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Other components, modules, OEM equipment

  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.01  Sensors
  • 06.01.05  Flow sensors
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.01  Sensors
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  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
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Other electrical / electronical components

Our products

Product category: Flow sensors

SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro | FlowBubble Sensor

Hybrid FlowBubble Sensor for Medical Devices


  • Combined flow measurement and air bubble detection
  • Highly accurate non-invasive fluid monitoring
  • Contactless air bubble detection in tubing systems carrying liquids
  • Specified for medical applications
  • Integrated electronics, no need for an external electronics board
  • Serial RS485 interface with MODBus protocol
SONOFLOW CO.56/CO.56 Pro Clamp-On Sensor – Hybrid FlowBubble Sensor for Medical Devices
The SONOFLOW CO.56 combines two measuring methods in one compact device whereat the sensor measures the flow rate of liquids in flexible tubes and simultaneously detects air bubbles. The product family is specifically designed for use in medical devices and meets the very high safety requirements of the industry.

The implemented electronics board and data processing unit allows an easy integration into the networking architecture of the application. In addition, the RS485 serial protocol enables to operate and connect up to twelve sensors of the SONOFLOW CO.56 sensor series. The non-invasive clamp-on system can be easily applied onto microbiologically sensitive applications. Implementation can be either free-hanging or fixed.

The optional SONOFLOW Monitor Software makes computer-assisted parameterization and visualization of the measured values an easy task. Thus, the SONOFLOW CO.56 becomes a truly flexible measurement tool.

Depending on the application, the product line is available in aluminum, customer-specific housing dimensions as well as  housing materials and for use with different tubing sizes.

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Product category: Flow sensors

SONOFLOW CO.55 | Clamp-On Sensor

For contactless flow metering in flexible tubes


  • Highly accurate non-invasive measurement
  • No interference with the liquid
  • Quick measurement of pulsating and bi-directional flow
  • Great features for volume dosing
  • Built-in electronics, no external electronic board required
SONOFLOW CO.55 Clamp-On Sensor - Non-invasive Flow Sensor for Liquids
The ultrasonic flow sensor SONOFLOW CO detects the flow rate of liquids in plastic tubes quickly and reliably. The non-invasive sensor has no contact to the medium and is particularly suited for applications with strict hygienic standards. The clamp-on mounting concept eliminates any risk of contamination or leaking.

Besides multiple off-the-shelf standard sizes, different housing materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel or plastics, are also available.

The contactless flow sensor SONOFLOW CO combines precise measuring performance and high quality with a unique compact and cost efficient sensor concept.

Suitable for most types and sizes of plastic tubing available on the market
  • Multiple off-the-shelf standard sizes for various tubing dimensions
  • Sensor solutions for tubing materials, such as PVC, silicone, PFA, PTFE, etc.
Signal processing
  • Complete electronic signal processing unit integrated into the sensor body
  • No external electronics board or display required
  • Configurable current, frequency or pulse output
System Integration
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems via RS485 interface
  • Advanced software tool for parameterization and calibration
  • Convenient readout of measuring values

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Product category: Flow sensors

SONOFLOW IL.52 | Inline-Sensor

For precise measurement of low volume flow rates in pipes and tubes

  • Quick measurement without any time lag
  • Measurement of intermittent flows feasible
  • Widely independent of colour and electromagnetic characteristics of the liquid
  • No wear and tear
  • User defined position of the sensor
  • Sterilizable
SONOFLOW IL.52 Inline Sensor – Highly accurate ultra-low flow sensor for flows as low as 0.4 ml/min
SONOFLOW IL.52 sensors are designed for precise measurement of ultra-low flow rates - performing fast and bidirectional. Due to its instantaneous measuring method with high repetition rates, the SONOFLOW IL.52 is suitable for quick dosing processes and for measuring pulsating flows.

  • Real-time flow measurement
  • Volume Dosing / Totalizer
  • Flow Switch for controlling external devices
Robust & maintenance-free sensor design
Since the sensor is integrated into devices or machines and comes into direct contact with the medium, product contacted components are exclusively made of high-grade PEEK material. Thus, the in-line sensor is ready for sterilization-in-place (SIP), clean-in-place (CIP), and autoclave applications. In addition, the robust sensor design impresses with its high temperature resistance without affecting measurements negatively. The sensor is wear- and maintenance-free and can be fitted in any position.

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Product category: Gas sensors

SONOCHECK ABD Air Bubble Sensors | Medical Devices

For medical applications with very high safety requirements

  • Different safety concepts
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Compact & modular design
  • Built-in electronics, no external electronic board required
  • Application-specific microbubble detection
  • No coupling medium required
  • No wear and tear
  • Optional software for parameterization and testing
SONOCKECK ABD05 | ABD07 | ABD08 - reliable bubble sensors for use in medical technologies
The non-invasive SONOCHECK ABD05 | ABD07 | ABD08 bubble sensor series has been specifically designed for very high safety requirements in medical devices. The smart sensors are applied to detect air and gas bubbles or foam in flexible plastic tubes filled with liquids such as blood, blood plasma, water or saline solution or are used for wet/dry alarm notifications.

In most medical applications, the sensors are intended to prevent air infusions which could lead to an endangerment of patients.

ABD Air Bubble Sensors for Medical Technology - Easy Plug & Play Integration
  • Compact design for applications with high hygienic requirements
  • Tubes are simply inserted into the sensor with dry coupling
  • Automated adaption onto dynamically changing acoustic conditions

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

BLD | Blood Leak Detector

Optical Clamp-on Sensor for Contactless Detection of Smallest Traces of Blood


  • Optical sensor with adapted wavelength
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • No wear and tear
  • Highly resistant to ambient light
  • Programming and test kit
  • Software development according to IEC 62304:2006, class C
Blood Leak Detector BLD | Contactless Detection of Smallest Traces of Blood
The optical sensor BLD detects non-invasively smallest amounts of blood in dialysates on transparent tubes. As the wavelength is adapted to the transmittance of blood, the international standard IEC 60601-2-16:2008 for medical electrical devices is fulfilled reliably. Hence, the sensor is able to detect even 0.04 percent of blood in an isotonic saline solution.

Two Configurations for Manifold Specifications
  • The BLD01 meets high safety standards and features a serial interface. With simple commands, the sensor can be tested and the sensitivity adjusted.
  • Hence, the BLD02 has been developed strictly according to the software requirements of the international standard IEC 62304:2006, class C and meets highest demands on patient safety and reliability.
Intelligent Optical Clamp-On Sensor
As a clamp-on component the non-invasive sensor with remote electronics is suitable for all tasks that require the optical detection of transmission differences of liquids in transparent tubes. Due to the high sensitivity of the sensor it is even possible to recognize if a tube filled with a clear fluid runs empty. Certified according to ISO 13485 we support you with the documentation necessary for the approval of medical devices on request.

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Company news




Oct 2, 2019

SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro – The Evolution in Combined FlowBubble Measurement for Medical Devices exclusively presented at COMPAMED 2019

As developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic sensors and expert in the implementation of sensors for bubble detection and fluid monitoring in medical technologies, SONOTEC has made a name for itself, gaining worldwide industry reputation over decades. With the ISO 13485 certification standard, the company meets the highest requirements for a comprehensive quality management system to design and manufacture medical products. At COMPAMED 2019, SONOTEC celebrates the market launch of the new flagship sensor SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro for combined FlowBubble Measurement in medical products.

"This launch takes our SONOFLOW CO.56 success to a new level," says International Sales Manager Lutz Schmidt, explaining the new sensor concept. The sensors are technologically leading in the global field of competition, Schmidt adds. The non-invasive flow and bubble sensor captivates through its compact design and integrated electronics, can be mounted freely suspended, and offers the option of multi-point measurement. In this way, up to twelve independent sensors, even with different channel sizes, can be operated with just one control unit. The built-in microcontroller guarantees to control all processes whose data is transferred via RS485-interface. The sensors themselves operate to measure flow rates on different tubes and shunts and simultaneously detect air bubbles accidentally caused to prevent from dangerous air embolism. Finally, the non-invasive ultrasonic sensors give feedback on the real flow compared to the theoretical flow of the pump.

As a leading sensor technology specialist in medical technology SONOTEC easily meets the latest EMC product standard IEC 60601-1-2 (Edition 4) for the SONOFLOW CO.56 Pro FlowBubble Sensor. In addition to Edition 4, the sensors meet IEC 60601-1 (Edition 3) and IEC 61157, the standard means for the reporting of the acoustic output of medical diagnostic ultrasonic equipment, and RoH's 2011/65/EU.

SONOTEC with a wide-ranging product portfolio and a full service promise at COMPOMED 2019

Alongside the focus on combined flow- and bubble measurement, SONOTEC will be additionally presenting its full range of non-invasive sensor-engineered medtech solutions. The sensors of the SONOFLOW & SONOCHECK family are applied to fulfil tasks in flow measurement as well as air bubble & blood leak detection. Over a long period of successfully implemented projects, the German-based ultrasound specialist has gained an excellent reputation among manufacturers of dialysis and transfusion devices, heart-lung machines, blood separators, medical pumps and diagnostic systems. The intensive guidance from a very early stage in the product development process, support in verification, prototyping and its expertise in certification processes gives SONOTEC a lasting competitive edge.

“With the long-term experience and reputation for high quality products, we intend to make our sensors a touch and feel experience at our stand”, explains Marketing Manager Daniel Thieme the 2019’s exhibition philosophy. “For that reason, we will be travelling with a number of product set-ups and sensor models to Dusseldorf”, marketing colleague Frauke Beelmann adds somewhat proud.

We are looking forward meeting you at Compamed Dusseldorf (booth N08 | hall 8A) from 18 to 21 November 2019.

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