ATMIK Metal Materials Co., Ltd of Kunshan at COMPAMED 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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ATMIK Metal Materials Co., Ltd

No. 6 Huxiang Road, Kunshan Development Zone, 205300 Kunshan
Telephone +86 512 36871264
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This company is co-exhibitor of
China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products

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COMPAMED 2019 hall map (Hall 8b): stand R21

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  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.01  Injection molding

Our products

Product category: Injection molding

General High Speed Steel

Normal high speed steels are used widely, 75% of total amount of high speed steel consumption. Normal HSS refers to the carbon content of 0.7%~0.9%. It is usually classifed th high speed steel into tungsten serial and molybdenum serial according to different content of tungsten and molybdenum. Main brands are W6Mo5Cr4V2 (M2) and W9Mo3Cr4V (W9), earlier tungsten high speed steel is W18Cr4V (W18) which is rarely used nowadays.
M2 high speed steel is widely used brand in the cutting tool markets. Because of 1%Mo in lieu of 1.8%W, this reduces total alloying element content in the steel, resulting in less quantity and less carbide inhomogeneity. This is helful in enhancing ductility, flexural strength and taughness of the steel. Therefore high temperature ductility and toughness of M2 is better than that of W18, which can be chosen as the tool materials for twist drill. Disadvantages of the grades are decarburization sensitivity at high temperature and poor grindability.
W9Mo3Cr4V (M2) and W9Mo3Cr4V (W9) belong to tungsten and molybdenum serial high speed steel
W9 tungsten and molybdenum high speed steel is the grade developed according to resource in China. Its proportion of W-Mo is between the proportion of W18 and M2. Flexural strength is better than W18, similar to M2. Decarbonization sensitivity and overheating sensitivity during heat treatment is better than that of M2. High temperature ductility is good, so is grindability and hot hardness resulting in good cutting performance. Old tungsten high speed steel W18Cr4V (W18) is rarely used nowadays. But the advantages of W18 are good at getting sharpening egde (low vanadium content), low overheating tendency during quenching process. Disadvantage are low hot plasticity, high production costs, poor distribution of carbide particles of large, horny form, it is not suitable to be selected as rolling drills or large cross sections cutting tool.

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Product category: Injection molding

High Speed Steel with High Performance

High performance HSS refers to the steel with the some alloyoing element increased to high level: V (>2.50%) or Co (≥ 4.5%) or Al(0.80~1.20%). Compared to normal high speed steel. High performace HSS can be hardened to 65~70HRC. The wear resistance and hot strength are both improved substancially. These grades can be used for tooling material for the processing of stainless steel, heat resisting steel and high strength steel. High performance HSS with about 2.5%V, its wear resistance is increased due to the high hardness of vanadium carbide, 2800HV in the steel. On the other hand, it also increases the difficulty when manufacturing the tools, especially in grinding. Typical grade of cobalt high speed steel is W2Mo9C4VCo8 (M42). Adding the cobalt in the steel can improve the hot hardness and resistance to oxidation at high temperature, it is therefore chosen to be the tool materials working at higher cutting speeds. Cobalt also plays important role in increasing martensitic transformation temperature, improving martensitic formation and precipitation of fine carbide particles in the tempering process obtaining secondary harding effect. This element can suppress the formed carbide particles growth, improving hardness and hot hardness during quenching and tempering process. High thermal conductivity of cobalt is useful to improve the tool performance in cutting. Adding cobalt into steel can reduce the coefficient of friction and improve its grindability. Aluminum high speed steel is a unique cobalt-free high performance high speed steel in China. Typical grade is W6Mo5Cr4V2Al (M2Al). Aluminum is a non-carbide forming elements, which can increase the solubility of W, Mo and other elements in steel and improving the cast microstructure. Therefore with the addition of Al into HSS, the hot strength、ductility and toughness are all increased. When cutting using Al HSS tool, the surface of tool can form aluminum oxide thin film at the high cutting temperature, which can reduce friction and helpful in chip removal. The mechanical properties and cutting performance using M2Al are similar to that of M42, while its price is much lower than M42. However, more attention should be paid to heat treatment process when using M2Al, impoper heat treatment parameters, especially improper annealing process after deformation, it will prone to mixed grain in structure and early tool failure.

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Product category: Injection molding

Powder Metallurgy HOP HSS

HEYE HOP series products are powder metallurgically produced high speed steels featured by its fine and evenly distributed carbides particles in the matrix. Because of its refined microstructure, HOP products are isotropic and high in ductility, wear resistance, toughness as compared to traditional HSS. It is worth to mention that the bending strength and the toughness of PM HOP products are 50-100% better than that of normal HSS. Comparing to carbide, the PM HOP products have good machinability and grindability and are better choice for the materials of complex shaped cutting tools.
Many success cases for the PM HOP products used as the tool materials of large size, complex shape in automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy industries. HOP products can really be a problem solver tool materials due to its refined microstructure which cannot be matched by the traditional HSS containing a lot of irregularly distributed coarse carbides.
Cutting tools of PM HOP materials can use higher cutting speed under dry cutting conditions with relatively satisfactory tool life. It is one of the effective method to improve the productivity and reduce the machining cost.

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Product category: Injection molding

Hot Work Die Steels

HEYE Special Steel Co.,ltd. is a specialized in manufacturing high speed tool steel integrated with production、R&D and National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Steel Technology capable of producing high quality tool steel. The cooperation equiped with IF, LF, VD melting process, SF, PM special forming process and unique forging process and other metallurgical processes to develop and produce hot work tool steels with high hot strength, high wear resistance with high isotropy properties. These steels can be chosen to be the tool materials applied under difficult working conditions to get longer tooling life. More homogeouse or less segregation of the hot working tool materials developed through SF, PM, special forging processes to meet the high demand of the modern industry. HEYE started from pilot production of GM, 65Nb, H42, 012Al, H13, Y33, HM1, H21 etc., to the new development of HIT H413, H414, H418 and U2 series. the company has established the brand name in the hot work tool steel in many application areas such as diecasting, forging and extrusion. Further more, HEYE is putting effort in getting customer intimacy to solve indivisual problems by helping customers to choose right steel grade and right heat treatment process.

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Product category: Injection molding

Spray Formed Die Steel

Because of inert gas atomization and rapid solidification of droplet deposition ,the spray formed die steel has low oxygen content , overall high density and fine microstrcture.

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About us

Company details

Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M) was established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI). It is a national high-tech enterprise approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences; it is also a leading high-tech enterprise approved by Beijing Science and Technology Commission.

AT&M was established in the Zhongguancun Science Park in December 1998 and underwent a successful IPO issuing 60 million of A share on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The registered capital has been CNY 863 million by December 2015.

AT&M is specialized in metallic materials and serves for emerging industries of strategic importance. It provides its high-end global customers with the advanced metallic materials, products and solutions to their materials technology problems in businesses covering Amorphous & Nano-crystalline Materials & Products, Refractory Materials & Products, Powder Materials & Products, Magnetic Materials & Products, Welding Materials & Products, Filtration Materials & Environmental Protection Engineering, High Speed Steel and Diamond Tools. AT&M has made great contributions to the development of national economy, national defense and aerospace industries.

Driven by the goal of "Innovation, Reputation, and Profit", AT&M has established a comprehensive technological innovation system. The company boasts a research and development team with seven academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 60 PhD graduates as its core. The company’s proprietary innovation has been recognized by numerous awards, including 82 State Invention Awards and State Technological Innovation Awards and 42 National Science and Technology Conference Awards as well as the granting of 220 patents. AT&M Technology Center was one of the first state-certified enterprise technology centers and has a 4 state-level and 14-provincial level engineering research centers, a number of other laboratories and post-doctoral research station. Strategic cooperation relationships on new materials R&D have been established with Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities and scientific research institutes as well as with overseas well-known enterprises. The company has been entrusted with, and successfully completed, many national key projects resulting in crucial and considerable benefits to society and the national economy.

AT&M has been rewarded as Outstanding Enterprise by SASAC and Ministry of Personnel since 1998. It was contentiously listed on Top 20 companies of Haidian Park in Zhongguancun Science Park and recognized as Beijing Trustworthy Company by Beijing Municipal Government.

AT&M has already established 4 production bases in the Yongfeng, Konggang, and Changping areas of Beijing, and Zhuozhou and Shijiazhuang in Hebei province since past 10 years, and owns 18 holding companies in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities. AT&M has set up comprehensive market channel and technology cooperation relationships in North America, Europe and Asia. The products has been recognized by many well-known enterprises in the worldwide and exported to more than 50 countries and regions. 

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