Malvestio S.p.A. of Villanova di Camposampiero (PD) at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Malvestio S.p.A.

Via Caltana 121, 35010 Villanova di Camposampiero (PD)
Telephone +39 049 9299500
Fax +39 049 9299500

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 14): stand C41

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital equipment, care equipment
  • 01.09.02  Patient beds and nursing beds

Our products

Product category: Patient beds and nursing beds


IDEA3 Height adjustable electric chair with footrest
Multifunctional chair height-adjustable by means of an electric 3-stage heavy-duty telescopic column of 4000N (408Kg) capacity providing stability and a high level of safety in every condition of use. Three ind ependently adjustable sections operated by 4 low tension electric actuators. Variable density paddings for optimal comfort, upholstered with resilient waterproof imitation leather, easy to sanitise and resistant to disinfectants, with antimicrobial treatment based on silver ions. The upholstery covers all the lying surface, hiding all the structure joints, making the surface easy to clean and preventing the patient from coming into contact with mechanical parts. The backrest is equipped with an easy to remove adjustable headrest. Blu Elettrico 5946 is the standard colour upholstery, mor e colours are available as per colour chart. The footrest, which is slightly sloping to enhance its anti-cramp function, is in plastic material and has a padded resting surface upholstered in imitation leather. The armrests feature an integrated pushbutton handset holder and have synchronised ergonomic adjustments granting the correct position of the elbow according to the different angles of the backrest. The ang les of the armrests can be adjusted vertically, by means of a gas-pump operated by a lever located under the armrest, and horizontally to ease the lateral ingress and egress of the patient. The base frame and the bearing structure of the l ying surface are made of painted steel pipes with thermoformed ABS covers. At the sides, the seat is provided with two 25x10mm normalized bars to host accessories and/or drainage bags, while the base frame features the IV pole receptacle. A case is available at the rear side of the base frame to secure the power cable while moving the chair. As a standard, the chair is equipped with anti-thread, non-marking diam. 100mm swivelling wheels with simultaneous lock/unlock braki ng system of the 4 wheels and pedal-activated directional mode. A comfortable push-handle is located at the back of the backrest together with an integrated paper roll holder. Upon request, a courtesy led light for reading (optional accessory art. 311100) can be assembled to the push-handle at manufacturing. The push-button handset can be hooked to the armrests and features the following functions:

  • safety switch ON and OFF button, 2 leds indicating the type of electricity supply, either power net or battery, once the handset is ON;
  • backrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;
  • seat section adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;
  • legrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;
  • footrest adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;
  • height-adjustment with led-light signal for activated function;
  • pre-set push-button Chair position for a quick adjustment back to the original position, in order to ease the egress of the patient;
  • pre-set push-button Examination position, si multaneously aligning all the sections to the horizontal and extending the footrest;
  • pre-set push-button Trendelenburg, with a two-sequence adjustment: the first (comfort Trendelenburg) adjusts seat and legrest at 25° as against the floor and brings the backrest to the horizontal; the second (standard Trendelenburg) aligns all the sections at 12° as against the floor.
When the push-button handset remains unused for a few minutes the control box goes automatically into a uto switch-off mode to cut down power consumption. The system is activated again by pressing the switch-ON push-button on the handset. Upon request, the chair can be supplied with a rechargeable back-up battery (optional accessory art. 311150), allowing adjustments to be performed also when the power connection is not available.

Technical data: Lying surface dimensions: 213x58 cm Dimensions armrests included: cm 213x84 (max) Seat height adjustment range: min. cm 57; max cm 89 Seat angle adjustment range: 5°-25° Backrest adjus tment range: 0°- 80° (as against the seat) Legrest adjustment range: 0°- 40° (as against the seat) Trendelenburg: in sequence > 0°/25° > 12° Footrest travel: cm 23 Safe working load: 200 kg

Electrical Characteristics: Line voltage: 230 V +/- 10 % 50 HZ transformed into 24 V; SCHUKO plug Maximum absorbed power: 370 VA Isolation class: I - TYPE: B Degree of protection: IPX4 The chair is equipped with equ ipotential connector. MEDICAL DEVICE, CLASS I, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE EU DIRECTIVE 93/42/CEE, MODIFIED BY THE DIRECTIVE 2007/47/CE. APPLIED TECHNICAL NORMES: CEI EN 60601-1; CEI E N 60601-1-2; The chair is realized according to the production process in compliance with ISO certification 9001 and ISO 13485

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Product category: Patient beds and nursing beds

320834 - Hydraulic stretcher for emergency

Hydraulic stretcher for emergency (inthes), variable heigh on 2 columns, mattress platform in plastic laminate, 4 sections, trendelenburg/reverse trendeleneburg, 5th wheel

Hydraulic stretcher in epoxy-coated steel with variable height on 2 columns, with trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.
Hydraulic control pedals on both sides (trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, variable height).
Mattress platform completely made of radio-transparent stratified laminate in 4 sections. Predisposition for the insert of the sliding X-ray cassette tray.
Base with housing for oxygen cylinder, double storage for I.V. pole and clothes holder. Short wheel base 117 cm.
Removable handlebar at foot side and fold-down handles at head side. Folding side rails with fast descent.
Wheels diam. 200 mm with simultaneous locking system. Directional fifth wheel, deactivable with control pedal.
BioCote antibacterial treatment. Safe working load 240 kg. Mattress platform dim. cm 200x65. Overall dim. cm 211x79x61/94h.

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Product category: Patient beds and nursing beds

347400 - BOTERO Bariatric electric bed

Electric bed, 4-section, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally. HPL Mattress platform adjustable at two widths, 102 cm and 122 cm. Electrically operated backrest and kneebreak adjustments. Mattress platform with integrated pull-out bed lengthener for a total extension length of 180mm. Equipped with I.V. pole and lifting pole housings. Height adjustment for a safe lifting load capacity of 400kg. Bed equipped with a push-button handset for the patient and with a control handset (SUPERVISOR)for the operator. Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg. Backrest with 11cm roto-translation. (CPR) quick release lever available on both sides of the bed. Width-adjustable bed ends, according to the configuration of the mattress platform. Folding side rails providing a 40cm containment above the mattress platform. Bed equipped with 150mm twin wheels for a total capacity of 800kg, featuring a centralised braking system with directional wheel. Epoxy powders coating finish, with BioCote antibacterial additive. 

Technical data:  
Overall dimensions: cm 226x113  
Mattress platform min dim: cm 200x102 
Mattress platform dim with max bed- extension: cm 218x122 
Mattress platform height: min. cm 38, max cm 85 
Trendelenburg/Reverse-trend: +17°/- 17° 
Safe lifting and working load: 400 kg. 
Degree of protection: IPX5 
Standard Electrical Characteristics: 
Line voltage: 230 V +/- 10 %  50/60 HZ transformed into 24 V; 
SCHUKO plug 
Different voltages and plugs are available according to the standards of the country of destination.  
Maximum absorbed power: 370 VA  
Isolation class: I - TYPE: B 
The bed is equipped with equipotential connector.  


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About us

Company details

Since over 80 years Malvestio products contribute to better the comfort of patients and health operators.
Malvestio, with headquarters in Villanova (PD), is the first group in Italy and is present in over 20 foreign countries.
It has always been engaged in the planning and construction of furniture and equipment for the fitting out of hospitals,clinics and structures for the third age.

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