Techno Concept SARL of Manosque at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Techno Concept SARL

25, Place de L'Encas, 04100 Manosque
Telephone +33 4 0492790856
Fax +33 4 92790861

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand D22

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

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  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.08  Physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


The reference in balance rehabilitation

GYMPLATE© is a platform equipped with high precision force sensors, allowing the analysis of the patient's balance by recording the movements of their centre of pressure (projection of the centre of gravity).

> A multi-sensory approach

 The modularity of the Gymplate© platform allows the physiotherapist to change both test conditions and patient's balance workout (eyes open/closed, with foam, unstable plate, optokinetic disturbance [e.g. Optotest] ... etc ) in order to detect and rehabilitate the respective influence of each sensory input on balance (vision, proprioception, inner ear).

The software allows a complete assessment of the patient's balance through simple and precise clues, and then according to the detected problems provides the patient with targeted and tailored rehabilitation exercises with auditory and visual feedback:

• Lateral/sagittal instability
• Lateral/sagittal asymmetry
• Left/right transfer of support
• Stability limits workout
• Eyes closed workout (auditive feedback)
• Double-Task workout

> A proactive and fun rehabilitation

The software interface provides the patients with a visual and/or auditory feedback on the quality of their balance, allowing them to gradually rebuild their motor skills and appreciation of their motor control. They get involved in their rehabilitation in an effective and playful way.

Monitoring progress of the patient is also possible by comparing a first recording with a second at the end of the medical care, or by controlling the evolution of the score obtained for each exercise over the sessions.

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


Enhance your patients' balance

Optotest© is an optokinetic stimulator used for vestibular disorders rehabilitation.
This technique enables to project a moving visual scene in a dark space, whose disruption causes a neuro-sensory conflict and allows to strengthen a poor balance, to eliminate a visual dependency or a rotatory vertigo

A sensorial rebalancing

 The therapeutic aim is to provoke a neuro-sensorial conflict: while plantar skin information detects stability, the visual information received indicates the opposite. The conflict forces the subject to use a third sensory input to stabilize himself: vestibular informations.

This remotely optokinetic stimulator is composed of a breakthrough sphere whose center is composed of a light source, inducing a 360° visual stimulation field. Mobile around its 3 axes, it can generate stimulations with per-rotatory vections in the desired direction and orientation:

Front/Rear rotation | Left/Right rotation | Combined rotations

Rotation speed (from10°/s to 120°/s) and direction can be set for each of the 3 motor s independently.

The practitioner can use 3 modes :
> Manual mode
> 3 redordable patterns (remote control)
> Free pattern creation and patients' database (software)

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment



The main challenge of gait rehabilitation is to re-establishthe coordination between motricity and related neurosensory informations.
Today Vibramoov™ offers to healthcare professionals and patients a unique neurorehabilitation therapy enabling to maintain this functional interaction throughout the recovery process.

Vibramoov™ technologies are now revolutionizing functional movement therapy by preserving the sensory and motor functions even when motion is impossible.

Arising from 30 years of scientific and clinical researches*, Vibramoov™ uses Functionnal Proprioceptives Stimulations (FPS) allowing to stimulate the nervous system with sensory informations identical to those normally going along natural gait.

These stimulations keep alive sensorimotor interactions of people with lost walking abilities and stimulate their neuroplasticity.

*Techno Concept exclusive patent licence agreementWO 2009130579. Co-development Pr. Roll JP. and Dr. Roll R.

Vibramoov™ represents a continuum of care for any patients with lost walking capabilities.

Its early and enhanced action on the neuroplasticity limits the occurrence of the multiple damages induced by sensorimotor deprogramming caused by movement deprivation.

> Acquired or congenital neurological impairments
(ataxia, brain injury, dystonia, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, stroke…)
> Orthopaedics
> Consequences of aging (ankylosis, balance deficit,immobility syndrome, muscular weakness)
> Spinal cord injuries


> Prevention of « sensorimotor deprogramming »
> Early, continuous and repeated rehabilitative action
> Locomotor training
> Stimulation of neuroplasticity and motor recovery
> Regulation of muscle tone with reduction of spasticity

> Central action through peripheral stimulation
> Continuum of neurorehabilitation
> Application to many locomotor disorders
> Increase and enhancement of daily rehabilitation
> Short set up (less than 10 minutes)
> Only one therapist to operate and self-treatment

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About us

Company details

Patients' health and practitioners' satisfaction  
are the result of a combination of listening, competence and performance. TechnoConcept's primary mission is to meet these expectations alongside health professionals.

Our products and services are intended for medical and paramedical practitioners specialized in Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation through a full range of multidisciplinary products and a single goal: optimize both your daily practice and the efficiency of your patients’ rehabilitation.
Innovation, Efficiency, Quality

Born in its R&D service and designed entirely by our team, Techno Concept’s range of products follows a process completely controlled by the company, from conception to commercialization. Our many collaborations with clinicians and research centers ensure the quality and performance control of our products.

We help you in everyday life through:
  > The innovation of our R&D service
  > The quality of our products and equipments
  > Our Training, Installation and After-Sales services

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