Remi Elektrotechnik Limited of Dist. Palghar at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Remi Elektrotechnik Limited

Building 'B', Survey No. 65/1 Village Valiv, Vasai (East), 401208 Dist. Palghar
Telephone +91 22 40589888
Fax +91 22 40589890

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand B88

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.02  Centrifuges
  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.09  Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.11  Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.20  Shaking and mixing units
  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.24  Other laboratory equipment

Other laboratory equipment

Our products

Product category: Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

REMI Cold Cabinets

REMI Cold Cabinets are designed for bio sample storage applications in pharmaceutical, microbiology, biotechnology, chemical & research labs.


  • Temperature range 2 °C to 12 °C
  • Unique design of thermal barrier for better energy efficiency
  • Machine filled PUF insulation to eliminate void pockets
  • Powerful fan motor for forced air circulation to maintain uniform conditions inside chamber
  • Chamber calibration port on side
  • Adjustable trays
  • Hermetically sealed Compressor with CFC free refrigerant
  • Alarms for high / low set parameters
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • Time delay for compressor switch on
  • Overload cut off relay for compressor
  • Rounded inner chamber for easy cleaning
  • Attractive door profile
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display of Temperature with set, process value & audio visual alarm (standard)
  • 4″ LCD display with additional features (Details overleaf)
  • Touch screen display ( TFT ) with additional features(Details overleaf)
  • Validation protocol with IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation

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Product category: Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

REMI Deep Freezers

The REMI Deep Freezers are designed for storage of biological samples in biotech, life science, clinical research as well as medical & pharmaceutical specimens, serums, vaccines, blood components. These freezers are available with temperatures up to -20°C and “ 40°C.
These freezers are available in standard & GMP versions.

  • Temperature up to -20°C / -40°C (AC room)
  • Upright models with small foot prints
  • Validation protocol with IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation as per ICH guideline
  • Machine filled PUF insulation to eliminate void pockets
  • Hermetically sealed Compressor with CFC free refrigerant
  • Unique design of thermal barrier for better energy efficiency
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Digital LED display of Temperature with set, process value & audio visual alarm
  • Adjustable trays
  • Data logger for 8 Point temperature recording with sensor, printer interface and software (Optional)
  • Also available 4 LCD version with additional features
  • Alarms for high/low set parameters
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • Time delay for compressor switch on
  • Overload cut off relay for compressor

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Product category: Centrifuges

R-4C Compact

Compact Laboratory Centrifuges

R-4C Compact model is designed for routine work in medical and industrial laboratories has digital speed indicator and 0-60 minute digital countdown timer.
R-4C DX has additional features of dynamic brake for quick deceleration & imbalance detector with cutoff in case of uneven loads.

  • Stepless speed regulator
  • Safety Lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation
  • Dynamic brake for quick deceleration (R-4C DX)
  • Imbalance detector with cutoff (R-4C DX)

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Product category: Centrifuges

R-8C BL & R-8M

Laboratory Centrifuges model R-8C BL & R-8M are suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital, Pathology and Institutional laboratories. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors, these units are truly versatile.

Micro Centrifuges models RM-12C BL & R-12M are ideal for growing routine application in biochemical and clinical labs, for Hematocrit, Corpuscle Percentage contents in blood, Serum analysis and precipitate separation etc.

  • Stable speed output even under unstable voltage conditions
  • Low sample temperature rise
  • High Capacity (R-8C BL / R-8M)
  • High Speed (RM-12C BL / R-12M)
  • Wide variety of rotors & reduction adaptors
  • Brushless Induction motor with frequency drive
  • Microprocessor controller with digital display
  • Smooth & soft start
  • Inverter fault detection with auto shutdown
  • 7 segment LED display of speed Digital countdown timer & continuous run
  • Dynamic brake for quick deceleration
  • Last set parameters recall (Useful for repetitive analysis)
  • Automatic door opening
  • Stainless Steel centrifuge Chamber, easy to clean
  • Safety lid interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation
  • Imbalance detection & centrifugation stop with display of error
  • Motor overload protection
Gas hinge to prevent door falling

Feather touch setting keys
Alphanumeric LCD display of speed & RCF
Selection of 3 acceleration & deceleration profiles

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Product category: Shaking and mixing units


Remi Bench Top Orbital Shaking Incubator Model CIS 18 Plus finds application in researches on bacteria, cultivation, fermentation, hybridization, chemical and biochemical reaction, enzymes and tissues research, which have a high requirement on precision of shaking speed and temperature.

Construction: Its shell is made of engineering plastics through molding with a mechanical oscillating tray driven by a motor fitted at the bottom. The Oscillating locus is circular. The duct plate behind the working chamber is SS thin plate and all the operating keys on the LCD screen are on the front side. Box door Is of a big flap structure made of transparent plastics to facilitate observation, removal or placement of cultures. Closed-loop control of temperature and speed is effected with microcomputer electronic controller using PID regulation mode with LCD screen display. Hot and cold air stream is circulated through a blower behind the duct plate in the working chamber, thereby improving the uniformity of temperature in the working chamber.

Safety Multiple start of compressor in a short time is prevented and the controller performs the function of prolonged start before compressor is started.

When the measured temperature is in excess of the set temperature by 3°C, the buzzer will give an over-temperature alarm and simultaneously the heater will shut down. When the box door opens, the door switch will cut off the power to stop the Heater, blower and rotating fan from work and the operator can remove or place the cultures safely.

  • Stainless-steel chamber and platform easy to clean
  • Transparent plastic door
  • Microprocessor controller with large LCD screen for temperature and shaking speed with timing function
  • Self-check function easy to identify problems
  • Smooth start and stop system prevents liquid spillage
  • Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples
  • Safety door switch, auto pause operation when it is opened

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Product category: Shaking and mixing units

Multi-Tube Vortexer

The Multi-Tube Vortexer is designed for mechanical and chemical cell lysis, mixing suspensions, and general sample agitation. This vortex mixer gives a distinctly different motion than shaking a sample. With vortexing. greater shearing forces are placed on materials in the bottom of a tube, thus promoting either disruption or solubility. The Multi-Tube Vortex mixer is a tool to provide that extra degree of mixing, however it accommodates full racks of tubes or microwell plates, vials or cylinder as opposed to single tubes. Consequently, this unit is useful for higher throughput mixing of samples.

These vortexers are designed to hold the multiple test tubes, vials, or cylinders. The vortexing action is created by securing the top of the vessel in place while allowing the bottom to move freely in a defined 3.6mm eccentric orbit. Two posts hold support plate securely in place for a quite, rattle-free mixing. Support plate is easily adjusted by loosening knobs and lifting plate up and down. The circular groove around the top of the taller post allows the support plate to swing away from tray for easy removal of samples. The suction-cup feet dampen motion and prevent sliding on work surface. Equipped with a powerful, permanent magnet motor with sealed ball bearings.
Microprocessor Control:
The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform mixing action

LCD Display:
Touch pad controls with easy-to-read, independent LCD displays for speed and time allow operator to view both settings at once. Provides repeatable and accurate results every time and is easily visible across lab benches. Timer will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user defined limit, will shut off unit when time reaches zero. Display will show last used settings, even after power has been turned off.

Pulsing Mode:
Programmable pulsing mode allows user to adjust the pulse-on and pulse-off times between 1 and 59 seconds in 1 second intervals. This feature enhances the vortex action by creating a more vigorous mix

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About us

Company details

REMI, founded in 1960, by the late visionary Mr. C. K. Saraf, with a small factory, is today Turning, Evolving, Growing. From a humble beginning, REMI has diversified into multi-product manufacturing divisions to become one of India™s most trusted brands. This year, yet another chapter is written in REMI™s history, as we complete 50 glorious years. Over these 50 epic years, we have dreamt, innovated, succeeded and are on our way to become a world class enterprise.

Headquartered in Mumbai, REMI, today, is a global Laboratory and Blood Banking Instruments manufacturer and exporter. The world class quality products and its talented team of professionals make it a premier player in the country, with a presence in 50 countries across the globe.

At REMI, we pursue research with a pioneer™s zeal by threading new paths and attempting breakthrough products and processes. No wonder, we are pioneers in introducing host of new products in Indian market.

Today, REMI is the industry leader in manufacturing Laboratory/ Magnetic Stirrers & Centrifuges, & Blood Bank Refrigerators / Freezers catering to over 50% of the total Indian demand. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to WHO-GMP guidelines, with ISO 9001-2008 certification for design, manufacturing and supply of Laboratory & Blood Banking Instruments & ISO-13485:2003 for medical devices. All our products are CE marked.

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