Chemence Ltd. of Corby, Northamptonshire at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Chemence Ltd.

13 Princewood Road, NN17 4XD Corby, Northamptonshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1536 402600
Fax +44 1536 400266

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 17): stand A15

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Lukasz Karaszewski

Director of Sales EMEA



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.12  Other surgical instruments and products
  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.07  Emergency medicine, rescue equipment
  • 01.07.03  First-aid equipment
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.07  Disposables
  • 05.07.03  Disposable articles for surgeries
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.06  Other bandages, dressings and accessories
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.07  Wound covering / skin substitutes

Our products

Product category: Wound adhesives, Other surgical instruments and products, Disposable articles for surgeries, Other bandages, dressings and accessories, Wound covering / skin substitutes, Instant wound dressings, Other wound care equipment

Exofin® Topical Skin Adhesives - Fastest 2-octyle based tissue glue, optimized for OR

Exofin® Topical Skin Adhesives are the fastest polymerizing 2-octyl topical adhesive on the market today, with average set times of less than 40 seconds. Exofin has also the highest viscosity formula to reduce the risk of adhesive migration, which is critical especially when applying in sensitive areas. The adhesive is supplied in highly innovative and intuitive application device. Simply tighten the pre-assembled applicator tip and begin to express adhesive from the aluminum tube. Lack of glass in packaging ensures users’ safety. Soft and Flexible Applicator glides across uneven surfaces, creating a solid seal on skin. Transparent Tip allows user to see the adhesive prior to expression. The product is ‘’technique independent ‘’, allowing to apply as much or as little adhesive as needed. 2-Octyl formulation is proven to be the strongest and most flexible adhesive, it creates a microbial barrier against clinically relevant pathogens. Exofin® comes in 0.5ml (Micro) and 1ml tube fills.  Exofin® 1ml provides 25% more adhesive than the largest competitive products available. Increased volume allows for cost savings per procedure.

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Product category: Wound adhesives, First-aid equipment, Disposable articles for surgeries, Other bandages, dressings and accessories, Wound covering / skin substitutes, Instant wound dressings, Other wound care equipment

Derma+Flex® Tissue Adhesive - optimized for Accident and Emergency Room

Derma+flex® was designed to combine quick set time with low exothermic effect. Unlike n-Butyl   and 2-Ocyle adhesives with initiators, Derma+flex ® does not heat up while polymerizing. This sting-free feature together with multiple use applicator makes it an ideal adhesive for Accident and Emergency settings. Derma+flex® performs perfectly at A&E wards with no need of application of anesthesia even with kids or patients with sensitive skin.  

Unlike other products, our formula doesn’t require any activator or additional steps after application. Once applied to the wound, Derma+Flex® quickly polymerizes in reaction to the chemistry of the skin, creating a strong-but-flexible wound closure bridge and microbial barrier. Derma+flex® is recommended for closure of easily approximated traumatic wounds and surgical incisions* such as:
  • Nephrectomy                                                                   
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Anthroplasty                                                                    
  • Colorectal resection
  • Heart bypass                                                                    
  • Hepatectomy
  • C-section                                                                          
  • Partial mastectomy / mastectomy
Unlike numerous competitive products Derma+flex® doesn’t require refrigeration. It can be stored at temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celcius.

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Product category: Wound adhesives, First-aid equipment, Other bandages, dressings and accessories, Wound covering / skin substitutes, Instant wound dressings, Other wound care equipment

Liquid Skin® The Better Bandage™


Pharmacy and Drug Store favourite,  Liquid Skin® The Better Bandage™ is a Class 1,  multiple use product, applied for minor cuts, abrasions and blisters. Offered around the globe it is distributed also by sports and outdoors as well as hardware stores.  

Liquid Skin® works better than traditional adhesive plasters. It is a flexible adhesive that provides a secure and transparent
protective seal. Applied topically over the wound creates a bridge bond over the wound edges.
Liquid Skin® seals the entire wound area and promotes healing by locking in the body’s natural oils and moisture, a
crucial part of the healing process.  

Liquid Skin® is flexible and ideally suited for areas of skin exposed to flexing that are associated with sports and working
environments. Liquid skin provides needed protection to seal and heal any minor cuts, abrasions or
blisters, allowing you to get on with your day instantly.
  • Rapidly seals and protects
  • Lasts up to 5 days
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • No burning or stinging
Unlike other liquid plasters, Liquid Skin® is easy to apply and stays where you want it ,without running or sagging.
The Liquid Skin® pack contains 1 or 2 multiple-use pipettes of Liquid Skin.

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About us

Company details

Chemence Ltd. based in Corby, UK is a sister company of  Chemence Medical Inc. based in Alpharetta, GA, USA. 
Chemence is a leading manufacturer of medical adhesives and adhesive systems for wound closure . The companys’ 2-octyl cyanoacrylate high viscosity tissue adhesives offer fast set time in less than 40 seconds, flexible and strong wound closure with microbial and water-proof barrier for safety and comfort of patients around the globe. Our medical adhesives allow for reduction of time and cost of wound closure procedures in Emergency Room and Operating Theatre, as well as ensure quicker wound healing and better aesthetic effect. Chemence Medical Exofin®, Exofin Fusion® and Derma+Flex® product lines are used for obstetrics and gynecology procedures, general operations, cardiovascular surgeries, cosmetic and orthopedic injuries procedures as well as emergency room closure of traumatic wounds performed by major medical centers in the US, UK and abroad.

For more information please visit our websites:
Surgical adhesives:
Wound closure systems:
Emergency Room adhesives:

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Company data

Sales volume

50-99 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

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Area of business

Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals