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sifin diagnostics gmbh

Berliner Allee 317-321, 13088 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 700 144-0
Fax +49 30 700 144-30

This company is co-exhibitor of
DiagnostikNet-BB Netzwerk Diagnostik Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand G52

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.01  Analyser systems / equipment

Analyser systems / equipment

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.13  Microplate, microtiter plates

Microplate, microtiter plates

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.16  Photometers


  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.01  Immuno assay testing

Immuno assay testing

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.03  Haematology / histology / cytology testing
  • 03.03.03  Immunohaematology testing, blood grouping

Immunohaematology testing, blood grouping

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.04  Microbiology testing
  • 03.04.01  Bacteriology testing in microbiology

Bacteriology testing in microbiology

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.04  Microbiology testing
  • 03.04.04  Other microbiology testing

Other microbiology testing

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.05  Infectious immunology testing
  • 03.05.01  Bacteriology testing

Bacteriology testing

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.05  Infectious immunology testing
  • 03.05.02  Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for

Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.07  Other diagnostics

Our products

Product category: Other diagnostics

Contract Manufacturing

We meet your requirements

Benefit from our experience in core areas:

·         Use our blood grouping monoclonal antibodies, which we supply as concentrates for further manufacturing use.

·         We share our know-how in the development and production of culture media with you and produce according to your  formulation.

·         Our bacteriological test reagents for serotyping may be supplied as bulk reagents.

Take advantage of our longstanding expertise in the contract manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies:

Since 1990 we have produced monoclonal antibodies for in vitro diagnostics and for research purposes. The contract manufacturing of bloodgroup-serological monoclonal antibodies in bulk began in 2004, in accordance with the applicable GMP regulations of the FDA.

We have a wide repertoire of processes for the cultivation, purification and labeling of monoclonal immunoglobulins of different species (mice, rats, humans, rabbits).

From cell line entry to the finished bulk product with all necessary process stages, we are prepared to assist you with individual offers that are tailored to your specific requirements. We look forward to every new challenge.


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Product category: Other diagnostics

Monoclonal Antibodies

The perfect combination of technology and antibody

Use your own technology combined with our antibodies.
We offer monoclonal antibodies for research or further use in your own technique.

Depending on your demand, we supply supernatant or purified antibodies.
In case you need a special labeling for your application, just contact us.

Our portfolio comprises:

·         Contract manufacturing monoclonal antibodies
·         Detection of human IgM antibodies
·         Anti-Mistletoe lectins
·         Shigatoxin (Verotoxin) specific monoclonal antibodies
·         Salmonella specific antibodies

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Product category: Immuno assay testing


Detection of rabies virus

Our Monoclonal Anti-Rabies, FITC, is used for detection of rabies virus in impression smears from different sources.

The direct immunofluorescence test can be used for the detection of rabies virus in brain tissues of animals and by virus isolation in cell cultures.

The product contains fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labelled monoclonal antibodies.

Our portfolio comprises:
·         Monoclonal Anti-Rabies, FITC

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Product category: Immunohaematology testing, blood grouping

Blood Grouping Serology

Blood grouping for every format

Our experience in development and production of monoclonal antibodies for blood grouping has a long history. For more than 20 years we have been working with monoclonal antibodies for blood grouping.

Our products are available in different ready-to-use formats: dropper bottle for routine diagnostics, bedside cards for confirmation tests or reagents for PK® instruments.

To IVD companies we offer our monoclonal antibodies in high concentration or in bulk.

Our portfolio comprises:
·         Bedside cards for identity proof
·         Antigen determination of the AB0 system
·         Antigen determination of the Rh system
·         Detection of additional blood grouping antigens
·         Anti-Human Globulin (Coombs)
·         Enzymes
·         Kits for PK7200® and PK7300®
·         Test reagents for PK7200® and PK7300®
·         Monoclonal antibodies

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Product category: Bacteriology testing in microbiology

Bacteriological Test Reagents

Are you looking for the serological confirmation of suspicious colonies?

sifin diagnostics gmbh offers a comprehensive line of specific test reagents for serotyping in clinical and veterinary diagnostics. Our tests are based on monoclonal antibodies. This leads to a strong and specific agglutination without cross reaction.

All our antibodies have been developed in-house and are manufactured in our company. Our products are offered as ready-to-use reagents in dropper bottles or as bulk to IVD companies.

Our portfolio comprises:

·         Salmonella Diagnostics
·         Shigella Diagnostics
·         Yersinia Diagnostics
·         Coli Diagnostics

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Product category: Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for

Culture Media

Culture media at first-hand

We are manufacturer of more than 200 different culture media and supplements in order to cultivate the microorganisms or specifically promote the growth of particularly fastidious species. Thus, you are optimally equipped for the analysis of veterinary or human samples. Special media for food, water, pharmaceutical products complete the portfolio.

Do you have a specific request? Or are you looking for a supplier of media based on your own formulation?

We develop and produce according to your demand.

Our portfolio comprises:

• Dehydrated culture media
• Supplements
• Additives
• Detection reagents
• Ready-to-use culture media
• Base materials

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Product category: Microbiological diagnosis, virology, equipment and systems for


Use the reference method for your routine diagnostics or fill the gap of your fully automated system

System for the phenotypic identification and susceptibility testing of bacteria and yeasts

The testing principle of MICRONAUT identification systems (ID) is based on the phenotypical detection of the biochemical characteristics of microorganisms. The antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) is based on phenotypical resistance detection by the growth of the microorganisms in the presence of the antibiotics / antifungal agents tested.

MICRONAUT software combines device management, device communication and data analysis as well as communication with the LIMS. The integrated expert system analyses the photometric test measurements and assumes the clinical validation. As an option, the software can be connected bidirectionally with the laboratory EDP.

·         Semi-automated system for the identification and susceptibility testing in microtitration plates
·         Easy handling
·         Standardised procedure
·         Optimised, software controlled reading and evaluation
·         Integrated expert system analyses the reader data for clinical interpretation
·         Designed for individual laboratory use
·         High flexibility

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About us

Company details

Your Trusted Partner in Diagnostics

The roots of sifin diagnostics gmbh, although established in 1991, can be traced back to the early 19th century. The “Impfinstitut” – the Vaccination Institute – founded in 1802 later became the Berlin Vaccination Institution, which was part of the Institute of Epidemic Control, later re-baptised as the State Institute for Immunopreparations and Culture Media in 1966 in former East Germany. This institute was what would eventually become sifin diagnostics gmbh.

Thanks to investments by a German family of entrepreneurs in 1992, the diagnostics division (microbiology and blood grouping serology) continued after the German reunification. Since then, sifin diagnostics gmbh has recorded constant growth. Today the company, which is still in family ownership, has an established position in the diagnostics industry. In the past few years, especially the export activities have been strengthened and could be intensively developed in the key markets of Europe and Asia.

sifin diagnostics gmbh offers more than 600 standard products in the area of microbiology and immunology. Beside this we are proud of our flexibility in special requests. We thus provide culture media according to your formulation, or we take care of your cell line. Our monoclonal antibodies may be supplied in your required format as ready-to-use or concentrate in bulk volumes.

The company has an excellent reputation thanks to ist great flexibility and reliability in the fulfilment of specific customer requests. sifin diagnostics gmbh is a trusted partner and competent contact for many companies all over the world.

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