Medprin Biotech GmbH of Frankfurt am Main at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Medprin Biotech GmbH

Gutleutstr. 163-167, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone +49 69 58005 9970
Fax +49 69 58005 9971

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.08  Neurosurgical instruments and equipment

Neurosurgical instruments and equipment

Our products

Product category: Neurosurgical instruments and equipment


NeoDura™ is an absorbable dural repair patch made of novel, composite material consists of synthetic material and gelatin.

Suture & Onlay
NeoDura™ can be sutured or applied as an onlay.
NeoDura™ is strong enough to hold the sutures, yet can be easily hydrated by simply soaking in the saline. Therefore, it can be sutured on the defect, or be applied as an onlay, as per surgeon’s selection.

Physical barrier between brain tissue and the skull
We have tested the anti-adhesion properties of NeoDura™ against brain tissue, animal study showed that regardless of implantation time, NeoDura™ remained non-adhesive to the brain tissue, which will not lead to complications from the surgery.

Softer & More Conformable
NeoDura™ is softer and more conformable than collagen based dural substitute. When hydrated, it becomes opaque and blood vessels can be observed through, making it easier for the surgeons to judge the needs of hemostasis.

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Product category: Neurosurgical instruments and equipment


ReDura™ is manufactured with FDA approved degradable material poly-L-lactic acid which has been widely proved the biocompatibility and non toxicity.  It has been widely applied in more than 30 countries, and demonstrates outstanding efficacy and safety for the repair of the dural defect.

Features and Benefits:
CSF Impermeability
Redura™ is hydrophobic with more than 90 contact angle which acts as a watertight barrier for the prevention of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Leakage. It attains a favorable dural closure, preventing common complications associated with CSF Leakage.

High Strength and No-Swelling
Redura™ achieves excellent tensile strength, strong enough for positioning and repositioning of the product during operative handling. The biomaterial does not swell and can be easily unfolded after hydration without tearing.

Excellent Conformity
Redura™ is flexible and conforms to the contours of the brain very well after hydration, limit the risk of foreign body reaction, and mitigate the possibility of immunological response.

Rapid Repair and Regenration
The biomimetic structure of Redura™ resembles to the microstructure of native dural matrix, providing an appropriate trestle for cells proliferation, rapidly repairing the defective area.

Flexible Surgical Application
With the advantage of thinness, softness and high strength, Redura TM is easy and simple to apply with flexibility.

Superior Anti-adhesion Ability
The unique material property of Redura TM endows the product favourable anti-adhesion ability to surrounding tissues, which has been proved by low adheasion risk in tens of thousands of clinical cases.


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Product category: Neurosurgical instruments and equipment

Recranio-Craniofacial Repair System

Recranio-Craniofacial Repair System

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About us

Company details

Advanced Industrialization Base
MEDPRIN BIOTECH is a high-tech enterprise co-founded by outstanding biomedical scientists in September 2008, specialized in R & D, production and sales of regenerative medicine materials and regenerative implantable medical devices. MEDPRIN aims to become global leader in the field of implantable medical devices, relying on amazing capacity to provide excellent products for the patients worldwide based on biological 3D printing technology and nano-bionics technology, so MEDPRIN will accurately and efficiently manufacture more new implantable medical devices for human tissue recovery, replacement and regeneration, in accordance with the enterprise cultures featured in "innovation, cooperation and mutual love" and the quality policy to play a leading role in science & technology capacity and quality and constantly keep sound integrity to save more lives.

Global Leader in Biological 3D Printing
MEDPRIN attaches great importance to intellectual property protection, and has applied for nearly 200 domestic and foreign patents and nearly 100 authorized patents of the USA, Russia, China and others. MEDPRIN is committed to industrialization of series of international leading regenerative medicine engineering technology in China. MEDPRIN’s first product ReDura® Biomimetic-Synthetic-Absorbable Dural Substitute has accepted CE and CFDA registration certificate. ReDura® has been widely applied in more than 60 countries on tens of thousands of cases, and thus is considered as the dura mater (ridge) membrane closest to patient’s autologous cells with the best repair effect. In order to further develop the product market, MEDPRIN has been actively executing strategy of globalization, and has set up branches respectively in America, Germany and China, providing market and technical support to customers around the world.

In addition to ReDura®, MEDPRIN is doing the endeavor to develop a dozen of human tissue repair products, including personalized skull and maxillofacial repair system, female pelvic diaphragm repair system, tensionless urethral sling, hernia repair piece, artificial skin, blood vessels and ligament, laying technical foundation for future development of more complex and advanced artificial tissues and organs. MEDPRIN will make great efforts for continuous innovation, embracing the objective to become the world's leading high-end implantable medical device company that can make considerable contribution to the improvement of Chinese technology and industrialization of medical devices.

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