Riverside Medical Packaging Company Ltd. of Derby at COMPAMED 2020 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Riverside Medical Packaging Company Ltd.

Newmarket Drive, DE24 8SW Derby
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1332 579025
Fax +44 1332 757722

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Tony Crofts

Sales Director

Derby, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 (0) 1332 579025


Mark Kirk

Regional Sales Manager

Derby, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 (0) 1332 579025


Lucie Markgraf

Sales Administrator

Derby, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 (0) 1332 579025


Bob Hartwig

US Sales Agent


+1 201 961 4740


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Machine tools and peripheral equipment

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Other manufacturing equipment

Our products

Product category: Machine tools and peripheral equipment, Packaging machines, Other manufacturing equipment

The shawpak machine

The shawpak is a revolutionary machine offering a thermoforming solution to your packaging needs that is totally unique.
The machine has been designed and developed by a team of engineers from Riverside Medical Packaging.

Built in the UK at our state-of-the-art engineering facility based in Derby, every care has been taken to ensure the machines are built to the highest quality.

Amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all, very competitively priced.

These are just a few of its unique attributes. The shawpak is just so different - its tiny size and flexible layout means that it can be configured in so many different ways to suit the customer's requirements.

During the task of developing the shawpak, Riverside's extensive experience in packaging, dating back to 1979, has played a major role in identifying the vital features and production advantages that the shawpak provides, overcoming many of the disadvantages and limitations of the generic thermoforming machines currently available.

This method means no gripper chains and no trim, leading to much less maintenance, contamination and down-time. Coupled with this, the product is placed into the mould that creates the form, meaning no blister edges can ever be trapped in the seal.

Our philosophy with the design is based on producing packs in a single lane format. This simplifies the operation of the machine and leads to precise control of forming and, more critically, sealing parameters. This control leads to incredible repeatability which can be recorded and data logged.

Another great benefit is that coding and labelling is kept simpler on a single lane basis. While single lane may sound limiting, with cycle times of less than 3 seconds we are confident that shawpak will meet the majority of tasks both economically and efficiently.

The heart of the machine is a servo driven indexing drum which transports the webs through the machine. The drum is surrounded by forming, sealing and cutting stations. The product is simply loaded in to the top of the tooling drum and ejected out of the base onto a discharge conveyor. It is that simple!

Shawpak Tooling

A tool set consists of three main parts:

Forming Drum, Form Heater and Seal Plate.

The innovative design means that tooling is compact, lightweight, economic and above all quick and simple to change.

Forming Drum

The drum houses the forming cavities. These can be as simple as a basic rectangle through to a contoured 3D surface to match the product to be packed. Pack forms can be changed either by replacing the drum or by individual pocket inserts.

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Product category: Packaging machines

Shawpak Single Piece Flow Animation

Shawpak Single Piece Flow

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Company news



29 Oct 2020

Shawpak rising to the challenge in the global fight against COVID-19

As a supplier of machines dedicated to medical packaging and as part of the Riverside Medical Packaging group shawpak have been uniquely positioned to adapt our technology to design and build PPE manufacturing equipment along with offering standard shawpak thermoformers for the packaging of COVID vaccines.

During the pandemic shawpak have been involved in designing and building machines to manufacture millions of face shields, in support of Riverside’s other divison AMD we have manufactured machines to assemble and package drug delivery devices that have been supplied to health care organisations directly supporting the care of covid patients.

More recently shawpak have been asked to supply several of our rotary thermoformers on a short lead time to be commissioned and ready to package millions of covid vaccines upon clinical trial approval.

The shawpak team are extremely proud to have the opportunity and work so closely in helping to fight COVID-19 in multiple ways helping our customers and partners fight the pandemic both domestically and internationally.

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28 Oct 2020

Two Kimlas for Shawpak Send the Competitors Packing

Research and development has been at the forefront of Riverside Medical’s cutting-edge work since 1978. Initially specialising in bespoke medical packaging, the company has grown, and they now have another facility called Shawpak - specialising in the design and engineering of medical machinery. Now proud owners of two Kimla CNC routers, we spoke with Alan Wade, Works & Engineering Director, about the company’s growth, and how the CNC routers have become “an integral part of the business”. 

“Over a few months we began to realize there’s a lot more we can do on the Kimla CNC routers. It has become integral to the business and the production of the Shawpak machines” Alan Wade Works & Engineering Director 

 Expansion into machinery concept design and manufacture has resulted in rapid growth for Riverside Medical, with the creation of Shawpak. Having just opened a new sales office in America, Alan explained that, “what has helped us get to this point, and will help us to continue to grow the business, is the investment in machinery”. Initially looking for a robust machine to process dibond panels for the interior of their new Shawpak facility, Alan and the team researched several UK and European CNC suppliers. 

“We’ve had to think outside the box and have a look globally at what machines are out there to support the growth of the business” – Alan Wade 

“It’s not about the cost of the machine, it’s about the heritage, longevity, and availability. Hence, it’s not buying cheap, it’s buying what’s right, and the cost is secondary” - Alan Wade 

One of the machines they researched was the Kimla CNC router from Daltons Wadkin. The multi-purpose capabilities of the Kimla BPF CNC router make it suitable for almost any business working with wood, MDF, Plywood, aluminium and composites, cardboard, and plastics - to name a few. After a few months of processing dibond and aluminium panels, Alan explained that the Kimla CNC had ‘exceeded expectations’ as they realised the capabilities of the machine. This resulted in the purchase of a second Kimla CNC router in 2020, with an array of optional extras to ensure efficient production and operation. 

“Over a few months we began to realize there’s a lot more we can do on the Kimla CNC routers. It has become integral to the business and the production of the Shawpak machines” – Alan Wade 

Now with two Kimla CNC routers installed, Shawpak can produce both prototypes and finished medical machinery for market. Alan explains that all Shawpak machines are made up of separate aluminium plates which are then bolted together. With the Kimla software, operators can nest together all the parts onto sheets of aluminium, sometimes up to 40mm thick. “We have the templates for all the parts available to then nest together in various shapes and sizes, so we’re ahead of the game. The software that came with the Kimla is very easy to use”. Daltons Wadkin give certificated CNC training to operators as standard with Kimla CNC installations. 

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28 Oct 2020

Face Shield Machines to manufacture 1 1/2 million shields per month!

Riverside Medical Packaging Company Ltd were given the opportunity and challenge of producing over 6 million face shields between August and December 2020 to meet small and large customer orders.
Ramping up the production of face shields meant Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd needed to design and build 2 brand new Face Shield Manufacturing Machines and give commitment to the meeting the demand of the largest customers.
Shawpak is the engineering division of Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd and led the design and build of the Face Shield Machines. With the dedication of the design, manufacturing and engineering teams the two machines were completed and in production within just 6 weeks. This is a phenomenal achievement and one that has shown the grit and determination of the whole team when faced with such a huge challenge.
In such extremely challenging times the design team have had agility, flexibility and speed to create such unique and important machines.
“Starting from a blank sheet of paper, everyone worked as a team to pick up the challenge to design and build two new machines and complete the job in record time – just six weeks. The result has been extremely impressive and one that we are all proud of – the machines are running reliably 24 hours a day, with higher production rates than forecast, whilst producing high quality face shields to meet the demand of both small and large orders in the fight against Covid19.” Ivor Rowe the technical manager at Shawpak.  
After the face shield machines were designed these were then manufactured in house at Shawpak’s extensive machine shop. The recent investment of over £2m in the facility and machining centres including the five-axis Chiron milling machine and two high speed flat-bed router cutters meant our experienced workshop engineers could meet such complex designs and the high volume of parts required in a short space of time.
David Shaw, CEO of Riverside Medical Packaging “Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd has always invested in the engineering side of the business and understood the importance of this to support our customers, it has helped us grow from a small medical pouch making business in the 1980’s to the business we are today supplying millions of pouches to the medical industry along with high quality contract packing, medical device manufacture and more recently in the design and development of the revolutionary shawpak medical thermoform packaging machine range.
When tasked with supplying millions of face shields with a very short lead time I felt confident that the team at Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd and shawpak would  succeed in sourcing the raw materials to make the shields as well as developing the equipment to manufacture them. Producing the machines and sourcing all materials in order to meet the high demand in 6 weeks is veryimpressive”-
The capacity of both shield machines means Riverside are able to produce 1 ½ million shields per month. Thousands of shields have already been made and sent out to various customers.

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About us

Company portrait

The shawpak allows single piece flow for assembly and packaging of medical device in a clean room. Packaging product direct from automated assembly lines reduces; work in progress, product contamination and eliminates repeat inspection.

The revolutionary design of the machine is amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all very competitively priced. Being so compact with a small footprint, it is easy to move and free up space in production environments.

The unique design and tooling of shawpak thermoforming packaging machines is what gives it the edge. 

The shawpak machine has been developed by Riverside Medical Packaging, being built in the UK at our state-of-the-art engineering facility in Derby, and drawing on over 30 years of packaging machinery manufacturing experience.

Shawpak’s newest invention is the card back blister with the die cutting tool. Our thermorfom machine can produce a flexible blister, rigid blister with paper and film lidding and carded blister with die cutting, just with a tool change.

On all flexible packs there’s zero trim or waste, and on all rigid diecut packs there is very minimal waste giving you less wastage overall. The unique design allows almost any material to be run at almost any web width, giving you the freedom to design the packaging around your specific product.

Overall the shawpak gives a perfect thermoform solution for single piece flow medical device production lines.


Company data

Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Number of employees 100-499
Area of business
  • Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Packaging and print

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