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Startup Campus Germany UG

Münchener Str. 18, 85774 Unterföhring

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Miriam Sufraga

Key Account Manager

0049 (0) 152 521 424 59


Our products

Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

HubScience - Intelligent Text Mining Software

HubScience is an innovative solution to help you read through, process, organise and filter professional articles and publications.

It’s first and foremost task is to get relevant info for its users. You can highlight, and then categorize any word and after highlighting, the artificial intelligence helps find the keywords automatically in the upcoming pages! You can then connect these different keywords and categories to get an overview of your library and build a framework to keep track of what is important to you and how the different papers in your library connect to your central topic.

HubScience is the solution for everyone wanting to process literature systematically. The software is teachable, and therefore can help professionals in any field. HubScience is capable of processing PDF, DOC, DOCX, and HTML formats, even if you have thousands of pages. It is developed for teamwork, allowing you to connect the work of everyone in a group. Being up to date on the latest publications, research results and other professional articles is really time consuming when done inefficiently. HubScience will create a specific database based on the given highlighted information, saving you time and energy.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Your Anastomosis - Innovation for Surgical Training and Education

Anastomosis training kits with CFD Blood Flow Analysis. Evaluate the quality of your Anastomosis!

Annually 320,000 patients undergo operations using vascular anastomosis. 25-60% of these patients have post-operative complications due to anastomosis failure.  YourAnastomosis was founded with the vision to provide innovations for surgical education across the globe. Our service and products provide surgeons with an affordable 3D-printed simulator and detailed, objective analysis of their vascular sutures. 

At YourAnastomosis medical doctors, engineers, 3D modelers and experts share the same mission. We combine cutting-edge technologies for developing a method for analysis of vessel structures. This enables clear inspection for surgeons how to improve their work. Our case-specific models bring the problem-oriented learning in surgery to the next level. These together gives a realistic option for teaching and improving skills solving real problems in cardiac, vascular, plastic, orthopedic surgery and interventional procedures.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Pozi Technologies - High precision, real-time, positioning for all aspects of logistics

The New Efficiency Standard in Logistics. We digitize the parts that nobody would - but definitely should!

Pozi Technologies’
industry-grade indoor positioning and identification system is an intelligent, versatile intra-logistics supertool that significantly increases the efficiency of any operation or warehouse, while reducing costs and increasing operational safety. Pozi Tech identifies and accurately tracks the position and movement of objects in any type of indoor or outdoor environment, in real time, with utmost precision.
  • automatic item identification
  • real time track-and-tracing
  • online route analysis and guidance
  • object lifecycle tracking
  • automated alerts
Versatile technology platforms
Pozi utilizes all currently available identification and positioning technologies (UWB, RFID, BLE, OOR, GNSS, RTK-GPS, etc.) to perfectly match every environment. We are also actively researching the next generation of platforms, committed to keeping our leading position in the industry.

Positioning algorithms
Pozi’s patented algorithm provides accurate location with 75% less measurement actions than traditional trialteration. This allows for: more frequent positioning, more traceable units in one infrastructure (104 range vs. 102 range), and better battery life on tracking devices.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

AlphaControl - Comprehensive monitoring for the sustainability of smart buildings

AlphaControl - AlphaControl aims to produce a system which is capable of preemptive estimations of resource demands and consumption in intelligent buildings through autonomous machine learning and algorithmic analysis of historical data. 

AlphaControl uses;
  • Wireless technology for quick installation in old and new building (battery-less if possible)
  • a holistic approach, integrating all subsystems (HVAC, electric, water, wastewater, air quality, security, fire alarm, burglary, entrance, etc.)
  • IoT technology to integrate sensors (Heat, humidity, light, noise, CO2, VOC, Movement, etc.)
  • Machine learning and forecasting to get a thorough insight into costs
  • Energy consumption forecast for better integration to Power grid or national gas network (nomination, allocation)
  • Save on maintenance
  • Integrating all systems increases efficiency

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Drukka Digitals - End-to-end Web and Mobile App Development for Startups

Empowering innovators with impactful digital products. 

iOS and Android app development -  We develop native iOS and Android applications with modern UI design based on extensive UX research. Your application must be able to handle the growing number of users. That's why you need to make sure the app is scalable in a long term, we ensure that your app will be scalable. Drukka Digitals uses the followig techniques in its app development: Social platform integration, Push notifications, In-App-Purchases, Offline database and data caching, Real-time analytics.

Custom-made responsive web apps - We build website tailored to your business needs ensuring that your audience can easily navigate and convert. We use Node.js making your web app fast and easily scalable. We can assure you that your app fits for the needs of the growing number of users. More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile which means it's crucial to design for different screens and devices. 

Digital Product Management from Scratch - Startups face many challenges when they want to build a profitable digital product.  You might have a great idea but need help with implementing it and managing the project. We help you validate your product before you start spending on the product development. One of the leading reasons why startups fail is misunderstanding the market. Assuming that the market needs your product can cost your business. We help you analyse your target audience to confirm that there is a real market need.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Packageez - Software Solutions for Courier Services

Packageez is designed for small and medium-sized courier companies. The software allows you to track the fate of each parcel from ordering to invoicing. It is much more than a simple courier tracking system - it is a complex company management system optimized for courier companies. The two main parts of the system are the central control interface and a mobile application for couriers.

Packageez has all of the features needed to make your courier service run more efficiently:
  • Online fleet tracking - Live driver- and package-tracking with location, status and ETA.
  • Auto, semi-auto and manual package assignment - Fully customisable algorithm to allocate parcels.
  • Route planning with traffic monitoring - With the most efficient routing solution, couriers are always on the best route.
  • Partner and contact management - You can store partner and contact data and history in Packageez. 
  • Vehicle type management - Set the capacity and route planning mode of your different type of vehicles.
  • Financial modules - Money management with courier, partner and company wallets.
  • Comprehensive analytics - Get insight into delivery data to make better decisions as a leader.
  • Customizable service pricing logic - Create distance based, zone based, fixed price or other types of pricing logic.  
  • Automatic electronic billing - No paper, no printing, no postage costs. Less work for the accountant. 
  • Partner discount system - You can easily give different percentage or fixed discounts to your partners.
  • Courier salary management - Set comission based, fixed or custom salary calculation for your couriers.
  • Working time records - Manage your courier capacity, schedule the shifts of your employees. 

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