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Betatech Medical Ltd. Sti.

Ikitelli OSB. Ataturk Oto Sanayi Sitesi, 22. Sok.Unal Is Merkezi No: 9 Basaksehir, 34490 Istanbul
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.07  Disposables
  • 05.07.03  Disposable articles for surgeries

Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

BETAMIX Adhesion Barrier film

Betamix Adhesion Barrier Film
Betamix is a clear piece of thin film that’s used during different surgeries to help prevent adhesions, or internal scar tissue. It sticks to your internal tissues and separates them from your organs to help stop them from attaching to one another as they heal.

Betamix is made up absorbable polymers which occurs naturally in the body and used in pharmaceuticals. Once the film is placed inside the body, it turns into a gel and protects against adhesions for two to three weeks. 

Full view of the surgical site
Betamix Adhesion Barrier is a transparent film that does not impede the surgeon’s full view of the surgical site during or after application, allowing visualization of key anatomical landmarks for safe and optimal placement.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

POLYMESH Polypropylene Mesh

Macroporous open pore structure promoting maximum integration

Thin wall structure with less material for reducing scar tissue build up and minimizing patient discomfort

Uniformly strong.
Strong and durable PP material maintains consistent levels of strength while avoiding the problems associated with composite meshes

Transparent open pore structure facilitating fast incorporation and visualization of underlying tissue structures

Polymesh Polypropylene
Polymesh Macroporous Polypropylene Surgical Mesh is an implant suitable for different types of fascial defects. Polymesh provides the favorable ingrowth and healed-strength characteristics of a large-pore monofilament polypropylene mesh with optimized handling and biocompatibility attributes in one high-performance implant of polypropylene (PP).

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

BETAMIX Vaginal Sling

Betamix Biourethral Support System is a mesh implant for reinforcing connective tissue structures and ligaments. Betamix is knitted from non-resorbable, monofilament polypropylene fibre.

The specially developed knitted structures and ideal mesh size of Betamix are optimally matched to the fields of application for which it is intended.

How does Betamix Sling System work?
SUI occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor become weak and no longer provide adequate support for the urethra. Betamix sling system allows the physician to place sling under the urethra.The sling cradles your urethra in a position that mimics normal anatomy to give it more support and prevent accidental urine leakage.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

BETAMIX Incise Drape

Betamix Incise Drape is a transparent, adhesive polyurethane film which allows the skin to breathe, so preventing moisture build-up under the drape. As a result Betamix adheres throughout long surgical operations to the surrounding skin and most importantly to the wound edge.
• Adheres right up to wound edge
• Transparent minimal glare surface
• Thin yet extremely strong
• Conformable and elastic
• Provides a sterile working field around the operation site
• Holds drapes securely in place

Adheres right up to wound edge. The drape will stay in place even throughout major operations involving prolonged retraction of wound edges. 

Thin yet extremely strong
Betamix Incise Drape is tear resistant, yet can be
cleanly cut with a scalpel.
Conformable and elastic
Betamix Incise Drape is very conformable on awkward operation sites, yet its elastic qualities make it suitable for use where heavy manipulative surgery is involved, for example, in a total hip replacement. 

Maintains a sterile operation site
Incise Drape provides a sterile working field surrounding the incision site.
For use as an incise drape in major or minor surgery,including: 
Neuro surgery
Major abdominal
Open Heart and Thoracic

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

BETAMIX Antimicrobial Incise Drape

Are made of a breathable film which provides superior adhesion especially during critical and long surgical procedures. Have unique low memory stretch to allow limb mobilisation or heavy retraction reducing the tension applied to the skin. Are highly conformable, allowing smooth adhesion to all contours of the body.

Betamix antimicrobial protection is safe and effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria which cause surgical wound infections including:

  • Staphlycoccus Aureus
  • Staphlycoccus Epidermidis
  • Bacillus Subtillis
  • Streptococcus Agalactiae
  • Streptococcus Pyogenes
  • Enterococcus Faucalis
  • Escherica Coli
  • Pasteurella Multicida

  • Orthopaedic
  • Neuro surgery
  • Major abdominal
  • Plastic
  • Open Heart and Thoracic
  • Paediatric

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Neurosurgical Patties

Same properties of traditional Cotton patties, but thinner for better visibility

Same properties of traditional Cotton patties,but stronger and more pliable

The only product has the highest absorbent capacity

The only product which is the thinnest and softest with high absorbency

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About us

Company details

As a major independent player in the design, research, production and sale of surgical products (polypropylene mesh for hernia, stress urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse, intraperitoneal dual mesh, partially absorbable mesh, adhesion barrier film, adhesion barrier gel, surgical patty, surgical incise drapes, polymer ligation clip, tissue retrieval bag, incision protector), Betatech is relied on by the medical world to develop highly technical solutions to answer the increasingly complex requirements of modern surgery.

Betatech was established to provide innovative products different surgeries. Our company continues to maintain close relationships with leading surgeons worldwide, making new product development an ongoing process. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing devices used in spine surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology and abdominal surgery.

All the products are manufactured with respect to the objectives of the our Quality System, in conformity with ISO 13485, bear the CE markings released for the purposes of European Directive 93/42/EEC.

Our company is represented in over 30 countries by the side-by-side marketing program.

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