PowerMedic ApS of Holbaek at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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PowerMedic ApS

Gasvaerksvej 8, 4300 Holbaek
Telephone +45 5945 6400

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand B29

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 4


Claus Andersen

+45 5945 6400


Arne Grinsted

+45 5945 6400


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.06  Laser therapy equipment

Laser therapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Laser therapy equipment

PowerLaser Pro

Precise and powerful – for deep tissue and surface treatments

The PowerLaser Pro is designed for precise point stimulation, allowing you to target:
  • specific muscles;
  • trigger points or acupuncture points; 
  • smaller parts of the body, like extremities (hands/fingers, feet/toes)
The PowerLaser Pro is:  
  • compact
  • lightweight
  • battery operated  
Its portability allows you to easily reach any part of your patient/client’s body. 
Plus, it gives you the freedom to bring the laser with you between treatment rooms, or on-the-go.

Elegantly simplistic  

The PowerLaser Pro is hand-made in Denmark, using only high-quality parts. Our design philosophy is based on the concepts of Scandinavian design:
  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Quality 
The PowerLaser Pro is ergonomic, robust, and reliable. It’s user-friendly, and a treatment can be started within seconds.
The PowerLaser Pro is controlled by your fingertips: simply slide along the touch panel for program selection and start/stop of the laser.

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment


Large area treatment 
It is a powerful, elegant and versatile unit, that can deliver broad, safe and effective phototherapy to any area of the body. The head of the GigaLaser can easily be adjusted in three dimensions; it can be made to wrap, tilt and rotate into any position to fit your treatment area.

The GigaLaser delivers a very large dosage of laser light in a very short amount of time. The treatment is less time consuming and, at the same time, mor e efficient for both the patient and the practitioner.

Unassisted therapy
Practitioner is not required to be present during the entire treatment – or other treatment can be given at the same time, e.g. acupuncture or manual therapy.

Ease of use
Using a simple and user-friendly touch screen with 6 adjustable power and time protocols, you can effortlessly tailor your treatment to any patient for maximum therapeutic effect. The result is a very powerful treatment that stimulates the body’s functions in several areas.

Blue, Red and Near Infrared
Concurrent (Multi-wavelength) Treatments. With a simple flick of a switch, you can adjust the GigaLaser to either individually or simultaneously emit one, two or three wavelengths of therapeutic light, both maximising results and reducing treatment times.

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment


The world’s first truly portable Class 4 laser
The HyperLaser™ packs an incredible amount of power into a very compact and ergonomic design.
The HyperLaser is wireless, portable and battery operated.

The HyperLaser sets the user free
The HyperLaser cuts the leash to a bulky base unit and wall outlet. It sets the doctor free to move around in their clinic, go on house calls, and offer immediate care in the sports field. It sets the veterinarian free to move between treatment rooms in their
clinic, and to maneuver effortlessly around a horse in the stable - or in the field.

The HyperLaser boasts a whopping 18W of total average output power. The laser diodes are fired in sequential pulses, which eliminates the need to constantly move the laser around in the treatment area. In other words, the laser is placed on the palm-sized target area with full contact and the laser takes care of distributing the energy over the area.

We call it SmartPower™, because it offers 3 distinct advantages:

  1. It provides the user with a relaxed and non-stressed working situation.
  2. It makes it possible to treat with full contact, which ensures a much deeper penetration compared to non-contact treatment,
  3. and it ensures more than twice the power delivered at deep tissue level, giving you immediate, palpable and very efficient results.
Ergonomic design
The HyperLaser is designed to be your favorite tool. It is well-balanced, the handle offers both vertical and horizontal application – and anything in between.

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About us

Company details

PowerMedic was established in 1982 and we have been involved with the development and production of laser therapy devices right from the start.

From day one, our overall objective has been to deliver technological solutions to relieving and curing illnesses in people and animals. The goal is to create tools that, in the hands of professional practitioners, can accelerate the natural healing process.

It is our philosophy that our products should not pretend to be anything more than what they are. The purpose of our products is what underlines our overall objective – to aid in healing – and nothing else. Ergonomics, simple operation, intuitive, self-explanatory controls are a natural result of this objective. A robust, reliable, solid, and well-rounded tool follows. And a beautiful, aesthetic design comes almost naturally.

It is our opinion that the greatest inspiration for improvement and new development comes from the users of our products. Openness and responsiveness are therefore an integrated part of our pursuit of constantly developing even better products – in line with our vision: to accelerate healing and give people and animals a better life.

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