Thought Technology Ltd. of Montreal, QC at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Thought Technology Ltd.

5250 rue Ferrier, Suite 812, H4P 1L3 Montreal, QC
Telephone +1 514 489-8251
Fax +1 514 489-8255

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Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc.

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Helen Mavros

Sales and Marketing Dept.



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  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.07  Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems
  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.12  Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Rehabilitation equipment and devices

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Product category: Electromagnetic wave equipment, biofeedback systems


A few easy examples of this are increased heart rate, quickening of the breath, and the release of hormones, like cortisol, that stimulates motivation and energy levels. This positive stress reaction pushes the body to persevere through the moment or task at hand. After the event or experience has passed, the body’s systems relax to recuperate and conserve resources.
When the nervous system is out of balance, the stress reaction can persist and become unhealthy. This negative stress manifests itself as persistent elevated heart and respiration rate, as well as sweaty palms, cold hands, inability to calm or focus one-self, and difficulty sleeping. The insidious effects of long-term stress hamper the body’s health and ability to recover, leading to anxiety, depression, insomnia, heart disease, weight gain, poor performance and problems with memory and concentration. These psychophysiological disorders know no bounds; they can affect any child, parent, senior, student, professional, veteran, athlete, or person in our world.
Regardless of what type of clientele you treat in your practice, your goal is to give them the tools to better cope with the stressful demands of their lives. A challenge of any strategy or therapy is its effectiveness outside of the clinic: how can you be sure they’re correctly following your guidance? Encouraging a balanced and healthy nervous system against the effects of persistent stress requires a successful method for generalizing the therapy.
The eVu TPS is the tool that helps clients help themselves, by providing the framework to achieve such clinical progress in the real world.

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Company news




Aug 27, 2019

Thought Technology is Pleased to Announce a Joint Distribution Agreement with Evoke Neuroscience for its eVox® System

MONTREAL March 14, 2019 -- The eVox® System is a medical device that enables primary and specialty care physicians to assess brain function in-office and use the results to aid in making a clinical diagnosis.
The eVox System will be on display at the Thought Technology booth at the AAPB 50th Annual Meeting – March 13-16, 2019 in Denver, CO.
Marinela Gombosev, Chief Executive Officer at Evoke Neuroscience stated, “We are proud to announce our distribution partnership with Thought Technology which will expand access to the eVox System. To date, the eVox System has been used to measure the brain health of over 48,000 patients in primary care clinics and specialty practice settings in the United States. eVox adds significant value to clinical practices because it offers doctors the opportunity to implement early interventions to reduce risk of cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's, and other dementias by aiding doctors in diagnosis of memory loss and other cognitive disorders.”
Historically, most providers have relied on self-report questionnaires and effort-based computerized testing for determining a diagnosis. But to understand cognitive health, and more specifically memory, it is important to measure key biomarkers of the brain itself. The eVox System delivers objective and stable biomarkers that may aid in the diagnosis of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
Primary and specialty care physicians can use eVox to acquire these biomarkers, in-office, via a non-invasive procedure performed with minimal staff training and time. Doctors should use their professional judgment in determining when the eVox System is appropriate to aid in diagnosis.
“The eVox System is a wonderful addition to our product line and our collaboration with Evoke Neuroscience will allow Thought Technology to expand its assessment and training solutions to customers who are interested in using Quantitative EEG prior to trainings,” said Helen Mavros, Director of Sales and Marketing at Thought Technology.
Demo of eVox System at AAPB Meeting The eVox System will be on display at the Thought Technology booth at the AAPB 50th Annual Meeting – March 13-16, 2019 in Denver, CO. On Friday, March 15th, Evoke Neuroscience CEO, Marinela Gombosev, will be on hand for a live demonstration.
About Thought Technology Ltd. Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback and physiological instrument manufacturer. Its products are used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols in over 85 countries and are used by tens of thousands of clinicians in thousands of medical institutions.
Always supportive of new research and development ideas, Thought Technology Ltd. has encouraged a number of special interest groups and clinicians to create cutting edge applications for its instrumentation. Thought Technology Ltd. equipment is now being used in telemedicine, web-based monitoring and biofeedback, sports training, research in human-machine interface, physiology-driven multimedia environments and virtual reality. Constantly striving to improve the quality of the products and services, TTL has obtained, and maintains, ISO 13485, and CE certification for the organization and products
About Evoke Neuroscience, Inc.
Evoke Neuroscience was formed in 2009 with the mission to improve diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders with objective, clinically meaningful, and easy-to-use products. Physicians use the eVox® System to acquire objective and stable biomarkers that may aid in the diagnosis of cognitive diseases such as dementia. Evoke was named one of the INC. 500/5000 fastest growing companies two years in a row.

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Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback, neurofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our instrumentation not only monitors and records a wide variety of physiological and mechanical signals, but also analyzes and provides feedback in real time, through a variety of auditory and visual means, to promote self-regulation and conditioning.

Our equipment is used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols to treat stress related disorders as well as provide treatment for incontinence and muscle rehabilitation, including sEMG-triggered stimulation. On the non-medical side, it is also used in ergonomics, sports & peak performance and educational applications – wherever accurate and sensitive psychophysiological monitoring and biofeedback are needed.

To meet the needs of the research and education markets with flexible, reliable and accurate physiological data acquisition, we recently created the Science Division.

Thought Technology sponsors a number of workshops, taught by world authorities in their fields, to teach clinical skills and the effective use of biofeedback instrumentation. Because of our profound commitment to clinical education, Thought Technology became the corporate founding member of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe, which was created to promote a greater awareness of biofeedback among health professionals worldwide.

Constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services, for years Thought Technology has diligently maintained ISO 13485 medical device certification, CE certification in Europe and strict adherence to many other regulatory regulations all over the world. Our production plant and administrative offices employ 50 people. Our worldwide distribution network has sold over half a million instruments. Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback and psycho-physiological instrument manufacturer giving substance to our motto: "Technology for Better Health".

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