MEDIROYAL NORDIC AB of Sollentuna at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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P.O. Box 70 52, 192 07 Sollentuna
Staffans väg 6B, 192 78 Sollentuna
Telephone +46 8 50676600 153270
Fax +46 8 50676690

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand M29

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.02  Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.03  Occupational therapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

Pucci® Air Geriatric/Pediatric

Pucci® Air has a circular bladder that has the same circumference on the ulnar and radial side. The bladder is mounted onto a platform that can be adjustable individually to the patient. The bladder is inflated after application which provides an individual support to the MCP-joints as well as an increased wrist extension.

Left and right model.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

Philadelphia Collar

The collar is made of Plastazote foam with plastic reinforcements on the anterior and posterior side. The Plastazote material can easily be adjusted and trimmed with scissors if necessary.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

Armis™ light ankle

Flexible and low profile, yet strong and tough. That’s a good description of our Armis™ Light Ankle. It’s made from a laminated air-mesh material that provides good ventilation and stability. The design has external reinforcements around the ankle to provide lateral and medial stability. The Boa® Closure System has been integrated on the back side to get a lower anterior profile. The system uses a polymer coated steel wire that provides stability and durability together with the rip-proof nylon guides in the front. To provide more surface friction inside the brace we have added a semi-stretch sharkskin neoprene under the foot. The material has a loop function on the outside where the extra strap can be attached for individual support. The extra strap is designed to be attached over the Boa® system in the back to protect it from impact. The brace can also be used without the extra strap when a lighter support is needed. This combination makes the Armis™ Light Ankle one of the most versatile ankle braces on the market. Arm yourself with Armis™. Boa® is a registered trademark of Boa Technology Inc.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

NRX Liga X Wrap

A stable knee brace with a full length anterior closure which makes application easier for patients that can’t pull the brace over the foot and up the leg. The closure is made from micro hook with the loop part integrated onto the surface of the brace. This greatly increases the size range. It’s fitted with the MR4996 double hinge, made from aluminium, along with hinge covers made from Kevlar®. There are adjustable, non elastic straps positioned over the thigh and calf sections of the brace. The brace is also fitted with a hyper-extension control strap that effectively controls hyper extension of the knee joint. The thigh part has an integrated friction system that prevents migration during activity. The knee fold has the breathable Neptune material that dries quickly and provides optimal comfort.

· Full length anterior closure
· Fitted with MR4996 Double hinge in aluminium
· Hyper-extension strap

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

DeRom® Dynamic Elbow Splint

A light-weight dynamic elbow splint made from advanced composite. The design features combines both flexion and extension assist in the same brace.

The splint can be used to restore range of motion in a stiff joint with range of motion limitations due to contractures. The cuffs are malleable and can be adjusted individually to the patient. The straps are adjustable and can easily be trimmed. All these features make application easy. The tension can be set by the adjustment tool that is also the integrated tension release lever. The tension system can be set either for flexion or extension depending on the wire setting. The fast tension release allows a quick release. There are also range of motion stops that can be set if the patient is only allowed controlled range of motion.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

ErixOne, complete kit

ErixOne shoulder brace, complete with all accessories (MR981 Chest Belt, MR983 Pads for Additional support and MR982 Extra stabilization Straps)

The shoulder joint is one of the most advanced joints in the body. Muscular stability and good proprioception are important factors for a functional shoulder joint. Mediroyal ErixOne is a patent pending shoulder brace that has been developed to provide the shoulder joint with various degrees of stability. It can provide increased proprioception and bio-feedback to the joint, mechanical stability and abduction- as well as rotation control. ErixOne is a modular system that consists of the shoulder brace that can be combined with a chest belt, stabilization straps and pads. This provides almost unlimited possibilities for individual stability and support. ErixOne has been designed with a combination of elastic and non-elastic materials as well as silicone tapes on the inside of the brace. These combinations provide the shoulder joint with mechanical stability, control of range of motion up to 70 degrees of abduction. The closure strap works together with the brace construction to lift the shoulder joint and to provide a pre-stretch of the back side of the brace.

Insulates the body heat
This provides an effective suspension and position of the shoulder joint. ErixOne is made of NeoTex that insulates the body heat. The outside of the brace has a loop fabric that is hook receivable. By using the semi-elastic stabilizing hook straps, additional compression can be provided locally. The hook provides a good and secure position and can easily be changed or updated. This makes it possible to transfer forces from the outside of the brace to the skin which increases the proprioception and the bio-feedback. Abduction and rotation control is achieved by supplementing the shoulder brace with a chest belt and the extra stabilizing straps. The straps are available in two different widths and can be used either for abduction control only or a combined abduction- and rotation control.

Unique on the market
ErixOne works excellent for ligament- as well as muscle injuries to the shoulder joint. The flexibility with the different options to add further stability and support makes it unique on the market. The brace also works excellent for patients that need a suspension effect to unload the shoulder joint or the muscles.

MR990 Shoulder Brace, complete with all accessories, XS-XL, Left/Right.
MR980 Shoulder Brace, only brace, XS-XL, Left/right.
MR981 Chest belt for ErixOne/ErixTwo, S-L.
MR982 Extra stabilization straps for abduction control, 50 mm and 30 mm, plus covers.
MR983 Pads for additional support. Half-moon shaped in Right and Left, plus one circular pad.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

EXTO Inter

Patients that already have formed a kyphotic curve are risking accelerating that even further over time. Osteoporosis over time can also lead to compression fractures that can be both difficult and take a long time to heal. That’s why we developed the EXTO® Inter brace in order to bridge the gap between elastic posture supports and more rigid braces.

EXTO® Inter has been based on EXTO® Light with the same low profile and easy application design but with the difference that it has an integrated rigid spinal insert made from dural aluminium. The spinal insert can be adjusted to the individual spinal curve of the patient. The pocket for the insert is well padded in order to provide a good comfort. The opening of the pocket is hidden under the elastic part of the lumbar belt. The belt is slightly flexible over the attachment over the insert pocket but non-elastic on the sides. This provides a good anchor for the spinal insert in order to provide a good extension effect to the thoracolumbar junction and the upper thoracic area.

What make EXTO® Inter unique are the integrated straps in the shoulder straps that allows for added individual extension support to the upper thoracic area. The straps can be adjusted asymmetrically in order to provide more support to one side. This is especially useful for patients with a slight scoliotic curve in the spine in addition to the kyphosis.

The EXTO® Inter is made from the Neptune™ material which is a breathable membrane fabric which is soft and comfortable and provides a cooling effect on the skin. The material has a quick drying function which makes it very suitable for longterm wear. The lumbar part has an integrated friction system to prevent the brace from sliding during wear.

EXTO® Inter can be used both to treat stable spinal compression fractures as well as an interim solution after the fracture has healed in order to unload the fracture area. A patient that has suffered a spinal compression fracture has an increased risk to develop a second fracture in the area up to 16 months after. It’s therefore important to continue postural support and training after the fracture has healed in order to prevent further fractures in the future.

EXTO® Inter offers:
· A low profile design
· A stable extension support
· Adjustable shoulder straps

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment


DeRoyal Blend is an extremely versatile material that combines both controlled strech and drape with a 50 % memory. This material can be re-shaped several times for a wide variety of splinting needs. It is a non-stick material with zero shrinkage, designed to self seal and decrease finger imprinting when cut or handled. DeRoyal Blend is an excellent all round material. For optimal performance, heat in water at 70-75° C for approx 1 minute. For permanent bonding, remove the surface coating and heat with a heat gun before pressing together. Recommended use: Hand based and forearm splints.

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About us

Company details

The company was founded in 1999 as DeRoyal Sweden AB, a fully owned subsidiary to DeRoyal Industries Inc in USA. Year 2002 the staff of DeRoyal Sweden aquired the company and renamed it Mediroyal.

Since then the relationship has been very close with DeRoyal USA. MediRoyal is today the master distributor for the DeRoyal Orthopedic products on the European market. MediRoyal is also responsible for material and product development in close contact with our customers and the production units in Estonia and in the US.

Our head office is located 20 km north of Stockholm, Sweden.

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