Teco Diagnostics of Anaheim, CA at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Teco Diagnostics

1268 N. Lakeview Ave., 92807 Anaheim, CA
Telephone +1 714 4631111
Fax +1 714 631169

This company is co-exhibitor of
Messe Düsseldorf North America

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Our range of products

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  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.03  Urinalysis equipment and systems

Urinalysis equipment and systems

Our products

Product category: Urinalysis equipment and systems


Urine Reagent Strip‐9 (URS‐9)
Color Indicator
Testing Procedure:
Storage Temperature:
Expected Values/Sensitivity:
Glucose: Concentrations as little 0.1g/dL may be significantly abnormal if found
consistently (100mg/dL sensitivity)
Bilirubin: No bilirubin in normal urine (0.4‐0.8mg/dL sensitivity)
Ketone: No ketones in normal urine (5‐10mg/dL sensitivity)
Specific Gravity: Random urine varies in specific gravity from 1.003‐1.040+ (correlates
within 0.005 with values obtained with the refractive index method)
Blood: No blood in normal urine (0.015mg/dL sensitivity)
pH: Newborn: 5.0‐7.0; Thereafter: 4.5‐8.0 ; Average: 6.0 (quantitative differentiation of
values to one unit)
Protein: 1‐14mg/dL may be excreted by the normal kidney (15mg/dL sensitivity)
Urobilinogen: 0.2‐1.0 EU/dL in healthy urine (0.2 EU/dL sensitivity)
Nitrite: No nitrite in normal urine (0.075mg/dL sensitivity)
Limitations of Procedure:
Glucose: Moderate amounts of ketone bodies (40mg/dL or greater) may decrease color
development in urine containing small amounts of glucose (75‐125mg/dL). However,
such concentration of ketone simultaneously with such glucose concentration is
metabolically improbable in screening. The reactivity of the glucose test decreases as the
specific gravity and/or ascorbic acid of the urine increases. Reactivity may also vary with
Bilirubin: Reactions may occur with urine containing large doses of chlorpromazine or
rafampen that might be mistaken for positive bilirubin. Indican (indoxyl sulfate) and
metabolites of Lodine® may cause false positive or atypical color; ascorbic acid (25mg/dL
or greater) may cause false negative results.
Ketone: Color reaction that could be interpreted as “positive” may be obtained with
urine specimens containing MESNA or large amounts of phenylketones or L‐dopa
Specific Gravity: The chemical nature of the specific gravity test may cause slightly
different results from those obtained with the specific gravity methods when elevated
amounts of certain urine constituents are present. Highly buffered alkaline urine may
cause low readings relative to other methods. Elevated specific gravity readings may be
obtained in the presence of moderate quantities (100‐750mg/dL) of protein.

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About us

Company details

For over 30 years, Teco Diagnostics has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices. From urinalysis to clinical chemistry reagents, we have high quality solutions for all diagnostics needs. Based in the USA, our production and manufacturing is FDA regulated, follows strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations, and ISO certified (ISO #13485).

With customers and distributors in over 100 countries worldwide and CE marking and established registration already available, we take great pride in being able to service the world with our products.

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