Pharmaplast SAE of Alexandria at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Pharmaplast SAE

P.O. Box 37, 23512 Alexandria
Amria Free Zone, 23512 Alexandria

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 6): stand E35

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.03  Bandages
  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.05  Plaster of Paris bandages

Plaster of Paris bandages

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.07  Wound covering / skin substitutes

Wound covering / skin substitutes

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.08  Instant wound dressings

Instant wound dressings

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.15  Wound care equipment
  • 05.15.10  Sterile compresses

Sterile compresses

Our products

Product category: Bandages

Cure-Aid Dressing Strip eXsorb Ag


Cure-Aid® Dressing Strip eXsorb Ag: wound dressing with antimicrobial highly absorbent silver wound pad, made of different backing materials like polyethylene film, Polyurethane film, rigid fabric, Elastic fabric, elastic nonwoven, rigid nonwoven, PE foam, printed PE film with children designs.

The pad made of blend of superabsorbent acrylic fibers and viscose fibers, thermally laminated to antimicrobial silver containing low adherent PE net.

The dressing absorbs and interacts with wound exudates to form a soft, hydrophilic, gas-permeable gel that provides a moist environment that is believed to facilitate healing.

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Product category: Wound covering / skin substitutes


Fibrosol® dressings are Carboxymethyl cellulose nonwoven dressings.

Fibrosol® Foam Gentle or Fibrosol® Extra Foam Gentle: is composed of soft absorbent polyurethane foam laminated to a Fibrosol® Non adhesive or Fibrosol® Extra Non adhesive layer placed as an island pad under a waterproof, virus proof and bacteria proof polyurethane film coated with silicone adhesive that allow gentle dressing removal without pain. The silicone adhesive layer is present either as a border surrounding the dressing or as a perforated layer covering the whole dressing.

 The characteristics of the fiber are such that it absorbs when it comes into intimate contact with liquid not via the usual mechanism of capillary action. Absorbed fluid is retained within the structure of the fiber. As Fibrosol® absorbs exudate it is rapidly converted from a dry dressing to a soft coherent gel. Fibrosol® maintains a moist environment for optimal wound healing, aids autolytic debridement, and is easily removed with little or no damage to newly formed tissue.

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Product category: Instant wound dressings

Cavidagel Ag

Cavidagel® Ag is a sterile amorphous hydrogel with antimicrobial silver and alginate, creating a unique match of hydrating and absorbing properties and providing the optimum environment for wound healing.

Cavidagel® Ag rehydrates necrotic tissues when needed and absorbs debris and exudate when needed, which facilitates autolytic debridement and moist wound healing. It contains silver which has antimicrobial activity against wide range of microorganisms.

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About us

Company details

Pharmaplast, A Leader in Global Wound Care And Cosmetics Products

Quality Patient Wound Care is Our Company’s Mission
This company believes in consistent innovation, quality assurance, and the generation of making new wound care products available to medical professionals who also believe in providing maximum patient quality of care while keeping prices cost-efficient. Our mission is to continue to meet the health care needs and challenges arising out of the 21st Century. We share our proud mission with 1,500 devoted employees

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