject has no ability to contract muscle, such as in cases of paraplegia. 
  • C.A.M. Continuous Active Motion: the machine generates the movement at a constant speed, the subject interacts by pushing when the R.O.M. increases, and resisting while the R.O.M. decreases. Useful during the first rehabilitation phase or for people with low mobility to start generating a muscle contraction while working on the joint mobility, with the possibility of choosing to use the desired strength.
  • Isometric a muscle contraction is produced, in certain positions of R.O.M., but without movement. Used when it is necessary to start increasing muscle contraction without dynamically involving the joint, for example to avoid angles of challenging R.O.M. from a joint point of view.
  • Isotonic: type of work with constant tense load. Used towards the end of the rehabilitation phase when subjects have started to achieve full recovery of strength and joint mobility. Unlike other devices on the market, Mo-Vit TL allows to define different loads in the concentric and eccentric phase of muscle contraction.
  • Auxotonic: type of work with progressive loading. Useful to put a load in the final part of the leg extension. With Mo-VIt TL it is possible to use different progressive load curves so as to choose the best one to achieve the set objectives.
  • Isocynetic: type of work at constant speed. A working methodology that allows you to express maximum strength. It is used both to improve maximal muscle performance and for isokinetic tests evaluation.

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


Introducing a new stage of technology where Italian engineering meets Italian design!

The new handpiece stands out for its marked ergonomics and functionality. So balanced and practical to offer the double handle mode: on the upper part of the barrel and at the lower end like a pen. The new pneumatic system produces a stronger and more effective shot.

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment, Laser therapy equipment


Introducing a new stage of technology where Italian engineering meets Italian design!

Extreme emission efficiency and precision: these are thekey features of Crystal Yag and Bipower Lux, two cutting- edge high-power laser devices 100% made in Italy. The laser sources as well are the result of years of research by our R&D department. They are produced internally and both the level of emission and energy are controlled by the power board.

The handpiece is equipped with a practical spacing system that allows to have 4 different spot sizes without changing the applicator.

Crystal Yag wavelenght: 1064 nm
Bipower Lux wavelenghts: 808 + 980 nm

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment

HR TEK - Tecar designed by ITALDESIGN

Introducing a new stage of technology where Italian engineering meets Italian design!

The new handpiece has been meticulously designed to allow the operator to carry out the treatment in absolute comfort. Two handle modes: on the upper part or as massage probe. With HR Tek it is possible to work in resistive, capacitive and bipolar mode (without the need of the return plate).

All the electrodes can be equipped with an innovative isolation system that blocks the trasmission of electromagnetic waves to the operator.

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment

Polyter Evo

A physiotherapy clinic at your fingertips!

Polyter Evo is a versatile device that can be implemented according to your needs. It’s an “alive” equipment thanks to the possibility to expand it with news modules at any time in complete autonomy. The innovative concept of expandable modularity allows you to combine one or more of the following technologies in only one case:

The first portable modular device!

The combination of cutting-edge technologies and trasportability make this device unique and multifunctional. The heart of Polyter Evo has been developed reducing size and weight of electronics. The simple and user-friendly software has been designed using all the features and graphics capabilities of the latest operating systems.

Ideal for sports therapy!
Polyter Evo is truly conquering the sporting world thanks to its effectiveness, reliability and practicality. Many teams of different disciplines chose it to treat their athletes:

- BORA-hansgrohe Cycling Team
- Lotto Soudal Cycling  Team
- AG2R La Mondiale Cycling Team
- Cofidis Cycling  Team
- Israel Academy Cycling team
- NTT Cycling Team
- Androni Giocattoli Cycling Team
- Zebre Rugby Club

- FSGC San Marino Football Federation
- FCI Italian Cycling Federation
- VL Victoria Libertas Basket

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment

Rigenera 3

Combined action for extraordinary effects on face and body!
Rigenera 3 is an innovative combined technology that allows to perform face and body treatments using simultaneously the properties of four aesthetic technologies:

  • Radiofrequency induces the rise in tissue temperatures, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  • The vacuum massage practices a slight suction of the skin tissue, promoting blood and lymphatic microcirculation.
  • In addition to stimulating cellular metabolism to produce more collagen and elastin fibers, LED also has an antioxidant, anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The softlaser is able to reactivate the microcirculation, acting effectively on water retention and on capillaries of face and body.
It is proven that the simultaneous use of these technologies is highly performing on tissues compared to the single sequential use of each of them.

  • ANTI-AGE ACTION: Thanks to the combined action of the technologies contained in Rigenera 3, fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin, replenishing the tissues and allowing a deep cell renewal. The lifting effect is thus immediate and long lasting.
  • TONIFICATION: The toning effect of tissues with Rigenera 3 is brought at its finest, thanks to the combined use of four different technologies.
  • RESHAPING OF THE SILHOUETTE: Body treatments carried out with Rigenera 3 have an almost immediate and visible effect with the naked eye from the first sessions. In fact, the combined action of the four technologies favors the absorption of localized adiposity, reducing the orange peel effect and reshaping the silhouette.

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About us

Company portrait

Founded in 1983 in Pesaro, EME has established itself over the years as a leading company in the production of electromedical products for physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine and aesthetics. All EME technologies are the result of continuous research and a strong synergy between the internal Research and Development department, the real heart of the company and specialists in the sector and institutions.

This allows us to offer more performing and innovative solutions and to update the existing ones thus offering the market 100% Made in Italy, cutting-edge and highly reliable products.

This way of thinking drives us to always seek for innovation, combining functionality and design in all our products. That is why we chose to cooperate with Italdesign, an Italian company leader in the design sector, with a multi-year experience in the development of almost futuristic style products.

Currently our products are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide and are globally recognized for quality and performances, so much so they have been chosen by sports teams, sports federations and high level clinics.

Anyway what matters more than numbers and references is the vision that has leaded us and inspired us for more than 30 years: “Offer the opportunity for everyone to feel good with their body, in health and harmony”.

Every day we work for this: to guarantee concrete results for patients all over the world. We do this offering our partners cutting-edge technologies and specific training to achieve the best possible results.

Company data

Export content max. 75%
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1983
Area of business
  • Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices
  • Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology

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